My wife wasn't interested in "kink" when we were first met. She was actually quite prudish when we married, but that was due to not having a lot of experience. That changed as she and I started discovering what turned each other on. It became apparent that under her reserved very dominant. She had learned early in our marriage that that I would become very cooperative when she withheld sex from me. She used her power over me to get me to do almost anything she wanted. By the time we where married for a couple of years she had me in a chastity belt and had taken a lover.


My wife is a creative dominant. She puts a lot of effort into coming up with new punishments. She will think one up and let me know that she's designing something new for me. "Just wait, Timothy," she will say, "The next time you're going to be really surprised."

The next time was right after my wife had gone on a "fuck date," with her lover. I had been waiting for my wife to return from her date. I can't sleep when she's out and I know that she's being fucked silly. I'm in blissful torment when she's away. Finally, about twelve-thirty I heard her car drive up and the car door shut. In a few minutes she was in the house and sat down next to me on the couch. She had that "just fucked," grin on her face, but instead of being half exhausted like usually she seemed energized by her experiences that night.

"How was it?" I asked


"Wonderful. Paul fucked me like a madman." She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "It's a pity that you can't do me like he does." She leaned over and placed her head on my shoulder. "There are other things that you're so good at, though." She cuddled with me a little while. After a little while she said, "I'm feeling in the mood for a `punishment session.'" She added that she had worked up something special.

She then reached down between my legs and when I didn't move quickly enough to spread my legs she semi-scolded me in her best momma-knows-best voice. "Now, Timothy, you know I have to check you down there to make sure that you haven't been tampering with anything." She felt me through my pants to make sure that my chastity device was still on. "Everything seems in place, but go ahead and drop your pants. I want to have a better look."

I stood up and faced her then unbuckled my pants and pulled down my pants and shorts. Hanna stopped me and told me to stand with my hands in back of me.

"Lets, see," she said as she reached up and tugged on the cage and checked the lock that poked out from the top. "Everything seems in order."




I reached down to pull my trousers up, but she stopped me. "No. I'm not tired of playing yet, so leave them down." It wasn't my time for my weekly release, but sometimes Hanna allowed me an extra come every once in awhile if I had been particularly good. And for the last week I had been very good cleaning the house, making sure that dinner was ready on time and making sure that I didn't say anything that could be construed wrongly. I had tried to be perfect.

She reached up and started fondling my testes while looking up at me. She smiled in that way that I know means, "I'm in control of you." Even though I had been her slave for ten years and she was a cruel and strict mistress I still loved her as much as I did the day we married.

"Turn around." That could me only one thing. I did as she told me and in a few seconds the handcuffs she carries with her everywhere were on my wrists. Silently, she turned me around. Then she directed me to lie down on the couch.

"I think you know the next part." Hanna then slipped off her panties and straddled my face. "And I want a particularly good effort tonight. If you do well I might let you have something special."


As I started licking her I could taster her salty, slightly acidic flavor. I started just the way she liked and had directed me to do on so many prior trainings. I had learned well and in a few moments she was moaning. "That's my good little slave, mmmm, that's good." I kept up my attack on her twat making her juices run down my face.


She was soon grinding herself on me, her movements matching mine until she reached her peak and exploded. After she had come, probably for the fifth or six time that night she slid down off of my face and down my body till her face was next to mine. She nuzzled with me for a little while and recovered from her exertions.

"My, that was good." She gave me a long soulful kiss. "But if you think that's good enough to give your poor cum filled ball some relief you're sorely mistaken. You have to do much better." She pulled me up and led me to the bedroom. As she was walking me to our room she said that it had been awhile since she has given me a lesson on who's in charge. "I think it's time to reinforce my dominance over you, Timothy. I know that you're my slave, pet, whatever I want really and you do that very well." She stopped and gave me another kiss. "But you need reminding ever now and then, even if you are obedient and submissive." She grinned at me again. "And tonight is that night."

She took off my handcuffs and had me undress. Afterwards she had me lay down on our four-post bed. In a few minutes my hands and feet were tied together and then in turn tied to the two posts at the head. "I'm going to use the leg spreaders tonight, because I want those lovely balls of yours hanging out and down. I have business with them tonight." So, after she placed the leg spreaders on me, my legs were open and my balls and my caged cock were sitting right were Hanna could get to them. And I couldn't protect them because I couldn't close my legs! Even though Hanna had done this to me before, I couldn't help but think tonight would be a more intense "training session."

Hanna placed a couple of pillows under my head. "I want you to see what's going on, Timothy. I want you to see because.." She let her thought trail off there.

My wife didn't undress; instead she kneeled down on the bed and unlocked my cage where my poor confined cock had been suffering since just before she went out on her date. "There, that's better isn't it?" Hanna wrapped her hand around my member and started to slowly pumping. All I could do is vigorously nod. "Poor boy," Hanna said with mock sympathy. She kept pumping me until I was rock hard and my cock was tingling.


With her other hand she reached down and manipulated my balls. "You need some serious discipline tonight, Timothy." She flicked her middle finger and connected with my right nut. I wasn't expecting this and jumped. "That got your attention?" I said to my Mistress it did. "Good." She continued to stroke me. Just as I was rising towards that first moment when you know its possible to cum Hanna stopped and flicked my right nut again and stopped. "I like it when you listen to me, Timothy."

She rose up and then walked over to her dresser. She pulled out some equipment that I hadn't seen before and returned. "Do you know what these are?" No, I said. "Well, they are `ball separators.' The name pretty much says what they do." She explained to me how they worked as she put them on. "You get the little nut away from the body, then you open the little device and put it on. And viola! The nut is a nice little package to be played with."


She fondled each of my balls. Now that they were forced into little sacks Hanna easily toyed with them. She firmly held each and gave them a little squeeze that got my attention. "See I can access them a lot more easily." She continued to prove this by gripping the nuts solidly in between her thumb and her fore finger and repeating the squeezing. "Oh, I like this." Without any delay she put the other ball spreader on. "Those look so nice I might keep them on permanently. What do you think?"

"Please, no, Hanna." Her manipulations were just on the edge of painful and my mind was concentrated on my poor nuts. I had forgotten to use, "Mistress." Hanna corrected me with a simultaneous thump to each nut.

"You need to be reminding that you call me Mistress." She rose up from the bed and went into the study. As she left she said, "And I have just the lesson for you." When she returned she had two pencils. When she put them in her mouth I wondered what she was up to, but is was only to free up her hands to undress. As I watched her slip out of her dress and bra my member got stiff and I remembered why I became my wife's slave - she is so beautiful. After she was done she sat cross-legged in front on me and took the pencils out of her mouth.

"Now, lets start the lesson." She ran her hand over the inside of my legs and over my cock and restrained balls. She also felt my ass and stomach. I was so hot and bothered - my cock bounced in anticipation of the direct simulation that wasn't coming.

"Please, Mistress." Hanna wrapped her long fingers around my member and slowly pulled on me. She is an expert with those wonderful fingers. She knows just what will drive me crazy.

"See, when you are good, good things happen." She picked up the pace and I closed my eyes. I tried to buck a little to get more friction and that's when the pencil whacked down on my restrained left nut.


"You don't take your eyes off the teacher do you? I think not, Timothy." She smiled, but didn't stop her stroking but it was slower than before.

"Now, you know the rules, so I want you to say them, out loud and I don't want any mistakes or you'll be punished." She whipped me hard for a few strokes and then settled down into her teasing. "What's the first rule?"

"To obey my Mistress at all times." Mistress prompted me for the second rule. "To not be jealous of Mistress' other men." She prompted me again. "My cock, my body, and all I have belong to Mistress."

"Very good, but there's one I want to add. I want these lovely little eggs, too," Hanna said as she tapped the pencil against my nuts. "Tell me that your balls belong to me."

"Mistress, you own my nuts."

"Really! Well, I think I'm going to teach these little balls a lesson, just to make sure that that obey me in the future. "They won't mind that. After all they are mine now." Hanna arranged herself and then took the pencils, one in each hand. "Look, Timothy, while I give these nuts a little lesson."

She then started slowly drumming on my nuts. Slowly and softly. I didn't feel anything at first but then he tapping got quicker and harder. "How's that? Good? I don't think they've learned their lesson," Hanna pronounced. "They need a little more." She then vigorously tapped on the nuts. She was attacking one, then the other making sure that she was hitting all over the nut. I was trying to keep still. I thought that she was going to stop, but she kept on for what seemed an eternity. Her tapping continued and when I started moving my hips, not from pleasure but pain she told me to stop. "Stop that, I'm in the middle of a lesson, Timothy! Only a few more seconds!" She started to count backwards from ten, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six.five.four....three......two."


Hanna slowly took a breath all the time drumming the pencils over my nuts. She made sure to hit all the surfaced a couple times and then finally slowly said, "Onnnnnnnneeeee!" She then stopped.

"I think that I taught them a lesson. So they now know that if they disobey that they will be thoroughly punished."

She then bent down and then, in turn, took each one gently into her mouth and sucked on the battered nut. After she was done she looked up at me and said that since they had suffered so well, it was time for them to be rewarded. She untied my legs from the two posts at the head of the bed and reattached them to the posts at the foot of the bed. Once I was comfortable spread eagled she asked me, "Are you up for a ride?"

"Yes, Mistress!" I answered enthusiastically.

"I am too." She bent down and kissed me and then mounted my cock. It had been a couple of months since she had allowed me inside that warm welcoming twat. "But I don't want you to come too soon, so we're going to do this nice and slow." She leaned down and kissed me passionately, tonguing my mouth as she slowly rose and slipped down over my cock.


"Stay still," she warned. "If you come and ruin it for me, Timothy, I'll just have to punish you so don't come." She grabbed my hair with her right hand a moved her face down to mine. "You don't want those sore little balls of your tortured anymore, do you?" She warned that if I shot before she was finished she was going to make my testicals pay a "terrible price."

Hanna rode me slowly and I tried to prevent myself from shooting in her. It was so hard because I hadn't spunked for so long and especially inside of her. After a few minutes she started to move faster and buck.


She was going to come. I tried to think of something else, cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn, anything so I wouldn't spunk before her. Hanna leaned back, gripping my thighs and started to moan. She was only moments away. She then started whinnying and then I new that I had made it. She leaned forward and started grinding herself into me. "Okay, you can come." I thrusted up and Hanna moved down on me just enough that I came.


Hanna slid off of me and kneeled between my legs. She fondled my nuts that were still aching in their restrains. "That was good. I don't think I'll punish these little guys anymore. Well, at least for a couple of days." She undid the bands that held them away from my body." But this, she held up my chastity belt has to go on and stay on for a long time, because you're not going to fuck me for a long while."

And she has been true to her word.



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