cuckolded in chastity










So there I was. An opportunity to get the wife back. I had been a bad boy and suddenly she wanted me back. I had tried many times, but she had shot me down every time.


We were still separated, but she had begun showing interest.


She called me, told me to put on my CB-2000 and come on over. I did as I was told. When I got there I was already horny and I had a feeling she would tease me. She asked for the keys and I handed them to her. Handing her the keys made me feel weak and powerless. I loved that feeling. She was wearing a short jean skirt. She told me that she was wearing no panties underneath. She refused to show me saying, “It is not for you to see.”


She told me we were going for a ride. We got in my car and I asked where we were going. She said it was not my concern, that she would tell me when to turn. We headed south to a place with which I was not familiar. We finally pulled into a driveway and we got out of the car. She demanded the car keys and I handed them to her. We approached the door, rang the bell and was greeted by her nephew, her brother’s son. I could feel my dick trying like hell to get hard. I knew what was coming as I had caught them making out some years before. I knew there was mutual lust between those two. I also knew that he was well endowed because she had told me that. “Like his father” she had said.


We entered his house. I was told to sit down in a chair. Barb told me to stay in that chair, that if I were a good boy I could have some fun, too. When I sat she put her arms around Chris’s neck and kissed him. His hands went immediately to her ass. I felt flushed with excitement and uncertainty. She paused long enough to whisper something in his ear. His hands moved under her skirt and up her bare legs. I could clearly see his hands feeling her naked ass. He said “You’re not kidding.” In the meantime her hands left his neck and were slowly undoing his belt. The snap and zipper soon followed. She grasped his hard on in her hands and they both moaned out loud. I could see his cock was much bigger than mine. My cock ached inside my cage, unable to even get hard. She stroked him and smiled at him in a way that told me that she was going to fuck his eyes out.


They moved to the couch a few feet away from me. He looked at me and asked if I was okay with this. I told him I did not have any choice in the matter. She told him that I was locked in a chastity device and she held the keys up to show him she had control over my cock and therefore me. “He owes me this and he is going to watch me get fucked by your huge cock. He may not like hearing me react to you, but he will sit there and take it, no matter how he feels about it.” Chris smiled and asked her if he could see it. She told me to drop my pants and show him. I protested, but she simply said, “If you want any fun out of this, you  better shut up and drop them. Otherwise I am still going to let him fuck me and you will have no chance to get any relief.” I stood up and opened my jeans. I slid them down far enough that he could see my cock locked in the device straining as much as it could.


“You let her do this to you?” he asked with a sneer.


“It’s a long story, but I am actually trying to win her back. I guess this is part of the punishment to get her back.”


“Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?” she asked.


“I guess so.”


“Oh well. Your loss is my gain then, huh? You do realize that I am going to do her up right in front of you, right? And I am much bigger than you? And I can control myself for as long as it takes until she begs me to cum.”


I lowered my head and said, “Yeah.”


“Call him Sir, fucker”


“Yes, sir.”


I was not sure I liked this. It was exciting to know my wife was going to have sex right in front of me. It was also scary knowing that the man was not only much younger than me, but also related. And when this was done I would see him again. And he would probably have primary dominion over Barb far into the future. Or at the very least he would always give me that look as if to say, “Remember when I fucked the shit out of your wife? God, she loved that.”


With my reluctant acquiescence he turned his attention back to Barb. He ran his hand up under her skirt and said, “You are very wet, Aunt Barb.” He accented the word “Aunt.”


She said, “Oh yeah. I want you badly. And it is going to happen. Both of you, I want you naked.” Chris stood up and stripped everything off. He was built solid and was very hard. His cock stood almost straight up. It was fucking big, something that runs in that family.


“Get your clothes off, too , shit head.” They both watched as I took my pants completely off followed by the rest of my clothes. It was obvious my cock was straining against it’s cage. I wanted relief in the worst way, but I knew none was forthcoming. I was going to have sloppy seconds at best.


“Now sit back down and watch how it is done by a real man.” said Barb with an overbearing attitude I had never heard from her before. “And another thing. I don’t think you deserve to see this. I think it would be harder on you to just hear him make me cum.” And with that she took my shirt, rolled it up and blindfolded me with it. “And to make sure you don’t try to peak, I want you unable to remove it. Chris, get your handcuffs. We’re going to cuff him into this chair.”


My mind started reeling. How did she know he had handcuffs? Chris disappeared and returned within seconds with some handcuffs. The next thing I knew I was pushed back into a chair and my hands were cuffed to a horizontal slat. I now had no use of my hands or my arms. I was helpless to stop either one of them and helpless to avoid hearing them.


“Barb, how did you know he had handcuffs?” I asked.


“It is none of your fucking business. But I will tell you this. He was making me very happy before you left me for that slut. I knew what you were up to and believe me, I was getting it way better than you were. And your nephew can go for a long time, something you could never quite do, right?” That comment hurt. But I said, “Yes, Maam.”


“Do you know what else?”


I knew I didn’t want to hear the answer. She didn’t wait for me to respond.


“He does me so well that I will do ANYTHING he wants me to do. I crave his touch. I crave his cock. I want it. I need it. And I’ll do anything he wants so I can get it.”


I was stunned. But that was not the worst.


“And he has made me do some outrageous things. I did them gladly. I always know that as long as I do what he says, he will make me cum better than I thought any man possibly could. I can’t live without him making me cum. One more thing. He is the kinkiest man I have ever known.”


My head was spinning. Chris just laughed at my discomfort.


“Do you want to hear what she has done for me?”


“No. I don’t think I do.” For years I tried to do some kinky stuff with her. She resisted me at every step. We played with this chastity device here and there, but she never understood my need for a total power exchange. I tried to get her to seduce one of her brothers so I could watch. After all, it wouldn’t have been the first time. Again it never happened. I tried a number of things. Nothing real kinky ever happened. Now she boasts that she did the things I always want her to do? Without me? I felt completely helpless. And not in a good way.


“Good.” Barb added. “You don’t deserve to know about the fun we have had together. I will say that those things you always wanted me to do? I’ve done them. Just not with you. Let your imagination run wild. All those things you wanted me to do Chris made me do them. And he rewarded me big time for doing them.”


I had been straining against my cage. Now that strain was disappearing along with my hard on. My sordid affair turned out to be a big mistake on my part. Now it was becoming apparent that Barb was going to make me pay as big a price as I could stand.


For many untold hours I sat handcuffed to that chair. I listened to them make wild and loud passionate love. I heard Barb cum more times than I had ever thought possible of any woman. Chris seemed insatiable. He came 6 times that I could tell. At one point he said he needed a Viagra. As it turned out Barb had one with her. She sucked him off, he came in her pussy and she came hard when he fucked her in her ass. She held nothing back from him. My dick alternated from being rock hard to being as soft as it could get. It depended on whether or not I was feeling sorry for myself or just getting into listening to Barb cum. That made me as hard as I could get against that damned cage around my cock. I wanted the thing off. I wanted it off badly. Hell, I would have jacked off in front of them for their amusement after awhile. I needed to cum.


Near the end of their fucking Barb had Chris cum on me. I didn’t know it was coming until I heard him moan right next to me and felt his sperm land on my face, in my hair and on my chest. I tried to move out of the way, but Barb grabbed my hair hard and held me still. I was about as humiliated as I could get by that time. I asked her to release my handcuffs and my cage. She laughed.


“Doesn’t my little faggot like this? Do you want to cum, baby?”


I could only say, “Yes.”


“How bad do you want to cum?”


“Listen, Barb. I’ll do almost anything. Just finish this evening and let’s get home.”


Barb laughed again. “I don’t think you understand. Your little cock is all locked up. I hold the key. You won’t do “almost” anything. You will do anything I ask. If you want to cum, your job is to just say “Yes, Maam.” And then do it. Otherwise I have no trouble keeping you locked up for as long as it takes until you do agree to do anything. And eventually you will agree. And you will get to cum.”


That remark scared the shit out of me. She sounded as if she meant it. I took her at her word. I was beginning to wonder if it was wise to want her back. After all, I had run off with her best friend. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I quickly regretted it. And as it turned out we lasted about a month together. I had been trying to win Barb back for two years. She would never have anything to do with my efforts. Finally she gave me a sign of interest and I jumped in with everything I had. Including putting the damned cage on my cock and handing her the keys. What the fuck was I thinking?


I asked rather meekly, “What do you want me to do?”


“What do you want me to do, Maam!”


I said, “What do you want me to do, Maam?”


“You know, instead of ME I think you should use something more suitable for who you are. How about “tiny dicked premature ejaculator?”


Chris roared at that. I was feeling the humiliation. But I played along.


“What do you want this tiny dicked premature ejaculator to do?” They both laughed at that question.


Barb said to Chris, “What do you think? Any suggestions?”


“That is not for me to say. That is your call.”


“Think of something. He’ll do it. Trust me. I know this guy pretty well.”


Chris took a moment but said, “How about he licks up all the cum in your pussy?”


“Ohhhhh. I like it. You heard the man. In order for you to get the cage off your little dick you have to lick me clean.”


I was still handcuffed to the chair and for some reason my cock ached for release. The humiliation factor was making me horny in ways I never knew existed. The whole thing was getting surreal. I thought about it, but then was so disgusted by the thought I said no.


Barb added, “Well that is up to you. But know that you will continue to be locked in your cage until you do it. If not tonight, then maybe next week when I fuck Chris again. If you don’t do it then, then maybe the week after that. Do you think you can handle being locked up for all that time? Knowing that you will eventually do it anyway? You will be locked in that cage until you lick Chris’ cum out of me. Personally, I hope you fight it and keep saying no. It doesn’t matter to me. I have a nice big cock to play with. And I will get all the orgasms I want, with or without you. You know what it’ll take for you to get out of that cage. Let me know if you change your mind.”


The words sank in. I was beaten and all three of us knew it. Why did I put on that cage? Why did I hand her those keys? Why?


They left the room together and I sat there alone. I knew what I had to do. I knew I was going to have to do it sooner or later. I had been wearing my cage for about 6 hours and I could not stand another minute. How would I last for another week? Or two? My cock hurt now in that cage. I felt myself give up.


“Barb.” I called out.


“Change your mind?” I heard her say from the next room.


“Yes, Maam.”


They both came into the room. Barb removed my blindfold and my eyes cringed, trying to adjust to the light.


“Are you ready to lick me clean? Ready to taste Chris’ cum?”


I looked down and said yes.


“Look at me. Look me in the eye and tell me how much you want to do this.”


I looked at her and I saw some empathy in her eyes. There was understanding in her eyes. I was being punished but looking at her I felt that this was something she needed to do to me. She needed to teach me to be more in tune with her. I needed to be more compliant. I needed to be more understanding of her and I needed to learn that I should have been thankful to have her all those years before I screwed things up so badly. I thought I felt love from her and her big brown eyes.


“Barb, I want to lick Chris’s cum out of your pussy. I want to taste you and know how good it must have felt to have that big cock fucking you. I will do this because I want to do it. I want to do this for you.”


“And you.”


“And me.”




“And for this tiny dicked premature ejaculator.”


“Good boy!” she said. And she kissed me lightly on the lips.


She had Chris uncuff me from the chair only to be recuffed behind my back. They led me into Chris’s bedroom and she laid down on his bed. My cock hurt so badly as it strained against the cage. She spread her legs wide and told me to get to it. I leaned down and sort of crawled onto the bed and moved up to her pussy. Barb was watching me closely. As I got my face right up against her pussy I could smell the sex and cum. It was overwhelming. I leaned in and had second thoughts. But the third thought told me to do it as best I could and get it over with. I licked along the sides of her pussy. I felt at home once again. I moved my tongue lightly over her clit and she moaned.


Chris was behind me and he said, “Wait a minute. I don’t want you to cum, Barb. The deal was he cleans you out. He should not be rewarded by making you cum. That is my job.”


Barb looked at me and said, “He’s right. You are still being punished. You should not get any enjoyment out of this. Not even if your only enjoyment is making me cum. Clean me and taste his cum.”

I couldn’t believe it. I really wanted to please her, to pleasure her. But no. That wasn’t going to happen. I licked into her pussy. I could taste the cum. It was not pleasant. I was careful not to go near her clit. I wanted out of that cage so bad, I was not going to screw it up. I licked and I swallowed. I licked more. I swallowed. I kept going until Barb decided she was clean. As it went on, the cum stopped tasting bad and started to taste better and better. That kind of worried me, but it was what it was.


Barb sat up and Chris helped me to my feet.


“Are you satisfied, Maam?” I asked.


“Yes I am. I am very proud of you for doing that. I know that was not an easy thing for you to do.” I wasn’t about to tell her I was just fine with it after the initial repulsion.


“Can you get these cuffs off me and the cage? Please?”


“I think we can arrange that. Chris, recuff him to the chair in the living room.”




“I told you we would get that cage off. I did not say you were going to be allowed to touch yourself. We’ll take that cage off. And I will make sure you cum. Just cooperate.”


I went into the living room and sat back down in the chair I had been cuffed to for so long. Chris did not uncuff me. He used a lock tie and attached my cuffs to the back of the chair. I was again helpless, but I knew good things were coming.


Once secure, Barb took the keys, inserted one into the lock and turned the key. I watched the lock pop open. My cock tried to get harder, if that were possible. She removed the lock and slowly grabbed the cage and pulled it off. My cock was instantly hard. I couldn’t remember the last time my cock grew so big, so fast.


“Do you want to cum, baby?” Barb asked.


“Please. Yes.”


“Have you earned it, baby?”


“Yes! I think so.”


“How do you want to cum, baby?”


“Could you please suck it? I have been dreaming of that for two years now.”


“Maybe, but I am going to ask you to do one more thing for me first.”

“Anything. Anything!” My cock was already bursting at the thought of her putting her soft lips around my cock.


“Chris. Climb in front of him and present your cock to him.”


I think my mouth fell open. This was something that did not occur to me. I thought my humiliation was over. But apparently not. Chris stepped in front of me and he put his cock right up against my lips. It was soft, but still big and fat. I shut my mouth and turned my head.


Barb said, “This is the last thing I will ask you to do. Honest. But you are going to cum while you are sucking on Chris’ cock. If you really don’t want to do it I can just put your cage back on right now. Up to you.” So close yet so far. Sure I had thought about doing that over the years. But that was just fantasy. And now that I had a cock right in my face, I didn’t want to do it. But my own cock made the choice for me. I had been teased and denied all night. It was late and I was tired. I was hornier than I can ever remember being. I was beaten. One last thing. I could do this. Then I would get to cum!


I turned toward Chris’ cock and opened my mouth. Chris wasted no time in pushing his growing cock into my mouth. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in. I realized that I was not going to suck his cock. Rather he was going to fuck my mouth.



“Like having a cock in your mouth, Uncle?” How humiliating. I mumbled “Yes Sir.”


He started slow. He was easily hitting the back of my mouth causing me to gag a bit. It was uncomfortable, but weirdly exciting at the same time. Barb was now right beside me. The cock was huge. And now hard. I was helpless to stop the assault even if I want to. I was not sure I wanted it to stop. Barb grabbed the base of his cock and covered a portion of it with her hand. It helped to stop Chris from intentionally gagging me. He picked up the pace and was now just fucking my mouth. His rhythm was good. I could get my breathing in just fine once I adapted to his pace. Barb holding him back a little helped a lot. I stopped fighting him and began to enjoy the weird power I felt I had over him. I was going to make him cum. That was my power. His power was fucking my mouth with nothing I could do to defend myself. He took his sweet time. I guess cumming so much in my wife will decrease the urge and make you last longer. A lot longer. After what was probably 15 minutes he increased his pace. He grabbed my hair and pulled it harder and harder. He seemed to grow even harder, but I might be wrong about that. Anyway, he started ramming hard into my mouth. Even with Barb’s hand holding his cock he was still gagging me. I felt like I needed to puke, but he kept ramming into me harder. I could hear Barb tell me, “Swallow his cum. You know you want to. You know I want you to. Make me proud. Swallow it all.”


And then I wanted to swallow his cum. Barb had made me want to swallow his cum. She wanted it , so I wanted it.


He groaned loudly and then he went still. His cock was at the back of my throat. It gushed cum. One, two then three squirts of cum. He was almost pulling my hair out he was pulling it so hard. Four, five, six squirts. I swallowed as much as I could. Chris was careful not to gag me while he came. I guessed that he wanted to make sure I had no excuse not to swallow it all. After 30 seconds or so, his squirts stopped. More cum oozed out and I sucked it up and swallowed. Finally he let go of my hair. He bent over and with his face about 5 inches from mine said, “Did you like sucking my cock, Uncle? I think you did. You are a natural born cocksucker. Not nearly as good as Barb though. But good for a beginner. If you are even a beginner. You seemed to like that too much. I think you have done that before. And your hard little cock shows me you really liked sucking me off.” Great. More humiliation. But he knew I was not going to confront him about it. Nor stand up to him. Ever.


My hands were still cuffed. My cock was rock hard and standing at attention.


Barb said, “Guess what? It's now your turn. You have been such a good boy for me tonight. I want you to cum. Do you want cum?”


“ I do.” I tried not to act too excited lest she find something else even more humiliating for me to do. Although for the life of me I don’t think there was much of anything left to do that night.


Chris went and plopped himself down on the couch. I think he was tired himself. Barb put her face in front of mine and kissed me. And kissed me again. I melted at her lips touching mine. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I eagerly and passively sucked on it. It made me feel like a girl I was so passive. A moan escaped my lips. She reached down and gently grabbed my aching cock. It had been so long since she had touched it. I shuttered at her touch. She rubbed my cock, using its own leaking juices to lubricate it. I had obviously leaked a lot. It felt so wonderful. Within two minutes I could feel my balls tightening. I knew I was reaching the point of no return.


Barb asked, “Do you want me to stroke you hard until you beg me to stop or do you want me to stop as soon as you start cumming?”


“Keep stroking,” I said. Even though I knew I hated that, what with the sensitivity and all. But I wanted to cum hard. I needed to cum hard.


I came hard. I let out a very loud moan. Barb kept stroking me, firmly but not too firm. At first it was great. In fact it was perfect. In a short amount of time I began thrashing around on the chair trying to get my cock away from her hands, but it was no use. I begged her to stop, but she kept going. I was jerking somewhat violently in the chair. She brought one hand up to my mouth, eased her stroking and told me to lick the cum off her hand. I did not hesitate. I groaned again. I had finally cum. I had never in my life needed to cum as bad as I did that night.


When everything settled down Barb asked me if I wanted the cage back on. “You can either let me put this back on you or we leave it off and we go our separate ways. I can stay here with Chris or you can drive me home. I will only go home with you if you are wearing your CB. I will add that no matter your decision, I will be fucking Chris for as long as he lets me. I will humiliate you and I won’t hide my relationship with Chris from anybody. Some people will be fully aware of your humiliation and your second class status behind Chris. I may take on other lovers as well. Some you’ll know about. Some you won’t. It won’t be easy for you. But you’ll know that I am there for you and that I’ll love you better than anyone else ever could. And despite what you did to me, I do still love you, you fuckhead. So your choice is more forced servitude and you will serve me or you go back to your miserable life.”


So there it was. I thought the cage would be fun. I ended up hating the frustration Barb was so good at forcing on me. I could get her back, something I had wanted for a long time or it was over and the door was closed.


I asked for a minute to think it over. I knew her to be patient, but she had forced upon me a quick decision. A major life decision. I knew what to do.





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