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FORCED CHASTITY - Miss Erica Takes Charge







As I really didn't feel like cooking for myself I went to my favorite Vietnamese food place in town. It's a little off the beaten path but their food is out of this world. I go there quite a bit when I don't feel like cooking.


I work out every day and try to live a more or less healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation - including moderation. Well, I try....


Sitting there waiting for my food I see the door open and a young Lady enter. I've noticed her before at this restaurant. And she sure is impossible to forget. Wow, what an appearance. Around 5'5", slim body, the cutest little butt but a well developed chest, dark eyes and long black hair, maybe 30ish but I'm really bad at judging age. Hmmmmm, my hormones start to stir and I'm thinking about wet and wild desert and not dinner any longer.


She looks over as she passes my table. Probably more out of curiosity than anything else. Despite being stunned I manage a little smile. She smiles back and keeps on going to place her order at the counter. I'm thinking I probably looked like a grinning idiot. Hopefully I didn't unconsciously salivate when I looked at her. That'd be just typical. Ah well, it is what it is. Too late to change that now. Men can be idiots like that - why should I be the exception?!


Imagine my surprise when she comes back to my table and asks if the chair opposing me is still available. After briefly choking I manage a nod and a hoarse 'yeah'. Great. What a second impression. First the idiot smile and now this. I remind myself to get my act together. But the little immature guy that runs my brain has different plans. As always. Alright. Focus. Behave. Don't stare at her like a bear in front of a honey pot.


She says, "Hi, I'm Erica. I've seen you here before. This place has great food doesn't it?!"


I'm thinking "Hey, I'm numb-nuts. I've noticed you before as well as just about every not blind guy has. Fuck the food - your place or mine? And oh btw, does your bra open in the front or back?" But I manage to restrain the immature guy in my brain and stammer "Hi Erica. Nice to meet you. Yes, I've seen you here before as well. Awesome food. Reasonably priced and healthy."


Now I'm thinking "reasonably priced? Did I really say that? Why didn't I just introduce myself as cheapskate and get it over with?"


Luckily Erica smiles and says "Yeah, you look like you take care of yourself."


I hear myself say "I'm trying. Usually at least. You're in decent shape as well if I may say so." I'm thinking 'smooth you idiot. Real smooth like 20 grit sand paper. Now you've lowered your standards to 'would you hold it against me if I'd told you that you're pretty".... Get you act together man!!' How about a joke then. All the ones that come to mind are XXX rated and only good for use with the guys when beer is involved. Darn. The realization that I suck at small talk with a gorgeous girl flickers across my mind. Like I needed that distraction.


Anyway, long story short we actually had a nice conversation after that and at the end she asked for my phone number. Which caught me off guard. Seriously guys, how often has a total stunner ever asked you for your number? That's a first for me. And many other firsts would follow in the months to come but I had not the slightest idea at this time about any of this.


I ask for her number as well but she just smiles and says "yes, I bet you'd like to have that". Then she gets up, says good bye and leaves the restaurant.


About 2 hours later the owner taps on my shoulder and asks if I need anything else in an irritated voice. Well, not really 2 hours, probably just 5 minutes, but it certainly felt like that before I was able to compose myself, and be able to get up without showing a hard on in my pants. So I reply "no, thanks. Great food as always". I leave a tip on the table and leave. I can feel the stare of the guy on the back of my head. He must be thinking 'dude, you just met the girl and you're already whipped as can be'. Right he is. Nothing I can do about that however - and I sure don't want to either! Boys will be boys - can't do anything about that! But Erica will prove that statement wrong in the months to come. Ah, ignorance is bliss.....


I hit the weights extra hard that night. The little chat with Erica just made me feel like I'm full of testosterone. Even for a 35 year old guy.


Usually I work out twice a day. Mornings and evenings but the next morning might not be an option after the punishment I gave myself that night.


Sure enough, I slept in the next morning. A few days go by and even though I dream every night about some explicit and very naughty things with Erica I start to realize that she probably won't call. Ah well, big surprise here.... Some things are just too good to be true.


It was a few days later in the evening and I'm where? Right, at the gym, but you guys figured that out by now if your reading/comprehension level has progressed past 2nd grade.


Back and triceps. I was about to finish my workout with dips to suck the last bit of strength out of my tris when my cell rings. Darn, I hate getting calls in the gym. Throws me off of my routine. Yes, I know I'm a nut for that one alone but hey, at least it's not crack! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


Unknown number? I thought irritatedly "Swell, who might that be?"


I picked up the line and about fell over when I heard "Hi, it's me. Erica. Remember me?" I was thinking, "Lady, you have no idea! I had to change bed sheets because of you a few times recently!" But I managed to shut the immature guy in my brain off for a second and said "Hi Erica. Yes, I sure do. Nice to hear from you! Btw, did anybody ever tell you no, I have no idea who you are lady! Who are you again?"


She laughed at my little remark and asked "Do I call at a bad time? You sound out of breath. You're not with a girlfriend are you?"


"No. No. Not at all. I'm finishing up with my workout. Sorry about that."


After some more small talk she asked if I'm available on the weekend. Of course I am and we agreed on a date for Saturday evening.


The loud 'yeah' that escaped my mouth after hanging up made a few heads turn in the gym but I didn't care. I felt invigorated and cranked out 3 more sets.


The date went well. Very well actually. Pretty standard stuff I suppose for normal people. Now try dating with the immature little guy running my brain. Dinner, movie. She's awesome. Nice, normal, funny, smart and witty, natural and takes care of her femininity. I like that! Wore a dress not pants. High heels. Manicured and pedicured. The dress stopped just short above the knee. Sexy but not slutty. You know what I mean. We had a great time. Laughed a lot. And it was clicking with me big time. Wow, here I promised myself after my last relationship of 10 years to not fall in love ever again and then this......


I drove to her apartment complex to drop her off. It was a pretty upscale one. The Lady has taste. I parked, got out and opened the car door for her. Yes, I know you're surprised but somewhere deep down there's a gentleman hidden inside of me.


Before I knew it she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "I had a great time. I'll call you. Bye". And whoops she was gone around the corner of the nearest building.


Yes, you guessed it, after what feels like 2 hours I got my act together got back in the car and drove home.


Damn, I'd have to change the sheets tomorrow morning again.... I was sure about that!


A few days later she called again and we kept on dating for the next few weeks always having a real good time. The kiss on the cheek was gradually replaced by a kiss on the mouth (no tongue - what did you think?) Erica's a Lady not a tramp!


And then she invited me to her place for the first time. We agreed for me to pick up some Vietnamese food and then swing by her apartment. Again we had a great time. After dinner is finished we talked a little sitting on her couch but the sexual tension in the air was thick. I'm amazed that her smoke detector didn't go off. The one in my head rang off of the wall already....


She said "you're a shy guy. I like that. Guess I have to make the first move." And she came over and sat on my lap facing me. Smiling, Erica gently kissed me on my lips and about every fuse in my brain blew at the same time. Red lights flashed. Horns went off. Even the immature little guy in my brain was stunned for a second. You get the idea.


Well, things got very quickly very steamy and not before long I discovered that her bra opened in the front. Ahhh, full circle - almost....


We made love passionately throughout the night and I was very very glad that she did not only indulge but truly loved my passion for giving oral sex. Sure, regular fucking is nice (and there was a fair share of that) but licking pussy is special for me. Always has been. Don't ask me why but I always just loved cunnilingus. I suppose the vagina is the most female of all the body-parts and being right there with my face, nose, lips and tongue is simply the best. I love the fragrance, the taste, the feeling of her soft and wet skin, etc....


Erica came a lot that night and she definitely made it worth my while as well. She was just so awesome when she came with my mouth sucking on her pussy and tongue massaging her clit. The arching of her back, her wetness, her moans, the way she took my head into her hands pushing me hard to her pussy or closing her legs trapping my head between her thighs or squatting down on my face. She even allowed me to lick her butt and butt hole. In fact she moaned with pleasure when my tongue hit her little brown button. I always very gently licked her pussy clean after every orgasm as well. Careful not to be too rough or stimulating on her by then very sensitive parts. Awesome. Just awesome!!


Exhausted we finally fell asleep...... Yours truly with a big smile on his face as you probably can imagine. If you can't then wow, here's a tip for you: move out of your parents home and get a girlfriend.


The next morning we made love again and I came deep inside of her. "Now it's my turn Mr. Pussy-Gourmet." she says with a horny grin.


I smiled but am a little concerned about having to eat my own cum out of Ericas pussy.


"What's wrong honey?" she asks. "Are you having second thoughts about your cum in my pussy? That didn't bother you last night. Is this a problem?"


"No Erica, I'm sorry." is all I manage to say as I'm on my way down to her wonderful little pussy with my mouth.


I did my best to give her all I have and she had a deep and satisfying orgasm in return.


As I start to come back up she looks at me, smiles and while pushing me back down says "honey, please stay down there and make sure I'm all clean. Make sure you suck all of your cum and my juice out of my pussy. I love being cleaned by you like that". After a little while she turned me around so I was lying on my back and then squatted down on my mouth. "Here, let gravity help you getting all the juice out of me and into your mouth. Hmmmm, you're so sexy when you do this for me."


Over the next few weeks we continued to date and have sex like that. However, Erica slowly changed our activities towards even more cunnilingus and other oral activities. Soon, I was just getting a hand-job after eating her out all night. But I sure wasn't complaining. After all, I love licking pussy and hers was and is especially nice!


So, I wasn't complaining. And she sure knows how to give hand-jobs. She slowly trained me to be more and more in tune with her preferences. And I loved to please her. I love her so much. It would have devastated me to see her sexually not being completely satisfied!


I never considered myself boring or uninspired in sexual things but some of the stuff she enjoyed and did with and/or to me was pretty new for me and a little humiliating and embarrassing to say the least. But her pleasure and reassurance is all it took for me to get over myself and follow her lead. Which was another change. She lead our sexual relationship, determined what we do and how we do it. For example, she enjoyed me being naked when in her company and for her to remain fully dressed. Well, fully might not be the correct term as she usually didn't wear panties. 'To give you easy access when I ask for it' was her comment when I remarked about it. I found my nakedness very embarrassing at first so imagine the expression on my face when she put a collar and a leash around my neck. I was so very uncomfortable at first that I almost fainted. "It helps me to control you and that makes me very very horny" was Ericas' comment. You can imagine what happened next. Suffice it to say that my tongue was numb and sore when she was done with it that night.


But she didn't stop there. Next she developed an appetite for handcuffs and ropes. On me of course. Duh. It always put a special smile on her face when she put me in inescapable bondage. She was 100% in control and we both knew it. She said that that is a huge turn-on for her. And that in turn turned me on. I supposed it's a win win situation after all. Well, almost....


Because she started to just go to sleep after I gave her all the oral sex she wanted. She kept me tied up with a raging hard on. "Just go to sleep honey. I'm letting you keep your hard-on because I love a muscled guy with a hard dick next to me. I prefer that over a muscled guy with a flaccid dick. Makes sense?"


"Well, yes, I suppose, but I want to come so very badly. I want to cum deep inside you. Or even a quick hand-job. You just turn me on so much. I can't stand it. It's torture Erica!" was my reply but she just smiled. "Torture, heh? I don't think you know what that is after not cuming for just one night! Maybe I'll help you with that in the future. I'm already thinking about something very nice for us!" and she held me, closed her eyes and went to sleep with a little smile on her face.


The next morning she untied me and asked me for a quick orgasm before she had to go to work. Of course I eagerly made oral love to her wonderful pussy. She enjoyed it a lot and said thanks with a big smile, took me by the hand and pulled me in the shower with her. She always loved being washed by me. Having her body soaped up. My hands massaging her back and then rinsing her off. Needless to say I always got very excited in the shower with her.


She turned around facing me from behind, reached around me, took my hard dick in her right hand and started jerking me off. "Tell me when you're getting close to cum sweetie. Don't cum without telling me first that you're getting close." I answered "Yes Erica, oh this is so good. I'll let you know."


A few minutes later I told her that I was within seconds of an orgasm. She looked around me and took her hand off of my cock. "I'm very proud of you honey to tell me and not just cum all over the shower." I was shocked "please Erica, please let me finish. You can't stop now!" "Sure I can" came her reply, then she took my cock back in her hand and started stroking it again. "But I won't do that to you now".


"Tell me again when you're about to cum please" she asked again a few moments later. "Almost there sweetie came my reply" and she stopped again but keeping her hand around my cock. "Turn around and face me honey" she instructed and she pulled lightly on my dick. I did immediately as she asked and she started to masturbate me again. "Spread your legs for me so your dick is in the same height as my pussy" she said and I eagerly complied. It has been a few weeks since I came in her pussy the last time and hoped she would allow me to do that right now. She stopped stroking me and instead moved my dick-head up and down through her lovely pussy lips. Then she inserted only the head of my dick into her wet hole. I tried to push forward to penetrate her deeper and she immediately said in a stern voice "if you try that again I'll stop for good. No cuming for you then mister! I determine if you get to fuck my pussy and if so for how deep and how long. Not you! Now be a good boy and behave yourself. Just listen to me and obey. Okay sweetie?!" All I could say was "Yes Erica. I'm sorry, I just want to cum deep inside you so very badly!" She replied "I know honey. I know. And I love your desire for me. But I'm in charge. Not you. Try to remember that. Have I ever not taken care of you?" "No you haven't Erica!!" You smiled, pulled my head towards you so it rested on your shoulder with your wet hair in my face and continued to get me closer and closer to an orgasm pulling my dick-head up and down through your pussy lips. Wrapping my arms around you I held onto you like a drowning person to a life-raft. "I'm about to cum Erica" I said. I felt you nod and slightly accelerate the speed with which you moved my dick over your sweet pussy. Seconds later I moaned loudly as I shoot my load with cramping balls out of my cock and all over your pretty pussy. My cock was very sensitive but you kept on going holding onto my head and cock. "Please stop Erica. It's too intense!" I begged but I felt you shake your head just a little bit and you said "I just want to make sure that everything is coming out!"


After a little while you did let go of me and asked "Was that really so bad?" Immediately I replied "No, of course not. I had a great orgasm. Thank you sweetie. You're the best!!"


You looked down on yourself and said "Wow, look what a mess you made. And I'm horny again as well. Be a good boy and get down there with your mouth and tongue. First clean me up. I want you to lick and swallow all of your cum. Then give me an orgasm. Okay honey?" "Yes Erica. Of course!" Since I was already on my way down I couldn't see the little smile on your face.


Not much later you moaned and came with me vigorously sucking on your pussy and licking your clit.


We continued to date and our sexual encounters were just awesome. At times scary for me but awesome never the less. I never experienced any of the feelings that Erica created and provoked in me before. I read up online about female dominated relationships. I was not always comfortable with that as I used to be a regular 'vanilla' guy in the past and it's fair to describe me as an alpha-male in regular life as well as professionally. The more it fascinated me what kind of emotions she managed to get out of me. I think she spoiled me for the rest of my life. But as nothing good ever comes easy, there are a lot of hardships for me. I learned to trust Erica over the 4 months that we had our relationship by that time. A good example is the intense 'vanilla' love making in the beginning that morphed into a female dominated and led relationship resulting in many less orgasms for me (and many many more for her) yet it was strangely much more exciting and gratifying for me as well. I wouldn't have wanted to change it back. Even though frequently it was hard to want her so very badly and to not being allowed to follow my urges. Over time she incorporated more tools into our sexual relationship as well. She acquired a testicle or ball vice, a crop and a cane. Just to name a few things.


A few weeks later she asked me over again like almost every night but said that she had something very special planned. I was excited and a little scared. I was comfortable to put myself at her mercy and to obey her. My trust for her was just that strong. She could hold a razor-sharp knife to my naked balls and I wouldn't have flinched. Well, maybe flinched but you get my point about the level of trust that developed between us. She took a liking to discipline me and train me by hitting my balls with the crop for example. And even tough she hurt me repeatedly very badly I never felt unsafe with her. It was at times scary to see how much my tears turned her on. Almost without exception she wanted oral sex after holding me when she had just disciplined me. And lots of it.



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