forced chastity and submission

Contract of Forced Chastity and Male Submission





Postnuptial Agreement



This Post-Nuptial Agreements agreement is made on this ____ day of ______, 20__, between ___________________ (“Husband”) and ____________________ (“Wife”). The parties married each other on _____________________, in the State of California, and wish to set forth in post of their marriage, the rights and privileges that each will have in their marriage;

Whereas both parties acknowledge that they have read and understand this agreement, have not been subjected to any form of coercion, duress, or pressure, and believe this agreement to be fair and to represent their intentions with regard to their marriage;




Article One (1) Scope and Purpose:


a) It is the purpose of this document to establish a lawful adhesion contract, between Husband and Wife, and an exemption of the application of the Thirteenth (13th) Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as it applies to the person, ___________________, (hereafter referred to as the Husband) whose social security number is ____________________________. It is the specific intent of this agreement to voluntarily create a lawfully binding contract that is completely and heavily restrictive upon the Husband and; which will institute upon the Husband a permanent, irrevocable

status of “Husband”, which is mutually and collectively defined in Article Three (3) Definitions of this agreement.


b) It is also the purpose of this document to establish a completely non-restrictive title and ownership of the husband. Hereafter the husband will be the personal property of the Wife also herein defined in Article Three (3) Definitions of this agreement.


c) It is also the purpose of this contract to establish and insure a successful marriage, the husband will agree to the following regarding the penis which will now be called the marital penis:



1) The Wife will have complete ownership and control of the marital penis.

2) The husband has no right of privacy during the periods of time set forth in the “husband’s dress code” below. Therefore, bathroom doors must remain open when the marital penis is urinating so that the Wife may inspect the marital penis at any time.

3) The Wife will decide if and when the marital penis will be allowed to ejaculate.

4) The Wife will decide the method used to cause the marital penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the husband masturbate or she may choose her preferred method applied by her or her designee.

5) The husband is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the marital penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Wife.

6) The husband is not permitted to touch the marital penis without permission.

7) The husband will wear a chastity belt whenever required by his Wife. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Wife's absolute domination and control of the marital penis.

8) The husband is not permitted to touch any female or expose himself to any female unless directed to do so by the Wife.


male chastity




d) To insure a successful marriage, the Wife has the following rights:


1) The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will be touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or if it may ejaculate.


2) The Wife may require the husband to wear a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis or scrotum, hiding the marital penis from the husband’s view and/or controls ejaculation.


3) When the marital penis is allowed to ejaculate, the Wife has the rights to the ejaculate.


4) The Wife has the right to recycle the ejaculate in any way She sees fit, for example:

a) By direct injection into the husband’s mouth

b) Collecting it in a vessel of Her choice to be fed to the husband

c) Collecting it in Her hand so that it may be fed to the husband or She may require that he lick it from Her hand until Her hand is clean.

d) Collecting it on or in Her body to be cleaned by the husband.

e) Or in any other manner She decides.

f) Disposing of it.



5) The Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the husband at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship.


6) Since the Wife no longer needs the marital penis for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction.

a) She has the right to make love to as many men as She wants without any repercussion from the husband.

b) She may suck as many cocks as often as She likes without any repercussion from the husband

c) She may swallow other men’s ejaculate if she so wishes without any repercussion from the husband

d) If the Wife returns to the husband full of another man's cum this symbolizes that the marital penis is not the least bit necessary for the wife's sexual fulfillment.

e) Every evening upon demand, the Wife has the right to have her pussy licked clean by the husband.

f) If the WIFE returns to the HUSBAND full of another man's cum, the husband’s licking of her lover's cum out of her pussy symbolized his submissive role to Her and it also demonstrates the absolute need to put the erotic pleasure of the WIFE as the highest priority in a HUSBAND and WIFE relationship.




Article Two (2) Principle Established Terms:


a) It is hereby established that the Husband has voluntarily, and with his own free will and without coercion of any kind or deception, entered into this agreement. All authorities should now recognize that the Husband has surrendered himself to his rightful possessor, the Wife. With the act of signing and entering into this agreement the Husband has abandoned, and surrendered to the Wife, any and all exercise of his personal rights, freedoms, choices, properties, future decisions and thus here and now, is indoctrinated into permanent servitude as a Husband. In signing this agreement, the Husband declares and accepts his status which is specifically; “a bond servant divested of all freedom and personal rights, who is owned by and wholly subject to the orders, directives, rules, and will of the Wife.”


b) It is hereby established that there will be no time limit, nor period, nor date in time, which can be reached, which will release the Husband from his instituted bondage. Once this contract is in force, there will be no cancellation requirements. This contract can not be canceled under any circumstances. Once the Husband’s signature is affixed to this contract, this contract will remain in force for the duration of the Husband’s natural life. The Husband will, for the duration of this contract, have no true equity of bargaining power; nor be capable to obtain or enjoy accommodations derived from mediation, bargaining, or negotiation; nor be in a position or status to exercise any privileges, other than those granted by the Wife.


c) It is hereby established that the Husband being the rightful and lawful property of the Wife, hereby grants to his proprietor, full authority to employ or use any means necessary to secure, maintain, or detain the Husband for the aim of exercising and enjoying fully the terms of this agreement. Additionally, the Wife can freely use any forms of training, punishment, reward, torture, bondage, or surgical alterations, all for the aim of satisfying the whims, pleasures, desires or needs of the Wife.


d) It is hereby established that the Husband, being the rightful property of the Wife, grants the proprietor full authority to video tape, photograph, and post on the internet such pictures and images of him in his normal life as husband as his owner may wish. The Wife has the right to lend, lease, sell, trade, or give the husband away to any other person that the Wife may wish. Additionally, terms or conditions of such acts as exploitation, video taping, photographs, posting of such pictures on the internet, lending, leasing, selling, trading, or giving away of the husband , will not be subject to discussion, nor negotiation between husband and Wife.


e) It is hereby established that the husband will be maintained as husband and agrees that proper dress of the husband is determined by the Wife. It is, in the case and authority of this Contract; “the husband, who is of a male gender, will and must live, dress, and be kept as the Wife demands.” The husband will be required to dress accordingly, and will be provided or be required to purchase clothing for this purpose. The husband will dress in accordance with the codes of Article Four (4) Hygiene and Dress Code of this agreement. Lastly, the husband is hereby designated to be sexual at the command, desire and or whim of the Wife, and will be required to perform sexual service to any gender without regard or concern for the husband’s own true personal sexual orientation or preference.


f) It is hereby established that the husband will, prior to the signing of this document divest himself of all possessions, clothing, property, and real estate. The husband will close out all bank accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts, retirement accounts, and any and all credit accounts that he may have active that the Wife is not also on the account. The husband will, at the time of signing of this contract be completely and totally without assets or financial resources of any kind, and will, from that moment on, be completely dependent on his owners largess for any and all requirements needed to survive from day to day.





Article Three (3) Definitions:


Sexual: The husband is required to perform all sexual services demanded by the Wife, without regard or consideration to the husband ’s own true personal sexual orientation.


Bondage: Any means or devices that are used to restrain the Husband for the purpose of discipline, punishment, torture, humiliation, augmentation of confinement, sexual act, training or service.




Chastity Device: A device that prevents or limits the husband’s access to the husband’s genitalia by confining or covering the Husband’s genitalia, of which there are two types.


male chastity  


Confinement: A place, room, cell, container or other storage facility that is used for housing, keeping, or controlling the Husband’s movements and limiting freedom for a duration that is arbitrarily determined by the Mistress and/or Master.




Heterosexual: The sexual orientation and limitation of performing sexual acts only with persons of the opposite gender of the performer. This sexual orientation will never apply to the husband.


Wife: A woman who owns by the authority and possession of this Contract, the herein designated “husband” and rules over the husband having complete control, authority, and power over the husband .


Husband: In the case of this Contract, a bond servant divested of all freedom and personal rights, who is owned by and wholly subject to the orders, directives, rules, and will of the Wife who holds this Contract.





Article Four (4) Hygiene and Dress Code


a) Hygiene: The husband is assigned by virtue of Article One (1), Section a) and Article Two (2), Section e) of this agreement to maintain his hygiene according to this Article, Section, and Sub-Sections.


1) Body Hair: The husband will be required to maintain his body hair, from below his eyebrows to his feet, in a completely hair free condition, or at the discretion of the Wife any state in between. Electrolysis maybe used at the direction of the owner to insure a permanent hair free condition.


2) Finger and Toe Nails: The husband will maintain his nails in such a manner as his owners may direct at all time.


3) Hygiene Products: The husband will be provided with a bar of soap, deodorant, toothpaste and other hygiene products selected by the Wife. The husband will use these products only for hygiene.


4) Rest Room Privileges. The husband will always ask for permission to go to the rest room. The husband will never close the restroom door.


b) Dress Code: The husband is assigned by virtue of Article One (1), Section a) and Article Two (2), Section e) of this contract, to dress according to this Article, Section, and Sub-Sections.


1) Minimum under garment requirements: Considering the husband may be required to go into public areas under the façade of being a man; the husband will always wear a garment directed by the Wife.


2) During Service: The husband will wear as a minimum, garments specifically directed, required, or allowed by the Wife.


3) Clothing: The Wife will select all clothing that will be purchased by the husband to wear.





Article Five (5) Sexual Service:


a) Genders: The husband by virtue of Article Two (2), Section e) of this contract, is assigned to a Sexual orientation. The husband will provide oral sexual stimulation for the purpose of providing pleasure to any gender upon the direction or command of the Wife. The husband will perform oral hygiene service upon his Wife’s vagina after intercourse and before showers. The husband will perform oral services as prescribed above upon anyone the husband has been directed to provide such oral service by the Wife.


b) Husband’s Sexuality: The husband by virtue of Article One (1) Section a), Article Two (2), Sections a), c) and e) and Article Three (3) of this contract, is assigned to live as a sexual. Therefore, it is the primary intention of the Wife to maintain and use the husband in a manner that will never allow the husband to enjoy the pleasures of intercourse or use his penis to have intercourse with any gender. The husband will live under the rule of “Sexual Deprivation.” As defined below by the four conditions that are the only means and definitions of the husband’s sexual satisfaction.


1) Incidental Sexual Arousal: The husband may experience through sexual deprivation, normal daily service and/or sexual teasing incidental sexual arousal. Incidental sexual arousal will be the husband’s typical sexual reward.


2) Performance of Sexual Stimulation for Males: The husband, for this purpose, will be sodomized by his Wife or by those allowed or directed to do so by the Wife. The husband will perform oral sexual stimulation upon his Wife or other as directed to do so by the Wife for the purpose of bringing them to a sexual climax.

cum eating  


3) Performance of Oral Sexual Stimulation during Menstruation Periods: The husband may or will have the privilege and honor to perform cunnilingus upon the Wife during menstruation periods, if the Wife so desires, for the purpose of providing the Wife sexual pleasure.


4) The Husband’s Orgasm: The husband’s orgasms are a reward for only exemplary levels of service that can be granted or denied at the arbitrary discretion and whims of the Wife. The husband is not allowed to have an orgasm without the expressed permission of the Wife. The husband’s orgasm is to be achieved only through self-stimulation (masturbation) or other means as arbitrarily determined by the Wife.





Article Six (6) Living Quarters:


a) The husband will have a confinement room convenient to the Wife where he will be normally kept and/or confined. This room can be a shed or other out door structure used for the purpose of keeping and confining the husband. The husband will not be provided nor is entitled to privacy in this room. The room may or will have methods to observe the husband by the Wife.





Article Seven (7) Rules:


a) A separate set of rules known as Part Two (2) of this contract will be established for the husband to follow and to live by and will be provided to the husband by the Wife. These rules will be an extension of this agreement; and are not subject to any form of discussion or negotiation with the husband.


b) The Wife can use punishment, incarceration, torture, humiliation, or any other means available to assure strict obedience of these established rules.


c) Punishment or other corrective measures can be arbitrarily applied by the whims and discretion of the Wife without any opportunity or method of appeal by the husband even if there are no apparent violations of established rules.





Article Eight (8) Penalty Clause


The husband will, upon acceptance of this signed contract by the Wife, insure that the Wife is provided with the following: a list of 15 references, 5 personal, 5 professional and 5 family, his birth certificate, his DD214, social security card, driver’s license, and a professional resume. In the event that the husband attempts to leave the service, where the phrase, “leave the service” is defined solely by the Wife, or the current possessor of this contract, said owner will release to every name on the submitted list of references, copies of all documents, photographs, videos, and statements, including a copy of this contract, pertaining to the service the husband has requested and sought after by the husband , that are, at that time, then in the possession of the Wife.





Article Nine (9) Offer, Consideration, Acceptance:





The husband offers this contact as evidence, conditions, grounds and terms of marriage which the husband is in agreement with to surrender himself through his own free will choice, in order to become the property of the Wife. Acceptance of this offer will provide to the level of and degree of the terms herein, the husband as the sole property of the Wife. This “offer” of the husband and the terms herein contained are the only inducements and promises made by the husband for consideration and acceptance of ownership of the husband. By signing this contract the husband agrees that this offer meets all necessary stipulations both current and unforeseen that the husband seeks, through free will and in exchange for becoming the property of the Wife. The husband acknowledges that he will never request any other inducements, nor request any other expressed recompense other than those established in this contract and the consideration that follows.





The Wife promises to use the husband in the expressed desires, needs and terms established within this agreement, which are summarized as: Providing the husband a lifestyle of bound service to the Wife. This will be accompanied with the promises of, but not limited to extremely harsh discipline, humiliation, bondage, torture, and sexual deprivation. The Wife additionally extends to the husband the requirement to be a sexual during the full term of his Husbandry servitude. This Consideration and the terms herein are the only inducements and promises made to the husband by the Wife. By accepting possession of this contract the Wife agrees that the husband ’s offer meets all necessary

stipulations that the Wife seeks in exchange for allowing the husband to become the property of the Wife. The Wife will provide NO other equitable consideration other than those stipulations listed in this contract in exchange for the husband surrendering him as the property of the Wife. No monetary, or tangible assets, or real properties are offered to the husband as recompense for the husband’s service to the Wife’s benefit. Nothing other than the acceptance of the husband’s offer, the generous consideration of the Wife, this agreement and terms herein established will be understood by both parties as an equitable exchange for the husband's permanent status of bound servitude.



________________________________ ________________________

Signature of Wife Date








I, ________________, Social Security Number_____________, the husband, have fully read the Articles One (l) through Seven (7) above, understand and completely agree that the offers I have made, namely the signing of this contract, in exchange for the consideration generously provided by the Wife and the terms as specified and established herein are a fully equitable exchange.






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