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Chastity in Femdom Marriage – Agreement




The Agreement


This agreement is made on this day between …………(Wife) and …………. (Husband)




This agreement and any amendments thereto shall be in effect from the day of execution and shall remain in full force as long as Wife and Husband are together.



The wife may at her sole discretion and without consulting with the Husband, acting reasonably add any other Rules and Provisions and amend this contract as she may deem appropriate.


The Husband hereby agrees to wear a Chastity Belt / device (CB) on a fulltime basis, 365 days per year, every year, subject to the rules and provisions contained herein. The Wife hereby agrees to accept the keys and the responsibilities of a keyholder and administrate and supervise the compliance of this agreement.





Marriage Rules and Provisions




The Husband acknowledges that it is the intent of this agreement to transfer all of the control of his sexuality to the Wife and that he is required to co-operate with the wife at all times. All rights are herewith transferred and all of his control now ceases.


The Husband shall at all times wear a CB, which has been solely approved by the Wife subject only to the scheduled release periods.


The Husband is at no time permitted to touch himself in any way. Any touching of the Genitals is absolutely prohibited. The Husband hereby acknowledges that Masturbation is a destructive behavior to the relationship and agrees to reframe from it. In the event the Husband found the opportunity and masturbated he is to advise the Wife immediately, failing to do so will increase the penalty time.


The Husband will at all times co-operate with the Wife and will promptly reinstall the CB when so requested.


The Wife shall be the only person to remove the CB, once removed the Husband shall remain at all times under the Wife's strict supervision. The Husband agrees that while the CB is being removed he may be restraint by the wife at her sole discretion. The restraint may involve any method of rendering the husbands Arms and/or hands useless and so preventing him from touching himself.


The Husband is not permitted to handle the keys at any time and in the event the Husband finds the keys he is obligated to immediately report this to the Wife.


The Husband acknowledges that it is the intent of these rules that he is denied any access to his genitals at any time.


The Husband shall be responsible to ensure that the CB is securely installed and attached, and shall immediately bring any problems or discrepancies to the Wife's attention.


The Husband acknowledges that he entered into this agreement on a voluntary basis and is totally aware of the consequences and therefore shall not complain to the

Wife and shall not try to create guilt feelings for the Wife or to solicit a release. The

Husband acknowledges that any releases are at the sole discretion of the Wife.


The Husband agrees to abide by any penalties assigned to or to any other disciplinary action that The Wife in her sole discretion may deem appropriate.


The Husband is obligated to provide sexual release to his Wife at any time it is requested and agrees to do so without any return expectations.


The Husband shall be at all times respectful to his Wife, comply with any assigned chores and shall behave to the Wife's general expectations, and shall focus and address his Wife's needs.


The Husband specifically acknowledges that it is the intent that regardless of his needs he will at all times focus on improving the intimacy of the relationship in a totally unselfish manner and serve his Wife as to her needs, care and happiness, his wife shall at all times have priority and shall be his focal point.







The Wife acknowledges that the most important factor is the long-term improvement of the relationship and building of intimacy and to ensure maximum long-term benefits for the relationship it is necessary to enforce all the rules and provisions of this agreement. The Wife agrees to strictly but fairly administrate this agreement.


The Wife shall work with the Husband to ensure compliance by the husband to the Rules and Provisions contained herein.


The Wife acknowledges that at times compliance to this agreement may be difficult for the Husband and she agrees to encourage and support the Husband throughout and will assist him to facilitate his compliance to this agreement.


The Wife will provide scheduled releases to the Husband subject to the provisions and penalties contained in this agreement.


The Wife agrees to remove the CB when so required in her sole opinion for the purpose of cleaning, adjustment and repair. All such removals shall be only being under the strict supervision of the Wife.


The Wife acknowledges that Masturbation by the husband is a destructive behavior and agrees that she will not provide any opportunity for the husband to do so.


The Wife may tease the Husband at any time at her sole discretion. It is the responsibility of the Husband to ensure that he does have an orgasm without his Wife's prior approval. He shall promptly advise his Wife when an orgasm is imminent giving the Wife ample opportunity to cease teasing.


The Wife shall communicate clearly her expectations of the Husband and what she considers appropriate behavior.


The Wife will clearly communicate any penalties that have been assigned and the reason for it.





Scheduled releases


A release is scheduled by the Wife, at her sole discretion in advance and is subject to any penalties. A scheduled release shall not be more frequent then every 2 weeks, and shall not be longer then 6 month without penalties and 12 month considering penalties.


It is agreed that the Wife at her sole discretion shall schedule a release and promptly advise the Husband as to the release date.


The Wife agrees to provide a release to the Husband at the scheduled date subject to any penalties that may be served. It is acknowledged that when a penalty has been applied there will be no release under any circumstances until the penalty has been served in full.


In the event that the Wife may not feel well or is not able to have intercourse with the Husband for whatever reason, the wife may at her sole discretion delay the scheduled release until conditions are more favorable.


The Husband acknowledges that the Wife may over time increase the time between releases. The Wife will consider the Husband's ability to cope, his behavior towards the relationship and other such considerations when assigning the time between releases. The Husband agrees that the Wife may do so at her sole discretion and without consulting the Husband.


The Husband agrees that he shall co-operate fully with his Wife and acknowledges that any releases are solely for the Wife's benefit.


During the scheduled release the Wife at her sole discretion will remove the CB either in its entirety or just a portion, and allow the Husband one orgasm only. The method of obtaining the orgasm is at the sole discretion of the Wife. The Husband agrees to promptly re-install the CB following the release. He is however entitled to wash up prior to the installation.


Other releases may only be permitted for the purpose of washing, CB maintenance and adjustment, teasing by the Wife or medical problems. Such releases shall only be under the strict supervision of the Wife.


The Husband acknowledges that at any time the CB is removed the Wife may at her sole discretion disable the Husbands arms and/or hands to ensure that he will not touch the Genitals.


The Husband acknowledges that he has a weight problem and desires to loose and maintain a lower weight. If at any time his weight increases by 5 pounds over the then current weight, the Wife will not provide any release until the weight is back to the then low weight. For the purpose of this clause the husband agrees to be weight by the Wife on a weekly basis.


It is the explicit intent of this agreement that the Husband may not under any circumstance solicit release and the Husband specifically acknowledges that any release is at the sole discretion and control of the Wife and is only for the Wife's benefit and that frequency between releases will vary at the sole discretion of the Wife. Any penalty will ensure no release during the penalty period.







The following penalties are considered minimum and maybe increased at the sole discretion of the Wife, considering the severity of the infraction. The minimums are not negotiable; any attempt by the Husband to do so may result in additional penalties. It is acknowledged that the penalties are to be a deterrent for non-acceptable behavior and are required to be severe enough to be an incentive to modify such behavior. The Husband acknowledges his understanding that once a penalty has been assigned, the Wife will strictly enforce it without exception.


All penalties are added to the minimum time between scheduled releases.

Failure to wear CB at all times    1 month

Unauthorized touching    2 weeks

Masturbation or attempted Masturbation    2 month

Not disclosing Masturbation an additional 1 month

Orgasm when not permitted    10 weeks

Failure to co-operate to reinstall CB when ordered    1 week per every 2 min of non-compliance

Solicit release or induce guilt    1 month

Failure to provide sexual release to wife    1 week

Being disrespectful to Wife    1 month

Failure to complete chores satisfactorily    1 week per chore

Displaying unacceptable behavior    1 month

Failing to focus on Wife's needs and care    2 weeks


For minor infractions the Wife will assign demerit point. For each three (3)-demerit points the penalty shall be 1 week.


The Husband agrees to and will submit to any other form of discipline that the Wife may deem appropriate in her sole discretion.


Both parties acknowledge and agree that this agreement is a lifetime commitment and that each party will do their best to abide by the terms and conditions thereof, and that each party will deal fairly with each other when interpreting, complying and enforcing this agreement. Each party will work in good faith to make these arrangements successful and encourage the other party to comply with the intent of this agreement. The parties agree to openly and honestly discuss with each other the progress made, their feelings and the effect this arrangement is having on their relationship.


Signed this ______day of_________,





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