Thirty Seven Days of Chastity

by Robert Anthony





The darkness was almost claustrophobic. Kneeling here for what seemed like forever had taken it's toll and I was aching to stand up, to stretch out and most of all, relax! But there was no relaxation on the cards for me tonight, that much I knew. Mistress had left me here all evening, my hands tied behind my back, my cock still locked in it's cage, just like it had been for the last thirty-seven days...



Earlier Mistress had laid back on the bed and had me eat her pussy to a violent orgasm, it was a sure sign that something evil was playing on her mind, she always comes that much harder when she's planning to be especially wicked, and this was a real sheet-ripper. I had no idea what was about to transpire, but Mistress was plainly beside herself just thinking about what she was about to do.


She blindfolded me and told me to kneel on the carpet at the foot of the bed, then cuffed my wrists behind my back. Then she knelt down beside me and gave me a long, luxurious kiss, tasting her sweet juices on my tongue as she reached down and squeezed my swollen balls. She pulled away then, but continued to fondle and scratch at my aching nuts.


"Maybe tonight you'll get a chance to cum," she said, almost giggling as she spoke. "You must be so desperate now, I bet you'd do almost anything..."


Now I was really worried. She lifted her right hand to her neck and closed her fingers around the key to my chastity belt, before lifting it to my lips.


"Kiss your key for me," she whispered.


I obeyed, hoping and praying that she would take that key and finally unlock my cock and allow me the orgasm I needed so badly. But it was not to be. She stood up and walked away from me without a word, turning the light out as she left the room and then the house.




I don't know for sure how long she left me, but it must have been at least an hour, probably much longer. I heard the car first, then the footsteps, then the key in the door. She was back! The relief was palpable.


I heard her walking about the house, her high heels clicking on the laminate flooring in the kitchen. But there was another sound, a heavier, duller sound that accompanied her, and I slowly began to realise that she was not alone.


My heart sank, it wasn't the first time she had cuckolded me, and it wouldn't be the last. But I knew that once she started fucking this guy, any thoughts of me would be forgotten, at best I would have to wait another hour or more and then she would come back to me with a well fucked pussy full of cum she wanted me to clean for her.


But today was different. A lot different...


The footsteps sounded like they were coming closer and then I heard the handle on the bedroom door. The door creaked slightly as it opened, I had never noticed that before, but in the darkness I guess my hearing had become more acute. I smelt my Mistress as she wafted in through the open door and settled herself on the end of the bed. Then I felt the floor boards moving slightly as the other person entered the room. He moved a lot of air, he must be quite a size.


Mistress giggled and then groaned as I heard them kiss and his hands sliding over her stocking clad thighs, his rough skin snagging them slightly. It sounded like Mistress was all ready to go, but she'd never fucked any of her lovers in the same room as me, why was she doing this now? And what about him, it was dark, but surely he can't have failed to notice the blindfolded man kneeling at the foot of the bed?


I heard Mistress tell her companion to lie down and the next thing I heard was her tugging at his belt buckle. An empty metallic sound followed as she pushed back the belt and it rattled against itself. Then she pulled down his zip and eased open his jeans, pushing them down his legs and stroking his hardening cock through his boxer shorts.


She lay down next to him then, kissing him noisily as she squeezed and massaged his cock until it was rock hard. Not long now, I thought. Soon she'll be mounting him, forcing her pussy down onto his throbbing dick and milking every last drop out of his balls. Then he'll leave us alone and she'll drag me onto the bed, forcing me down between her legs to make me worship her cum filled cunt until she explodes in ecstasy.


As usual my mind was full of conflicting emotions. The thought of her with another man infuriated me, but the thought of her expressing her dominance over me like this was intoxicating at the same time. As she never hesitated to remind me, it was all my fault. It was I who had instigated the whole Femdom thing, it was I who had put these fantasies into her head, it was I who had allowed her to push and push until the transfer of sexual dominance was complete. In other words, I had made my own bed and now she was going to fuck someone else in it!


Despite my frustration and anger I felt my cock hardening inside the chastity cage until the 'points of intrigue' bit into my turgid flesh. I winced loudly and Mistress groaned in response, sliding down her lover's body and peeling away the black cotton of his underwear to reveal his long, thick stalk. She licked her lips as she breathed in the musk of his scent and then opened her mouth wide to allow the bulbous head of his cock inside.


I could not see any of this of course, but the lewd sucking sounds (exaggerated for my benefit no doubt) told me all I needed to know about exactly what was going on just a few feet away from me.


Despite the pain of the spikes digging into me, my cock refused to soften and continued to try to grow inside the tube until it pulled my balls forward. I was breathing hard by now, trying to ignore the discomfort that my Mistress's evil behaviour was having on me.


I heard more rustling as Mistress pushed her friend's jeans and underwear down around his ankles to the floor. Then she started sucking his cock in earnest. He groaned loudly and urged to suck him deeper into her throat. Mistress moaned loudly and I could hear her gagging slightly as she did her best to swallow his entire length, something I knew she would never, ever do for me.


Then, suddenly I felt her move off the bed and flick on the light. My blindfold was still in place but now a small volume of light seeped in around the edges, if Mistress's lover didn't realise I was here before he would certainly know now. He chuckled softly to himself, but said nothing and Mistress moved behind me to release my wrists.


"Your poor cock is so swollen in there, it must be so frustrating," she said, with barely concealed delight.


"Yes Mistress," I breathed helplessly.


"Well, maybe I will let you out soon," she sighed. "Just be... patient."


She kissed me then, and I could taste his cock on her lips. At once it disgusted me and made my cock throb still harder, causing the back-ring of my chastity device to stretch my balls even further forward. Then she reached down and clawed my balls with her long nails, moaning into my mouth as she felt me trembling, trying to cope with the multitude of conflicting emotions and physical discomfort she was inflicting on me.


After a final hard squeeze to my balls she moved away back to the bed and I heard her start kissing her lover once again. It felt good to be able to move my arms again but I knew that I must remain still and not disappoint my Mistress. I placed my hands at my sides and mentally tried to will my cock to soften, wondering just how much more of this I could stand.


More sucking and licking noises then as Mistress straddled her lover and they began an intense sixty-nine, both of them breathing heavily and moaning into the other's groin as they pleasured each other orally. Then Mistress switched around and sank herself down onto her lover's engorged cock. They both moaned loudly as she felt him stretching her soaking wet pussy to the max and he fought to keep control, not wanting this to end too soon.


She sat there for a few moments as they composed themselves, allowing each other to calm down a little before she started to ride his thick, hard meat. Now he was relaxed, his cock firm and strong as she started to glide up and down, squeezing his cock firmly with her strong pelvic muscles. She angled herself forward slightly and sighed blissfully as her clit started to rub against the heavily veined top-side of his cock.


"Don't cum," she gasped as she rode him faster and faster, grinding her aching clit against him until she felt herself spasming hard, almost forcing him over the edge with her.


She collapsed onto her hands then and sank down to kiss him, his cock still rock hard inside her sodden cunt. The fact she was kissing him so passionately with his cock still inside her made me feel sick with jealousy, but my cock still continued to throb as hard as it could manage inside the chastity device.


She reached down and slid his cock out of her and then moved so that she was laying across the bed facing me, her face just inches from his wet, throbbing cock.


"Take your blindfold off," she said in an blissfully exhausted voice.


It took me a second or two to register what she had said and then I slowly reached up and peeled the blindfold away from my eyes. Having been in the dark for so long it took a little while for my eyes to adjust and in the meantime I felt myself squinting as I watched Mistress gently stroking her lover's cock. It was bigger than I'd anticipated and considerably larger than my own cock.


As my eyes adjusted to the light I focussed on Mistress's beautiful face, she looked so amazing, still flushed from her orgasm, her mouth just inches from her lover's throbbing prick. Slowly she moved forward and closed her lips around his cock-head, her tongue flicking around the corona, tasting the deep reaches of her pussy and closing her eyes in ecstasy as she thought about what she was about to do.


It was only then that I noticed her necklace was missing, the necklace from which my key was always suspended. Where had it gone? Had she lost it? Please don't let her have lost it! Maybe she had left it somewhere on purpose? Or... no, she wouldn't have given it to her lover, surely? The thought made me almost panic, but then I saw it.


While I had been blindfolded Mistress had taken her necklace off, doubled it and then hung it over her lover's cock so that it hung down beneath his large, heavy looking balls. My jaw dropped open and Mistress forced her mouth down harder onto her lover's throbbing cock, bringing a loud grunt of pleasure from his throat. I could only see his lower half, since Mistress's body was shielding the rest of him from view, but I knew he must be getting close to cumming by now.


Mistress lifted her head up and looked me straight in the eye, licking her lips and narrowing her eyes as she enjoyed the taste of her own juices and his meaty cock. She stared at me for a few moments, wondering if I'd noticed her necklace, and the significance of it's position.


"Come closer," she breathed. "I want you to watch this."


I shuffled closer, my knees aching like hell now.


"Watch," she said as leant forward again and ran her tongue up and down the length of his cock, stopping briefly to suck his balls, which again brought another soft groan from the anonymous guy laying on my bed.


"I want you to suck him," she whispered.


I shook my head and pulled back slightly, but she persisted, looking slightly annoyed at my disobedience.


"I know how hard your cock is in that cage," she said. "I know how badly you need to cum, but for you to get what you want, first I want to get what I want. And I want to see you suck his cock... for me."


I glanced at the key swaying back and forth between her lover's legs and swallowed hard. I had fantasized about this of course, about her making me do this for her, since I knew that was the only way I'd ever be able to justify it to myself. But now that it was happening for real, it seemed, well... real!


"Do it for me," she whispered. "I want to see you do it, I want you to suck his big, hard cock for me and prove how much you worship me by swallowing his load... I know deep down you want to do it for me, don't you?"


I felt my head nod almost imperceptibly, even as my mouth opened and I almost silently mouthed the words 'I can't'.


Mistress looked disappointed and began sucking his cock once again, her eyes never leaving mine as she searched for some sign that I would change my mind, but she saw nothing and after a few minutes she looked away and began pumping her lover's cock hard with her fist, her lips just over the tip of his stalk.


I knew it was too late now, she was going to make him cum and I was not going to be allowed out of my cage, and that was probably only the start. I had failed her, miserably. And no doubt she would take great delight in punishing me for it over the coming weeks. Perhaps that had been her plan all along? Perhaps she knew all along that I would never be able to do as she asked, maybe that had been why she hadn't forced the issue or threatened me, perhaps she wanted me to fail...


Suddenly I realised that Mistress's lover was cumming, her hand pumped furiously and he groaned loudly as his hips pumped his cock towards her waiting mouth, spewing his hot, creamy load into her cheeks. It seemed to go on and on, as if Mistress was determined to drain every last morsel of spunk out of him, but eventually she stopped pumping and allowed his slowly softening cock to fall from her mouth.


She turned to me and beckoned me to come closer. I slid towards her nervously, half realising what she was about to do. She leaned forward and down to kiss me, and as I opened my mouth I felt her force his thick cum into my mouth with her tongue.



I started to pull away, but Mistress gripped the back of my head and held me there as she swirled her tongue in my mouth. Despite myself, I felt my cock begin to leak pre-cum into the cage, and winced as the spikes dug even deeper into my aching flesh.


"Swallow it," she said, daring me to disobey her again.


I swallowed the mouthful of her lover's cum, trying not to show my distaste for what she had instructed me to do. She smiled and reached down to rub the tip of her finger along the slit in the front of my chastity cage, gathering the pre-cum I had leaked and then lifting her finger to smear it on my lips.


"I knew you wouldn't have the strength to do it," she crowed, her breath warm on my face. "But you will... because that cage is staying on until you do."


And I knew she means it.





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