Forced Chastity 

has everything to do with being controlled and being in control. As such, forced chastity can be part of a D/s relation. By enforcing staying chaste, the Domme controls one of the most itimite aspects of life of her sub. Forced chastity implies that the sub hands over the control of his sexlife totally to his Domme. She decided when and how he is allowed orgasms.


Forced chastity is activity that involves wearing a chastity device against husband's will. Often associated with BDSM and Femdom.


Forced Chastity, more accurately in this case, enforced chastity play is an interesting way to add spice to your sex life. Put in its simplest terms, forced chastity play is a way to prevent access to the genitals for the purpose of sexual pleasure. People being what they are, when control of when or if  you can come is given to someone else, the arousal usually becomes extremely intense. What seems at first to be a form of perverted torture is actually a way to add considerable pleasure to your sex life.


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slave in forced chastity




Forced Chastity - My Wife Falls for Another

It has been over a month since Lynn has let me out of the chastity cage. She just hasn't been in the mood for sex. Not that she has wanted to be ignored. She insists that I give her back and foot rubs and that I snuggle with her every night before we go to sleep.



Kinky Vacation

Husband is locked in chastity belt and forced to please his wife.



Thirty Seven Days of Chastity

Wife expects slave hubby to earn release.



Forced Chastity - A Christmas Cuckold

Cuckold gets his present. Chastity, cum eating, cuckolding.



Forced Chastity - Locked in a Chastity Tube

Story of a husband locked in chastity tube forced to watch his wife getting ready for a date with another man. His wife loves to tease and milk his cock but orgasm is not allowed.



Forced Chastity - Chastity Slave and Mistress

A teasing game for the Mistress having Her slave in chastity.



Forced Chastity - Rules For Slave in Chastity

Additional chastity rules to a slave contract for a new collared slave. To show his Mistress gratitude and devotion, the slave agrees to be kept under strict chastity. The Mistress decides the chastity probation time.



Pictures of Cuckolds in Forced Chastity



Contract of Forced Chastity and Submission

The contract accompanied with the promises of, but not limited to extremely harsh discipline, humiliation, bondage, torture, and sexual deprivation of the husband.



Forced Chastity - First Time Cuckolded

Husband has been bad and now is punished. Cuffed and locked in chastity belt he has to watch his wife having sex.



Forced Chastity - Real Life Male Chastity

My wife and I have toyed with “forced” chastity for about two years. I will tell you that knowing that sex a privilidge and not a right has changed my attitude towards my wife.




What is forced male chastity?    

In her experience with regard to male chastity, in order to see positive results he must experience extreme sexual dissatisfaction for periods longer than seven days.


forced chastity, cuckold chastity, husband forced chastity


Forced Chastity - Female Domination    

A point of view of a dominant lady.




Forced Chastity in Femdom Marriage    

The Husband hereby agrees to wear a Chastity Belt / device (CB) on a fulltime basis, 365 days per year, every year.



cuckold in chastity belt  



Forced Chastity - Punished by Pam    

Forced chastity, humiliation, cuckolding for boyfriend locked in chastity belt.



chastity humiliation  



Miss Erica - forced chastity    

Cock control, CB6000, male chastity, tease denial, creampie, female domination story.


real forced chastity  


Camping and Forced Chastity    

Tease, denial and forced chastity in 8 pictures.




Cuckold Chastity



Chastity and Cum Denial    





forced chastity life     forced chastity tease




forced chastity slave     forced chastity run





Male Chastity

She loves to help me dominate my husband and she is a total believer in male chastity. Last month, against my husband's protests, we had a permanent chastity device installed on him. We took him and had him get a Prince Albert piercing in his penis and my friend bought him a chastity tube from a Mistress Lori she found on the web and we installed it.




Forced Chastity

Mistress pointed me to a very secure chastity device she had seen on the web and asked me to purchase it and notify her once it had arrived and I had been wearing it continually for at least 1 week.




Forced Chastity Slave

She says I will be wearing my chastity belt 24/7 even after the wedding, although we will be living together and She will have the opportunity to control me in person more often.




Forced Chastity Mistress

Sarah bought me a CB2000 and told me that she wanted me to get use to wearing a chastity device. The thought of her controlling my sexual release was exciting to her and although I was not crazy about the idea, I knew I had to try things that interested her if I wanted her to continue to dominate me in the bedroom, so I agreed to wear it.   


forced chastity


Enforced Chastity

I told him that I particularly liked the letters on male chastity. He was just standing there, not saying a word.  I told him that I ordered a CB 2000 chastity device and once it arrived, he was going to start wearing it immediately.




Forced Chastity Training

Being locked in a chastity belt 24/7 has made my boyfriend hyper-submissive. When I wear short shorts and a crop top, he can't do enough for me. He obeys me instantly.  




Forced Chastity: Keyholder

A few months ago I proposed marriage, as I did love her. She agreed on one condition that I continue to wear the chastity belt.




Forced Chastity Story

All you men are no longer considered husbands or boyfriends. Your only purpose, while on this island, is to serve your mistresses... It's locked inside your brand-new chastity belt!... Your love-slave is now prevented from satisfying his base male urges except in order to satisfy you.




Forced Chastity for Husband

"Swallow it and then lick my asshole clean darling." I was so overwhelmed with humiliation and submission that I couldn't stop myself. I French kissed her ass like it was my first girlfriend. By the time I finished my cock was throbbing against the end of my chastity tube.




Forced Chastity Fiction

She felt me through my pants to make sure that my chastity device was still on. "Everything seems in place, but go ahead and drop your pants. I want to have a better look."





chastity orgasm denial






Forced Chastity


Enforced Chastity









When cuckold husband is in forced chastity, that does not mean they don’t continue to have a intimate and sexual relationship. Couples involved in a cuckold, chastity lifestyle are usally more intimate physically and emotionally than when the husband was allowed inside his wifes wet pussy.


This can bring a cuckold husband, who is submitted, into a deep submission with his Hotwife. The complete denial and replacement of his access to intercourse can be deeply satisfying.




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Chastity Belt Slave

After struggling to get her thong off of her beautiful round ass, she informs me that since I am wearing my chastity belt and all, that I should just kneel outside the shower while she takes a shower.



Bathroom training

I was using a toothbrush to scrub the floor and I was almost done finally. I was naked of course, with my chastity belt locked around my small cock and a locking ball gag in place. In my mouth was the thong that Mistress Kendall wore yesterday while working out, so it wasn’t the most pleasant taste in the world.



Andrea's Husband in Chastity Belt

But not just any used panties, panties from my wife’s last date, where she fucked Casey, her new lover with a 9 inch cock. Also, my cock was trapped in a chastity belt, so I was just going crazy. My cock has been trapped in the chastity belt for 3 weeks now and I see no sign of release.


Andrea's Bitch

I have now gone 4 weeks without cumming, thanks to my tight chastity belt and the cruel cuckolding Mistress Andrea. I loved my wife with all my heart and will do anything for her, which is often something she exploits daily.



Chastity Party

They also told me that I would be released from my chastity belt and would get to cum as a special birthday treat. I was excited to see what all I was going to get for my birthday this year. Goddess Tabby held the condom above my mouth and told me to open my mouth. Mistress Jenn cut the tip off of the condom and Tabby then squirted the entire load of cum into my mouth.



Locked in Chastity Belt

She then went to her knees and slipped something over my small cock. She played around for a minute or so and then she popped back up, holding a key in her hand. She proceeded to tell me that this key is the key to my cock. She told me that my cock was locked in a chastity belt and only she could let me out if I ever wanted to cum again. She then placed the key around her neck so that it dangled between her perfect breasts.



Chastity Belt Trap

Then a computer voice said, “Chastity briefs activated!”. This was really exciting and scarred me, I really didn’t know what to think. I reached behind me and two of my fingers touched those two smooth rounded circle and a computer voice said, “Severe chastity mode activated!”



Training Center

Very long (50 pages) chastity story.



Chastity Belt Locked

It took only a couple of brief maneuvers with the fishing line for my captor to work it off my dick and through the end of the chastity tube I was going to have to use as my pee hole. The complete length of my dick was encased in an inch or so.... 



Husband in CB - story

After 20 minutes we had the CB3000 assembled and in place. It wasn’t too uncomfortable, although my pubes got in the way and kept getting trapped in between the pieces of the unit, and Angelina had a good giggle at my “little locked cock”, clearly visable through the plastic chastity cage of the CB3000, shaped and curved like a skin for my penis.

“Let’s see how well it works,” Angelina suggested and started to kiss me, caressing my chest and nipples before moving down to my thighs and balls.



KTB  Chastity story

Chastity story about male slave locked in chastity belt and tortured by the use of KTB.



List of  Chastity Fetish Websites




Forced chastity is the deliberate control and denial of sexual activity. For cuckold couples, this is most often applied to the husband. Though chastity doesn't require hardware (enforced chastity), most cuckolds are unable to resist rubbing their penis when not under immediate supervision. A chastity device ensures that the cuckold's penis is used only when and how his Mistress approves of. It's also the best way of denying the cuckold of even being erect.


Yes, forced chastity causes discomfort and at times mild pain. Enduring this is very much a part of your cuckold's submission. The discomfort of his penis trying to expand for you, the aching of his balls, are all gifts to you and your lover(s). For some couples it can also be seen as punishment for being unable to pleasure the wife and needing other men to take up his slack.


Forced chastity can be achieved through the use of a device, piercing, or combination of both.


forced chastity CBT  


Locking your husband’s penis is only the first step in chastity training. Once he’s secured, wives are not only entitled to teasing their cuckold, but should proactively do so. Yes, this is frustrating for your cuckold, but it might be the most enjoyable physical interaction he gets as a restrained cuckold and he will therefore prefer to endure it rather than not get to have that interaction.


Purposely teasing him while he is locked in chastity belt is also a very visceral expression of roles as dominant and submissive.



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