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My Wife

My wife is good looking brown hair and brown-eyed lady approaching her mid forties. She has a great sense of humor that makes her the center of any get together or party. She has a great body, her ass being by far the best part. She typical wears short loose dresses that really shows her off. I am just the opposite of her, people typical avoid me at parties, looking for the opportunity to talk with my wife when I am not around. I am also approaching my mid forties except I am overweight and certainly don't look good in my jeans. My wife said that I embarrass her because of my apparent lack of care of my body and my inability to socialize. Many of her friends often ask her (many times in my presence) why she ever married such a loser. My wife never really answer that questions, she just shrugs her shoulders.


Our Sex Life

Our sex life was almost non-existing because of my lack of manhood. My penis was only four and half inches fully erected and very narrow. My wife said that she had better equipped lovers in junior high. My longevity was also an issue, because I couldn't hold my load for over two minutes. I would cum and my wife would give me a disgusting look and roll over to go to sleep. I always had a fetish for asses and over the years I developed a nasty habit of licking my wife's ass while masturbating. I did this while my wife laid in bed trying to sleep. Once I would complete my wife would call me a "pig" and go to sleep.


I became More Perverted

Over the years I became more perverted, not only did I want to lick my wife's ass but I had an overwhelming desire to eat her shit. I tried to make sure I was always around when my wife took a dump so I could immediately run and place my head in the toilet to smell her aroma and hope for any unflushed delights. My wife was not aware of this perverse activity, at least that is what I thought! One Saturday afternoon my wife was getting ready to go shopping, performing her usual bathroom routines, and as usual she sat on the toilet to take her afternoon dump. After hearing the toilet seat go down I knew this was my queue to get ready to perform my perverse act as soon as she left the bathroom. After a minute or so my wife opened the door and walked out of the bathroom and said, "enjoy" as she walked downstairs and out the front door. I realized that she forgot to flush the toilet!

I quickly ran to the toilet, the lid was still up and the bowl was filled with a slight yellow tint water with two sheets of toilet paper and three small dark turds floating about. My heart was pounding in delight as placed my head in the bowl to smell my wife's beautiful stools. I lowered my head further down into the toilet, lightly pressing my lips to one of the beautiful turds, causing it to float across the water to the other side of the toilet. I then use my tongue to lick the tops of each turd as the floated in a circle around the toilet I Lowered my opened mouth over the smallest stool and began to suck it up into my mouth. The stool was firm and slick as it easily entered my mouth. It tasted slightly tart and sweet at the same time. I began to swallow allowing it to move across my tongue to the back of my throat where it momentarily hung. With another swallow my wife's stool slide down my throat. Just then I heard my wife say " was it tasty" I looked up and there stood my wife looking down on me with a disgusted look on her face. She then walked overt to the toilet and looked at the other two stools and said "go ahead pig, eat the other two and don't forget the toilet paper ". I did as I was told as she watched and "oooohed" at me. After I completed my meal, she walked out of the bathroom and left the house without saying a word.

The Next Few Weeks

For the next few weeks very little conversations to place between my wife and I. My wife treated me very differently, never asking but always demanding. It seemed liked everything became my job, including cleaning the toilets. My wife told me that I was a natural for that job. My wife knew that I had fetish for her ass and started using it for her entertainment. She would unexpectedly pull her shirt up and stick her ass in my face, asking for kiss. As I would place my mouth to her asshole, my wife would leave gas and giggle as I inhaled and continued to kiss her ass. My wife's habits began to change, she started working out again at the gym. Several nights a week she would go out with her friends dressed in a minishirts and heels. She started wearing her sexy lingerie and making sure I saw it before she left. The only sexual play we had was limited to my wife sitting on my face allowing me to fuck her asshole with my tongue while a jacked myself off. She would giggle as she puckered and contracted my tongue in and out of her hole, saying, "come on little ass licker, wank your little winnie, and clean my ass". After I would shoot my load my wife would shit my tongue out, look over her shoulder and stick her tongue out at me and leave gas. All of this was very arousing to me and my wife knew and was determined to play it out for all it was worth.

Humiliating Me

My wife began to be more and more demanding and mean to me. She started to humiliate me in front of our neighbors and friends by making fun of my small penis. Lisa, our neighbor was a "red headed bitch" that never liked me and always question my wife how should wound up with a loser like me. Lisa was recently divorce and a grudge on men any way. She had a good looking body, but her arrogance made her extremely hard to tolerate. My wife knew how much I hated Lisa and decided to have some fun with it and along with my perverse desires. One morning my wife called Lisa over for coffee and just to chat. Not knowing at the time my wife purposely disabled the downstairs toilet from flushing by removing the plunger chain. When Lisa arrived they both sat down and began to talk and drink coffee. Before long the conversation turned to me and my wife began to make fun of me and Lisa joined right end. My wife told Lisa that I was becoming more and more submissive to her every command. Lisa of course challenge this and my wife demonstrated by instructing me to sit down on the floor in front of them and give Lisa a foot massage. As I massaged her foot both Lisa and my wife ensured I had a perfect view of their crotches as they sat with their legs apart. Lisa began to rub her feet across my face, pinching my nose with her toes. This thrilled my wife as they both laughed and giggled. My wife then instructed me to use my mouth and tongue to massage Lisa's toes. I began licking and sucking each toe, while Lisa attempted to catch my tongue with her toes. This went on for several minutes before Lisa said "Well I could stay here all day, but I have to go home to take care of some morning business".

My wife quickly said, " if you mean you need to take a morning dump, feel free to use the downstairs bathroom, Ron does all the cleaning anyway."

Lisa laughed and said, "That is exactly what I have to do". My wife pointed Lisa to the bathroom as she giggled at me. As Lisa was doing her business my wife informed me "You haven't had breakfast yet have you?" After saying "no" my wife cheerfully said "good!"

About have a minute later Lisa hollered out, "The toilet wont flush."

My wife began putting a show on screaming at me, "You idiot, I told you to fix that toilet, you're going to pay for that."

Lisa walked out in disgust and said that she was embarrassed to leave such a mess in our toilet. My wife then looked down at me and demanded "Go into the bathroom and eat everything in that toilet, everything!"

Lisa was just floored over this, laughing and giggling she requested that she supervised me in eating her shit. Lisa then told me to crawl to the bathroom and she began kicking me in the ass as I crawled off. When I arrived to the toilet I could smell Lisa foul shit and was very hesitant to stick my head in the toilet. I peaked over the bowl to see two large multi colored turds floating around in yellow water with several sheets of toilet paper. Just then I felt Lisa's foot on the back of my neck pushing my head down to her shit saying "Pick it up and eat it all, toilet mouth."

I reaching the toilet and gently picked up the smallest of the two and quickly paced in my mouth and swallowed. Lisa then instructed me to chew the next one. I did as I was told and to my surprise I somehow enjoyed it. Lisa then instructed me to eat the toilet paper and left the room laughing. Once I completed it my wife had me sit down at Lisa's feet and tell her how much I enjoyed her shit.

My Wife's Lover

My wife began to frequently show me to her friends and humiliate me every chance she got. She continued go out several nights a week with Lisa She would come home and shower and going directly to bed saying very little to me. One day I arrived home and my wife was getting ready to go out, dressing in hr most sexiest black miniskirt and whit thong panties. She had just walk out of the bathroom when I arrived and quickly bent over and told me to make sure her asshole was clean. She bent over and pulled her thong back to allow access My tongue easily slid into her warm slightly swollen asshole and I began to lick her clean. After I completed she readjusted her thong and said " got to go, I left a treat in the toilet for you" and she raced out the door. I looked in the toilet and saw my supper, noticing there was no toilet paper I began eating. I went to bed early that night and sleep soundly until I was awakened by my wife. She turned the overhead light on and told me to "wake up I got a surprise for you". My wife's hair was a mess and she looked as though she had just been through a workout. She told me to lay my head off the edge of the bed and open my mouth. She then straddled my head and pulled her thong all the way to one side. Her pussy was gapping and a white cream was leaking from all sides and forming a stream. She lowered her cunt down to mouth and said, " my lover wanted you to have this" with that I felt a glob of cum drop into my mouth and slid down my throat without swallowing. My wife began to contract her pussy allowing glob after glob of cum to fill my mouth. I was then told to lick every drop from her pussy. After she was satisfied I did a good job she repositioned her pee hole over my mouth and began filling my mouth up with her sweet urine. I swallowed quickly and frequently providing her with perfect toilet service.

Thanking My Wife's Lover

My wife continued this routine for several weeks, I must have drunk a gallons of urine and cum and was beginning to get sick of it. Luckily my job (paying job) required me to out of town for 10 days, allowing me to have a break from all this abuse. I thought that once I got back I would have a talk with my wife in patch things up. My wife had other plans. I arrived home about 630 in the afternoon and noticed a strange car in the driveway, and some construction debris in the yard. My wife meet at the door, dressed to kill in a sexy miniskirt and heels. Before I could say a word she said " oh Ron do we have a surprise for you" I said "who is we" my wife giggled as she pulled into the house and into the living room. There was Lisa sitting on the couch with a guy whose was rubbing her leg. Standing in the middle of the room was a man, probably ten years younger than I. He was slim, muscular and a well-defined ass. My wife walked over to him and put her arm around him, rubbing his ass with her hand. She said "Ron this is my lover Steve, he is the one you been cleaning up after. I want you to come over here and get on your knees and thank Steve for all the meals he has provided you" I look at her in amazement and began to speak when Steve said " you heard your wife, now get your wimpy ass over here". My wife and Lisa both giggled as I walk over to Steve and slowly knelt down in front of him. I could see his bulge right in front of my face and my wife was hanging all over him kissing and licking his neck and ears. I said " thank you for letting me eat your cum". Everyone began laughing and calling me "cumsucker." My wife smiled at me as she unzipped Steve's pants and pulled his massive penis out. She began to rub it across my face and tapping my nose with it before she sweetly said " Ron I want to open your mouth so that Steve can fuck you mouth. That way you can have his cum hot and fresh. By this time Steve's dick was hard and probing my mouth. I slowly opened and Steve grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. My wife told me to suck as Steve fuck so that he could feel my mouth and tongue. She straddled my head and began rubbing her crotch on Steve's stomach while pressing her ass into my nose. Steve continued to move his dick in and out of my mouth while rubbing my wife's ass over my head. Without warning Steve exploded into my mouth causing me to choke. My wife immediately turned around and pulled his dick out of my mouth to directed the rest of his load to my nostrils and then wiping his cum across my face with the tip of his dick. My wife was smiling and laughing as she glazed my face with her lover's cum.

My New Role

After my wife was completed humiliating me she announce that Bob (Lisa's date) was a carpenter and built me a surprise. She then asked Bob to take our "little cum-eater" upstairs to his surprise. Bob stood up and said " lets go" and I followed him up the stairs to my bedroom, where Bob had built a closet. This closet was built into the wall that adjacent to the bathroom. It was about five feet and maybe 18" wide. Bob opened the door and pulled a retractable cot out of a narrow chute. Bob told me to lay down on the cot, I did so because I was afraid Bob would kick my ass if I didn't. Once I laid down on the cot, Bob shoved the cot back into the chute. I felt my head being pushed onto a cold surface. I couldn't see anything nor could I move, except for lifting my head up. I was trapped! I could hear my wife ask " is he all set" and Bob answering "yep, ready or use" Heard footsteps outside of my entrapment and then a blast of light as a lid above my face opened. I could a toilet seat directly above my head and realized where I was. My wife appeared at the top of the seat, holding her hand over her mouth giggling. She said " Oh Ron, or should I say "jon", do you know what your are?" I didn't say anything, and she said " Ron you're my human toilet, and everyone is going to use you tonight. Last night all of us went out to eat Mexican food, so I hope you are real hungry! You have some new rules to follow so that you can be a good toilet" She then took out a piece of paper and read the following rules:

Rules For The Human Toilet

1. You will always keep your eyes opened and look at your user
2. Once your user has exposed their penis or ass you will open your mouth wide.
3. You are to create a seal with your mouth and your user's asshole so that gasses are not allow to escape.
4. You are to consume everything delivered to your mouth, without exception.
5. Once your user has completed delivery, you will offer to lick them clean. If your user prefers to use toilet paper, you will consume the used paper
6. Once your user is complete, you thank them and request more.

My wife then asked me if I understood and told me that this was for good. She said that Steve has moved in and all my stuff had been moved down to the basement, where I would be staying when I am not performing toilet duties. She then turned and exposed her ass to me and said "See you in a bit," and slammed the lid shut.

Toilet Service For Everyone

I laid in this contraption for an hour before my wife and Steve show up, lifting the lid and peering down while they both giggled and laugh. Steve said, " I got take a piss" as he unzipped his pant and pulled his dick out. The toilet was higher than a normal toilet, placing my mouth just about an inch from the head of his dick. My wife said "remember rule # 2, open wide" I opened my mouth and my wife aimed her lover's dick at my mouth. Steve began delivering a fast stream of hot piss into my mouth. I could fell his piss frothing in my mouth as I swallowed. My wife was laughing and giggling as Steve tapped off. Steve began to zip his pants up when my wife asked " Steve, don't you have to poop?" Steve really didn't want to do that and I was praying that he wouldn't, but my wife started cuddling up to him saying, " I really want you to poop in my husband's mouth, please for me?" Steve gave in and turned around while my wife excitedly helped him pull his pants and underwear down. My wife was playing with his cheeks, spreading them to give a glimpse of his asshole and said " ask Steve to sit down and feed you, say so we both can hear" I complied and Steve began to sit on the seat, I could seem my wife looking over his shoulders at me as he sat down. My head was position just so that my mouth touched his asshole. I could hear my wife giggling as she said " remember rule #3 I don't want to smell anything". I placed my mouth over Steve's asshole, as it puckered to deliver a blast of gas down my throat. Immediately following was a hot soft turd that filled my mouth and slide down my throat. I could hear Steve say "Cleanup" and I licked his ass clean. He stood up and my wife said "very good I didn't smell a thing, now remember rule # 6. I thank Steve and asked for more.

I never saw my wife so happy and hot as she look down on me after her lover just used me as his toilet, she was now rubbing his cock over my face whispering in his ear as his dick got hard. The both laughed and left the room. Shortly after Lisa came into the bathroom and looked down at me. And said " hungry", she then turned her back lifted her shirt and her panties down. She then turned to look over her shoulders to ensure my mouth was opened and screwed her face up while sticking her tongue at me. She then sat down an immediately filled my mouth her strong urine. Repositioning her asshole to my mouth I tightly covered in with mine and excepted three loads of her shit I cleaned her asshole spotless with my tongue. She got up and laughed at me and slammed the lid shut. Shortly after I provided the same service to Bob.

In about an hour's time my wife appeared again with her clothes disoriented and hair messed up. Without saying a word she let the seat down and sat down. Several globs of come dropped into my opened mouth before my wife delivered a load of hot pee down my throat to wash it down After my wife treated me to three of her delicious stools, I cleaned her thoroughly and thank her and requested more. She just said, " you can count on it". My stomach was filled with everyone's pee and shit and began to ache, I thought my duties were over until I heard Lisa cheerfully announce " the rest of the quest are hear!"



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