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I guess I fill you in just a little. My ex-wife and I got divorced about 3 years ago and havent seen each other much since then. We have a couple kids but they both in college. I've since remarried and never kept track of her. She is only around 5'0 " tall but she has large breasts with huge nipples, always loved them. Also a beautiful face with beutiful dark tan italian skin. She dominated me some in our marriage but she never wanted to go as far as me and we just grew apart.


Anyway, she called me out of the blue and said she needed to talk about the kids. I agreed to meet at a quiet little restuarant. I got tthere early and settled in a quiet out of way booth. In she walked, oh my god, tight skirt, low cut top showing those beautiful breasts. She was a thing of beauty, to bad she was always such a bitch.


We talked about the kids and gave each other advice on how to handle them then the conversation turned to her. She started to tell me about her new boyfriend, Roger. But then she put her foot on my crotch and started rubbing. She began telling me about his build, sexual stamina, cock size, smiling at me as I began to push my cock against her foot. She then took her foot away and laughed at me, telling me his cock would shock me. "Rub yourself slut while we talk more", she said and I did. I was quickly becoming hers, again and she knew it. She leaned forward, showing me her cleavage, telling me to keep rubbing and making me wimper like a dog. I did everything, I just wanted to come.As I got closer she told me to beg her for old time sake to cum and I did, pleading with her but she said no. She then called the waittress over and the young waitress came over and asked what she could do. My ex looked at me and told me to ask her, no beg. I looked at my ex then the waitress but my ex just rubbed her cleavage and said "beg slut". Then, I begged the waitress to let me cum, and she said no, I begged more but both women laughed and she still said no and walked away.


My ex looked at me and mocked me for begging a stranger to cum. She said my orgasms were up to her, she owned them. I was told to pay the bill and meet her at her car. I paid the bill and walked out to my waiting ex-wife. "Get on your fucking knees and kiss my feet" she said. I couldnt help myself, I looked at her face then down the breasts to those beautiful tanned legs, I fell to my knees and began kissing her feet. She told me I could rub myself and cum for her and in seconds I did, humping my hand wildly. I was a dog in heat and she just laughed. She then told me to call her at 11:00 tomorrow. Then she got in her car and drove off leaving me on my knees almost in tears for what just happened.

I knew I was calling her.



I drove home knowing my wife would not be home yet and I could at least eat my bearings back. I knew she had to go out on for work for couple days so I wanted to make her dinner. My new wife was a teriffic woman, attractive, a nice person, and a perfect wife.


By the time she got home, I had got myself back to normal. We had a nice dinner, chatted, then went to bed. We got up the next morning and she took off. Everything was back to normal.


The one thing I knew is I was not calling that bitch of an ex-wife, Ever. I thought about how much of a bitch she was to me through out our marriage. I thought about her beautiful face, that tanned skin, those beautiful breasts, huge nipples, those beatiful legs. I couldnt belive it, I found myself rock hard and rubbing myself. She was such a bitch, I love her. I sank to my knees and knew I had to call her.


At 11:00 sharp, I drooped to my knees and called. As we started to talk on the phone, she appologized for what happened and said she wouldnt make me do it again. Here I was on the other end of the phone, kneeling and beatin off and she was not to do anything. She did ask me over for dinner since my wife was out of town. Crushed, I agreed.


When I arrived she came in from laying in the sun. How could she do this to me. My god those tits were beautiful, when she was tan, she was a goddess. I only got a glimpse as she covered herself with a towel. The towel was short so I was staring at her legs, when she asked if I wanted some wine and I said yes.


As she left the room I just stared at that ass. When she came back to the room she had 2 glasses of wine, the bottle and a bowl of water. She set them down and looked at me, then the towel dropped to the floor. She stared at me as I withered under it, I looked down, seeing her huge breasts the bikini bottoms, her legs. I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do. I fell to my knees before my ex wife again and neatly folded the towel and handed it to her as she giggled. Her ex was hers again.


I bent down to kiss her feet but she stopped me and made me look up at her. "I told you I wouldnt make you do that again, but if you beg real nicely I might let worship me but you will worship me as a goddess, you will be a slave. I'll give you a minute on your knees to think about it, while you kiss me". I began kissing her thighs, holding them like they were sacred, she turned around and I showered her ass with kisses.

submission and humiliation  

By now I was kissing her ass holding her leg, humping her like a dog. She turned to me and told me to stop and I did. She picked up a glass of wine and handed it to me and held the other for herself. She then put the bowl on the floor in front of me. "Its your choice, drink the wine, have dinner, leave or give me the wine back and drink from the bowl and you will become mine but I will warn you, the bowl has just a bit of my pee". I looked her face then down her beautiful body as she gently carressed her breasts. She was no longer a bitch she was a goddess, my owner...everything. I handed her the wine back and bent forward to drink from her bowl, submitting to our relationship. She was now laughing out loud. I was now her dog. She walked over to the couch and sat down. I finished my bowl and crawled before her. She pulled her bikini bottoms down and told me to lick her pussy, as it was now my alter. Lick, pray, worship it she said and I did. Then in walked Roger.



I heard the sound of Roger walking in, but my ex immediately told me not to stop, keep licking and I did. I ate that beautiful trimmed pussy.


When we were together I was allowed to keep it trimmed for her, as she went out on me, I didnt know that at the time. She giggled and told me Roger would be in shortly and I would have to explain myself to him. "You will stay kneeling at my feet and tell him what you are" she explained. My only response was to beg for more of her pussy, she was so beautiful. I am and was always addicted to her pussy.


Finaly, Roger walked into the room. He sat down beside my ex and kissed her, completely ignoring me. They kissed pasionately all the while ignoring me. I kept eating that beautiful pussy. I am not gay but Roger was very handsome, well built. They broke their embrace and looked at me. "Tell Roger who you are" my ex said. I am her slave, I said. "Look at you" said Roger, "on your knees in front of your ex wife eating her pussy, you are more than that. Tell me who you love, who you worship" I love Brenda, I worship Brenda , I shouted. My ex was laughing out loud, then kicked to the the side. Please, I said, let me lick it some more. They just laughed. Then she pulled his cock out of his shorts. Oh my god, it was just as she described it, huge and perfect. She set there and stroked it, while looking perfect herself.


She knew I was hers to do as she wished and was going to push the envelope. "Get your eyes off my pussy and onto this cock" I looked and began to want it. She stroked it, bent down and kissed it, smiling at me. "Crawl over here slut" she said," crawl to a man's cock, you want it dont you. Beg for it". I couldnt help it any more, my ex wife was in a bikini, tanned, and beautiful tits. I had to obey her. I looked at Roger and begged for his cock, pleading to suck it. It was beautiful, Roger was beautiful. She then told me I could only suck it if I looked at him and said he was my master. I looked at the cock one last time then told Roger he was my master, please let me suck his cock. Finaly, he said go ahead as they both laughed out loud at me. I was now a slave to both my ex wife and her new boyfriend. Before long, he was cumming, pulling out and cumming all over my face. What could happen next, I thought.



I knelt there on the floor, cum dripping from my face. I was never so humiliated as I was at this point but my ex took her finger and scraped some cum off my face and rubbed it on her nipples. She looked at me and told me to suck her nipple and I did, cum and all, it didnt matter.

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My ex-wfe in that bikini, showing off her tanned body, those huge tits, beautiful legs. She was a total bitch and I loved it. Now I belonged to her and even worse, to her boyfriend.


I glanced over at his huge cock, her hand was stroking it and it was hard again. She told me to look at her pussy, I did , perfectly shaven and tan like the rest of it and prepare it to be fucked by your master.


I began to lick and suck her pussy while my new master waited, her hand wrapped around that cock. When she was ready she pushed me away and Roger climbed on top shoving his cock in her pussy. They were making wild love as I watched, hard as a rock. She then told me to crawl over and lick her while he fucked her. Then they began cumming together, it was incredible.....they were a thing of beauty. They deserved to be worshipped.


They just laid there, then told me to clean them up with my tongue, I did so gladly. I was now where I needed to be, before 2 powerful woderful people. I wanted to make them happy.


After I finished they told me to begin to make a plan so the 3 of us could get together with my wife this weekend......things were about to get worse.




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