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Houseboy Husband and Femdom Wife



I already had peter doing all the laundry. There a few things I like to do less that the laundry and one of them is ironing. So, peter does all the ironing too. He has become quit good at ironing, better than I ever was, actually.  But both the laundry and ironing were a struggle for him at first. He was pitiful when he first got started. He improved, slowly at first. It was the first time I had trained him and laundry and ironing were definitely not something that he wanted to do. Now he eagerly does his chores.


Several months ago I read an article in a women's' magazine that got me thinking. It was an article about wives that turn over the household chores to their husbands. Well "turn over" was not quite how it was put, it was more like demanded. These weren't stay at home husbands, they were husbands that worked full-time. They referred to them as houseboys. While the women's magazines I read often have racy articles, this one was a bit over the top. Nonetheless, it got me thinking and it got me on the Internet. I searched for "houseboy". At first all I could find was stuff about gay relationships, but I kept digging and found some female domination sites that talked about houseboys.


I had never thought about female domination before, but I liked the idea of getting my lazy husband to do his fair share around the house. The more I read and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted a houseboy. I decided that I was going to make peter my houseboy, but I wasn't sure how I was going to get peter to be my houseboy.


peter was a macho guy. he was a good athlete, stayed in shape and liked to hang out with his friends. He was not a push over and he definitely viewed himself as the one that wore the pants in our family. I knew he would give me a hard time if I just came right out and asked him to start doing the chores around the house. Then one evening I got lucky.


I was in the basement doing some laundry when peter sneaked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, grabbing my breasts through my t-shirt and pressing his cock into my ass crack. he nibbled at my ear and started to unbutton my jeans. it didn't take a genius to figure out that he wanted to fuck me right there in the laundry room. I protested meekly, letting him slip my jeans off and then my g-string. he lifted me onto the washing machine and whipped out his cock. He had that look in his eyes and a raging hard-on, I knew that I had him.


"peter, I am so tired and there is another load that needs to go into the washer and two dry loads that need to be folded and another load in the dryer. I cannot relax enough to make love until this work is done."


"Oh, come on baby," he pleaded, "you can finish this up later."


"I'll be too tired later, it has to get done now."


"OK, finish it up and then come upstairs and we'll get it on," he snarled.


"By the time I am done with all of this work, I'll be to tired for sex dear. So, here is the deal. I need to call my sister. While I am doing that, I need you to finish the laundry. When you are done you can have your way with me."


He grabbed me and pulled me tight, kissing me and fondling my ass.  I pushed him back and said, "take it or leave it," and started walking up the basement stairs giggling. I knew that I had him.


I poured a glass of wine and called my sister. She wasn't home, so I cuddled up in the comfy chair in my bedroom and read my book while peter worked on the laundry. When peter had finished folding the two loads of laundry that were already dry he came up to find me. I had him refold some of the laundry and gave him a few tips. Then I sent him down to check on the clothes in the dryer and the wash and told him not to come back until everything was dry and folded.


he was pissed at me, but he was also super horny, so he did as I requested.


When he was done I really did let him have his way with me. He had the time of his life and let me know it. So, the next time I asked him to do the laundry I gave him a big wet kiss while rub his cock through his pants, he jumped at the chance. Now he does all the laundry. Sometimes he gets lucky afterward and sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes I am asleep by the time he is finished. He doesn't dare wake me anymore.


One day after peter had been doing the laundry for a few weeks I noticed that at the mere mention of doing the laundry he would get an instant hard-on. And when I teased him about being my "laundry boy," he would blush and look at his feet.


Much of what I was reading on the Internet about houseboys said that many men crave being dominated by their wives. I was getting the impression that peter liked that  I was "making" him do the laundry. I decided to take a chance and push things further.


On one occasion, when I had fallen asleep before peter finished with the laundry and the ironing, he got into bed and snuggled his naked body up against mine and started kissing my neck. I murmured that I was sleeping and asked him to let me sleep. He persisted. I asked again, and he ignored me.


I shot up in bed, turned on my bedside light and confronted peter. I put my face very close to his face and reached down and grabbed his balls. Before I even said a word he was shaking like a leaf. I knew that I had him. I knew that he was shaking because he was so excited and nervous. I knew that he was mine. That he would be my houseboy.


"peter, i asked you to stop and to let me sleep, did you hear me ask you?"


he didn't answer me, he just look down at the bed.


I grabbed his chin with my free hand and yanked it up and said sternly, "peter, look at me when I am talking to you."


Once I was looking into his eyes again I said, "well."


He mumbled, "well, what?"


"Well, what?," I shouted "Well, I was in bed sleeping and you came in and woke me up and I asked you to stop several times nicely and you didn't listen to me. And, now, I am fully awake and upset, and I ask you a question and you don't even answer me. You are being very disrespectful. Do you agree that you are being disrespectful?"


I squeezed his balls a bit tighter and awaited his response, "Yes," he whispered.


"Yes, what?" I demanded.


"Yes, I agree I was being disrespectful."


"Good, I am glad that we are in agreement." Then looking him right in the eye I said, "I give you the privilege of doing my laundry and this is how you repay me, by waking me up and getting me upset in the middle of the night?"


Squeezing his balls as hard as I could, I said, "Look, I am upset and tired and want to go back to sleep, and I cannot have you in bed next to me, I'm just too upset with you right now."


I paused and let go of his balls. He just stayed lying on the bed looking back into my eyes with his whole body shaking.


I broke the silence, "Well, what are you waiting for? Crawl out of my bed and make yourself comfortable on the floor."


With a dumbfound look on his face he took his shaking body and crawled onto the floor. I threw a pillow over the side of the bed. I heard a weak, "thank you," come from my shaking husbands mouth.


My mind was racing. I couldn't believe what I had just done, but I loved it. I had peter right where I wanted him. I could see that turning him into my houseboy would be easy. I could also see that dominating peter turned me on. So, not only was I giving up my household chores but I was going to be getting sexual satisfaction as well.


I was too horny to fall back asleep. I reached into nightstand drawer and pulled out my vibrator. It felt so good to pleasure myself while my unbelievably horny husband was lying on the floor because he had the nerve to wake me to have sex. Now I was on my way to a powerful orgasm and he was shivering on the floor.


After I orgasmed, I called down to him, "and, peter, don't even think about touching yourself, you'll cum only when I tell you you can cum. You don't get rewarded with an orgasm for waking me up. Good night, peter."


"Good night, honey. I'm sorry, honey," he called back.


I smiled and rolled over and fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.


In the morning I awoke as if nothing had happened the night before, but of course my world, and peter's, had change dramatically. I got out of bed, said good morning to peter, who was still curled up on the floor, and got into the shower.


peter came in to brush his teeth while I was showering. When I stepped out of the shower peter had a strange look on his face as he stared at me in the mirror. I had decided to make him sweat. I didn't say a word all morning. That is, until he was about to leave for work.


"peter, dear, leave work early today so that you are home by 5pm sharp."


"honey, I can't today, I have...," he started to say before I cut him off. "I am not interested in what you "have" peter. Be home at 5pm sharp. Have I made myself clear?"


He nodded, indicating that I had. "I expect a verbal response when I ask you something. We'll have to work on that."


I approached him and kissed him passionately, grabbing his ass as he used to frequently grab mine. "Have a nice day at the office dear," I purred in his ear as I slapped his ass as he walked out the door.


I had some thinking to do. I had peter by the balls, and I had to decide how fast I wanted to take things. I had a pretty good idea of how far I wanted to take things. But I knew that would likely change as my new life unfolded. I decided to take things slowly. Why rush, I had the rest of my life to enjoy my new found dominance.


peter arrived home at precisely 5pm. he looked nervous. I greeted him and gave him a kiss. "Thank you for being on time. It is nice to see you."


I had decided to adopt a domination style that felt most natural to me: sensual and sweet. If I needed to get tough, then, of course, I would.


I asked peter to open a bottle of wine and pour me a glass. he returned with 2 glasses of wine. I took one of the glasses and said, "Thank you, pete. I am sure that I asked you to pour me a glass of wine. Did I say that you should also pour yourself a glass."


"Oh, i just thought...," he stammered. "Sweety, when I tell you to do something, you don't need to think, you just need to do it. I have reasons for what I do, and I am going to be training you on how to clean a bathroom, so your having a glass of wine would not be practical, would it?"


"No dear, it wouldn't," he said. He was catching on quick.


"Now, please go upstairs and strip off your clothes and wait for me in the bathroom."


I smiled as he scurried upstairs. I finished my glass of wine and poured myself another. I was still a bit nervous and somewhat shocked that peter was so willing to going along with everything. I gave him about 15 minutes to think things over.


When I enter the bathroom, he was just standing there shaking with streams of sweating dripping down from under his arms. There were small puddles of sweat on the floor by his feet. I smiled at him. He tried to smile back, but was too nervous to muster anything but a small, awkward smile.


"Honey, I know that I wasn't clear, so I am not going to punish you this time, but when I ask you to go wait for me somewhere, I expect that you will be waiting on your hands and knees." With that, I lowered my eyes to the floor and he slowly got down on his hands and knees.


"OK, now I am going to teach you how I expect you to clean the bathrooms. You will deep clean the bathrooms on Tuesday and Friday each week, and do touch-up cleaning whenever needed."


"You should buy yourself a notebook where you can write down all of my new rules."


"Please go into the basement and get the brown bucket that is filled with cleaning supplies."


He was back so quickly. He has never moved up and down the stairs so quickly.


I spent the next 30 minutes showing him how to deep clean a bathroom. I would demonstrate and then I would watch him clean and critique him. He wasn't a natural. But a few well timed swats on his bare ass seemed to help him focus.


"Good work, honey. I think you have got the deep cleaning routine down pat. Do you have any questions?"


"No Val. You are a good teacher. Thank you for being patient with me."


I couldn't help smiling at how submissive he had become so quickly. I embraced him, rubbing his rock hard cock up against my pussy and shoving my tongue into his mouth. I ground against him for 2 or 3 minutes to really get him hot. When he started grinding back and reached for my ass, I pulled away and said, "on your knees."


"Now for some direction on the spot cleanings you'll do between the deep cleanings. First, the toilet bowl."


He began to reach for the scrub brush. "You won't be needing that for the spot cleanings."


"Stick out your tongue." he looked at me funny, but he did as he was told.


"For spot cleanings, that is your scrub brush," I said pointing to his tongue.


I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him over to the toilet and moved his tongue around the rim of the toilet.


"You will start by scrubbing the toilet rim with your tongue and then you will scrub the underside of the toilet seat..."


For the next five minutes I guided his tongue around the toilet be pulling on his hair to demonstrate how I wanted him to scrub the toilet.


That evening I let peter sleep in my bed. I kissed him good night and rubbed his cock with my hand for a few minutes. he was moaning and groaning. When I stopped I reminded him about my no-cumming-without-permission rule and said good night.




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