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My name is Bob and I have been living with my wife, Margaret for around eight years now. During this time, we have practically rebuilt our house and our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Margaret is a very attractive and mature woman in her mid forties, and although radiating an almost prim and proper character, I know that she can be extremely passionate in the bedroom.


The only thing missing from our sex life has been my ability to give her a climax through penetrative sex. Luckily, I have a pretty good and tireless tongue, so Margaret achieves her satisfaction with me performing oral sex on her.


One night whilst we were laying in bed after what I thought was a satisfying bout of sexual activity, Margaret hit with this bombshell when she said. "You know what Bob, I think the reason that I can't come when you fuck me is because you have such a tiny little cock". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was the woman I love and when you see her dressed in her just below the knee business suit and now she sounded like a dirty slut. She continued by saying. "I mean just look at your pathetic specimen it can only be about 3 inches long and I need something at least four times bigger than that and a whole lot thicker and harder too".


As from then our sex life then had a dramatic change of course. Whilst we were fucking she would taunt me about the size of my cock, and how she really needed at least a couple of massive long, thick and hard cocks to satisfy her and of they were black so much the better. I found this dirty talk exciting and it made me to come quickly. After my climax Margaret encouraged, or should I say forced me to go down on her to worship her cunt until she too came. On the occasions, when it was a safe period I was allowed to come inside her, I usually pulled out; she used to taunt me about eating her black lovers' spunk from her well-fucked pussy. I found that I enjoyed that humiliation too.


Events took a change this Friday, making me think that Margaret's frustration was more deeply rooted than I thought. She had instructed that I cook her dinner that night and as I only had the cock the size of a sissy I should dress as a little sissy tart as well. I done as I was told and on her return from work that evening she disappeared upstairs to shower and change whilst I finished off preparing dinner. With dinner almost ready I waited dressed in stockings, suspenders and such, for Margaret to come down stairs.


When she came into the lounge I could not believe it. If I was dressed as a tart, the Margaret had gone even further and looked like a complete slut, with her outfit showing off her wonderful body to its best. Her skirt was so short it could be called a belt and her stocking tops were easily viable. Her tits too were also almost on display, and her heavy make-up completed the effect.


I stood there amazed at her attire and nearly missed her greeting of. "Hello sissy, well what do you think then. Slutty enough for you?" She did not wait for a reply but continued by saying. "Well is dinner ready?" I replied it was and we went in to the dining room and I served dinner. All during our meal she kept playing up and saying things like. "I feel so horney, I wish I was having this dinner with two or three black studs, because I know that I would be there dessert and your dessert would be to clean their spunk out of my cunt." "Instead I have to have to make do with having dinner on my own being served by a little sissy cocked wimp." This torrent of abuse continued throughout dinner, with Margaret saying how she would like to have a string of black lovers and how much she would enjoy turning me into a cuckold.


After dinner and after I had washed up she made go upstairs and strip to just my stocking and suspenders, and slave straps. When I came down stairs again she then attached little clamps to my nipples and made me lay on the floor whilst we watched a video that showed a lucky woman getting fucked by a nice big black cock. Margaret fast- forwarded the video as she wanted and all the time she carried on verbally abusing me.


All at once she stopped the video and told be to get my sissy arse upstairs. I did as I was told and Margaret followed me a few minutes later. As she came into the bedroom she looked me in the eye and said. "I'm now going to show you exactly how frustrated I am because of your sissy little cock's inability to satisfy me." She pulled my knickers to one side to release my little hard-on. She carried on mocking its size as she squeezed it. After a bit she sat on the bed and said. "Get down there an worship my feet" I kissed and licked her feet until she was happy that I was subservient enough. She then opened her thighs and said. "Right sissy boy get licking." I did as I was told and licked and worshiped her pussy for all I was worth. Her cunt was soaking wet when she said. "You can stop for now and try and give me a decent fucking." She lay back on the bed, but before I could get into position she snapped at me. "What do you think you are doing, I don't want any chance of having your pathetic excuse for spunk near her cunt. Put on a condom, in fact you can put two on just to make sure," I did what she said and with her on her back and me on my side began to fuck her. As I pushed in and out the torrents of abuse got worse. With her saying things like. "Is it in yet?" or "Is that all you've got." And even, "No wonder I fantasise about being fucked by some nice thick and rock hard twelve inch black cocks."


I continued with my efforts, when all at once Margaret pushed me away saying. "Get that pathetic little sissy thing out of me, you fucking little cuckold wimp." She got of the bed and told me to lay on my back, she then straddled my face in the sixty-nine position and ground her cunt into my face. Then she told me. "Now get licking again wimp and whilst you are doing it I want you slide that big black dildo in and out of my cunt so I can feel what a big cock feels like." This I did and it was not long before Margaret experienced orgasm after orgasm. Now satisfied for now she said to me. "Now lets see how you compare to that." She knelt on the bed and I slide my cock into her stretched pussy. My cock didn't even touch the sides and Margaret couldn't feel a thing. Mocking me all the time she eventually said. "I think you need to know what a real cock feels like too." She made me lie on my stomach and started to insert some of the smaller toys into to my arse whilst all the time taunting me with comments like. "Like that you little sissy slut?" She then put on the strap on black cock and made me suck it. "That's it you little slut suck that big black cock, just imagine your getting it nice and hard so it can fuck me." She then bent me over the bed and started to fuck me hard whilst saying things like. "You fucking little queer you love being fucked by a big black cock as much as me don't you? Come on beg for it you fucking little slut"


So I begged her to fuck me and she fucked me even harder. I felt myself beginning to come but was brought up short when Margaret said. "Don't you dare come you fucking little wimp." She pulled out of me and again straddled my face. Once more she ground her cunt into my face as I licked her well- fucked hole to another climax. As she came I felt the trickle of piss run out of her cunt. "That's it you little fucking wimp drink my piss." This was too much for me and my pathetic little cock dribbled out spunk. This made Margaret laugh even more. As she got of me she said "You really are a fucking sissy wimp. You can't even come like a real man can you?" Then scooping up some of my spunk on her fingers she made me lick her fingers clean. As she left the bedroom she turned to say. "I think your ready for the real thing now, sissy, next week I want at least three or four black studs to join us and turn you into the cuckold you really are."



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