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In the past six months my life has done a 360. I have found myself thinking lately about how I ever lived any other way. I have been thinking all day about the perks I enjoy on a daily basis. These perks are mine, custom made to my relationship and life with a wonderful man. This is the same man I called very naughty names in the past. Not naughty in a good way either. Names like idiot, pathetic, moron, poor excuse for a man. Told you, not so nice. I can be a good bitch or a very mean bitch. He has learned to take the good bitch and not provoke the mean bitch. So, here are some perks I have found myself enjoying very much. Any woman who wants can have these same things, to be treated like a Queen. Remember it's not all about being a cruel, heartless bitch. It's about the man in your life adoring you in any way YOU want.


1. I am brought coffee and my slippers every morning.

2. I have my feet kissed each morning.

3. Dinner is cooked everyday (I hate cooking)

4. My feet are massaged anytime I want.

5. When I want, a bath is drawn, intelligent conversation is had and I am dried and lotioned up.

6. Dishes are done after dinner.

7. I am kissed, cuddled and licked whenever I want with no macho bullshit.

8. I am now asked to cuddle, instead of just me asking.

9. My husband no longer masturbates, period.

10. I control when, how and how often my husband orgasms :-).

11. I get first rights to the remote control.

12. I can make him ask for directions when we are lost.

13. I initiate sex but still enjoy his "advances" when wanted.

14. While out, I am never without a drink. He is attentive to foresee when I want a cigarette.

15. He helps out at parties without having to be asked or told. You should hear the praises I get about him, fabulous!!

16. I don't ever have to give him head if I don't want and he never asks me to swallow!!

17. I can take lovers.

18. He pays all the bills.

19. I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want. 

20. I get text messages, calls and emails throughout the day telling me how much he loves and adores me.

21. I get back massages whenever I want.



But the best perk that has come out of embracing this lifestyle is the utter joy and happiness I have now living with this man. Not wanting him to leave in the morning and being happy when he gets home. I love spending time with him, where as before I didn't. I would remember praying he would have an early meeting or a late meeting so he wouldn't be around me. Talk about a 360 change. One thing I am realizing is this lifestyle is whatever you want it to be. Personally, I do not like making all the decisions and being in control 100% of the time. When I want my husband to make a decision I tell him. THAT IS STILL DOMINATION. I am expressing a want to him and he is fulfilling it. I even have a FemDom friend who had to order her submissive to rest, because he wouldn't stop and take care of himself. On the outside that doesn't look like typical FemDom, but it is. She is telling him what to do. Even if you tell him to hold you and let you cry on his shoulder, it doesn't make your relationship any less FemDom.


I wouldn't trade my life for anything. It has not happened over night either. Transitioning from a traditional marriage to a FemDom marriage has happened slowly, naturally. If it is rushed or forced it will be more work than anything. It will seem like it is not working because everything doesn't feel natural. In the beginning I thought a FemDom marriage had to be like the stories you read in Elise Sutton's books. What I had to remember is most of those relationships had been FemDom for years and years. It took time to evolve and it definitely didn't happen over night. Once I got that, and gave myself a break, the relationship blossomed, taking it's natural course. I am so glad it did to. I am the Queen of my castle!!



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