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Dominant Wife Story: By Invitation

author: Malibu Man






It all started when I showed my wife some instructions I found on a one website, they were called the 'Rules of the Road' and some were adopted pretty quickly, including the very important one about making your slave eat his cum EVERY time he was permitted to ejaculate. At first I was keen, then the reality of it hit me, but then I got used to it and realised it was simply something I had to do to please my Mistress. And since pleasing my Mistress is what I like doing, I grew to like it.


I've been married to my wife now for 16 years (we married in our early twenties) and far from losing interest in her, I find her more attractive as time goes by. I seem to go through phases of obsessing about different parts of her body (although inevitably I always come back to her awesome ass), at the moment it's her gorgeous legs and feet. Yesterday we were at a family party and I spent as much time as I could get away with staring at her legs, wishing I could kiss them and rub my face and cock over the soft skin.


About twelve years ago I told her that I wanted her to dominate me. That wasn't at all awkward...., but eventually things worked out and then we started having a one hour session every month. About six months ago, I was on my knees with my Mistress standing in front of me fucking my face with her strap-on. I looked up at her and I felt this amazing emotional change come over me. After the session I was rather withdrawn, but eventually I managed to explain to my wife that at that precise moment in time I was so overwhelmed with love for her that I was quite convinced that I would overcome any inhibitions and would have done anything that she would have asked of me.


During our sessions she has often tormented me by telling me how she would like to tie me up and make me watch another man fuck her (after I'd got him hard with my mouth) and then clean both her holes after he'd filled her with his spunk. She does all this while fucking herself with the glass dildo I bought her last Valentine's Day, before making me lick and suck it clean while telling me to imagine it's a real cock covered in her pussy juice and thick creamy cum.


I must admit it felt weird telling her that I thought I was capable of doing this (even if only while in the heat of the moment in the session) and it left me quite conflicted thereafter. But I wanted to share my feelings with her so that she would know how deeply I felt for her and how much I trusted her.


Before our sessions I usually write notes, telling her what was best for me about the previous time and giving her new ideas to try out. I usually end up writing and rewriting these notes, desperately trying to find a balance between what I want, what I think I want, and what I feel I can say without freaking her out!


Sometimes I write stories for her too, and this can put me in a hell of a state by the time the session starts. Last time Mistress said she thought I was going to cum just from kissing her feet.

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Anyway, our latest adventure started the other day when Mistress informed me by email that I needed to practice wearing my butt plug for long periods of time. She told me that I had two weeks to practice and that by then I should feel comfortable with it in for several hours. I was told not to discuss this with her, just to follow her instructions. I did as she ordered and was surprised how quickly I got used to the plug, even though at first it was quite uncomfortable.

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A few days later she gave me a card from the post office and told me to collect a parcel for her. It was very light and the label gave no hint as to the sender's name or address. When I gave it to her, she thanked me but did not comment further on what it might contain.


About ten days later she gave me an amazing blowjob which culminated in her French kissing my spunk into my mouth so that I could swallow it. Once my cock had withered she cleaned it with a wet-wipe and then produced from her bedside drawer a CB3000. I made to object but she gave me a glare that told me exactly who was the boss here, and that I better consider my words very carefully.

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During our last session I had rather foolishly confessed to having touched my cock despite being ordered not to do so. Now I was paying the price (literally it turned out, seeing as she had paid for the device on my credit card!), where I had foolishly thought the whipping she had given me was the entirety of my punishment.


Our next session was five days away and she told me that she wanted to make extra sure that my balls were full for her then and that as I had gone against her orders she felt she could no longer trust me to keep my hands off. I replied that I hadn't cum, I had just played with it a bit...but I hastily added that I could see her point of view.


Every night for the next four nights I was allowed to eat my Mistress' gorgeous pussy. I love doing that even if she does not reciprocate. I don't do it in order to get my cock sucked, I just love doing it. It gives me enormous pleasure to feel her coming on my tongue and I love looking at her pussy after she's come. It looks so beautiful when it's all pink, slippery, wet and gaping open. I would rather give up anything else than eating pussy, even my own pleasure. And that was exactly what I was doing for these next few days and nights.

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On Sunday morning I awoke and got up to find a note Mistress had left for me.


"Today you are my slave, whatever I want you to, do you will do. You will not get dressed, I want you to be naked all day. I will be getting up at about ten (it was 9:45), you will serve my breakfast, there is fresh fruit in the fridge. You will have one piece of dry toast. After breakfast you will fitted with the butt plug which you will be wearing for the rest of the day."


At ten, Mistress rose and I served her breakfast. Afterwards she sat in a chair. She was still wearing her dressing gown. She told me to kneel in front of her, as I did I couldn't help staring longingly at her gorgeous legs and feet. Mistress noticed this, clicked her fingers and told me to look at her, not her legs.


She said: "Today you are my slave and you will do whatever I ask of you, do you understand."


"Yes Mistress' I replied.


"Is there anything you will not do for me slave - think very carefully."


"No Mistress." I replied, a slight tremor in my voice.


"Very good slave, you have pleased me...though I suspect you may have left yourself open to more than you bargained for."


"If it pleases you Mistress." I said, settling comfortably into my role, yet with a slight pang of apprehension tempered by the desire to be pushed to my limits and perhaps beyond.


"Very well."


She told me to get on my hands and knees and I felt lubricant being applied to my ass. Then a finger pushed into me, then two and after a few minutes I felt the butt plug being pushed firmly into place. Once it was in position she told me to stand up and get used to it while she dressed.


I was still standing, waiting for her when she finally came back.


"Time to get this off." She said pointing at the CBT3000. "At least this time I know that your balls are nice and full, so if I do allow you to cum there will be a pleasing amount of spunk for you to eat."


It was a relief to have the device removed, but then she produced another toy which she proceeded to fit to my cock. A '5 gates of hell'. She fed my quickly growing cock through the rings, which itself had the effect of making it harder and more painful. Then she leaned closer and started telling me how glad she was that I had found my place at her side as her slave and that she loved seeing me like this and how wet it was making her. My cock continued to expand until the rings arrested it's growth and I winced quietly.


Mistress now decided that I should clean the house from top to bottom, wearing only the butt plug and the cock restrainer. Every so often Mistress would appear to inspect my work, and then she would invariably squeeze my balls until my cock hardened sufficiently inside it's new prison and then leave me to it again.


When I was half done with cleaning, Mistress called me downstairs and then removed the cock-toy. She told me to kneel down and wank my cock. She taunted me as I wanked myself, telling me that now I was her true slave she intended to fulfil all the fantasies I had ever confided in her. I gulped loudly, wondering if she was serious, honestly unsure about whether I hoped she was or wasn't! As if reading my mind, she assured me that she was, and that before the end of the year she fully intended to watch me suck another man's cock and then lick her pussy clean after he had filled it with cum.


It was obvious that I was close to shooting my load and Mistress told me to stop. When my cock eventually softened Mistress produced another new toy, a metal ring weight which she fitted just above my balls. She let it go and it pulled my balls down a little. She told me to continue with my cleaning.


When I had finished the chores she had set, she had me kneel in front of her again and she removed my butt plug and applied a dab of vapour rub to it, before replacing it in my now stretched ass. She then wiped some more vapour rub on my balls and the tip of my cock. Then she reached out and tweaked my nipples until they were hard and red. Then she pulled out a nipple chain and attached it to my nipples with the clamps at each end. I winced as the weight of the chain pulled on my nipples, but Mistress just laughed and told me she would be back shortly.


I was on my knees for a good twenty minutes, my cock, balls and ass burning with the vapour rub. When she returned she was in her full Mistress uniform, a PVC Basque, fishnets and her strap-on already in place and ready for use. Immediately I noticed that something was different. She had replaced the strap-on we usually used with the other one that had come with the harness, the larger one that we had never used.


Mistress stood directly in front of me, the large silicon dildo just inches from my face. It was considerably larger than the usual one we used, and a good bit larger than my own cock. Mistress told me that was why I had to wear the butt plug all day and asked me if I thought I could take it. I said that I didn't know, but that I would try my best for her. She told me that if I wanted to cum I would do more than try.


Without another word she stepped closer and forced the fake cock between my teeth, pushing it hard into my mouth. I gulped air as she fucked my face hard, her hands holding the back of my head to stop me pulling back. My cock stiffened as her hips bucked the dildo into me, and as my skin tightened the ball weight kept my nuts pushed down away from my cock.


Abruptly Mistress pulled the silicon length out of my mouth and told me to get on all fours. She roughly pulled the butt plug out of my ass and placed the head of the fake cock at the entrance to my asshole.


"What do you want slave?" She asked sharply.


"Only to please you Mistress." I answered.


Mistress laughed.


"Beg me to fuck your ass slave."


"Please fuck my ass Mistress." I replied, none too convincingly.


"You'll have to do better than that if you want to cum slave."


"Yes Mistress....please fuck my ass with your big cock."


Mistress increased the pressure and I felt the head starting to push into my hole.


"Please fuck my ass Mistress...stretch my hole with your huge cock."


Mistress gripped my hips and pushed the fake cock into my ass, I gritted my teeth as the full size of it slid inside me and then she paused so that I could get used to the feeling of fullness. After a few moments she started a gentle backwards and forwards motion, but quickly built up her speed until she was fucking me hard. Then she pulled the dildo clear, only to ram it back in again just a few seconds later.

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"That looks so good slave, I love to see your ass gaping open when I pull my cock out of you."


"I'm glad it pleases you Mistress." I gasped.


Mistress pounded my ass for a while longer until she was tired. As she did so the nipple chain and ball weight pulled on my nipples and balls and increased my torment further. I was quite relieved when she finally pulled the dildo out for the last time, though in a way I had kind of enjoyed it too.


She told me to kneel in front of her again and to wank my cock. I did as she instructed and then she told me to remove her stockings. I slid each stocking down her gorgeous silky legs and folded them and put them to one side. Then she grabbed my head and I felt the strap-on forced into my mouth again. As she fucked my face she told me to imagine what it would be like to suck a real cock that had just fucked my ass. I closed my eyes as I imagined it, my cock getting even harder as my lust for depravity betrayed me.


Mistress told me to open my eyes and look up at her as I sucked her cock. I obeyed without hesitation, feeling deeply submissive as I looked into my gorgeous Mistress' eyes as she pushed the dildo deeper and deeper. She told me I needed the practice because it wouldn't be long before my throat was being fucked by a real cock. I grunted around the cock as it threatened to choke me, while Mistress taunted me by telling me how much I was going to enjoy the feeling of a real, warm cock filling my mouth with fresh, warm spunk.


Mistress pulled the strap-on clear and I took in deep lungful of air. She sat on the corner of a chair and motioned me to move closer to her. She started to rub the instep of her foot against my balls, the weight still pulling the skin tight and my balls down. As she did this I was struggling to maintain control over my straining cock.


Mistress told me that I had pleased her today and that she had decided to let me cum. She told me to start wanking and to cover her feet with my spunk. I grasped my cock and began pumping it, while she sat there looking on, telling me how much she loved having me under her control and re-iterating how serious she was about fulfilling all the fantasies I had ever confided in her. I felt my balls tighten and within seconds several huge spurts of cum landed on Mistress' feet. I milked every last drop out and then bent down to clear up my mess with my tongue.


As I cleaned up her feet, licking my cum from between her toes and even halfway up her shin, such was the force I had cum, Mistress looked down at me.


"You love my feet don't you slave?"


"Yes Mistress, I love them so much."


"Perhaps I should send you on a pedicure course so that you could take care of them for me?"


"If it pleases you Mistress."


"Hmm, maybe I will."


Mistress allowed me to relax for a short while, inspecting her feet to make sure that I had not missed a drop of my white cream.


"Now slave, I have one more test for you, if you pass then you will get a treat."


"Thank you Mistress."


Mistress reached forward and pulled my head closer to her groin.


"Open your mouth slave."


I opened my mouth and almost immediately I felt Mistress' warm piss on my face. I quickly moved my mouth and swallowed her warm liquid without question. I loved her completely and was hers to use without question. We both knew that we were pushing boundaries now and that if I wanted to prove myself worthy of her ownership I would have to put aside any objections I might have had. When she finished I licked her pussy clean and then bowed my head.


"Well done slave, I am now satisfied that you are truly devoted to me and only me, and as such I am now happy to grant you an indulgence. You see slave, I have been talking to all my girlfriends about you, and I've realised that they aren't all as lucky as I am. Hard as it is to believe slave, their husbands aren't all like you, they don't crave pussy like you do. I mean with your tongue slave, I'm sure they all crave pussy...but not the way you do. You can't get enough of my pussy can you, your tongue is just never satisfied is it slave?"


"Never Mistress."


"No, and from what I'm told the ones that are willing are next to useless at it, perhaps if they practiced a bit more slave, eh?"


"Yes Mistress. Practice makes perfect."


"Indeed slave. So, I thought to myself, seeing as that's the one thing that you truly excel at, perhaps I should share you with them."


My mouth hung open a little, I was not expecting this turn of events at all.


"Close your mouth slave, you look simple."


I did as I was told. She continued...


"Of course, you'll have to be blindfolded and your cock locked up. They'll be more comfortable if you can't see them and I don't want them touching your cock, that's my property and I say what happens to it, isn't that right slave?"


"Yes Mistress, of course Mistress."


"Besides, it will be more humiliating for you for them to see your cock in it's cage, won't it slave?"


"Yes Mistress." I hadn't even thought about that aspect of this new plan, but I had assumed that I would remain clothed while I serviced Mistresses' friends, apparently not.


Mistress leaned down and put her hand on my chin, turning my head to look straight into her eyes.


"Don't worry though slave, I won't make you wear a blindfold when I make you suck cock. After all, I want to see the look in your eyes as you feel them sliding into your mouth, when they fuck your throat and when you swallow their loads. Did I say 'them'? Yes slave I did, it won't be a one off. It may not even be one at a time.


slave to friends  


- - -


Mistress organised her first 'pussy-party' two weeks later. I was blindfolded and left in the spare bedroom to wait. Mistress welcomed her friends downstairs and soon the women were drinking wine and getting excited about the night ahead. About half an hour after the guests arrived Mistress came upstairs and fitted the CB3000 and made sure I was ready for my first visitor.


There were four altogether and I brought them all off except one (the second in line), she seemed very tense and unable to relax, eventually she gave up and went back downstairs, while I wondered how I would be punished for my failure.


When the fourth woman entered the room I politely thanked her for allowing me to pleasure her (as I had the other women), she groaned as she lay on the bed and pulled my head between her thighs. Her pussy smelt very strong and as I buried my tongue into her sopping wet slit I realised why.


"Yes, lick all that spunk out of me." She moaned. "I was so turned on thinking about this that I fucked my husband before I left the house. Your wife has told me all about you, you little cumslut. I can't wait to see you sucking my husbands cock."


From the state of her pussy I suspected her husband's cock was pretty big, something she confirmed later when she told me how she would laugh at me as she 'watched her husband fucking my face with his huge cock and pumped his load down my throat'.


After about twenty minutes of my ministrations the woman had a massive orgasm. When she got her breath back she told me to start again, and then she started telling me exactly what she would do to me if I was her husband. As I listened, I manipulated her clit with my exhausted tongue, my cock aching inside the CB3000. Eventually I made her come again and she finally made her way back downstairs to the others.


I lay on the bed, thoroughly beat and after a few minutes I heard Mistress coming up the stairs. She told me to sit on the edge of the bed and removed the cock-cage. She lifted up the blindfold briefly and asked me if I had enjoyed servicing her friends. I struggled for a moment for an answer, unsure as to whether I was supposed to enjoy it or not. I decided on a non-committal answer.


"I enjoy pleasing you and following your instructions Mistress."


Mistress smiled and replaced the blindfold, impressed with how I had negotiated the trap she had laid for me. She led me down the stairs and told me to kneel on the floor and asked me if I wanted to cum.


Despite being somewhat un-nerved by the presence of the other women, even though I couldn't actually see them, I said that I did. Mistress asked me if I thought I deserved to cum. I responded that it wasn't my place to say and that my pleasure was, as always, at Mistress' discretion. Mistress said she thought that I had done very well to service so many women, but that because I had failed to make one of the women cum, my pleasure would have to be tempered by some means.


Mistress discussed the possibilities with the other women and they eventually decided that although I would be allowed to cum, I would have to wank myself off into my own hand and then lick it clean. This was something that Mistress had never done before, and something that we both knew would be quite difficult for me to do. After all ,it's one thing licking your cum of a sexy woman's skin, quite another to lick it from your own palm.


My expression obviously told the women all they needed to know about my feelings on what they had decided for me, and my Mistress commented pointedly 'or perhaps you don't want to cum.....for a while'.


That was enough of a warning for me and I quickly thanked them for their kindness. Mistress told me to be quite and get on with it.


It took me longer than I expected to bring myself off, sure I had been turned on for several hours, but I'd had to suppress the urge to cum for so long...and now I was expected to humiliate myself in front of a room full of women. Women who I had known for some time! That thought hadn't really sunk in until now. These women all knew me (or at least I assumed they did) and now they were all too aware of my slavedom.


After a while Mistress told me to hurry up and when she realised that I was struggling to cum, she taunted me further.


"Come on slave, hurry up, we haven't got all night. I'm going to count to ten and if you don't cum by then I'm going to fetch my strap-on and fuck you in front of all these ladies. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7..."


As she counted I felt the spunk rising in my balls and held my other hand in front of my cock to catch the spurts I knew were coming.




I felt the warm creamy liquid in my palm and looked down as I milked the last drops out of my wilting cock. I raised my hand up to my mouth, but somehow I couldn't complete the task I had been set.


"Do it slave." I heard Mistress' command. "How are you ever going to suck a cock in front of us if you can't even complete this simple task?" I felt my face redden as I realised that all of these women knew everything. I tried again but I still couldn't do it.


"Come on slave, I told all these women that you would eat your own cum for me, you don't want to make a liar of me do you?"


"No Mistress." I said and quickly lapped my palm clean, remembering all to late, the longer you wait, the worse it is. How many femdom stories had I read where the guy wants to lick his wife clean, but changes his mind once he's cum?


Once my palm was completely clean I dropped my hand by my side and bowed my head, awaiting Mistress' next instruction.


The women talked amongst themselves for a short while, almost as if I wasn't there. They asked my Mistress questions about my behaviour and Mistress gave them frank, honest answers. My face was bright red and I was utterly grateful for the blindfold and the little protection it afforded me.


Then a silence descended and I heard my Mistress voice addressing me once more.


"Get on your hands and knees slave."


I obeyed and Mistress explained to myself and the others present that my hesitance had displeased her and now I had to be punished. Blindfolded I didn't even realise the whip was in her hand until I felt the sting on my backside. I yelped as the tails hit me, but quickly regained my composure and remembered to count.


"One, thank you Mistress."


Mistress paused, I imagined she raised an eyebrow to her audience and then continued with my punishment. At twelve she stopped and I heard one of the women moving across the room, I (correctly) assumed that my Mistress had silently motioned to her to do so. My heart sunk at the thought of a line of women waiting to whip my poor ass, so I was almost pleased to hear Mistress next words.


"Since you failed to make one of my ladies cum, I think it's only fair that she should get to punish you for your shortcomings."


"Yes Mistress."


The other woman was not as practised with the whip as my Mistress, her lashes were somewhat random in their aim and not nearly as hard as I had anticipated, but still I felt a certain heat on my skin after the completion of the second dozen strokes.


Then Mistress took the whip from her and laid it on my back, the tails hanging down over the pink skin of my cheeks. She addressed me sternly.


"Now slave, there is another matter I wish to discuss with you."


This didn't sound good.


"Yes Mistress?"


"Is it true that you made one of my ladies cum twice?"


"I...did Mistress." My mind raced as I wondered if the woman had told her about the other little detail, was I supposed to tell her or what?


"And do you think that's fair slave?"


"I hadn't thought about it Mistress, I just did as I was instructed."


"You are MY slave, you take instruction from me, understand?"


"Yes Mistress."


Mistress turned to the woman who had taken advantage of my Mistress' generosity.


"And what do you have to say for yourself?"


The woman sounded a bit embarrassed herself, strange I thought, given what she had said to me as I was licking her well fucked cunt, but still.


"I'm sorry....I just got carried away, I'm not used to having such a willing..." she trailed off, unable to locate the right word, neither lover nor slave seeming appropriate in the circumstances.


"Well, that sounds perfectly understandable..." My wife said and then turned to the woman who had whipped me rather ineptly. "..and what about you, do you want to try again?"


The woman muttered something I couldn't quite hear, I think she might have said no, but Mistress wasn't having it and told me to go upstairs and wait in the spare bedroom again. I obeyed her instructions, feeling my way up the stairs rather than lifting the blindfold for fear of further punishment.


A few minutes later I heard the woman and my Mistress enter the room. I heard Mistress kiss the woman and the woman groaning as Mistress rubbed her pussy through her knickers, then she turned to me and knelt down to refit the cock cage. She struggled with it for a few moments and then decided that it wasn't worth the bother, I had not long cum after all, and she had decided that she was staying put.


I heard the woman's clothes being peeled away from her skin and then felt the woman climbing onto the bed. Mistress hand touched my head and pushed it down between the woman's widely spread thighs. I listened intently as I began my task, the sounds I heard translating into pictures in my head. Mistress was kneeling by the bed, kissing the woman deeply and rubbing her tits. Occasionally I felt her hand move down to the woman's belly and once or twice her fingers even slid down the sides of the woman's slick pussy.


After some time the woman finally came, her cries stifled by my Mistress mouth as she kissed her deeply. I continued licking the woman's soaking pussy until finally Mistress pushed my head away.


"Enough, slave."


I licked my lips of the woman's juices and moved backwards down the bed to allow the woman to leave. She lay still for a while but eventually Mistress led her back downstairs to the others. I laid down on the bed and drifted off to sleep.


About an hour later Mistress returned and woke me up. She removed my blindfold and told me that she was very pleased with my performance. I told her that I was pleased that she was pleased. She told me that it was now her turn to cum, and that seeing as I had already been allowed to cum, it had better be mind-blowing, or else.


Despite my exhaustion I managed to satisfy her, quite quickly actually, I guess she was still thinking over what had happened with the other woman (as was I!). Finally as a reward for my efforts throughout the evening, as soon as she had finished cumming she rolled onto her side and peeled her ass cheeks apart, inviting me to clean the pussy juice from around her ass and then to push my tongue inside her tight hole.






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