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Dom Wife - Submissive Husband Story:  Out of Your Hands, part 3





A few days passed by... I'd suffered one of my ruined orgasms a couple of days after our session, my wife simply letting go of my cock after a wonderfully long and teasing blowjob. Just like the first time my cock twitched helplessly and though I squeezed my muscles in desperation, it really made no difference. My cum drooled out just like before and I got absolutely no relief whatsoever.

orgasm denial  

And now here I was at home all alone, wondering for the first time if I might dare to jerk myself off. After all, my wife was at her friend's house for the evening...could I take the risk?


I was just thinking exactly that when the phone rang.


"Hello" I said pressing the phone to my ear.


"I hope you aren't playing with MY cock, slave." My wife's voice was quiet but echoey, as if she was calling from a tiled bathroom or toilet.


"No Mistress!"


"You better not be."


"I wasn't Mistress, I swear."


I didn't dare tell her I was thinking about it though.


"Go upstairs, into the bedroom."


I did as I was told.


"Now get your cock out and get it hard."


I opened the buttons on my jeans and pulled my cock out of my boxers, it was already firming up.


"Now jerk your cock for me...and while you are doing it, look at the pictures of me on the wall."


"Yes Mistress."


I looked at the three black and white photo canvasses that hung over our bed, they were pretty tame really (they had to be developed at the shop after all!), but at the same time they were fantastically hot photos of the woman that I have always and will always worship. I pumped my cock harder as I thought of all the times I had kissed and licked those gorgeous feet and beautiful breasts...


"Do you want to cum slave?"


"If it pleases you Mistress."


I knew by now that what I wanted was neither here nor there.


"Quickly slave, get as close the edge as you can....and then tell me."


"Yes Mistress."


"Can I trust you to ruin it slave, even though I'm not there to see it?"


"Of course Mistress."


"Really slave? Will you ruin it for me? Will you ruin it into your own hand and lick it clean for me?"


"If it pleases you Mistress."


"Keep going....and hurry up, I can't stay in this toilet for ever. And slave, if I can't smell cum on your breath when I get home..."


"Yes Mistress."


I pumped my meat harder, conflicted by the thought of ruining my own orgasm and then licking my hand clean. Then suddenly my wife interrupted abruptly.


"Stop!" she hissed. "I have a better idea..."


With mixed feelings I reluctantly obeyed, my frustrated cock standing straight out as she filled me in. She had never intended to let me cum at all.


"...I will be home in one hour. When I get home I expect to find you on the bed, on your knees, head down. I want to see a butt plug in your ass and your cock-ring fitted."


"Yes Mistress."


"And I want you to leave the paddle and the strap-on out for me. I'm going to fuck you until you cum, even if it takes all night. So make sure there's plenty of lube, you're going to need it."


"Thank you Mistress."


She hung-up without another word and I did likewise. Turning from the bedroom I looked at the clock, aware that I only had one hour to be ready. As I got half way down the stairs the phone in my hand rang again. It had to be her.


"And one more thing slave, I want to see your cock and balls completely shaved."


- - -


I arrived home exactly one hour later and there he was, just as I had instructed. I made a quick check to see that he had followed my instructions to the letter and was pleased to find everything in place and his cock and balls shaved totally smooth.


"I'm very impressed slave."


"Thank you Mistress."


His voice was shaky as he waited for me to make my next move.


"I should have made you shave yourself a long time ago."


I picked up the paddle first and gave him a couple of whacks with it. After each one he counted and thanked me just as I had trained him for so many years.


"Would you have ruined your orgasm for me slave, even though I wasn't here to watch?"


"Yes Mistress."


"And would you have licked it up for me?"


"Of course Mistress."


"You know slave, I think you're getting a taste for the cum...that's good, because it's only going to become a more regular occurrence. Maybe I won't let you swallow it so quickly next time, maybe I'll make you hold it in your mouth for a while, so that you can enjoy the taste as it sits on your tongue..."


"If it pleases you Mistress."


"Yes slave, that's right, if it pleases me."


I gave him another whack with the paddle.


"Three, thank you Mistress."


"And it does please me slave, it pleases me very much."


"Thank you Mistress."


I dropped the paddle and twisted the butt plug in his ass. First pulling it from side to side and then pulling it half way out so that it stretched his tight hole. I let it go and his ass sucked the plug back inside.


"So are you ready for my strap-on slave?"


"If it pleases you Mistress."


I reached lower and with my left hand circled his balls, easily since they were already separated by his cock ring. I used the nails on my right hand to scratch them and then squeezed firmly with the left. Increasing the intensity each time until my nails left marks on his trapped balls.


"I wonder...." I thought aloud "...I wonder if I could make you cum just by scratching and squeezing your balls....what do you think slave?"


"I doubt it Mistress" he winced between groans.


"Huh.... But what if you hadn't been allowed to cum for a month slave? Do you think it would be possible then?"


"I don't know Mistress...."


"Perhaps we'll have to find out then..."


"If it pleases you Mistress."


I released his balls, picked up the strap-on and stepped into the loops that held it around my waist. I quickly tightened the straps at the sides and in one quick movement pulled the butt plug out of his ass and tossed it on the bed. I walked around the bed and kneeled in front of his face, pulling his mouth down onto the strap-on and started fucking his face as hard as I dare. He gagged a couple of times before I let him up for air and then I grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table.


I walked back around the bed to where his empty ass was waiting for me and climbed on the bed behind him. I squirted half the bottle of lube into his crack and forced the head of the rubber cock into his ass. He let out a groan as he felt the large fake cock move inside him, stretching his ass much more than the modest butt plug had. I pushed it in hard and just knew that he was gritting his teeth as his breath hissed between them.


In the end it only took about five or six minutes for his balls to empty themselves all over the sheet. Despite that I carried on fucking him for the same amount of time again, for no good reason other than I was enjoying myself. When I finally pulled out I scooped the cold cum up with my fingers and smeared it all over the strap-on. He obediently licked it clean without even having to be told and held it in his mouth until I gave him permission to swallow. He was now truly becoming my slave.


And I fucking loved it.


- - -


Over the next six months things moved on quite steadily until one Friday my wife told me that she wanted to thank me for all the fun I had given her recently. She told me she had never been so happy or felt so loved and adored. I told her it made me very happy to hear that and kissed her passionately. When we broke the kiss she told me she wanted me to have a weeks holiday. I looked at her a bit confused...


"No not a real holiday, I mean...a holiday from what we've been doing for the past few months."


"Oh, right....okay." This was confusing!


"I thought maybe, for the next week I could be at your service..."


My frown gave away my utter confusion.


"...what I mean is, you can cum as many times as you like, and I'll suck you, or fuck you, or jerk you as many times as you like..."


There had got to be a catch to this, surely!


"Great, and how many ruined orgasms do I get?"






"None. I promise."


Now I was completely confused. This just didn't make any sense at all.


"So, let me get this straight, you want me to cum as many times as I want in the next week, and all I have to do is ask and you will get me off, however and whenever I want?"


"Yes...within reason."




"Meaning, don't even think about asking if you can fuck my ass."


Hmm, well that wasn't entirely unexpected, but even so....there had to be a catch to this... but what could I do.


", that's great, thanks."


"Oh, there is one thing though...just so you don't get carried away and forget who's in charge..."




" have to promise to eat up every drop of cum you shoot."


"What, the whole week?"




Fuck. I knew there was a catch...I quickly calculated that if I got really carried away I could wind up eating fifteen or more loads. Although, obviously, if I was cumming that often they would be quite small.


"Okay." I said, cautiously.


- - -


What a week that was. I licked my cum off her feet, out of her pussy, off her breasts, she even let me cum in her mouth, though of course she made a point of French kissing me afterwards and making me swallow it. On Wednesday she even lay on the bed and held her ass cheeks apart and let me jerk off all over her asshole (and lick it clean, obviously). But as awesome as it was having her at my beck and call, I couldn't shake the gnawing feeling that I was gonna have to pay for this somewhere along the, a large part of me was kind of missing being dominated.


And so it was that the following Friday I found myself with just a few hours to go before my 'holiday' ended. I kept looking at the clock wondering exactly when my wife would stop taking requests and wondering if my poor, tender cock could take any more punishment. I hadn't come so many times in a week since I was a teenager and it was really taking it's toll.


Before I could come to any definite conclusion, my wife appeared and told me that as my treat was nearly over, she wanted to do something special for me. She led me up to the bedroom and firmly secured my ankles and wrists to the bedposts, then she tied a shoelace around my balls and left one end trailing like a leash. Once tied she left the room for a while and came back wearing her PVC Basque and some fishnet stockings. She climbed onto the bed and stood over me, her fingers idly massaging her wet pussy.


"You look amazing" I said.


"Thank you" she replied as she bent down to retrieve the end of the shoelace. She pulled the lace tight and my balls were pulled up to the side of my cock. She placed her stockinged foot on my ball sack and pressed it hard against my groin, just like in the latest video I'd sent her. She continued this for several minutes, switching between crushing my cock and balls and then lowered herself onto my face so that I could lick her gorgeous wet cunt.


She moaned softly as I greedily tongued her slippery hole, until finally she could wait no longer and moved down my body to impale herself on my aching cock. She rode me hard, slowing down once or twice and leaning forward so that I could suck on her wonderful nipples, but then speeding up until she was bucking in a frenzied motion, as if she was trying desperately to squeeze the very last drops of cum out of my poor tired cock..


For the first time ever she came as she rode me, her muscles spasming as she writhed and twisted, milking me past the point of no return, my weakened cock spurting the dregs of my utterly drained balls into her sodden cunt. In a flash she was on my face, holding her lips apart and groaning as my tongue flicked at her over sensitive clit, before snaking inside to retrieve the last drops of my cum.


"Yes" she moaned. "Lick it clean, get every drop...enjoy it like it's the last time."


That last part didn't sink in until a couple of minutes later. My wife eventually lifted herself off me and retreated momentarily to her dressing room. When she returned she was clutching a box wrapped in shiny paper.


"I got you a present" she said, looking down at me. "Shall I open it?"


"If it pleases you Mistress." I said realising that my time was now at an end.


She ripped open the paper and discarded it carelessly. Then she opened the plain white box and took out a felt bag about the size of a glasses case. For a second I wondered if she was giving me a new pair of shades, but I should have known better. The CB3000 was now a reality, and I was suddenly very scared.


"I've decided that I'm ready to take the next step, are you slave?"


"I.....I don't know."


"You told me this was your fantasy, but you were too scared to ask for it. Well, I'm making the decision for you."


"Thank you Mistress" I heard myself say it, but was completely shell-shocked.


"Don't worry slave, I'm going to make it very easy for you. I'm going to keep the key on a chain around my neck, and the only time you'll be allowed out is when your arms are tied, that way you won't have to wrestle with your conscience, this decision is quite literally out of your hands."


"Oh, and by the way, don't worry, I will be cashing your cheque, I just didn't want to give you any advance warning..."


- - -


Believe me, it wasn't an easy decision and I certainly didn't rush into it. After my husband confided in me his fantasy of being locked up I went back to the internet and read up on it from a non-commercial chastity website. Here I learned that locked-up men tended to be far more attentive and loving and I thought that sounded great, not that my husband wasn't loving and attentive anyway, but even so... I was also fascinated by the letters from men who told how while initially they found it difficult they soon learned to love the feeling of being controlled and how close it made them feel to their partners. But on another site I also discovered the flip-side where some men described how their wives had locked them up and just basically ignored them. Needless to say the men soon tired of this and either removed their cages themselves or removed themselves from their marriages. The plain truth of the matter seemed to be that if you wanted to 'keep' your husband, you needed to be prepared to put some effort into it too. In other words, it's called 'Tease AND Denial' for a reason!


That aside I still had some sticking points when it came to moving ahead with this new situation. From my internet investigations I was a little surprised how this sort of thing seemed to go almost hand in hand in with sissification. While I guess I can understand the humiliation aspect, I had no desire whatsoever to see my husband dressed up like a girl! Fortunately, he had previously told me that that particular aspect of sexuality definitely didn't appeal to him. So that was one thing I certainly didn't need to worry about.


Another, slightly more troublesome matter was simply that (as much as it sounded great on paper) I really didn't want to involve anyone else in our sex life. Which kind of undermined the whole cuckold / forced-bi fantasy... I thought about it long and hard, and I came to realise that even if I was interested, the actual logistics of finding someone with mutual attraction, who was also cool with the whole Femdom thing...not to mention who was discreet, clean and ideally who's cock was at least a couple of inches bigger than my husband (I mean cuckolding your husband with someone smaller is just lame, isn't it?), well, it just seemed like a nightmare...


So I decided that I would tell my husband that there were things I was happy to do and there were things that I wasn't. But just before I made that particular announcement I had what can only be called a moment of clarity. And then suddenly it was all so obvious...


Why tell him anything? Why spoil the fantasy? If everything is my decision then if I do something or not is up to me, I don't need to explain myself to anyone. Let him believe whatever he likes, if he wants to believe it's only a matter of days until he watches me getting fucked in front of him and then has to clean my pussy... well so what. And then I realised that, in a way, not doing these things keeps them more powerful...more of a threat. Once something is experienced for real, it loses some of it's mystique...


Besides... though I truly believed my husband when he said his absolute love for me meant he would submit to my desires (seemingly almost without limitation), I did wonder if he could actually cope with the reality of what he was suggesting. My fear was that if he couldn't, we might ruin what we had in the process of finding out, and I simply wasn't prepared to do that.


So in the end I decided to keep the fantasy alive, by allowing him to believe in it - indeed reinforcing it by suggestion, but at the same time protecting him from his own devotion.


- - -


I had been wearing the CB3000 for a week now, and had been allowed out (a very generous) three times. Of those three times, my wife had allowed me to cum twice, but had ruined one of them to help keep my frustration levels high. After the first time I was allowed to cum, I was informed that my clean-up duties were now permanent and that every drop of cum I produced would now be going down my throat. No excuses! I was told I needed plenty of practice, as Mistress didn't want me making a fuss when I had to do it for real... The thought of which made my head swim.


It was Saturday night and we had gone for a drink in a local pub. We came back home just before closing time and sat down in the lounge with another drink. Unusually my wife chose to sit on the sofa next to me instead of sitting in her chair. She swung her legs onto my lap and then lifted her right foot up to my face. I immediately supported her foot with my hands and peeled her sock away to reveal her gorgeous soft foot. As I started kissing her velvet instep she sighed and idly rubbed her pussy through her jeans. One thing I really loved about this new life was the confident way she behaved around me now. Whereas six months before she had instinctively covered herself up when she got out of the shower, now she practically strutted around in front of me, fully aware of the way her nakedness affected me. Not unusually I suppose, it had taken many years for her to become comfortable with rubbing her pussy in front of me, but now she did it completely without shame or embarrassment. This was something I absolutely loved and encouraged, I mean what sort of man doesn't like to see his woman give herself pleasure, right? I'd always thought it was hot as fuck...


As I kissed and licked her toes, she asked me how I was liking the new arrangement so far.


"I'm extremely happy... Mistress." I told her. Mistress seemed to have become the accepted way for me to address her now, at least when we were alone and 'playing'.


"That's good, slave....I need to ask you something though, something very important."


I stopped kissing her toes and turned to look at her, which merely brought on a raised eyebrow and a wiggled foot. I continued my worship as she continued, somewhat hesitantly, with her question.


"I want to know....if you...are ready to give up your freedom to me....permanently."


I quickly answered in the affirmative, but she was not satisfied.


"No, I want you to think about it. Think about what that really means... I am quite happy to become your full time Mistress.....and actually if you accept, I will no longer be your Mistress R, I will become your Goddess. Mistress sounds so... temporary, and this won't be a temporary situation. I got the idea from Goddess Starla, I'm sure you know who she is slave..."


"Yes Mistress."


Anyone searching for Femdom clips on the internet would have come across Goddess Starla fairly quickly after all...


"Of course you do. I must admit, I do envy her somewhat...a full time slave to play with whenever she pleases and no job to get in the way, what a wonderful life! Perhaps we should copy her idea and make a living out of your submission?"


I said nothing, surely she wasn't serious...I felt slightly woozy as I contemplated that kind of situation, on the one hand it would be heavenly, but on the other...


"I must say, I particularly liked that clip where she gives him a hand job and then just as he starts coming she gives his cock a good slapping to ruin it... though I do wish she wouldn't dress her poor slave up like a girl!"


Well that was something positive at least...


Suddenly Mistress stood up and peeled her jeans off. She lay back down on the sofa and pushed me gently onto my knees between her legs. She placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me close so that my nose was pressed up against the damp black cotton of her panties. I breathed in deeply, intoxicated by her gorgeous scent. After a few moments she rubbed her pussy against my face and then used a finger to pull the fabric to one side. Her finger slid down her slit and then into her wet cunt. She pulled it out and offered it to my lips as she calmly continued...


"Anyway, getting back on-topic.... I have decided that I would be willing to have you as my permanent slave. I've re-read all of your stories in the last couple of weeks and I have to say slave, your passion is more than obvious in your writing. I believe you when you tell me that you would do anything for me, I really do...and from time to time I may well test you. But that will be for me to decide as and when I see fit, and you will not test my patience with undue pro-action or disobedience. Do you understand?"


"Yes Mistress."


"As I said, your passion is apparent in your writing and I think it's obvious that this is what you wanted all along. It's understandable that you might be nervous about giving me complete control, but there is no need to be. I love you just as you love me and I will not allow anything bad to happen to you, or for anything to happen that will harm our relationship."


"Thank you Mistress."


She pulled her panties to one side again and told me to lick her pussy. Naturally I was only too happy to comply.


"That said, having re-read your stories...I don't see that there's anything in there which is completely out of the question. In fact, I must admit I was rather taken with that part in 'Owned'... the chapter with the C.B.T. box."


"Thank you Mistress."


"I think I should like you to make me one of those for me slave."


"Yes Mistress, I would be honoured to."


I continued licking Mistress until she came, my cock throbbing in it's Perspex prison, and then when she had recovered and I had licked up every drop of pussy juice that I could find I dared to ask a question.


"Mistress, will I be your sex slave, actual slave?"


"Well...what's the difference? Surely if I control your cock then I control you, and anything I want from you can be easily obtained?"


"Yes, but...."


"Okay, if you are asking me if I'm going to control you 24 hours a day then no. It's unthinkable. I'm not going to humiliate you in public or take you shopping with a lead round your neck... and I don't want you to become pathetic and permanently at heel. I love you as you are and I don't want you to change at all... but if I want your attention I expect you to give it to me, immediately and without question. I don't want to hear '...but I'm just in the middle of this or that...' or '...can I just finish this...', that's not how it works."


She looked at the clock and noted the time, 11:45.


"I'm going to give you fifteen minutes to think it over slave, and while you're thinking it over, I'm going to let you do something you love doing...."


She slid off the sofa and repositioned herself on her front, her ass cheeks sticking up inches from my face. I peered down and breathed heavily as I saw her tight pink hole.


"Lick my beautiful ass." She commanded.


I lent forward and gently slid my tongue between her cheeks, feeling the puckered skin touch the tip. Her ass crack was flooded with pussy juice and I soon licked it clean before working my tongue gently into her asshole. After a couple of minutes Mistress was pushing back against my tongue, helping me to work my way deeper and deeper inside.


"Yes slave, tongue my gorgeous ass....imagine I've just been fucked in the ass and now you have to clean me up, that's what you want isn't it? Prove your devotion to me slave, clean my ass of cum."


My cock was throbbing madly now, the CB3000 feeling tight and uncomfortable.


"Good slave." She breathed as she finally pulled away, leaving me desperate for more, even though I'd been tonguing her tight hole for a good ten minutes.


She flipped herself over and quickly removed the key for my CB3000 from her necklace. She held it out on her palm and told me that it was decision time.


"....if you become my permanent slave, you won't have to be bound every time you are released from the CB3000, I know you won't defy me... You will also get weeks off from wearing it, which will make it all the more difficult when you have to start wearing it again....I'm not going to make any promises about how many orgasms you will get, or how many will be ruined, that will be at my discretion, though it's fairly safe to assume it'll be at least 2-1 in my favour, probably more....I read about a couple on the internet and he goes down on her every night and only gets to jerk himself off on a Sunday... that could be you, slave. I'm not saying it will be, but it could be... could you handle that?"


"If it pleases you Mistress."


She stared directly into my eyes, trying hard to read me.


"Are you truly sure slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


She checked the clock again and saw that it was now 11:59.


"You have one minute to decide slave. You can take the key and release your cock. We will forget any of this ever happened, we'll throw everything in the bin, all the toys, all your stories, everything...or you can become mine forever."


I bowed my head as the clock struck twelve, the key remained in her hand.


"Thank you Goddess, I will not disappoint you."


- - -


The garage was very warm and the floor was covered in sawdust, off-cuts of PVC and drops of glue. It had taken longer than expected (meaning five days without release for me!), but I had finally finished the box. I took the contraption into the house and placed it on the lounge floor.


"Wow, that looks fantastic slave" said Goddess R. "Why don't you get undressed and get yourself into position, I just have to go and get something from upstairs..."


I slid my jeans down my legs and then suddenly realised...


"Umm, Goddess....I need you to unlock me."


My wife was almost at the bottom of the stairs when I spoke and she turned and came back into the room.


"Of course could I forget!"


She bent down and unlocked the small padlock and then freed my cock from the CB3000. As soon as it was free it sprang upright, desperate for attention.


"There, now you get into position, I'll be right back."


- - -


As slave manoeuvred himself into position and struggled to ease his aching cock and balls through the hole in the box, upstairs I was already slipping on my new shoes. I had spent some time practicing walking in them and now I was supremely confident... and I needed to be! I moved in front of my full length mirror and admired my choice, a combination of bright red PVC straps, a Perspex sole and 4" stainless steel spiked heels, something I would never have chosen six months ago, but now... now things were different, I was a Goddess, and as a Goddess I was looking forward to nothing more eagerly than making my slave clean the shoes that he had willingly paid for, with his tongue. But of course, first there was the small matter of trampling his cock with them and emptying his poor swollen balls over them so that there was something for him to clean up...


As I looked in the mirror it finally happened, I had been feeling a bit strange all week, and now, finally, I saw myself the way my husband had seen me for so long: confident, dominant and effortlessly sexy. It had taken so long, but now I wasn't just acting a part, now I truly felt that I was a Goddess. As I looked at myself in the mirror I felt my hand move between my legs and start to rub my pussy. In that moment I knew that things were going to move to a much higher level and that all my previous hesitation and misgivings would be swept aside. It wasn't important that my husband dreamt of being my slave anymore, it was only right that he should serve me, because I deserved it!


- - -


It had been a busy day, with a million things to do and no time to do them, but now everything was done and I sat down at the computer to check my emails and my bank account. I clicked on my emails and saw that there was one from my Goddess. I clicked the mouse and the page opened to reveal several links, underneath there was a small note...


"slave, I found these videos on the internet and I thought you ought to see them. When you have watched them come downstairs and bring My strap-on'!"


I clicked the first link and watched as the 'Princess Melanie' rode a dildo strapped to her slave's face. After a while the camera changed shots and you could see her slave was wearing a cock-ring to keep him hard as she teased his clean-shaved cock with just one or two fingers. Then she picked up a small paddle and started swatting his balls hard, laughing as he writhed beneath her. This went on for some time, the Princess alternating between teasing and swatting until finally she came and then fucked his mouth with the dildo, telling him to clean it up for her.


I clicked the second link and watched a very fit (but somewhat overacting) brunette being pounded hard by a huge pair of black guys and then begging them to spray their cum all over her stomach so that her cuckold 'husband' could clean it up... which he then reluctantly did.


The third link featured 'Princess Melanie' again and showed her fully clothed, wanking her heavily restrained slave's meat. When she realised he was just about to cum she squeezed his cock very tightly in her hand, laughing as he groaned in frustration. Then when she was certain his orgasm was ruined, she released her grip and his cum oozed out onto his stomach. As a parting shot she slapped and then kicked his balls as she got up to leave.


Finally I watched as a very severe looking Mistress with her hair scraped back gave her slave his monthly release. As she pumped his cock she told him how she was going to make him suck cocks for her and when his cock erupted all over her leather glove she held it to his mouth and ordered him to lick it clean.


I went downstairs and told my Goddess that I had received the email she had sent and had watched the clips. She didn't move from the chair she was sitting in but told me to get down on my knees in front of her. I knelt as she had instructed and then she placed her right foot on my chest. Unusually for her she was wearing a skirt and as she placed her foot on my chest I noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear. My pulse quickened as I glimpsed her gorgeous pussy and hoped I met get to taste it soon.


"Now slave, listen carefully.... a week ago I asked you if you would give me complete control and you agreed.... But, the thing is slave, when I asked you, I myself wasn't totally committed and it's possible you may have picked up on that. Since then I've come to realise that I want to push you to your limits and beyond, and I want to see you suffer for me like I never thought I would. I guess I didn't want to face up to it before slave, didn't want to believe it was in me, but I've finally realised that your suffering makes me cum harder than anything else. That's why I sent you those videos slave, I wanted you to see what the future holds for you... as and when it pleases me. Seriously slave, this really is your last chance. After this there is absolutely no going back. I will be in complete control of your cock, your balls, your ass and your mouth...and you will obey me without question."


"Yes Goddess."


"Kiss my foot."


I closed my eyes and started worshipping her beautiful foot, curling my tongue through her toes and then sucking them one by one.


"I'm serious slave, this is it. After this there will be no normal life for you with me ever again. I've already given you one chance to go back to a vanilla life, and this is the final time... after this, no more. This is it slave, if we go back to normal now I think we'll be able to adjust, but if we continue on this path and you can't take it...I think the only solution will be separation, and I will have to find a new permanent slave..."


Goddess R trailed off as I ran my tongue from the tip of her big toe to her heel. I was breathing heavily now, scared of what would happen if I agreed but even more scared at the thought of losing my Goddess. There was a flash of light, and I realised that Goddess had taken a photograph of me worshipping her feet.


"I'm serious slave, I'm taking these pictures to make sure you can't flake out on me. If you say you want to continue, things are going to get rough and it's not going to be easy for's not going to be easy for you at all."


The camera flashed again and she continued.


"I want pictures of you with my strap-on in your ass and cum smeared all over your face slave, nothing less will suffice."


I realised I was shaking as she continued.


"I'll let you have these pictures back slave, just as soon as I get a picture of you cleaning me up after I've been fucked raw. Can you imagine what that'll feel like slave? Watching your Goddess getting pounded by a pair of well hung studs... all the time knowing that when they've finished using my cunt, mouth and ass, it will be your job to clean up all that spunk and juice with your tongue?"


"No Goddess..." I gasped before closing my lips around her big toe and sucking it gently.


"No, not yet slave... but I bet you can imagine how hard your cock will ache, locked in it's cage as you watch and suffer for me."


"Yes Goddess."


"If you're very lucky they'll both cum deep inside me, I know it tastes so much better when it's mixed with pussy juice, but then maybe it won't be in my pussy... but even if they just spray it all over me you'll still lick up every drop won't you slave?"


"Yes Goddess."


"Of course you will slave ...and eventually you'll learn to love suffering for me... you'll beg me to let you clean my gaping pussy and ass, you'll beg me to allow you to suck cock for me and you'll beg me to punish your balls with my paddle... It makes me so hot knowing your cock is locked up slave, knowing that there's nothing you can do about it. I adore your frustration, I love the look in your eyes when I unlock you and take you almost to the point of return, but never quite let you fall over the edge. I know it's hard for you, but I know you love it when I cum so hard and you know that's because your suffering makes me so hot. It's a price worth paying isn't it slave and ultimately there will be nothing you won't do to fuel my ecstasy.... In your heart, you know that don't you slave?"


"Yes Goddess."


"And why is that slave?"


"Because your pleasure is my pleasure Goddess... nothing else matters to me anymore..."




The End


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