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Dom Wife Stories by Malibu Man



Dom Wife Story: Out of Your Hands

Dom Wife R receives information from her husband that he wants to be her slave. She is amused by it and by the art of domination, tease and orgasm denial.

I really can't think of anything more blissful and rewarding than bringing her to orgasm every night with my tongue (and if I had to endure endless teasing and wait days for my own release in return, then I would consider that more than fair). In truth, I regard my own pleasure as of secondary importance to hers and love any opportunity to luxuriate in her domination, however gentle or understated it may be...


Dom Wife Story: Out of Your Hands, part 2

Dom Wife extends domination over her husband. She now controls his cock and orgasms.

My wife couldn't resist taking every opportunity to tease me, every little kiss was accompanied with a rub to my cock, and unusually for her she took to wearing very little in the house. She knew full well what she was doing and with no release for me it was driving me nuts. Three days after my first ruined orgasm, my wife waited until I was sitting on the sofa and then came and knelt on the floor between my legs.


Dom Wife Story: Out of Your Hands, part 3

Dom Wife forces her submissive husband to choose his future life.

You'll beg me to let you clean my gaping pussy and ass, you'll beg me to allow you to suck cock for me and you'll beg me to punish your balls with my paddle... It makes me so hot knowing your cock is locked up slave, knowing that there's nothing you can do about it. I adore your frustration, I love the look in your eyes when I unlock you and take you almost to the point of return, but never quite let you fall over the edge.






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Dom Wife Story:  Submission Time Again

Mistress Wife is punishing her husband for failing to make her cum.

It started, as usual, with me on my knees, waiting. The door opened and my Mistress Wife stood there, though I couldn't see her because of the blindfold I had been instructed to wear, along with my ankle and wrist restraints. She ordered me onto all fours and retrieved her whip from the bedside table, where it lay next to all the other items that I had carefully laid out prior to the session commencing.





Dom Wife Story:  Cumslut for Mistress Wife

Wife controles how he will cum then forces her husband into making a difficult choice.

On the occasions my Wife/Mistress has obliged me I have absolutely loved the feeling of her well fucked pussy sitting over my face, dripping cum into my mouth as I plunge my tongue as deep inside her as I can. The only bit I don't like is when she gets off and I wonder how long it will be until I get to enjoy that feeling again.




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Femdom Story:  Mistress Claudia's Cumslut

Mistress is playing with her slave. She fucks him with dildo and forces him to eat cum. Tease and orgasm control.

When she returned she held a glass which contained several ice cubes. She pressed the first cube against his overheated balls and held it there until it melted away completely. She pushed the second cube slowly into his ass and the third was rubbed against the tip of his cock until it too disappeared completely. Dean groaned constantly as Mistress Claudia tormented him.





Dom Wife Story: By Invitation

Story of dominant Wife who makes her husband submit to her, eat cum, wear butt plug and be locked in chastity belt.





Dom Wife Story:  Owned by Mistress Wife

Husband's birthday wish is that his Wife becomes his Mistress. The journey into female domination begins with signing a contract of servitude.




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