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Cuckold Story:  Trust in Diana






The online ad stated that Diana was Big, Beautiful, Busty, Brassy and Bitchy and after

meeting, dating and marrying her I can attest to the fact that there is truth in

advertising. Being of relatively short stature, chubby, and sporting a male endowment

that most woman would laugh at; and Diana certainly did after she had me in her



I've always been drawn towards big women who weren't ashamed of their size,

but rather proud of it and loved to flaunt their beauty. Our first date was almost a

washout until the bar we were having drinks in had a t.v. over the bar showing some

movie featuring dancers in skin tight leotards and I immediately blurted out how much of

a turn on leotards were for me especially worn by bigger girls. I could see the wheels

turning in Diana's eyes as she was ready to get the hell out there and go home. It was

only after I'd mentioned my significant trust fund that Diana immediately seemed to warm

up to me.


Later that night as Diana lay spread eagle on her bed with me between her big thunderous

thighs licking her shaved pussy to her third orgasm of the night I knew I was in love

with her and had to have her. After she came she had me drop my pants around my ankles

remaining otherwise clothed as she toyed with my cock snickering as I grew to my full

four inches in her hand.



She quizzed me about my trust fund. I told her the details,

that my grandmother had set up a trust fund for me when I was three, after my parents

were killed in a car accident. The trust fund ensured that I would be set for life

 always able to draw a substantial income and never really needing for anything. The

 investment portion provided continuing investments and therefore continuing income. I

had always been very frugal with the money, living in a small modest home, driving a

small economical car, seldom vacationing more than an hour or two from home so I could

drive instead of flying.


Diana found my story entertaining as she kept pulling on my cock asking question after

question and stopping when I was ready to cum, only to bring me to the brink again with

another round of questions.


She was very curious as to the clause that said I could

never sign over the trust to anyone and the money would always remain in my name. It was

from this platform that our relationship flourished and our marriage happened. Being my

wife, Diana had full access to spend the money I had as she saw fit, but the vast wealth

would always be in my name. So she needed me for the money to afford her the lifestyle

she wanted to live and I needed her to provide me the sexual gratification and for

bringing my fantasy of having a big, beautiful woman as my wife.


And indulge me she did, prancing around the house in different colored leotards with

pantyhose or stockings, always in heels and always with no bra, her big tits always

bouncing beneath the fabric, nipples sticking out teasing me at every turn. I spent my

nights buried under her pussy or ass licking like a madman till she came, rolled off me


and would grant me the privilege of release by teasing me unmercifully sometimes never

touching my cock but playing with my balls and making me cum without even touching me.


Intercourse Diana explained was off limits as I was too small in the cock department and

she was too big in the ass department. After several attempts at trying to fuck her on

all fours; one of her favorite positions; it was deemed impossible and therefore off

limits. On the rare times she let me climb between her legs and attempt to fuck her, she

would toy with my nipples and snicker saying, "are you in yet baby boy?" Which usually

caused me to ejaculate prematurely on her bald pussy amusing Diana even more as I

cleaned up my 'mess' with my mouth.




Diana thrived on humiliating me, emasculating me at every turn, and spending my money

like it was water. She hired a contractor to add an addition to our house with one full

size room for her closet. All my old modest furniture was thrown out and was replaced by

Diana's highbrow stuff. The contractor put in a new master bedroom that alone was the

size of the whole house before she started renovations. It contained a huge pedestal

upon which our extra king size bed rested, a heart shaped hot tub, a sunken bath tub,

stand up shower with no expense being spared. Johnny the contractor became a regular

fixture at our house always suggesting more things that 'needed' to be done to the

house. He saw that Diana controlled things and I was the goose that laid the golden egg

as far as cash. Diana loved to show the control over me while Johnny was in the house

prancing around in a black leotard with no bra, having me kneel and do her toe nails or

making me run stupid errands like going to get them coffee. She would toss her long red

hair back and say, 'baby boy why don't you run down to Starbucks and get me and Johnny a

couple of coffees while we discuss grown up stuff!' They would both laugh as I made my

way to the car - a run down 15 year old model while Diana's brand new Jaguar sat in the



The emasculation went further when she would make up names on the spot for me like

dumpling - referring to my shape, or nubbin - referring to her pet name for my cock, or

tee tee which stood for tiny testicles, and the list went on. Sometimes she would call

out some made up name in front of Johnny and then explain to him what it stood for and

they both laughed. I didn't care though because the time I spent between her legs and

looking at her gorgeous tits in those leotards and leggings was enough to fuel me to

worship her forever. It seemed as if there were no limits to the degradations I'd go

through for Diana, for if she wanted it, I would do it. Including indulging her by

dressing as some of her favorite movie characters, which included Agador Spartacus from

the movie the Birdcage, as well as a host of embarrassing outfits from Disney movies.


Sometimes it was just her whim to dress me in slightly effeminate clothes that could be

either male or female and have me run errands for Johnny to the lumber yard, or plumbing

supply warehouse or hardware store where I would always receive jeers and snickers from

the help.


Diana continued her teasing of me sometimes whispering in my ear just as she was about

to make me cum, 'does my baby boy want to see me fuck a nice, big, thick cock?' to which

I would explode in orgasm only to have her snicker and roll over and go to sleep.


Diana's torments didn't end there though. She loved getting me all worked up by teasing

my cock and oiling it up then taking her big tits and sliding my cock between her

massive melons constantly talking to me and telling me how much she loved 'real men' men

that had big real men cocks not like my little nubbin and then just when I could take it

no more she'd stop and tell me that I would have to wait to cum to prove my love for

her. Of course I always did sometimes even suffering the agony of having to put a bag of

frozen peas on my cock and balls to make my erection (or what there was of it) go down;

in the process creating another pet name for Diana to call me, 'tiny pea!'


I longed for her humiliation however wondering every day what was in store for me. Most

days Johnny would show up early and the two of them would go out to breakfast with Diana

usually dressed in tight black leggings and a sweater with no bra. I on the other hand

would be relegated to unloading all the supplies from Johnny's truck for the day's

project. They would return and Johnny would spend a couple of hours working sometimes

utilizing me as his helper per Diana's instructions even though I was paying him to do a

job, I did most of the dirty grunt work. They would then disappear for a two hour lunch

while I cleaned Johnny's construction truck out and washed it. Some days he would even

bring laundry over for me to do after Diana assured him it was no problem as I wasn't a

hard working guy like him and I was doing laundry anyway! They would then return and

Johnny would do another hour or so of work before leaving; no wonder why it seemed

progress was minimal with Johnny working a total of about two hours a day and me paying

him for eight.


Diana usually kept me from cumming until I could stand it no longer and would be begging

and pleading with her for release. I knew better than to ever touch myself and get

myself off; my release was under Diana's control. However sometimes in a cruel twist of

fate Diana liked to play a game where she would see how many times she could make me cum

during a certain period of time. One day she was able to make me cum five times in a two

hour period and the last orgasm was long in coming and so I agreed to Diana milking me

which was a mixture of erotic and painful. After the fifth orgasm my body was exhausted

and all I wanted to do was rest but Diana decided that it would be a good time for me go

to the mall and pick up a ton of things from several stores. Adding to my humiliation I

was made to wear black leggings, UGG boots and a pink sweater. I got my share of stares,

leers and jeers as I trudged through the mall doing my shopping while Diana and Johnny

tried out our new hot tub.


Johnny became the yardstick by which Diana measured manhood, constantly making comments

as she traipsed around in one of her skin tight leotards, "Johnny has such huge muscles,

his shoulders are so wide, and you know how much women just love big men!" Sometimes

these comments were made in Johnny's presence and sometimes not but she always leered at

my pathetic body and laughed when she made them. One time while I was acting as Johnny's

helper, him dressed in his rugged construction clothes and me dressed in a pink thong of

Diana's, she came to the door and laughed saying "There's my two big he men!" She

proceeded to make me stand next to Johnny as she conducted a comparrisson of our bodies

like a meat inspector even getting a tape measure to compare our bicep and thigh sizes.


When she got to Johnny's thigh she unzipped his pants, took out his cock and said, "now

here's a real big muscle!" Then had me pull down the pink thong exposing my tiny yet

very hard four inch cock. As she measured Johnny while flaccid he measured out at just

over six inches and once she had gotten him hard, his raging hard on measured out at

just over eight inches while mine only topped out at four inches hard and was less than

an inch soft.


After that day it was as if their secret, not that it had been much of a secret was out

of the closet and they made no bones about having sex and letting me know it. Sometimes

I was present in the house, sometimes I was present in the bedroom, sometimes Diana in

her big, beautiful, busty, brassy, and bitchy way used me as a bed to lay on while

Johnny fucked her silly. She was the boss and I went along knowing that I loved it and

loved her even more. Knowing that no matter what I would do whatever she wanted. They

enjoyed fucking all over the house and Johnny seemed to love the fact that I was paying

him the whole time. Diana knew that her bitchy behavior and bossy attitude had an erotic

effect on me and drove me wild with ecstasy and longing. It's said a man will do

anything for love and I'm a prime example of that man.




Diana and I lived as a married couple except when Johnny was there, and when he was

there he was the 'man of the house' not that I was when he wasn't there. I loved

cuddling up next to Diana's big thick body at night being able to touch her and smell

her beautiful long red hair and the soap and shampoo she used. Sometimes she would feel

me growing with excitement and without even turning over she would simply reach back

touch my tiny cock for a moment or two over my pajamas and I would explode in pleasure.


She would then make me go clean myself and by the time I got back to bed she'd be

snoring loudly in a deep sleep. The money was her motivation but I had no doubt she

really loved me in her own way and cared about me, because deep down she knew what I

needed and craved and she gave it to me. And I gave her my unconditional love, my money,

my life because Diana fulfilled every one of my dreams.


But her torment knew no bounds. She installed big screen tv's in most every room of the

house and while I was home doing my daily housework chores I was forced to watch Diana

and Johnny fucking on each tv in the house. Many times right in our marital bed, many

times taunting me. The videos they would record would be selected by them for me to

watch while they were out of the house and there were a ton of them. Sometimes out in

public sometimes in our house. The agony and ecstasy of watching your wife being fucked

hard by another man on a 52 inch plasma screen is incredible. Diana also had programmed

her phone so that when she called the house it would automatically come up on the video

screens so no matter what room I was in I could talk to her and see where she was and

what she was doing. I was often treated to answering a phone call only to see Diana half

naked facing the camera in some motel room with Johnny taking her from behind. She would

taunt me telling me how good and big his cock felt inside her and what I should be doing

at home while she was out fucking a real man. These tauntings and teasings drove me wild

with jealousy, eroticism, anger, joy, hurt, but my cock would always become rock hard

signaling to me that the number one feeling I was experiencing was a huge turn on!


One night I got a call from her and as her picture appeared on the screen it appeared

that they were in a crowded bar as Diana appeared in a halter dress with no bra and

massive cleavage showing, her long red hair flowing down her back and over her

shoulders. It was also obvious that Johnny was filming her as she took his cock into her

mouth and began to suck. She gave him head for a full five minutes with Johnny narrating

the phone call the whole time telling me how good and warm my wife's mouth felt on his

cock. At the moment he was about to cum he told her to open her eyes and look into the

camera. There was beautiful big brassy gorgeous wife looking right into my eyes and into

my soul as Johnny came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She then took the

phone and told me she'd see me later on that night and promised me a special cream pie

dessert baked by Johnny. And sure enough that night when she returned home I was on my

knees in seconds between her big bulky thighs lapping at Johnny's cum and to be honest

loving the taste of both of them.



Although my life seems weird to others, I've learned to give my trust to Diana....







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