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Cuckold Story:  Transfixed by Tessa





Candles flickered on the nightstands in our bedroom as I entered. My wife Tessa lay on the bed wearing black thigh high stockings, black heels, her long red hair cascading over her big tits, her erect nipples standing out red and swollen signs of being worked over by her lover Richard. The outfit Tessa wore was also one of Richard’s favorites. Richard lay on the bed naked, his massive cock glistening with their cum was flaccid but even in that state he was much bigger than I was hard. Tessa’s shaved pussy, red and swollen from their latest lovemaking session oozed cum and she motioned for me with a crooked finger in that come hither way she had that had controlled me since the first day we met.

Meekly I moved my naked, pudgy body towards the bed, my tiny shaved cock leaking pre cum just from seeing the sight before me.

“Oh baby Richard left you a nice hot load in my pussy and I think some of it may have run down into my ass!” She giggled, and took Richard’s cock in her hand. “And when you’re done with me I want you to clean Richard’s cock nice and clean for him so he can fuck me again!”



Richard was everything I was not. Tall, strong, masculine, alpha male, former Navy seal, he and Tessa had been a couple in college before he went in the Navy. It was during this break in their relationship that Tessa met me. I say met me because she had put an ad on a dating site looking for ‘a man who knows his place is at a beautiful woman’s feet’ the ad ran for a paragraph or more but some intriguing phrases still stick in my mind. Phrases such as, ‘must make his wife’s happiness paramount in his life’ and ‘knows that his wife will make all the decisions in their relationship and will embrace that lifestyle’ and the final one that hooked me, ‘understands that sometimes a wife needs more than her husband can provide and accepts, encourages and helps out with that lifestyle’. That was it! I was hooked like fish being pulled out of the water. I immediately responded begging her to accept me for a date. Tessa didn’t make it easy either; I had to send dozens of roses before she would even agree to speak to me on the phone. Then our first date where Tessa showed up and I was bowled over. Long red hair, big tits, wide in the hips, and a big butt that was made for worshiping made every guy in the bar turn his head, and then there were the thick thighs and an attitude that had me hard at hello.



I licked and sucked at Tessa’s swollen pussy as she moaned and held my head in place. As I lapped her pussy she kissed Richard deeply while he fondled her tits teasingly pinching her nipples. “Ouch! You brute! If you don’t stop that I’m going to have to have my husband put you in your place!” At that they both burst laughing. Tessa crawled over and straddled Richard and continued making out with him giving me better access to her ass. It always made me so hot to see Tessa making out with Richard. Like two teenagers in heat, the fireworks and passion drove me wild and made me realize that although I would never be able to make out with her like that, I had my place and I was in the place right now doing what I loved to do to please Tessa.




We were married in a small ceremony with Tessa in gorgeous wedding dress that I paid for with only her friends in attendance. My outfit consisted of a pair of pink satin shorts and pink sneakers with no shirt, as the guests all laughed and made comments. Richard was there, showing up the night before our wedding and having his way with Tessa. At our wedding he was dressed in a tux and looked great and Tessa decided that he should be in all the wedding photos since he was ‘dressed more appropriately than my hubby’ as she put it to the photographer. Soon after that Richard moved into our house and I worked two jobs to pay the bills and make sure Tessa and Richard could do as they wished as neither had any desire to work. As a wedding present Tessa had me convert a tiny room at the other end of the house into ‘my room’ complete with furniture she ordered online that I had to stay home and assemble while her and Richard went to Barbados for a week. The room, when it was finished, was painted in pink with a canopy bed and matching pink dresser. Tessa had left me a package wrapped up and told me that when the room was finished I was to call her on my video phone so she could watch me open it. I did as instructed first showing Tessa and Richard via the video phone what ‘my room’ looked like. They laughed as I panned the room showing them the unicorn and rainbow stencils Tessa had made me put on the walls. Then it was time to open my ‘wedding present’ as I unwrapped it I saw it was a framed 8x10 wedding photo of Tessa and Richard! At our wedding no less! “We thought that would look nice on your pretty pink dresser” I could feel a tear welling up in my eye and all I could say was “Thank you Tessa I love it.” But before I even got that out she had hung up the phone.



Tessa crawled off of Richard and lay down on the bed motioning for me to clean his cock. I have been trained not just to start cleaning his cock but I must always ask first partially for their amusement but mostly for my humiliation. Kneeling between Richard’s legs I took his flaccid cum covered cock in my hands and looked up at him, and recited a phrase I’ve come to know like an altar boy knows his prayers and in many ways I was saying my prayers at the altar of Richard, “Sir you are the ultimate alpha male and it humbles me to be in your presence. I am so happy that you have come into our lives and that you have what it takes to please my gorgeous wife. Sir please allow me the pleasure of cleaning your magnificent cock and wherever that may lead. I pledge my undying devotion to you and Tessa vow to do anything either of you command.” Richard looked down at me with a combination of amusement, disgust, power and satisfaction, “Go for it bitch boy.” I brought my head close to his cock slowly kissing the tip as I had been trained, then licking his shaft tasting their salty remnants working my mouth over his cock and balls. “You know bitch boy some of your wife’s cum may have run down my shaft and past my balls towards my ass too so you better do a good job of cleaning and make sure you get that whole area down there cleaned!” “mmrmmph” was all I could manage as a response as I licked and sucked.




to be continued.....





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