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Cuckold Story:  Pinky





    "Hurry up or we're going to be late pinky!" my voluptuous, BBW wife yelled from the front door. I struggled under the weight of her huge gym bag making my way towards her. Pattie looked especially gorgeous today dressed in a black leotard sans bra, black pantyhose that I knew were crotchless and a cute black skirt all topped off by a pair of black high heels. Not your typical workout outfit, but then Pattie and I aren't your typical couple. She stood a good four inches taller than my 5'9" frame and had thick thighs, long red hair that cascaded almost down to her waist, wide hips, and huge tits.


    "Coming dear," I said, trying to maneuver through the living room.


    "Coming?" Pattie said with a wicked grin. "Why pinky you haven't come in quite awhile!" She laughed her wicked laugh and walked to the car. Pattie was right, it had been almost a month since my last orgasm, while Pattie on the other hand came daily and sometimes three or four times depending on her mood.

She started the car and I darted for it trying to cram everything I was carrying into the backseat and get into the front passengers side before any of the neighbors saw me in the outfit Pattie insisted I wear that morning. Pattie had decided that it would be fun if we began doing yoga with some of her other BBW friends at one of their houses and so for the past few months three days a week I schlep Pattie's huge gym bag and accompany her to her friend Joan's house where Joan, Pattie, Rhonda and I do yoga. I should say we all start out doing yoga, but the three of them rarely last past the warm up before they're all sitting on the sofa drinking coffee, eating pastries and watching me in my 'outfit' as Pattie likes to call it. My outfit is a pair of pink yoga pants with the crotch cut out so my tiny, hairless cock and balls are always on display, sometimes in a chastity device and a long loose pink sweatshirt that comes to mid thigh so if we're in public people won't see my cock with the word PINKY! emblazoned across the front.


    Pattie's nickname for me came about when one night after teasing me for hours and having me rock hard, she looked at my tiny dripping cock and said, "You know your cock is the size of my pinky finger!" She then proceeded to hold her chubby pinky finger next to my cock showing me to my embarrassment and humiliation that they were indeed about the same size. Since then Pattie has delighted in showing me sometimes that my cock is actually smaller than her pinky, but in any case, my nickname was cast that night and has since become the only name Pattie and her friends refer to me by.


    I scurried to the passenger side, jumped in and closed the door. "What's the matter pinky you afraid some of the neighbors will see you and laugh?" I had to admit that was the truth, but instead stammered, "No dear just don't want to make us late for yoga." "Ah aren't you a good boy pinky!" with that she reached over and tugged at my cock. "Uh oh, who's all drippy?"

Pattie loved the fact that just by merely being in her presence or smelling her perfume, or having her tease or taunt me my tiny cock would immediately begin to produce pre cum which turned her on to no end. She loved it when I was all drippy as she liked to refer to it and loved to point it out to others especially Joan and Rhonda. Pattie drove as a minor traffic infraction last year resulted in me losing my license and consequently my job as I need a license for my job. I was now totally dependent on Pattie to get around and financially, a fact she never let me forget and that added to my humiliation and emasculation and I have to admit turns me on immensely. Pattie had quite a bit of money as her first husband passed away at a young age and left her a boat load of money. That coupled with a healthy inheritance from a rich uncle allowed Pattie to never have to work again.



    Arriving at Joan's house Pattie immediately strode in the house to see the girls as I labored to lug her huge gym bag, a dozen donuts and pastries we had picked up at the bakery, coffee for the girls and two big bags of laundry that belonged to Joan and Rhonda. You see Joan and Rhonda are married to real men with jobs and real cocks as Pattie likes to remind me and for being in the presence of two BBW's like Joan and Rhonda, Pattie feels it's only right that I should show some sense of appreciation and she decided that me doing both their laundry and their husbands was reward enough for me.

Once inside the girls drank coffee and chatted while I labored to put everything in its place, get the DVD in Joan's basement loaded and set up. Today Joan was dressed in a very tight shiny blue leotard with white tights and Rhonda had on a bright sheer red leotard with matching red tights, neither wore a bra and both of their tights I knew would be crotchless. After I had all their yoga mats in place, towels for each of them and a water bottle, the video began. The yoga instructor led everyone through warm up and then began the harder parts.

I labored away in front of the big screen tv like Jane Fonda in those long ago eighties workout videos she had while the girls one by one drifted off to the comfy couches and love seats in the basement to drink their coffee and eat their pastries and donuts. Every now and then they would laugh and cheer me on, "Go pinky go! Work that fat ass! turn around so we can see that little pinky getting all drippy!" The torment went on for what seemed like forever with the three women pulling their tops down and showing me their massive tits and hard nipples or pulling aside their leotards and showing me their pussies. Of course seeing any of that made me very drippy and they all laughed at not only my appearance but my dripping pinky as they referred to it. Once the workout was over, Pattie made me kneel on the yoga mat and clean up my drippy mess with my tongue. I hated/loved licking up my own cum. It was humiliating, emasculating and arousing all at the same time.



    "You better get busy pinky you've got a lot of work to do!" Pattie said in her usual bossy tone. Each of the women had stripped naked and laughing as Pattie pulled had me pull out the queening stool from her gym bag and assemble it. The queening stool is a small stool that had a seat with a hole in it so the person sitting on the stool can have their pussy and ass licked by the person laying underneath it. The stool is low the ground and is designed for just such a purpose. The women took turns with Joan going first. I slid under the stool and stuck my tongue out and began to lick Joan's musky pussy as she played with herself. Rhonda and Pattie chatted away about other things and totally ignoring me and Joan. After a few moments I could feel Joan's movements begin to tighten and I knew she was about to cum and licked her clit as she has instructed me in the past until she shuddered in orgasm.

Next was Rhonda whose BBW frame barely fit the stool. As I began to lick her sweaty pussy she said, "Don't forget to get farther back there pinky and lick my asshole nice and hard!" I mumbled a yes and licked furiously. Rhonda loved her ass licked while Joan loathed it, Pattie loved both her ass and pussy licked and it was up to me to remember what each woman liked. Now Joan and Pattie sat and chatted waiting for Rhonda to cum which took almost a half an hour of my licking. Once she exploded in orgasm my tongue was numb. Pattie was next and my beautiful BBW wife squatted over me and spread her shaved pussy lips and I tasted her salty nether regions. "How does that taste pinky?" Pattie said, knowing I knew exactly what she meant. Her pussy was full of Rich's cum.


    Rich was my former boss and the reason I had lost my license, but that's another story. He began coming to the house to 'console' Pattie and rub it in my face after I had lost my job. Rich was 50 years old and the exact opposite of me, tall, broad shouldered, six pack abs, well groomed, and as Pattie never let me forget 'hung like a bull moose!' I hated him for the fact that he was the reason I had lost my license and job, but I hated him more for the fact that he loved rubbing it in my face that he was fucking Pattie.

He would show up at our house and toss me a couple of dollars and tell me that he had to talk to my wife and for me to go get them some lunch from his favorite coffee shop which was five miles away. Then he'd smirk and say, "Oh that's right you don't have a license, I guess you'll have to take your bike!" My bike which he'd brought over on his first trip to our house as a consolation prize to me was a pink girl's bike with big pink streamers flowing from the handlebars. Meekly I would hang my head and go knowing that Pattie wanted to be alone with him. On my return I would find Pattie half naked with a smile on her face and Rich lounging in my chair, feet up flipping through the channels with a big shit eating grin on his face rubbing his crotch. They would eat lunch together while I would go outside and wash and wax Rich's car and detail the inside at Pattie's suggestion citing Rich's generosity and support.


    I lapped at Pattie's pussy as she sat in the queening stool with Rich's cum dripping into my mouth.

I felt humiliated as I'm sure she had told Rhonda and Joan of her dalliance with Rich and both girls whispered and laughed as they talked on the couch. The salty mixture of their union coated my tongue, nose and face as Pattie bounced up and down furiously as she came in an exploding orgasm.

All three woman stood and headed to the showers; Joan's house had three and left me to clean yoga mats, coffee cups, dishes, gather up laundry and pack the queening stool away. After the three of them were showered and clean they all returned to the basement throwing their dirty towels on the floor for me to gather up and put in the laundry. They all sat around naked chatting and watching tv as I scurried to bring them lunch and give them all foot massages with coco butter cream that Pattie loved.

Every now and then one of the woman would throw me a scrap off their plate and I had to catch it in my mouth like a dog begging for a treat while they all laughed. After gathering up the dishes, putting the laundry in the dryer, I had to wash their work out clothes by hand and hang them up to dry. Pattie called me back into the living room and told me to kneel by her feet. I immediately complied and she took her foot and began toying with my tiny hairless cock and balls.

"Did you like what you tasted today in my pussy pinky?" I held my head down towards the floor and mumbled, "yes dear." She said in a mocking tone, "I can't hear you pinky and I think the girls would like to see your face while you tell me so look up at me and tell me." My face was crimson with embarrassment but despite that my cock stood rock hard and dripped incessantly. "Yes dear I loved what I tasted in your pussy today." She laughed and the Joan and Rhonda giggled. "And what was that that you tasted in my pussy pinky?" My face couldn't have gotten any more flushed. I looked into Pattie's beautiful brown eyes. Our eyes locked and there was that momentary connection that told her she was my world and her eyes told me that she owned me and loved every minute of it. "It was Rich's cum mixed with your cum dear."

The three howled with laughter as my cock which I was not allowed to touch ached and dripped even more onto Pattie's naked foot with her pink toe nail polish covered in my pre cum. "And why pinky would Rich's cum be in my pussy?" She asked, knowing that she had made me rehears and repeat the answer a  thousand times since their first union. "Because he is a real man, a strong and virile man with a job and a license, he has a real cock to please woman, money in the bank, and a gorgeous body dear." She smirked. "And what do you have pinky?" I swallowed hard. "I have none of that dear and that's why I am not allowed in your pussy, because I exist only to serve you dear."

Her foot was rubbing up and down on my cum covered cock and I knew she was trying to make me cum and I was trying not to as I knew that would result in punishment. "Maybe the next time Rich comes over and makes you ride your pink bike to get us lunch when you come home I'll let you suck his cock instead of washing and waxing his car!" That was it, I shot my load all over Pattie's foot as the three of them howled in laughter. Pattie lifted her foot to my mouth, a signal to clean her foot with my tongue. I darted my tongue out and cleaned her foot swallowing every drop.



    Later that afternoon Pattie was lounging on the couch naked watching TV as I puttered about the house cleaning, doing laundry and making dinner when the back door opened and Rich walked in like he owned the place. "Hey there pinky, you're looking rather manly today!" he said, looking at my outfit that Pattie had dressed me in when we got home. The outfit was a pair of gray yoga pants with the work PINK written across the back right above my ass with a cut off turquoise sweatshirt that showed my belly and a pair of low pink converse sneakers. "Thank you sir." I said as I knew the penalty for not accepting a compliment. Pattie came running into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face, "Hey there handsome!" she said, walking over and hugging Rich their tongues entwining in a passionate kiss. Rich tossed a few bucks on the floor and said, "The usual pinky" as he led my wife off into our bedroom. I could hear Pattie saying, "He may not be washing your car today" and then some low murmuring and they both laughed as I made my way out into the garage put on my pink bicycle helmet and pedaled to the get their lunch.






Pinky part cuckytoher


    Pattie lounged back on the couch wearing only a pair of terry cloth shorts that barely covered her pussy and a tight transparent tube top. "Don't get any polish on my toes pinky!" "Yes dear," I said, paying extra attention to getting the bright red nail polish to her toes. I knelt at her feet while she lay there in all her glory channel surfing. "Aw is my little boy excited to be doing his wife's toenails?" I could've lied, but my tiny leaking cock betrayed me as always. I was also dressed in only a pair of crotchless pantyhose with my tiny cock on display so there was no use to try and hide my excitement. "Yes dear, very much so." I placed tiny cotton balls gingerly between her toes and concentrated so as not to get any on her toes.


    My gorgeous, voluptuous, BBW wife with her thick thighs and huge tits really wasn't what one would refer to as a dominant woman. She was I guess, like any other woman. That was until she found the secret that so many many women never find. She found that when you marry a submissive man, you can have the world at your feet. Over the years after bouts of sub standard attempts at love making, I would feel bad and apologize to Pattie confessing that I only wanted to please her and make her happy. One thing led to another, and before long Pattie had discovered that she had much more power than she ever imagined. It started with little things, me doing the laundry, me doing the shopping, me bringing her drinks while she chatted on the phone, me tending to little details, me scrubbing the floors, and before I knew it I was living a submissive's dream. Pattie however spent quite a lot of time enjoying her new found power, she even began to read books on female led marriages, visiting similar websites and watching videos on-line. All the while I slaved away totally at her beck and call.


    Being a submissive such as I am is a strange position that one evolves into rather than just assuming the position one day. And surely over the past few years my evolution was encouraged and assisted by Pattie. Once she found out that I would do the mundane things, she seemed to change a little and then a little more, becoming more assertive in the bedroom, always insisting that she be taken care of first and usually with my tongue on her pussy or ass for hours at a time. Other times she would straddle my tiny cock and cum telling me under no circumstances was I to cum until she was finished. She would cum and then raise herself over my face and forcing me to lick her to another orgasm. My 'reward' as Pattie came to call my sexual release would usually result in her playing with my tiny balls and not touching my cock until I came all over myself and then had to clean it all up.

On other occasions she would tease me barely touching my cock, taking only her index finger and barely stroking the underside of my cock until she would feel me start to spasm and just when I would tell her I was about to cum, she would stop and I would suffer a painful, yet exciting orgasm. She loved 'ruining' my orgasms she would tell me. All of this kept me wanting more, I wanted to please her more and more and touch her big beautiful body and to have her grace me with her pussy and ass over my mouth. And all I ever needed in terms of reciprocation was to get my 'reward' and be told to clean it up.


    "Hey baby, what's going on?" Pattie picked up her phone and chatted and I knew it was Rich on the other end. "not much, pinky is doing my toe nails with bright red polish, the kind you love!" She took her foot and rubbed it up and down my rock hard four inch pre cum coated cock. "Oh pinky, Rich says not to get any on my toes! He also says he wants some of that special German beer he told you about last time he was over when he comes over later today." I was about to respond, but it was no use they were lost in their own conversation. One more thing I had to add to my to do list. I had been up since seven o'clock this morning doing laundry and housework wearing only my pantyhose sans crotch. Now I would have to get on my pink bike and ride to the liquor store later for Rich's beer. Pattie's relationship with Rich was a strange one. She would tell me while I lay naked, her gently brushing my tiny cock and balls with her long fingernails, that while she loved me as her husband and soul mate, Rich provided her with something I never could, a big fat cock. As her power over me grew it was as if I was hypnotized by her. I would do whatever she required or requested not because I wanted to but rather because I needed to. It was the submissive part of me that needed to always please Pattie even if it meant degrading, humiliating and emasculating myself in front of her, Rich or even her friends. That is how much I loved her.


    Rich was a hard cock to her she would tell me, nothing more nothing less. She would coo in my ear about how tiny I was and although she loved me dearly, we both knew I could never satisfy her in the way a real man could and therefore it was perfectly acceptable for her to fuck Rich. She particularly liked having me eat her pussy after Rich and her had fucked. I would be made to lay on the floor and she would squat over me and have me lick her pussy clean, sometimes while Rich sat in my chair watching TV and laughing.


Both of them loved the control they had over me. Pattie for her role had the best of both worlds, she had her cake and could eat it too! Rich, also had a great gig for he had a gorgeous woman to fuck whenever he wanted and never had to worry about getting caught by her husband because her husband was a willing participant! Pattie had shared with him my submissive tendencies and she knew that the further she pushed me testing my limits the further down the road I would go. Some days I wondered if the things she would have me do were actually a test she had come up with to see just how far I would go. It was evident from where things stood that I would go pretty far.


    I pedaled my pink bike up into the driveway with Rich's beer and the makings for martini's for Pattie balancing precariously in the big basket on the front of the bike. Rich's car was in the driveway and as I made my way into the house wearing my pink yoga pants and a pink t-shirt, I spotted Pattie on the couch with the same outfit on as earlier sans the shorts. Rich lounged next to her his fingers playing and teasing her wet pussy. "Hey there's the man of the house!" Rich said, as I meekly entered the living room. They both chuckled and went back to what they were doing, but not before Pattie said, "drinks pinky." I scurried off to the kitchen, fixed their drinks and returned with them on a silver tray. Taking their respective drinks, they clinked their glasses and saluted each other. Pattie pointed to a bag on the table. "Rich brought you a present pinky, go in and put it on and come back out and you can thank Rich."


I took the bag and went into the bedroom stripping off my clothes and pulling the items from the bag. It contained a sheer pink baby doll nightie, pink thigh highs with lace at the top, and pink slipper pumps with pink fuzz at the top. I hobbled back into the living room having trouble walking in the heels and stood there as they both cheered and gave me whistles and catcalls making me turn, pirouette and curtsy. Pattie said, "I think you need to thank Rich for your lovely new outfit." I hung my head and said, "Thank you Rich for my new outfit." Pattie and Rich looked at each other and chuckled. "Aw I don't think that's a proper thank you. Come here pinky let's see if you can give Rich a proper thank you!" I walked towards them as Pattie unbuttoned and unzipped Rich's pants sliding them down his legs as his massive cock sprung to life. She took his huge member in her hand and pointed it at me, "kiss the tip of Rich's cock and say thank you." I knelt and did as I was told feeling his salty pre cum on my lips. I licked my lips and they both laughed Pattie then took his huge cock and rubbed it across my lips as if applying lipstick with Rich's pre cum.


    My cock was rock hard and now I was dripping pre cum onto the floor with some of it hitting Pattie's bare foot. Pattie raised her pale foot with her scarlet red polish that I had applied earlier accenting her beautiful feet. "Uh oh, who's all drippy?" I could feel my face turning crimson, "pinky is all drippy." She presented her foot to me and I obediently licked it off while the two of them snickered. Rich's fingers danced over Pattie's huge tits and flicked her now erect nipples each growing harder and standing up through her transparent tube top. "Well it seems that someone gets all aroused dressing up in pretty pink things, serving his wife and his wife's hung friend while tasting his wife's friend's cum!" Rich reached out with both of his hands, taking my head in his hands and guiding it towards his massive cock. Pattie gave me a look that seemed to say this is another test in your submitting to my power and a test of your limits. I opened my mouth and engulfed Rich's cock, him guiding my head on and off it growing harder in my mouth while Pattie rubbed the back of my head and said, "That's a good girl pinky!" I sucked and licked, gagging whenever he thrust forward and hit the back of my throat. "We're going to have to work on someones gag reflex!" Pattie said, as she continued to play with Rich's chest while watching her husband now clad in a pink baby doll, pink thigh highs and pink heels kneeling in front of her and Rich sucking his cock.


    In a moment I felt his hips begin to buck as he held my head tight against his crotch while he fucked my mouth furiously. I felt the hot, salty discharge of his orgasm hit the back of my throat and could hear Pattie's voice as if it were somewhere off in the distance whispering softly "swallow, swallow pinky, be a good girl and swallow it all." He pumped into me and drained his load until he was empty. He held my head there my mouth on his cock for the longest time. I could feel him growing flaccid in my mouth and by the time he was totally soft he was still quite a bit bigger than I am hard. Pulling my head from his cock, I knelt there my face burning with a mixture of excitement, enjoyment, emasculation and humiliation.


Pattie then spread her legs and pulled my faced towards her beautifully shaved pussy. "Well I think we now know what everybody's role is in this house! And since you've just swallowed all of Rich's load you're going to have to lick me and make me cum." My tongue went to work as Rich stood, guzzled his beer, sighed went to the bathroom. It only took a few moments before Pattie's hips were bucking in an orgasm as she became the second person that day to grab my head hold it tight to her crotch as she came. Rich came out of the bathroom zipping up his pants smiling. "I gotta get back to work. Thanks for the nice blow job pinky and now that I know I have two girls here willing to please me I'm going to have to come over much more often!" Pattie stood on shaky legs, they embraced and exchanged a tongue kiss and Rich was gone. I stayed there kneeling in my new outfit, waiting. Waiting for Pattie to give me my next order, waiting for her to give me my next test, waiting for her to have me prove my love for her anyway she saw fit.









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