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Cuckold Story:  Pattie's Pink Plaything





Richard sat on his ‘throne’ in our living room, his wife Beth was out shopping using my credit card while my wife Candy was in the bathroom getting ready to fuck Richard. Richard’s ‘throne’ was an actual replica of a king’s throne that the three of them had me purchase and put on a pedestal in our living room when Richard and Beth, a married couple my wife Candy played with, came to visit.

“Can I get you anything Sir?” I said in my best submissive voice, standing there in pink tights, pink bra, and pink pumps with a hole cut out of the crotch, my tiny cock rock hard and barely making four inches with a pink ribbon tied around it. “How about your hot mouth on my cock?” It was more of a command than request and I simply curtsied and took my place in front of Richard’s throne on my knees. I took the lotion that Richard and Pattie liked me to use on Richard’s cock and rubbed some into my hands and took Richard’s enormous flaccid tool in my hand, kissed the tip and put it into my mouth.



Pattie and Beth worked together at a large company in the city and became fast friends sharing intimate details over lunches and drinks after dinner. Pattie told me that Beth was shocked to find out that she and I liked to do threesomes but with another man and that I was submissive to Pattie and was into serving her and another man. Pattie educated Beth in the world of cuckolding and soon Beth was ‘getting all wet’ as Pattie would relay when we were together in bed. She confessed that she was sexually attracted to Beth and that Beth’s husband Richard was a strikingly handsome, well hung and dominant lover who wanted to see Beth with another woman. Pattie went to their house one night without me and the three of them had a wild night of sex and in the morning, Pattie broached the subject of including her little  cucky husband into the mix noting that I’d be an excellent servant, slave, toy for their amusement.



A week later I prepared a dinner for the four of us and got my first glimpse of Richard and Beth. She was very much like Pattie physically, big tits, wide hips, thick thighs and big bubble butt of the type I craved. Pattie was a redhead and pale skinned, while Beth was bleached blonde and very tan - a contrast that would send shivers up your spine when they were naked on the bed. Richard was the quintessential bull stud, six foot three, salt and pepper hair, muscular, toned and, as I was to find out later that evening, hung and dominant. He was everything I was not. I’m short, chubby, bald and have a tiny cock.

I served dinner wearing a French maid’s outfit and was made to eat my meal in the kitchen while they ate in the dining room. After dinner Pattie made me change into my ‘Marilyn’ outfit consisting of a platinum blonde wig, heavy makeup, a white Marilyn Monroe dress and white heels and present myself to our new friends in the living room. Richard sat in my chair and Beth and Pattie sat on the couch while they laughed at the site in front of them. Pattie had me cue up a cuckolding video on our fifty inch television and told me to ‘perform’ for our guests. While the video played I toyed with my little cock watching it grow to its full four inches. While they laughed and cheered me on I jerked my tiny cock and could feel my orgasm building and soon shot all over the rug. Pattie command me to kneel and clean up my mess while they retired to the bedroom.




That first night led to many others with Richard watching Pattie and Beth kiss, and play with each other with me licking, sucking, and cleaning all three of them. After they left one night and went home, Pattie lay naked on the bed with me licking her swollen pussy and ass and she told me what a good boy I was and how if I continued to please her and Richard and Beth I just might be allowed to cum. She told me that my job, in simple, was to please the three of them and follow their orders no matter what. I wouldn’t be ‘asked’ to do something I’d be ‘told’ to do it and I’d be expected to follow those orders to the letter no matter what the request was. Richard, Beth and Pattie would ‘grade’ me on my performance of those tasks and have the ability to give me demerits if they weren’t pleased. Once I got enough ‘brownie’ points as they coined the phrase I’d be allowed to cum, but only with all three of them present and only how they decided.



Soon I would be graded on such things as pussy licking, ass licking, sucking cock, swallowing cum, manicures, pedicures, cooking, cleaning and all sorts of varied duties. One night they attached a device around my cock and balls and each of them had a small remote that when pushed would send a shock to my cock and balls and was used for them to summon me to their side no matter where I was or what I was doing. One day while Beth and Pattie were at the mall and I toiled in the hot sun mowing the lawn and doing yard work I felt my cock and balls shocked and knew Richard was in the house.

Immediately I ran to the house, stripped off my clothes as was required and presented myself to Richard as he sat naked on his throne. “Get me a beer bitch boy!” I rant fridge, pulled a frosted mug from the freezer poured the beer and presented it to Richard. He dismissed me with a wave and I was back out mowing the lawn when my cock and balls were shocked again. I repeated the procedure presenting myself to Richard and he told me he had to take a piss and I was to hold the empty beer mug in one hand and Richard’s cock in the other while Richard pissed not having to move from his throne. I was warned that if a drop spilled anywhere I would lose cum privileges for two months. Thankfully I was able to complete my task without fail and was waved away again.



Beth and Pattie also loved the remote and used it for tiniest want. To scratch an itch, suck their toes, get them a Kleenex, whatever whim entered their mind Pattie’s pink plaything was there to fulfill. One of their favorite things was to watch me in my pink outfit kneel in front of Richard’s throne sucking his cock while the two of them made out naked on the couch. After a hot afternoon of sex I would be required to give each one of them a shower while the other two watched and laughed. The girls loved watching me on my knees lathering up Richard’s cock or washing his back in the shower. Richard loved watching me shower the girls and having to lick their pussies clean with my tongue swallowing every ounce of his cum.



I became adept at swallowing Richard’s cum and they thought it was hysterical that I actually came to not only like the taste but to crave it. A favorite was to have me beg Richard to give me his cum either straight from the source his magnificent cock or by proxy from Beth or Pattie’s pussies.



When we were alone, Pattie loved nothing more that rubbing in my face what a little sissy cuckold bitch boy husband I was and how hot it made her that I had come to know my place and surrender to her and Richard and Beth. Every now and again she would have me get between her legs and fuck her which in reality meant trying to stab my tiny cock into her pussy. But the excitement of getting so close to her pussy usually meant me shooting before I entered her or if I did make it inside she would taunt me that that was where her ‘real man’ belonged and I would immediately shoot. Either way, I was always required to clean up my mess and bring Pattie to orgasm many times licking her to two or three orgasms while she chatted on the phone with Richard and Beth and relaying what had just transpired.




“Well now isn’t that a sight for sore eyes!” Pattie said, as she stood in the doorway watching me kneel in front of Richard’s throne in my pink outfit, his huge cock stuffed inside my mouth. Richard sat there very regally, naked, legs spread, holding his hands on the back of my head thereby trapping my mouth on his cock.


Soon Pattie was at my side pushing me out of the way and mounting Richard’s cock. They locked in a deep kiss which drove me wild. Richard began twisting her big nipples making her moan in ecstasy. Pattie slid down on Richard’s cock and n Richard’s hands were on Pattie’s big ass spreading her cheeks, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Lick me bitch boy.” I immediately began licking her ass as she rode up and down on his cock, her arms wrapped around his neck, the two of them locked in a deep kiss. 



The door flew open and all three of us looked at Beth as she walked in smiling. “Well isn’t this cute! Don’t let me interrupt you! But look what I picked up for us to play with later this afternoon!” She pulled out a big black strapon dildo and they all laughed as Pattie and Richard went back to fucking and I went back to licking, wondering in the back of my mind who was going to be the recipient of the new toy.







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