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Cuckold Story:  King and Queen Cuckold




I sat flipping through the pictures on my phone. The first one had come exactly a year ago, it showed my beautiful Rubenesque wife sitting on a bar stool smiling into the camera. Her flaming red hair cascaded down her back falling almost to her waist and her thick gorgeous thighs were on display in the photo as the deep black velvet dress she wore rode high up on her legs, its plunging neckline showing off her ample cleavage and just the hint of her new lace push up bra.

A harmless picture sent from a bar at an after work gathering with a group of co-workers. Seeing the pictures when she sent them to me excited me to no end and my first question when she got home was, "Who took the picture?" My slightly drunk wife smiled her fabulous flirtatious smile and said, "Wouldn't you like to know!" She peeled off her dress and headed for the bathroom slurring her words a bit as she said, "I have to pee!" As I followed her it became apparent that she wasn't wearing any underwear, not that she usually wore much, most if running to Victoria's Secret very expensive thongs, push up bras that she certainly didn't need, but as Pattie always says, "It doesn't hurt to accentuate the positive!"

She loved teasing me with stories of how she would flirt with guys in the office and at the bar where she went with the girls on Friday nights. She knew that her flirting turned me on and appealed to my submissive nature. Of course the fact that I had been out of work for over two years and Pattie was the sole breadwinner in our family helped the dynamic of her dominance in our relationship. Never a dominant woman, however after I lost my job and failed to find another one as the months went by I became more of a househusband, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, yard work, and pretty much anything that Pattie requested or required. Nights were spent giving her massages with her favorite cocoa butter lotion and licking her pussy and ass to orgasm.


Some nights she would play with my tiny shaved cock and balls until I made a mess on myself and was required to clean it up, other nights she would simply kiss me and roll over and tell me she was exhausted and I could go take care of myself or she would give me a rain check for another night.


    The little changes that she exhibited built one on top of the other as she started dressing more seductively, being much more assertive in and out of the bedroom, and pushing my buttons more and more as if she were testing my limits. Little things like having me clean the house naked, or wearing a pair of her pantyhose, or wearing a pink teddy exposing my cock and balls. Each request came out of her mouth like a demand and I found myself meekly complying more and more with her new personality. It was clear to us both that she had all the power in our marriage and I had none but neither of us ever came out and said as much, it was more a display of power rather than a discussion, she was coming up with new things on a daily basis merely to see if I would comply and bend to her will or resist.

However, Pattie always made it a point to use her body as a weapon, usually dressed in some sexy, skimpy, or revealing outfit. She would come to me and stroke my two tiny shaved balls and coo in my ear asking me to do some new task she had come up with and like a hypnotized zombie in a trance I would obey without hesitation. One Friday night she called from work to say she was going out with the 'gang from the office' and would be home later. I reminded her that it was our anniversary and that I had prepared a nice dinner for two and had champagne and flowers. She told me to stop being a baby that she would be home, but that she was just stopping off for a few drinks. She told me she'd send me a picture of her from the bar so I wouldn't miss her. And that's when the first picture arrived.


    The next week another picture, same type, same sort of revealing outfit which drove me wild. Same scenario when she got home slightly tipsy not revealing to me who took the picture, but she did have her thong on and it was soaked as I removed it to lick her pussy and ass.


It drove me wild wondering if it was one of the girls who took the picture or some guy. Of course she loved the game and the tease and would only answer with her standard "Wouldn't you like to know!" comment. Every week the pictures seemed a bit more revealing and every Friday it seemed when she left for work Pattie was dressed a little more risque than normal business attire as she knew she would be going out with 'the gang from the office' with skirts and dresses a little too short, tops a little too low, heels a little too high, hair a little wild, heavier than normal makeup. It would excite me to see my beautiful wife ready herself for work putting her sexy thong and bra on and sometimes slipping pantyhose over her legs, while other times she wore only thigh highs. She would grab her travel mug that I had prepared for her, give me a peck on the cheek and be gone leaving me alone for the day with a long list of chores and a constantly aroused state. Pattie had trained me well not to play with myself or give myself any type of sexual relief unless I had her express permission. At first she had insisted on putting me in a chastity device, but after being locked up for almost two solid weeks I found myself begging her upon my release to not put me back in it and I would do anything she required. So she had come to trust my restraint and the device only came out if she feeling especially cruel or horny.



    Some Friday nights I would receive one picture, other Friday nights I would receive several. Three months in among several that she sent me one night was her hand on a hard cock. I knew it was her hand because her ring finger prominently displayed the diamond wedding ring I bought her. That night she returned home tipsy knowing I was going wild waiting for her to ask her whose cock she had her hand on. She simply waved it off at first and when I pressed her she laughed and said, "Oh he's just a guy I work with. I told him how much it turned my little husband on to have me flirting and I said I knew what would really drive you wild and that would be to see his wife's hand on a nice hard, wet, throbbing cock. So he agreed and we took the shot." When I asked if anything else had transpired, Pattie again waved me off in a dismissed gesture and spread her legs pointing towards her wet pussy my signal to start licking. It was right around this time that Pattie exerted another hold over me. She would masturbate me sometimes edging me for an hour or more telling me all about her flirting stories and putting me in almost a trance as she would bring me right to the edge and stop. Finally she would have me cum on her big gorgeous tits and then she would have me lick the cum off her tits swallowing every drop. At first I protested and didn't like it, but over time and with more teasing and edging Pattie would have me actually begging to lick my own cum off her tits.




    One Friday after a particularly long week of teasing and taunting, the pictures came on the phone as usual but with this text attached, 'be a good boy and you'll get a treat when your Queen gets home'.

That night however, Pattie came in later than normal at around 2 a.m. and as she stripped off her clothes in the dark bedroom she ordered me to lick her ass. She got on all fours and I assumed a position on the floor and began licking her rear. She moaned and I licked her for over an hour bringing her to two anal orgasms. After licking for another twenty minutes as she approached her third orgasm she looked back over her shoulder and said, "Is my little hubby ready for his treat?" I licked faster darting my tongue in and out of her ass when all of a sudden I tasted something wet and salty running down her ass cheeks and on to my tongue. Glancing up I saw Pattie holding a condom and pouring cum from it onto her ass cheeks. As the cum slowly rolled down her ass cheeks and into my mouth she convulsed into an earth shattering orgasm pushing her ass back and back until my tongue was buried deep inside her.


As her orgasm subsided she lay sprawled out on the bed breathing hard trying to recover from the three orgasms. I tried to stand, my knees weak from kneeling for so long and my legs totally asleep I barely made it onto the bed. Pattie reached out and touched my dripping wet cock and said, "Wow that was great! You are such a good little husband and your Queen is very proud of you, but your Queen is also very tired tonight so you're going to have to wait until tomorrow. Okay baby?" She knew the answer and I knew the answer but before I could mutter a response she was sleeping soundly. I got off the bed, picked the used condom up off the night stand and threw it in the garbage, crawled back in bed and cuddled up next to my Queen.


    The next morning Pattie was hung over and as I served her coffee in bed she asked me how I like my treat last night. I told her that I loved it. What else could I say, I was so horny and hadn't cum in over a week and was dying for release. She called me closer to the bed and held her hand out as I stood there naked and spread my legs. Pattie reached out tickled my tiny shaved balls and I grew erect immediately. She relayed the story of the big cock that had deposited all the cum in the condom telling me that it had fucked her too and within seconds I was spewing cum all over her arm. Pattie giggled and said, "Oh dear my little baby boy really likes eating cum doesn't he?" She held her arm out for me to clean and I knelt and said, "Yes my Queen I love eating other men's cum for you."

Months went by with similar experiences and Pattie always telling me about "the big cock" but would never tell me if it was the same guy, or a different one each time and she wouldn't even reveal a name to me. It drove me wild, always being on edge and always wondering if she was getting fucked, and if so, who was fucking her. Soon I would find out more than I ever wanted to know.







I now began longing for Friday nights. Pattie would go out to a bar or two with people from work, I would receive hot pictures of her on my cell phone, either pictures of her in some hot sexy outfit or pictures of her hand on a cock, or her beautiful lips wrapped around a hard cock. It was always followed by her coming home to me. Oh it didn’t matter what types of humiliating or degrading things she put me through once she got there, the point was she was coming home to me! It meant she loved me and I worshipped her as the Queen she is in my life. Some nights it was as mundane as me licking her pussy and ass to orgasm, while other nights required me to clean another man’s cum from her tits and ass as she poured the contents from a condom while describing in great detail his stamina and girth. When she was feeling particularly naughty she would stroke my little cock and get it rock hard, take out a tape measure and laugh as she measured it to its full four inches and then take a used condom out of her purse and make me slip it over my cock and jerk off until I shot my load into the condom.

I would then have to not clean myself and sleep with my cum and some unknown man’s cum all over me.


     Her control over me became fascinating. I would find myself doing some humbling or humiliating chore around the house wondering how I had ever agree to such a thing and then I would think back to her having me in bed, slowly stroking my balls with her long fingernails, whispering in my ear in that soft, breathy whisper that drove me crazy, barely touching my cock bringing me to the edge again and again until as if I was in a trance I would be so eager to cum I would agree to do anything if she’d only allow me release. I would find myself walking down the aisle of the grocery store dressed in tassel loafers with pink socks, tan woman’s slacks and a woman’s white blouse. Oh the clothes could pass for a man’s tan slacks and white shirt but any female I passed knew the truth.

She would sometimes apply clear nail polish to my nails and the slightest bit of blush to my cheeks or lip gloss to my lips. It was all meant to push my limits to see if I would acquiesce to her will which of course I always did. As her control over me grew I didn’t feel weaker; I felt more secure in our relationship and more in love with her. I knew that I was entrusting her with my heart and my life and she knew that while she had control over those things they were fragile and even though she sometimes would treat them roughly she would never break them. In the afterglow of sex when she held me in her arms (yes she had in a sense assumed the traditional male role in our relationship) stroking my hair talking to me and telling me how much she enjoyed all the things I did for her and how she enjoyed all the trappings of having such a wonderful cuckold husband I felt like a baby in its mother’s arms. It was as if my heart and cock were chained together and tethered to her soul.


     One Friday night I received a set of pictures except this set was different than the ones I had received in the past. In this set a man was present. He was about six foot three, salt and pepper hair cut short, he was good looking and looked a bit like the actor George Clooney. I recognized him as Pattie’s boss Brian who lived in the next town over from us. In the picture he stood in the center with Pattie on one side and another of their co-workers on the other with his arms draped over their shoulders; however his hand rested firmly on Patties breast. I had met him a few times at some of Pattie’s work functions and he had always come across with an air of superiority and cockiness. I remember him bragging at one party about his boat and how he and his pals would take unsuspecting women out on the boat and feign running into engine trouble telling them it would be several hours before help arrived and suggesting they sunbathe nude on the deck. He laughed relaying how it inevitably always led to hot sex under the hot sun. He also remarked how sometime the women would be married and they loved it that they were out cheating on their husbands with a ‘real man’ as he so succinctly put it.


     The caption on the picture read: ‘Surprise baby! This is whose cum you’ve been eating these past few months. Be a good boy and change the sheets on the bed, put the outfit that I left for you in a box in my closet and wait for us.’ My cock sprang to life with a mixture of excitement, jealousy, anger, hate, arousal, defeat and love. It was recipe I had come to know well and a recipe I loved to consume. I changed the bed and put the black satin sheets on the bed and made my way to the closet and spotted a Victoria’s Secret bag on the floor. Inside was a vivid yellow Dream Angels Ruffle Babydoll as the tag described it with a straight neckline, sheer body, lace ruffle trim a the neckline and bottom hem with matching panty. Pattie had taken to making me wear stretchy Body by Victoria bikini briefs and a rainbow of colors which were all extra frilly and lacy which I was always require to wear whenever I went out under my clothes. This however took it to a new level. She expected me to wear this in the presence of Brian? Slowly I slipped the babydoll over my head and let it slide down my body, and slid the panties up my legs and over my tiny cock. My body which had been totally waxed free of any hair made me look silly and vulnerable, but now wearing this vivid yellow babydoll I looked even more ridiculous. But I knew it was what my Queen wanted and I’d come to learn whatever my Queen wanted, my Queen got!


     At 2 a.m. I received a text from her stating ‘they’ were on their way home and to have drinks and snacks ready as they would be there shortly. I prepared two very dry Bombay gin martinis with extra olives – her favorite – and some snacks. I was just finishing getting everything ready when I heard the front door open and Pattie laughing. I swallowed hard. This was my moment of truth. To this point my Queen’s cuckolding had only been with someone I didn’t know and her humiliations of me always took place in view of others I didn’t know such as the grocery store etc, but now, now I was walking into our living room dressed as I was while another man was there with my wife!

And I knew it was not a test, this was not another one of her pushes, this was the real thing this was a demand that I knew I must secede to and a road from which there was no way back. I turned, picked up the tray with the drinks and snacks and did my best to saunter into the living room. They sat on the couch and both burst out in laughter at the sight of me. “Oh baby you look so cute!!” she gushed, “Brian doesn’t my little cucky husband look adorable?”

Brian snickered and putting his massive paw on her breast squeezed tightly kissed her and turned back to me. “Yea he looks like a real man!” I presented them wit the drinks and snacks and then set the tray down on the table and stood like an idle servant. “Baby my feet are sore from all the dancing we did tonight, why don’t you give me one of your famous foot massages.” I knelt and removing her high heels was instantly greeted to the smell of her warm sweaty feet which made my cock twitch in my panties. They drank and chatted as if I wasn’t even there as I rubbed my Queen’s feet. Finally she whispered something into Brian’s ear and they both laughed. “Baby, tell Brian how much you’ve enjoyed tasting his cum these past few months.”

I swallowed hard and my throat felt as dry as the Sahara as I tried to speak. “Brian, I’ve enjoyed tasting your cum off of my Queen’s body these past few months.” He smirked and they both chuckled. “Oh baby, I think that if I’m your Queen it’s only right that you should have a King. So from now on, Brian is going to be the King of the house while I’m the Queen. I think it would be fitting from now on if you address him as either my King or my Lord and Master. What do you think?” They both snickered. “Whatever you desire my Queen I am here to please you.” I stopped bowed my head and looked up. “And you my King. Whatever you please I am here to serve you both.” She laughed and unzipped Brian’s pants pulling his cock out into the open. It was almost twice the size of mine soft as mine was hard. “Splendid! Splendid! Well since you’ve tasted your King’s cum off my tits and ass we thought it would be only fitting if you tasted it straight from the tap!”

She held his regal cock out towards me its head glistening with pre-cum. I leaned forward sticking my tongue out and gently licking the pre-cum from his huge mushroom shaped head. I then kissed it gently, opened my mouth and impaled my head onto his cock.


They both laughed and exchanged a wet, sloppy kiss. Suddenly I felt a massive strong hand on the back of my head driving my head down and down onto his cock as it reached the back of my throat I gagged and coughed but no release was given I was only held there as he throat fucked me. A mixture of my spit and his cum rolled down his cock as I sucked and they kissed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his other massive hand buried deep between my Queen’s legs fingering her soaking pussy. Suddenly his hips bucked and he held my head tight as I felt his load hit the back of my throat. “Be a good boy and swallow all that” he said, as they broke their kiss. I swallowed and sucked recognizing the taste of his cum in my mouth, the very cum I had been licking off my Queen wife’s body all these many months. Finally he released his massive grip on my head and I removed my mouth from his cock. “Now it’s time to make your Queen cum!” My gorgeous Queen of a wife spread her legs wide to reveal her shaved, sopping wet pussy spreading her lips as I dove my tongue deep into her licking and sucking until she exploded in orgasm.


     Later that night after he had left and we lay in our marital bed me still dressed in the yellow babydoll sans my panties with her touching, teasing and stroking my cock and balls working me into a frenzy. “Oh baby you were such a good boy tonight. I think you’ve adapted well to knowing what the duties of a cucky husband are. And tonight I realized how much I truly love you and how much I love having you in my life as my devoted husband, slave and all around good boy. You know most men wouldn’t stand for it, but you’re different. Instead of not standing for you, you revel in it. You embrace the fact that you love being a little submissive slut of a husband whose only job in life is to please his Queen wife. And now you have a King to serve to. Do you like that?” My cock was bursting and rock hard. “Oh yes, I love it!” I muttered. She cuddled up closer to me her breathy whisper in my ear. “And now baby your job is to please your King too. We are going to find all kinds of things for you to do for him from his shopping to his laundry to washing and waxing his car to sucking his cock and eating his cum WHEREVER he deposits it. Do you like that idea baby?” She stroked my cock and it exploded, my cum shoot all over my belly, chest and some of it actually landing on my lips. “Uh oh! It looks like someone likes that idea!” She said, taking her finger and wiping the cum off my sheer babydoll and lips and feeding it to me off her fingers. I lapped and sucked her fingers clean and then in a moment she rolled over and went to sleep.







After that night I was hooked. I was hers and she knew it. My Queen knew what buttons to push to further make my life of servitude to her complete. My ‘job’ since I didn’t work at a regular job was to cater to every whim of my King and Queen. She would leave for work in the morning dressed in one of her ever more revealing outfits, giving me a peck on the cheek, telling me there was a list of chores on the table and she’d see me that night. It’s hard to explain the feelings of a cuckold husband who although he knows he is destined to the role he finds himself in, he can’t help but feel at times like this a mixture of elation, jealousy, arousal, all mixed together. Knowing your wife is heading out to work dressed in what could only be considered questionable business attire, her cleavage spilling out her tops, her dresses and skirts showing her beautiful thick thighs and gorgeous ass off and the fact that she is heading into work for eight hours with a man who is not only her boss but whom she is sleeping with and who you now must treat like a King in your own home.


    My days were an exhausting parade of cleaning our house, doing laundry, taking care of the yard work, and then running over to Brian’s house to do all the things Pattie had left for me to do there. Brian’s house was huge and I was required to always don my yellow babydoll and panties while cleaning his ‘castle’ as my Queen called it. I washed floors, vacuumed, polished silver, scrubbed toilets, emptied the garbage, did his laundry, pressed his suits and shirts, polished his shoes and even did his yard work and cleaned the pool which thank God was in a very privately fenced in backyard. I was allowed to put on a pair of yellow satin shorts and pink tee shirt when I had to weed and take care of the lawn and shrubs in front of his house. I did his grocery shopping (yes in the outfit I mentioned earlier) washed, waxed, detailed his car which required me to show up at the office and embarrassingly have to ask to see Brian to get the keys and then return the car afterwards and I was required to give a slight curtsy when handing him the keys. The receptionist seemed curious but didn’t say anything. None of the people at the firm knew anything of their illicit affair. Brian was a managing partner and power player and as long as he kept pulling in the money no one cared if his buxom assistant dressed a little provocatively or that her husband seemed a bit on the fruity side. Pattie and Brian however reveled in the subtle humiliation of acts such as this. My Queen told me that she had told people at the office that I used to work for a car detailing company and since I was out of work Brian was ‘generous’ enough to throw a little money my way by having me detail his car. Emasculating, as it was it turned me on to a certain extent. To know that by pleasing Brian and doing a good job on his clothes, apartment, car etc that I was really pleasing Pattie because Brian was sexually pleasing her.


     By the time I got home most nights I barely had time to get dinner ready in time for my Queen’s arrival home. I would meet her at the door with a glass of wine, dressed in one of my baby dolls, help her get out of her sometimes restricting lingerie and then give her a massage with her favorite lotion aptly named Queen Helene Cocoa Butter. We would eat dinner, her in a pair of yoga pants and a tight tube top which was her usual lounging around the house attire which drove me wild. Her beautiful ass and legs shaped by the yoga pants and her gorgeous tits flowing out of the tight tube top would keep me in a constant state of arousal. After she had retired to the living room to watch a movie while I cleaned the dishes we’d go to bed where I would sometimes spend hours licking her pussy and ass. More often than not I would be granted some small relief – a lightly stroked cock and balls, or being allowed to masturbate myself into one of those all purpose latex gloves – she would snicker and say I wasn’t worthy to wear an expensive condom but my little cock would cum in the latex glove as they were cheap and plentiful. Other nights, she would simply roll over and go to sleep and I’d be left with her cum all over my face for the night.


    On Valentine’s Day a huge parcel arrived via a freight company at our house. The moving men moved it into our living room and as if having prior instructions, moved some of the furniture in our living room around and placed the big box in the center of the living room facing the television where our barcalounger used to sit. Pattie called and told me not to touch the box or open it until she got home. I couldn’t help but wonder what was in the huge box and counted the hours until she got home.

She had me take the cardboard box apart and inside was an oddly looking chair. It was made of wood with a soft leather headrest and arms, but where the seat should have been there was merely two small strips of soft supple leather over the fancy wood. “It’s called a Queening chair baby! Don’t you just love it! Brian told me all about them and thought it would be a perfect gift for me for Valentines Day. He ordered and arranged for the movers to move it in here and even paid for the shipping. It works like this,” she said, sitting in the chair. “I sit here relaxing, watching television, reading, or talking on the phone and you crawl underneath from the back and slide your head up onto the little leather ramp between my legs and you have unbridled access to my ass and pussy!”

I shuddered at the thoughts of long nights lying on my back licking my Queen’s pussy and ass. What bothered me even more was that I had seen these chairs online and knew they went for over a thousand dollars and worse yet it was a Valentines Day present from Brian! I hung my head as I knew that this present would pale in comparison to the small present I had been able to purchase for her from my meager allowance that my Queen afforded me. I meekly handed her the box of Russell Stover candies that I had scrimped and saved to buy for her with a Valentines Day card. “Oh baby you know what would make this Valentines Day complete?” My heart stirred and my little cock twitched as I imagined a romantic dinner for the two of us at our favorite restaurant. “No my Queen, what would make it perfect?”

She slid her sexy black skirt down her gorgeous legs revealing sheer black thigh highs. “If I sat in my new chair while you licked my pussy and ass, oh and I can eat some of your chocolates too!” She said almost as an afterthought. Before I knew it she was in the chair and I was beneath her gorgeous, voluptuous female form my tongue working its way into her pussy and ass as she flipped channels on the TV, munched on the chocolates I gave her and chatted on the phone with Brian.


“Oh I love it! It is absolutely perfect!! Yes, he’s under there right now licking my pussy and ass! It fits perfect. You are so sweet to get me a Valentines Day present, I mean I know our relationship is supposed to be purely sexual, but the mere fact that you bought a present that is only ALL about me! I mean I know a real man like you would never be caught dead using a chair like this. What? Oh that is just naughty!!! Hang on, I’ll ask him. Baby, Brian said he might use a chair like this if he was sitting where I am and he wants to know if you’d worship your King on this throne like you’re worshiping your Queen?” I could feel my face go flush and my cheeks reddening and knew that she could see my reaction as she looked down on me. I slipped my tongue out of her hole and said, “Yes my Queen whatever you and my King wish. Your wish is my command.” I went back to licking and she laughed and went back to her conversation. “Did you hear that? Just like a little genie he said, ‘your wish is my command!’ oh that is too funny!” She laughed and I could feel her wetness increase the more she talked to him and even though I could only hear one end of the conversation I too was getting aroused. “Baby, your King said that because you act like a little genie we may have to start calling you that, he just looked up the definition of genie and the word is defined as: ‘a magic spirit believed to take human form and sere the person who calls it.’ She paused, shuddered hard and came clenching her hand around my head and pulling me into her sopping wet pussy telling him she was coming and that she was thinking of his huge cock.


    She released the grip on my head and patted me on top of the head like a dog who had been a good boy. “Whew!” she said, breathing deeply and recovering from her orgasm. “I think that’s a perfect name for him! I mean he might not be a magic spirit, but the part about serving the person who calls it is perfect! I love the fact that the dictionary says it, not him too! What do you think baby, would you like your new name to be genie?” I lay there not sure if should crawl back out from under the chair or stay there in case she wanted another orgasm in her new Valentines Day present. My jaw and tongue ached but my cock told the true story as my vivid yellow panties stood like a tent as my cock rose to its full four inches.

“Yes my Queen, I would like that very much. I love serving you.” She looked down at me with a stern look still holding the phone to her ear. “And my King,” I added and a smile broke across her face. “Well that’s good genie because from now on you will be your King and Queen’s little genie.” She went back to talking to Brian on the phone motioning for me to crawl out from under the chair. Chocolate wrappers lay scattered around her Queening chair like brown snowflakes that had fallen from the sky and the box was tossed aside like yesterdays newspaper. I gathered up the wrappers on my hands and knees as she continued to chat with Brian as if I wasn’t even there discussing their day and work. Then she let out a squeal of delight. “Tonight? Oh yea that sounds like a blast!! Give me a half an hour to get ready! Okay! See you then!” She pushed the button on her iPhone as I came back into the room and I could see she had a devilish smile on her face. She summoned me over to her with a wicked grin and began toying with my balls as she talked to me. “Did that turn you on baby I mean genie?” My cock grew hard and leaked cum. “Yes my Queen very much!” “Uh oh who’s all drippy?” I knew the correct response before the last of the question left her lips. “Genie is all drippy my Queen.”

Still toying and barely stroking my cock and balls as if she were petting a cat she whispered in her sultry voice, “Brian wants to make Valentines Day special and he’s coming to pick me up in a half hour and we’re going to go grab a quick drink as he has to meet a client and then we’re going to come back here and fuck and if you’re a good little genie Brian may let you worship him on our new throne! Does my little genie like that?” There was no use in lying as my cock betrayed me oozing pre-cum and throbbing the more she talked. She held up her hand and I licked my pre-cum off and then helped her out of the chair. “I thought so. Now come help me get ready for Brian little genie you know a Queen has to look good for her King!”






My life had changed so but as I looked back it was as if this was the place I was meant to be and the life I was meant to live. It was as if I had been slowly hypnotized into doing the things I was now doing. I realized however, that I was no different than any other husband who has been married any length of time and becomes conditioned by his wife and their relationship. I’m sure you’ve seen guys married 20 years who do what their wives tell them or wouldn’t consider doing something if they thought their wife would be mad at them. Some would called it henpecked, some would call it being pussy whipped, some would call it just plain old being married. People get conditioned that’s a fact of life. I was no different with the exception of the fact that I had taken my conditioning to a deeper level than most. Pattie my rubenesque Queen had conditioned me way past the point most wives condition their husbands. She had the brilliance to see that she and she alone had the power to take me to depths that even I at the time didn’t know I could or would ever want to go. But she knew something about me that I probably didn’t know about myself. She knew that I had a need to be dominated, humiliated and emasculated by a strong beautiful woman.


      Here I sat mulling these thoughts over on Valentines Day as I waited for Pattie and Brian, my Queen and King to return from their night out. I stared at the Queening chair my cock twitching as I remembered her sitting in it with me beneath it and between her legs licking her pussy and ass. She had left me tonight after dressing to meet Brian in a tight one piece black spandex dress that accentuated her plump round ass and wide hips, her tits almost falling out of the top. She wore black thigh highs and black heels, her gorgeous red hair flowing free half way down her back. The make up she wore was much heavier than usual with heavy eye shadow, rouge, ruby red lipstick and heavy eyeliner. When she was done applying her makeup she applied her perfume, the scent sending me over the edge. She left me instructions to shower and shave my entire body, wash my babydoll and matching panties and be ready for my King and Queen to return home. With all the above completed, I sat wondering what kinky fate awaited me upon their return.


      I recalled our conversation from earlier as she applied her heavy makeup when she must have sensed I was upset. “Is my little baby upset?” She cooed in a mocking tone.

      “No it’s just that…” my voice trailed off.

      “It’s just what baby?”

      “Sometimes I get afraid and scared that you’ll fall in love with Brian and leave me for him.” There I had said it, my deepest fear.

       She smiled and finished applying the last line of very heavy eyeliner took my chin between her thumb and forefinger like she was explaining something to a small child. “Ah baby that is so cute and so sweet! Listen baby, I love you and always will. You’re my husband and we exchanged vows, till death do us part and I don’t plan on ever breaking them. You give me something Brian could not baby, you give me total devotion and servitude always putting my needs above yours and always making sure I am happy. You keep a nice house and are a great cook and a wonderful thoughtful person. Brian is a hard cock to me. Yes, he’s my boss, yes he’s attractive and powerful and dominant, but he would never or could never be the person you are and I wouldn’t want him to be. I like his cock baby and we know no matter how hard you try or wish even a little genie like you can’t make your teeny cock into one the size of Brian’s.” She leaned over and kissed me full on the lips and I almost melted.


      She was right and although I knew it I still felt that angst inside that all cuckolds feel, while we sometimes hate doing the things we do, we love the fact that we do them for the woman we love. And I knew that while every word my Queen said was true I still had those old feelings of jealousy, arousal, and angst all mixed together inside flowing out. “Alright, but sometimes when you look at him and rub your hands over his chest and biceps it’s like your falling in love with him.”

      “Oh baby that’s because I LOVE his big biceps and that chest, well what woman wouldn’t love to lay her head on that! He’s an Adonis honey but he’s a piece of meat to me. Brian has no desire to have me as his girlfriend, and plus the firm strictly forbids relationships between employees, and I need to have a man like you in my life as my husband, someone who knows the things I like and how I like them done and you fit the bill perfectly. Now just because we put you through the paces sometimes by having you do some utterly humiliating and down right emasculating things, it’s just a test to see how much you really love me and how far you’d be will to go for me. You DO love me don’t you baby?” She was tickling my balls with her long red fingernails now and that old tingling sensation ran from the top of my head to the tips of my toes putting me in a trance and all I could do was moan and nod. She was right, and I knew my place was to serve her and make her happy. As for the humiliation of it all I knew deep down inside she was also right and not only did I enjoy it and looked forward to it, but literally craved it.


      I heard the garage door open and my King and Queen entered the house arm in arm giggling. They brushed past me and went straight to the living room where Pattie proceeded to show Brian the new Queening chair and described in great detail how I had performed on her earlier. As I readied two martinis for them I could hear them laughing and whispering and by the time I got to the living room I almost dropped the silver tray with the drinks. They were both naked with Brian sitting in the Queening chair and Pattie straddling his cock bouncing up and down. “Well don’t just stand there genie, get under us and get to work!” Brian said. I set the drinks down, gave a short curtsy pulling the ends of the babydoll to each side as I did. Crawling under the chair and placing my head where it had been earlier, I began to lick. However this time I was licking my King’s balls and my Queens pussy and asses all at once as they fucked like wild animals. She was correct in one thing; I could NEVER fuck her like he was and so accepting my humble position in life I strove to do what I was born to do, serve my King and Queen.


      Under that chair in that moment I licked and sucked like never before. I tasted both of their juices as they fucked licking my Queen’s ass and my King’s cock and balls as he drove his massive cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She was bouncing on his cock grunting and emitting animal like groans. There was my gorgeous, vivacious, rubenesque wife, her huge tits bouncing up and down as she rode his cock into an orgasmic frenzy. “Keep licking my ass genie, you’re doing a great job while I’m getting fucked by a real man with a real cock!! Oh God genie, he’s touching me in places you never can or never will!” With that she moaned and exploded into orgasm and I heard my King scream out, “I’m cumming too!” as he pushed upwards driving his massive tool deeper and deeper into my wife’s pussy. They collapsed in each others arms for a moment. “Whew THAT was a fucking!” my Queen said, before sliding off his cock and repositioning herself over my face. “Here’s a present for you my little genie, open wide!!” I opened my mouths and she presented her well fucked pussy over my face with his cum dribbling out and directly into my mouth! I reached my tongue out and licked and sucked at her pussy drinking it all in. Finally, she pulled herself off of the chair, gave him a peck on the cheek and said she was going to take a shower and she wanted me to clean my King’s cock until she got back.


      So there I lay, under the Queening chair as my King repositioned himself and took his cum covered cock and slid it into my mouth as she walked off towards the shower. His cock even flaccid was much bigger than mine and it tasted like a mixture of their two juices as I licked and sucked his cock and balls.

My King sat as if on his throne channel surfing sipping a martini as if it was the most natural thing in the world to have his lover’s husband lying beneath him with his just fucked cock in the husbands mouth cleaning him off while he reveled in the moment. My jaw ached from licking and sucking his cock. I kept wondering how the hell long it was going to take her to take a shower. Every now and then, he’d reach down and pat my head like a dog petting his master, “You’re doing such a good job genie I’m starting to get hard again and I might have to fuck your Queen again or if she doesn’t get out here I may just have to cum in your mouth.” I was totally emasculated at this point and could think of nothing to do but keep sucking and pleasing my King. My Queen emerged from the other room standing behind the chair looking down at me. “Well what’s going on here? Are you cheating on me with my husband?” They both laughed and she kissed him on the neck. “Wow look how hard he’s got you! Are you gonna give him a nice present before you go home?” He took his massive hands and placing one on each side of my head drove his cock deeper into my mouth as he approached orgasm. I could feel him start to tense up as she cheered him on to cum in mouth and instructing me to swallow every drop of my King’s precious load as she put it. Finally I felt him explode as cum shot into the back of my throat and I worked hard to swallow ever drop. With his load spent in my mouth, he relaxed his grip on my head, stood up dressed, kissed Pattie goodbye and left, not even recognizing me.


      My back ached as I slid out from under the Queening chair and struggled to stand. My Queen took me by the hand and gave me a long, deep tongue kiss telling me how proud she was of me. Taking me by the hand she led me to the bedroom and proceeded to tease and tickle me for over an hour all the while whispering in my ear with her hoarse erotic voice telling me how great his cock felt deep inside her. Every time I was ready to cum she’d make me stop and lick her pussy or ass and give her yet another orgasm. Finally, she told me she wanted me to cum and began stroking and playing with me again. In a moment I was rock hard at a full four inches. “Does my little genie wanna put his teeny tiny nubbin where the real cock goes, does he wanna cum where the real cock cums?” I couldn’t believe she was asking me this. She was asking if I wanted to put my cock inside her and cum! Oh my God I hadn’t been in side her pussy in what seemed like forever let alone allowed to cum. I told her it would be an honor to be able to cum inside her pussy. “Ah since you’ve been such a good boy and you satisfied both your King AND your Queen today I think I’ll let you cum where the real cock cums!” I struggled to get to my knees between her gorgeous thick thighs staring at her beautiful bald shaved pussy. She reached out and took my teeny tiny nubbin as she liked to call it between her thumb and forefinger and guided me towards her sopping wet pussy. I stared down at her gorgeous thick body, her big beautiful breasts with her very erect nipples standing straight up and her gorgeous belly and thighs and as she guided me towards her sweet spot, the moment the head of my cock touched her pussy lips I exploded in orgasm splattering my load all over her bald pussy. I was humiliated, defeated and emasculated. “OH did my little genie shoot his load prematurely? OH I guess his teeny tiny nubbin wasn’t ready to go where the real cock goes, but now it’s time for my little genie to clean up the mess he made.” She pushed my head down towards her pussy and I licked and sucked cleaning all of my cum off her until she exploded in orgasm.


      She drifted off to sleep as I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I walked back to the living room to retrieve her cell phone and plug it into the charger for her when I saw a text from Brian. It read: had fun tonight, the wimp did a good job, think he’s ready to go to the next level yet?











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