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Blackmailed and Blue Balled






I sat nervously in front of my boss’s desk waiting for him to come back to his office. He had summoned me there and then left and said he’d be right back. I hate my boss Richard, he’s tall, successful, arrogant and owns the vast empire where I make my living as an accountant. Oh the salary is six figures and the secretaries are gorgeous, not my style though, all thing waif like blondes with no boobs. My tastes run larger like to that of my wife Cassie who is Voluptuous, Rubenesque, BBW, and all those other descriptive terms you hear to describe big woman. Cassie has long red hair almost down to her waist, very big tits, chunky thighs and a great bubble ass that would put Ice-T’s wife Coco to shame. She has a penchant for short skirts, high heels, no stockings or panties and loves to flirt. She is another reason I hate Richard. Every time we’re together at a company function he’s constantly ogling her and pawing her and when I bring it to her attention she simply smiles and waves me off.



The door closed and my heart was in my throat. Richard took a seat behind his massive oak desk. These sessions usually meant I had done something wrong or missed some minuscule detail in the accounting records of this massive organization. Richard looked me straight in the eye. “Look Pete I’ll get right to the point here. There is over a hundred thousand dollars missing from the accounts receivable files and it appears that the money has gone missing over a period of months and no one other than you has the access or the know how to do such a thing.” I could feel my face reddening even though I was totally innocent I hate being accused of anything especially something I didn’t do. “Richard, I have no idea what you’re talking about and I assure you….” “Stop!” he cut in and waved his hand in front of his face then pushed a button on his phone. “Have my nine o’clock appointment come in.”



The door opened and in strode my sexy wife, high red heels, short red dress, big party hair and no stockings, and a tiny outline of a g-string showing under the dress. Richard jumped up and pulled a chair out for Cassie to sit in. “Cassie I’m glad you could make it. I’ve just told Pete the charges we discussed on the phone."

I couldn’t believe my ears, he had discussed this with Cassie?

“I’m very disappointed in you Pete. I can’t believe you would do something like this to me! You’ve put my whole future in jeopardy!” Typical Cassie, it was always about her, never our future just hers.

“Cassie, I don’t know what Richard told you but this is all lies!” She stood up and slapped me hard across the face and I felt the sting and could only imagine how her hand print looked on my cheek.

“Shut up! Richard called me this morning and told me he had irrefutable evidence that you’ve embezzled one hundred thousand dollars from his company. He’s shared the details with me and I’m convinced he’s telling the truth as no one else here has the knowledge or capability to do this but you!” My head was spinning and I had no idea where to turn next. Pleading my innocence surely wasn’t helping.

“Cassie I can assure you if you let me take a look at the books I can explain.” Richard stood and looked out the window then returned to stand next to my wife and I swore he was looking down her dress checking out her cleavage.

“Pete, that is no longer possible. You’ve been relieved of duties of head accountant here. Your choices are simple, you can resign at which point I will notify the authorities and bring criminal charges or you can take another position within the company and work to pay back the money you stole."



“Cassie, Richard, I tell you I didn’t do this!” Cassie crossed her legs showing more of her big thighs for Richard’s viewing pleasure.

"Pete, this is serious and I will not have you disgrace me and have this go public and see my name strewn throughout the press while you’re sent to jail. Plus Pete with your puny body you wouldn’t last two days in jail before you were sodomized, raped and probably killed, and from Richard tells me after consulting law enforcement is that you’ll like serve more than two YEARS! So I think you know what choice you need to make, don’t you?” Again typical Cassie asking a question that she already knew the answer to, as I sank back in the chair and felt my face drain of all its color.



She was right of course, whether I was innocent or guilty didn’t really matter at this point. Richard had the ‘proof’ and they would railroad me right into a jail cell and my 5’5 skinny, hairless body with it's half inch hairless cock would be mocked, raped, and abused in ways I didn’t care to think about and I knew Richard had the juice to do it.

“Okay I’ll do whatever you think is best Cassie.” She stood and took my hand and I stood to face her.

“The first thing you need to do is thank Richard for being so kind and benevolent.”

I hung my head and in my best apologetic voice said, “Thank you Richard for being so kind and benevolent.” Whap! Her hand slapped my face hard again!

“Jesus Pete can’t you do anything right? The man saves you from prison time, public embarrassment, and being some black guy’s prison bitch wife and all you can do is hang your head say thank you! I guess like everything else in this family I’ll have to show you the proper way to thank someone who has bestowed such kindness on us!”

With that said, Cassie knelt in front of Richard and unzipped his pants and removed his cock. I was in shock but just stood there not knowing what to say or do. His cock was huge in length and girth and it was still soft. She took it in her hands and stroked it and gently kissed the tip and then began sucking vigorously. Richard stood there in his palatial office, my wife on her knees sucking his cock, me standing there like a dope tears running down my face with a huge smile on his face. A smile of a conqueror, a smile of a man who had just raided another country and was enjoying the spoils, and reveling in the acquisition. He put his hands on Cassie’s head and guided her on and off his cock for over fifteen minutes before he finally tensed up and said, “Oh yea baby I’m gonna cum!”


Cassie took every last drop of cum in her mouth, stood and came to me and kissed me deeply, spitting Richard’s spent load into my mouth and smiling at me.

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I nervously swallowed and they both laughed!

“Well I guess he can at least do one thing right!” Richard said. He zipped his pants up and returned to sit behind his desk and Cassie went and sat on his lap. He shuffled through some papers and looked up at me.

“Pete, your new position will be with the custodial services department and your new shift will be Monday through Friday from 5pm until 1am every day. You’ll be under the direct supervision of Shanasia Hartley and will report to her at the beginning of your shift each day. One quarter of your paycheck will be applied to the balance you embezzled and the remainder will be directly deposited in your wife Cassie’s account as it is obvious you can’t be trusted to handle money."

I had just gone from the top floor of the company to the basement in one fell swoop and was now under the supervision of Shanasia, the man hater. She was a tall thick boned black woman with a big butt, big thighs and a penchant for lesbian sex which accounted for the reason that the entire custodial staff consisted of lesbians of all shapes and sizes.

“Okay.” I managed to mumble.

Cassie spoke up. “That’s another thing, Pete, since you’re no longer part of the corporate world I think you need to address Richard as all the other custodial staff does by calling him Sir and I think you should know that because Richard has been so kind to us that I intend to continue to be grateful to him during your working hours by having him over to the house and helping to ease the pain and suffering you’ve caused the both of us.” Us! Now Cassie and Richard were and ‘us’! Oh my God my life couldn’t get any worse, or so I thought.





Chapter 2



My first day under Shanasia’s control was pure hell. I stood in front or her desk in basement office as she looked me up and down and snickered. “I got the lowdown on you white boy. Directly from the top I did, the boss man himself gave me all the dope!” I wasn’t sure how much he had told Shanasia but figured I should just keep my mouth shut and go along.

“Okay to start with your duties are the lunch rooms on all the floors, the men’s and women’s rooms on all the floors, the executive bathrooms on the top floors to start and we’ll see how well your skinny ass can manage that and then we’ll give you more.” She threw a paper bag across her desk. “Here’s your outfit. You’ll wear what the rest of my girls wear. Oh and the sox were your wife’s idea. So strip and change into your work clothes.”

I took the bag and looked around for a place to go change; Shanasia walked around her desk and slapped me hard across the face. “I said change bitch! Here and now!”



Sheepishly I kicked off my shoes and took my socks, pants, and shirt off and stood there naked my hairless trembling pale body looking miniscule compared to Shanasia’s six foot frame, big tits, massive ass and thighs. She towered over me as I fumbled with the bag and removed a pair of pink coveralls that I had seen all the custodial staff wear along with pink sneakers and a pair of frilly pink socks. I quickly donned my new outfit only to find that the legs were about three inches above my ankles I guessed this was done on purpose to show off my pretty pink socks.



The rest of my first shift found me washing floors, cleaning coffee grounds, emptying garbage all under the direction of Shanasia’s glare and supervision. At the first men’s room she had me get on my knees and scrub the floors, then it was the urinals and the toilets all with my hands and a sponge, as she said she wasn’t wasting rubber gloves on me due to money being short because some asshole had embezzled some money and things being cut back all over. Kneeling in those men’s rooms scrubbing urinals and toilets at times made me wretch from the smell only to have Shanasia smile and taunt me all the more.

“You’re used to just walking in here and pissing and shitting all over and never realize that after you’ve dripped piss all over the urinal someone has to come and clean it up. Now it’s you bitch and these urinals are gonna shine!”



When my shift was over at 1am I reached for my clothes to change and go home.

“What the fuck you think you’re doing bitch?” I took a step back and said, “Uh getting changed and going home.”

Shanasia grinned and slapped my ass hard. “You may be going home but you AINT changing. You are to wear your uniform to and from work every day and on Friday’s you are to leave it here to be cleaned where you’ll find it on that rack over there waiting for you on Monday when you come back to work.” With that she took my clothes, locked them in a locker and left. I stood there humiliated, embarrassed, emasculated and destroyed.


Cassie had given me no money so I set out on foot. What a sight I must have been walking home in that attire at that time of the morning. When I finally got home every bone in my body ached and my muscles screamed with strain. I could hear the television in the master bedroom and went there to say hello to Cassie and try to get some of my self respect back and plead for her to make this stop.

Cassie lay on her back legs spread with Richard above her in the missionary position slamming his massive cock into her pussy so hard the whole bed was moving. She glanced over at me, smirked and said, “I’m glad your home come. Pour some water in my mouth all this fucking has made me thirsty.”

Richard never even glanced my way as he continued to pound my wife. I obediently opened a bottle of water and carefully poured some in Cassie’s mouth as Richard groaned a final sigh and dumped his load into her. He lay there for a moment and then made one long final thrust before rolling off her and lying on his back.




“Well Petey, don’t you look pretty in pink!” They both laughed and she playfully slapped him. Cassie beckoned me towards the bed.

“Since your new job is cleaning, why don’t we see how good you are at it? Get over here and clean Richard’s cum out of my pussy and if you do that real good maybe I’ll let you clean his cock!”

Again they both laughed my dismay. I edged forward and complied willingly lapping Richard’s salty discharge from my wife’s shaved pussy.


As I lapped at her pussy she spread her big thunder thighs wider and pulled her legs back over her head. “I think some may have run down into my asshole, make sure you get all that too!” Through tears of embarrassment I licked like a madman, but also felt an odd stirring as my tiny cock grew to its full four inches.



That night became the ritual for which my marriage and life consisted of. Evenings were spent under the cruel thumb of Shanasia and her lesbian custodial staff and nights were spent catering to Cassie and Richard’s every whim. It seemed as if the two lives I led, my work one and my home one were always on some weird parallel course. For whatever humiliating, degrading task Shanasia had me perform at work I could always be assured there would be an even more humiliating and degrading waiting for me when I returned home.

One night after working till almost three a.m. due to the fact that a whole new load of custodial supplies was delivered and Shanasia had no one to unload the truck or I should had no one who wanted to unload the semi so I was selected. I figured someone else would do my routine that night but was mistaken so after unloading the semi I had to make the rounds cleaning bathrooms on my knees. Somehow word had gotten out that I was now in the custodial staff in charge cleaning the rest rooms which amused many people and made them make them extra special messy for me to clean up.


Arriving home at 3 a.m. I found an empty house and note that said Cassie and Richard had gone out for the night and that I was to wait up for them to return. My body ached and I was exhausted, but got naked as it my usual attire around the house save for a pretty pink ribbon tied around my shaved cock and balls that Cassie likes to make me wear. I dozed off watching a movie and jumped when I heard voices and heard the door open. It was Cassie and Richard accompanied by a woman in her 50’s and looked like she was out of a bad sitcom. She had long black puffy hair, she was taller than most women I’d seen with a huge butt, her breasts hanging braless beneath a tiny tank top, her thick tanned thighs were stocking free, and she wore flip flops and was not pretty. She was one of those women who have very manly features even though you know they’re female. She looked like she hadn’t showered in a few days, her hair stringy, her face oily, and on top of it she along with Cassie and Richard were all very drunk.



“Hey Petey!!! We’re home!!” Cassie called as the threesome walked into the house and I obediently stood and greeted them as I’d been trained.

“This is Dawn, we met in a bar downtown and thought we’d bring her home to you as a present. You see Dawn hasn’t been laid or had any real good sex in quite awhile and it was getting late and the bars were closing so Richard here had the idea that you’d be the perfect lover for her. I mean you can’t fuck her with that puny dick of yours but you can motorboat her boobs and lick her pussy and ass until the cows come home! We’re heading to bed, you two have fun!! Oh and Petey, be a good boy and do WHATEVER Dawn wants.”

Cassie had grabbed Richard’s hand and was leading him off to the bedroom as Dawn looked at me and in a very deep voice that sounded like it had had too many cigarettes, “Okay lover let’s go!”


I led her to the spare room that Cassie and Richard had converted into ‘my room’ in our house. It was no frills, and had no curtains or blinds forcing me to show myself to the neighbors and anyone else who happened to be passing by. A small twin bed was all that existed in the room. No pictures, no television, no radio, Cassie’s reminder to me what it would be like had I gone to prison and how lucky I was to be here, but I was in a very different type of prison.

Dawn came at me, grabbed me and placed her tongue deep into my mouth and twirling it around. She was so big she literally hugged me and picked me up like I was a rag doll. “Mmmm I like the taste of you lover.” She reached down and played with my tiny cock chuckling as it grew to its full length and stood straight out.

“Is that as hard as that weenie gets?” I couldn’t speak so I just nodded. “Aw that’s okay,” she said, taking my head and pressing it to her chest, “momma is gonna make you feel good and you’re going to make momma feel good.” She pulled her tank top of and her big boobs hung there. “Suck momma and make her all wet.” I spent the next half hour sucking her tits while we made out, Dawn always controlling the action.



From the other room I could hear Cassie screaming as Richard fucked her hard and rough, something I hoped Dawn didn’t want. In the darkness of my room she continually played with my cock bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then stopping over and over which drove me wild.

Finally she got on all fours, pulled her thong aside and said, “Momma wants you to lick her bum and make her feel good!” I gagged as I brought my tongue closer to her ass being revolted by the smell but knew I had to do this and thought at least I wasn’t doing it to some convict in the confines of a prison cell. After licking her for about fifteen minutes she rolled over and stripped off her thong and skirt revealing a cock!

I gasped and she laughed out loud. “Oh that’s right baby momma’s got a lot of surprises for you!! Cassie and Richard found me special to bring home. She roughly grabbed my head and shoved it down on her cock which began to grow hard in my mouth. As I sucked she explained that she was a transsexual but had run out of money for the total operation and so just had boobs and a fully functioning cock.

The rest of the night consisted of me being humiliated and degraded as if I were in a jail cell. She fucked me on all fours taking my virgin ass and roughly I might add. By the time dawn was breaking and the first shades of the light of day were coming into my room, I was squatting astride her cock bouncing up and down on it as she lay there not having to do anything but enjoy  fucking me. I was so afraid a neighbor would go by and see me and I wanted her to cum on hand so this horrible nightmare would be over but on the other I didn’t want her to cum and have her leave a load in my ass.  Finally she grabbed my hips and pounded my ass hard shooting her hot load into my ass with no regard to my comfort or humiliation.



Later that morning I fixed the three of them breakfast and Richard went to the office as Cassie and Dawn lay around the living room watching television while I gave them both a manicure. Dawn told Cassie that she thought it would be fun if they milked me since she had teased me all night and she was sure I’d be ready to shoot a big load. Cassie thought it was a great idea and Dawn had me get on all fours on my bed and began the milking process which consisted of her playing with me and massaging my prostate but never really stroking my cock. I could heard Cassie and Dawn whispering behind me and then laughter. Cassie left the room and came back and they both giggled like school girls.

“Petey! Smile! You’re on camera!” I turned to see Cassie with a video recorder taping my humiliation. “We’re broadcasting this live to Richard so he can see it in his office, and oh by the way Shanasia is watching too!”



Two agonizing painful hours later cum dribbled from my cock without being touched and I collapsed in exhaustion only to be told to get myself up and clean the sheets with my tongue.


The remainder of that day was spent catering to Dawn and Cassie before I left for work. On my way out the door wearing my pink coveralls and frilly pink socks, Dawn yelled, “Can’t wait to see you when you get home lover!”


And so my life goes on with Cassie, Richard, Shanasia, and Dawn my tormentors, master, mistress, wife and lover all taking turns to run my life for their amusement.








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