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King and Queen Cuckold

My back ached as I slid out from under the Queening chair and struggled to stand. My Queen took me by the hand and gave me a long, deep tongue kiss telling me how proud she was of me. Taking me by the hand she led me to the bedroom and proceeded to tease and tickle me for over an hour all the while whispering in my ear with her hoarse erotic voice telling me how great his cock felt deep inside her. Every time I was ready to cum she’d make me stop and lick her pussy or ass and give her yet another orgasm. Finally, she told me she wanted me to cum and began stroking and playing with me again. In a moment I was rock hard at a full four inches. “Does my little genie wanna put his teeny tiny nubbin where the real cock goes, does he wanna cum where the real cock cums?” I couldn’t believe she was asking me this. She was asking if I wanted to put my cock inside her and cum! Oh my God I hadn’t been in side her pussy in what seemed like forever let alone allowed to cum.   




Controlling Cuckolding Wife

It was not the standard agreement. It said that upon our marriage I would sign EVERYTHING I owned over to Gina. Houses, vacation homes, cars, boats, stocks, she would control all the money, checking accounts etc. The only caveat was that she had to ‘date’ other men and have sex with them. She would also control everything about me from what I wore to my sex life. I on the other hand had little rights, if I so much as displeased Gina or she didn’t like the way things were going she was free to leave and all property and money would revert to me and she would be free to leave the marriage. She finished reading, smiled and said, “Well that seems perfectly acceptable to me.”




Scent of a Cuckold

I was kneeling on the floor stroking Nikki’s leg still wearing the yellow latex gloves when Patrick pushed himself back from the table and put his hands behind his head and told me that he needed me to show him I understood who was in charge and what everyone’s role was. As if the fact that I was kneeling on the floor wearing a pink maid’s outfit, white thigh highs and a tiara after having served my girlfriend and her lover dinner and dessert wasn’t answer enough. But I knew what he meant.




Robert and Becky

Robert and Becky thought it hilarious that she had this much control over me. So now I was reduced to either cumming with her playing with my balls or by using her laundry. Either way it was humiliating and because no one touched my cock when I came, provided some of the most painful and pleasurable orgasms I’ve ever experienced.




Road Trip

We settled into a routine: Each day, it seemed, Janice and Roy would do something new to take me further into the abyss of degradation. I could slowly feel my life slipping away. Hell, for awhile there, I hardly ever got to see my own wife naked. I'd taken up permanent residence in the guest room, and I wasn't privvy to Janice's more intimate moments, like showering or dressing.

 I would beg my wife and her lover to at least let me watch them make love once in awhile, but Janice always had the same answer: "I don't want to be fucking Roy, and have to look up and see your disgusting fat ass!"




Blackmailed and Blue Balled

"You’ll be under the direct supervision of Shanasia Hartley and will report to her at the beginning of your shift each day. One quarter of your paycheck will be applied to the balance you embezzled and the remainder will be directly deposited in your wife Cassie’s account as it is obvious you can’t be trusted to handle money." I had just gone from the top floor of the company to the basement in one fell swoop and was now under the supervision of Shanasia, the man hater.





My cock was rock hard and now I was dripping pre cum onto the floor with some of it hitting Pattie's bare foot. Pattie raised her pale foot with her scarlet red polish that I had applied earlier accenting her beautiful feet. "Uh oh, who's all drippy?" I could feel my face turning crimson, "pinky is all drippy." She presented her foot to me and I obediently licked it off while the two of them snickered.



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Prescription Cuckold

My wife Stephanie and her boss Franks affair was now out in the open. Frank is a doctor and my wife runs the office for him. I work for her father in his janitorial service. As I wrote in a previous story, I was out of town while Frank and Stephanie made their affair known to me. They let me know I was to be their cuckold upon returning. I was heartbroken but agreed. Here is how things have progressed.





That first night was and incredible mixture of lust, jealousy, satisfaction, fantasy, reality all balled into one. Nikki and Michael watched television and lounged on the couch and made out for awhile while I knelt on the floor and painted Nikki’s toenails. At one point, in their making out her shirt and his pants and shirt came off, and I found myself staring at Nikki’s face and breasts with Michael’s cock between them pumping vigorously




The Dutches and Me

As she went on and told me her rules I became increasingly aroused. She lay there on her back in a dreamy state, one hand on the remote control for the television, and one hand fondling my balls. As she talked I moved back and forth on the bed humping her arm, as the combination of the conversation, her fondling my balls, and the sex I had just witnessed was driving me mad. As she talked, I was going crazy wanting to come, but she kept telling me no I had to wait for her permission. She lay there dictating her rules making me agree before I could come. At that point I would have agreed to anything she laid out. Her other rules were simple, aside from me never having intercourse when Bruce was present, I was to always wear her used pantyhose when he was there as a sign of my submissiveness to them. I must always address her as Duchess and him as Sir or Sir Bruce, and they would address me as Tinkerbelle.




In That Moment

Story of cuckolding, male chastity, dominant wife and orgasm control.





From that night on, it was all about her. I would get her off with my fingers and then and only then after she had cum would she even think about letting me cum. Usually I was allowed to hump her leg and cum or fuck the bed while she berated me. This soon changed to her playing with my balls and never touching my cock which put me in agony while trying to cum without having my cock touched.




Pattie's Pink Plaything

Pattie went to their house one night without me and the three of them had a wild night of sex and in the morning, Pattie broached the subject of including her little  cucky husband into the mix noting that I’d be an excellent servant, slave, toy for their amusement.



Trust in Diana

But her torment knew no bounds. She installed big screen tv's in most every room of the house and while I was home doing my daily housework chores I was forced to watch Diana and Johnny fucking on each tv in the house. Many times right in our marital bed, many times taunting me.






My New Life

So much had happened in the past few months that sometimes I wake up in the morning and my head is spinning. A few short months ago I was a high powered executive with a six figure salary, a beautiful wife, a nice home, and a deep burning desire to be a cuckold husband. I wake up in my pink canopied bed, with my small pink chest at the foot of the bed with a life size model of Sir Thomas’s cock and balls on it, which I pray to every night. In the kitchen there is another replica of Sir Thomas’s cock and balls made of rubber that I must pour all my food into and suck it like a baby drinking from a bottle.  

I’ve been completely feminized and am forced to wear a pink Baby Doll complete with a platinum blonde wig. I have lost my job and am now relegated to serving Miss Suzanne and Sir Thomas’s every need and whim. My emotions range from heartbreak to jealousy to anger to excitement, to love. And through it all I continue on the journey because I love her that much.

I’ve become proficient in all manner of household duties. I cook, I clean, I do laundry, and housework, manicures and pedicures, massages. You name it I do it. Miss Suzanne and Sir Thomas need not lift a finger around the house; they want for nothing because I’m there to give it to them. And the humiliation continues to thrill me. They seem to delight in the endless ways to humiliate me.




A Cuckold Coupling

Story of a sissy cuckold husband who will do everything to please his Wife.

The control of a chastity device as any cuckold knows is amazing. When you’re in it, you’re constantly reminded of why you’re in it and how badly you want to be released. Once released you’ll do virtually anything to cum and knowing this and exploiting it, Pattie has total control over me and anything I do.




The Helper

As if it was rehearsed already, I picked up a soft cloth and began to bathe them. My hands running over Cindy's beautiful breasts I worked my hand lower and lower until I heard her sigh as I reached between her legs. As I ran the washcloth between her legs, I felt Kevin's cock growing hard again. I worked the washcloth back up and washed Kevin's chest and shoulders. Cindy turned and kissed him, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. His cock sprang up through the soapy water and before I knew it, Cindy was on all fours in the tub as he rode her from behind.




Heather and James

After a time, Heather began to enjoy her domination over and found more ways to humiliate me with her making me cum on demand. Some days she would have me clean the house naked and she would call me over to stand next to her while she lay on the couch and merely put her hand out. I knew what this meant and would immediately get into position and make myself cum while she watched TV and laughed.   




Cuckolded by Kate

“Kate, thank you so much for allowing me to make retribution in some small way for the emotional distress you had to endure. I hope you know that I will do anything to make you and Michael happy. I have literally become addicted to serving you and Michael. I crave the cum the two of you feed me and it seems the more you push my buttons and test my limits the more excited it makes me.”





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Five Long Years of Cuckolding

...Now, here's the way things are going to work. Citing health problems, you're going to resign from your position on Monday and appoint Richard as your replacement, which he will be in many ways! Then you will spend your entire time around the house as our slave. For now you'll still act like you're my husband and equal when we go out, but inside our home you'll be naked except for pantyhose and whatever else we decide to make you wear...




Debbie's Cuckold

...Ian and I haven't slept together yet, however we will tonight. You will allowed to be present on one condition. We want you to be our cleanup boy. To clean his magnificent cock and lick my pussy clean when he's done...




Cuckolded at the Gym

Behind close doors, I would be her cuckold. She would be free to come and go as she pleased, see whomever she wanted and do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. I on the other hand, would maintain the household, do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, tend to Marianne's personal needs and whatever else she saw fit.




A Christmass Cuckold

My reward was the privilege and honor of licking her pussy and ass for hours on end, while I knelt at the edge of the bed locked in my chastity tube. It was every cuckolds dream to be released from my tube only when she saw fit and only allowed to fuck her when she felt I deserved it. I would beg to put my cock inside her and she would taunt me and say, "I don't think so my little boywife, that's where the real men go!" And then after begging and pleading, she'd let me inside on the condition that when I came I had to lick her clean.




Happy Birthday

Short story from cuckold's life.




Cuckold Story:  The Ying and Yang

Story about cuckolding, a life journey and all that goes with that.



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Ian's Workout

He smiled and I died inside. Since I had gone to work with Ian after meeting him on the Internet and having told him of my desire to be cuckolded by a dominant man and my wife, they had obliged me willingly. I felt trapped. Ian was responsible for my job and income and Debbie had stopped working so I was their captive. Unless I wanted to quit and get divorced which is something I knew I would never do.




Just What The Doctor Ordered

As a cuckold husband, you'll come to understand that a superior man is taking care of your wife, while you are serving both of us and making everyone happy. Oh there may be some embarassing and unpleasant things from time to time in the form of punishment, but neither Steph nor I are cruel people and we're not out to hurt you, merely to make you the true submissive cuckold you are.




The Cuckold Life

We are into cuckolding which in case you don’t know the definition is a man with an unfaithful wife. He accepts, encourages and helps out, but is not permitted to have lovers outside the marriage. But it’s so much more than that and there are varying degrees. 



Holleywood's Cuckold

Scared and aroused at the same time, he did as he was told, thrilled to be near her, despite the humiliating situation.  She resumed licking and gobbling one of the impressive cocks, massaged the guy's balls gently, and brought him to a spasming finish inside her mouth.  Then she turned her head so it was positioned over Dudley's upturned face, parted her lips, and let a long string of cum and spit hang down until it stretched to his mouth and began to ooze in. 



Belle's Balls

As for our sex life or I should say Belle’s sex life, it consisted mostly of me going down on her pussy or her ass and licking her for hours to orgasm after orgasm. Belle would grant me an orgasm now and again. She would sometimes make me stand naked next to the bed and she would look at my naked chubby body with my tiny cock poking out and chuckle. She would then play with my balls and when I would grow hard she would laugh at my tiny four inch erection calling it names like pin dick or nubbin.



PJ's Cucky Husband




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The Sellout

Teddy’s wife Audrey ruled the roost; she controlled all the money although she didn’t work, she was the only one in the house allowed to drive forcing poor Teddy to walk to his two jobs he worked to support Audrey and her lover(s) depending on her mood.




The Cuckold's Throne

Soon Becky’s ‘friends’ started to come over to our house, they were mostly Black and Latino guys from her old neighborhood. Usually they would come over go to the bedroom with Becky to watch movies. I was instructed not to disturb them while they in there and usually given chores to do until the movie was over.




Transfixed by Tessa

I say met me because she had put an ad on a dating site looking for ‘a man who knows his place is at a beautiful woman’s feet’ the ad ran for a paragraph or more but some intriguing phrases still stick in my mind. Phrases such as, ‘must make his wife’s happiness paramount in his life’ and ‘knows that his wife will make all the decisions in their relationship and will embrace that lifestyle’ .




The Grocery Store

My subservience became more apparent as we all adapted to our roles. I went from serving, to participating, to becoming proficient at oral sex on a male and female, licking, rimming, and cleaning up after their trysts. I looked forward to always learning more and more to please Reggie and Katie






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