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Say It Isn't So


story by Omega







After dating Kathy for two years, she had finally agreed to marry Billie. With her long golden hair, devilish eyes, pixie face and sexy petite body, Billie only had to kiss her to get a hard-on; not that it did him any good. Kathy had dated several guys before Billie and had sex with every one of them. She said once they got what they wanted, they dumped her for someone else. She told Billie she was not fucking another guy until he married her. She said all guys are the same, once they have fucked you several times they get tired of you and go looking for someone new.


So, for the past two years Billie could not make love to her in the normal way. She told Billie that it didn’t mean they couldn’t have sex though. “Have you sucked a girl before?”


“No,” Billie said blushing.


“That’s OK I’ll teach you. Husbands fuck but boyfriends only suck.”


So she started training him on how to satisfy her with his tongue. He had to wait for her permission but then he would remove her panties while she lay on her bed or sat on her recliner chair. Then he would kiss and lick her thighs, stomach and pussy until he got her in the mood. She said a well trained boyfriend did not need verbal commands. “When I pull your hair that’s your signal to quit kissing and start tongue fucking.”


“Now you probably don’t know how to tongue fuck either, so I’ll help you by yanking your hair when I want you to get your tongue as deep in me as you can. Every time I yank you thrust because it’s important that you get the rhythm right. Once you’re trained I won’t have to pull your hair.”


Billie’s tongue would get sore because she would keep him at it until she was near orgasm. When she held his head tight against her pussy he had to wiggle his tongue as much as he could. That was hard to do when his tongue was already sore from thrusting into her, especially when she made him do it quickly. When she was close she would grab him by the ears and that was his signal to stop tongue fucking, and covering his teeth with his lips gently bite her clit. If she wanted him to bite harder she would pull his ears again, but Billie didn’t like doing that because it would sometimes make his lips bleed, however Kathy had no interest in his discomfort, only her own enjoyment. Sometimes Billie wondered if this was really what boyfriends did or was she taking advantage of him because she knew he was a virgin.


They went out every Saturday night and after the movie or whatever, they would go back to her place. While Billie made her favorite drink, rum and coke, she would strip down, put on a shortie nightie and sprawl on the side of her bed with her legs wide open. Billie had to take off all his clothes too and while she drank it Billie would get down on his knees and pleasure her with his tongue. Sometimes she even watched TV while he did it. She wanted Billie naked so that she could watch him when she made him jerk off for her. She would often say she just loved watching him jerk that great big cock for her. It made him feel good to hear her tell him what a nice big cock he had.


Anyway that was all over now because they were getting married.


The honeymoon was a disaster. The first time they made love he thought it was wonderful, but Kathy cried out and made him pull out. She said his cock was too big; that it hurt her when he tried to fuck her. Billie used to feel proud when she said things like, “jerk off that great big cock for me,” or “I love to look at your big cock,” but now he felt cursed because he couldn’t make love to his sexy wife without hurting her.


When the honeymoon was over she went to see her doctor about what could be done. When she came home she had the answer. She told him they were fortunate that they both wanted children, because the doctor told her that once she had a child, she would be stretched enough that both of them would be able to enjoy sex together.

The problem was how did he get her pregnant if he can’t make love to her. Billie was thinking of artificial insemination but Kathy would not agree. She said it would have to be done the natural way or not at all. In the end she gave him an ultimatum, either he let her get a stud to knock her up or they could continue what they were doing before marriage, Billie sucking her and then jerking off for his relief.


“But it’s not right. I want to make love to you. That’s all I thought about for the past year; there must be some other way.”


“There is no other way,” she said in a stern voice. “Either you let me fuck other men now or you will never get to fuck me. Yes or no; I want to know your answer right now!”


“OK, OK I guess you can do it.”


“No whining, no whimpering and no complaining.”


“I won’t complain but I …”


“No buts, in fact I want you to take an active part with this”


“What are you talking about?”


“I am not going to walk into a bar alone like some cheap pickup. You are going with me to keep me company. When a guy comes to our table, if they ask you if it’s OK to dance with me, you will say yes because you are a lousy dancer. If I like the guy I’ll stay on the floor and dance with him. If I don’t like the guy I’ll come back to the table where you will be waiting for me. If I don’t like any of the guys that dance with me, you can take me home and we will try again the following week. If I like the guy I’ll go sit at his table and that will be your signal to get up and go home.”


“But that is so humiliating. Everyone in the club will know I came with you but you are leaving with someone else.”


“Maybe they will think I’m your sister; anyway, that’s your problem. After all, I am doing this for you. I can always find a guy with a normal sized dick to fuck me. I don’t need to have a baby to have a good time. Remember, you are the one that needs to get me pregnant.”


“I know, it’s just so …”


“I know sweetie, but just think soon you will be able to fuck me also.”


“I just wish there was some other way to …”


“There is no other way. Just remember that I am doing all of this for you.”


So it started, every Friday night he would drive her to that dance bar, and about 3 times a month he would come home alone. She wanted to share her experiences with him but he did not want to hear them. It only made him mad and jealous. This annoyed her because she wanted to have him listen while she told him about getting fucked and make him jerk off.


“I have read stories on the internet where husbands want their wives to fuck other men and then tell them all about it or allow them to watch. Is that what you want, to watch? Instead of fucking them at their place I could bring them home and you could watch us.”




“You are my husband and I want to have sex with you. Now I know you can’t fuck me but when I come home from a date you can suck me. You know I like that and this is a way we can have sex together.”


“I’m not doing that after you have had sex with another guy.”


“Yes you are or I won’t bother coming home, I’ll spend the night at their place and come home the next day or maybe the day afterwards. Would you like that better?”


“No Kathy, please don’t do that. OK I’ll do it.”


That was what she wanted to hear and the very next night she came in about midnight after being fucked by her latest stud. “Billie he was so big, not as big as you but he shot so much cum in me that I can’t wait until you suck all that nasty cum out of me.”

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Billie did it the way she had trained him and she had another orgasm from his tongue. “Do you like it Billie? Do you like sucking his cum out of my fucked pussy? See, I told you we could enjoy sex together.”


That became Billie’s sex life.  She would come home from a date and he would suck her. One night she said the guy shot his cum in her pussy so quickly, she did not have an orgasm so she wanted Billie to try extra hard to get her off. She wanted Billie to ask her about her date and then suck her while she told him all the juicy details


After a few months she told Billie she was tired of one night stands; that it made her feel like a slut picking up a guy at a bar and fucking him or spending the night with him. “What I want is a boyfriend, someone I can form an emotional bond with and see on a regular basis.”


“But you told me you wouldn’t do that. You said mating with different guys was like using a stud service, that they didn’t mean anything to you.”


“And it didn’t work, did it? After four months I am still not pregnant; besides I have already picked him out. He is a salesman that often drops in to see my boss. He has asked me out several times and I have always said no, but he next time he asks I’ll say yes. Will he be surprised when I fuck him on the first date.


“But you can’t have a husband and a boyfriend as well. How do you think I would feel watching you go out on dates?”


“Do you want me to get pregnant or not? If you do then this is the way to do it.”


So she started seeing Frank on a regular basis. At first she would meet him somewhere, but later she had him pick her up at their house. If she was still getting ready when he came Billie had to let him in and make him comfortable. He always had a smirk on his face when he shook Billie’s hand. It was so humiliating to make his wife’s boyfriend a drink while he waited for her. Another thing that annoyed him was she would come down the stairs wearing something sexy and the perfume he had bought her on their honeymoon. She would kiss Billie on the cheek, but kiss him on the lips. Was all this necessary just to get pregnant?


She got bossier with him. He now did most of the housework. She did the cooking but he did the cleanup. Her excuses were she didn’t have time because she had to get ready for her date, or go shopping, or get her hair and nails done. Sometimes she would stay over at Frank’s place and come home in the morning. Often after one of those all night sessions she would want their kind of lovemaking. She would have a smile on her face as she watched him make love to her pussy with his tongue and then jerk off.


Mainly she liked to get fucked in the comfort of her own bed. She wanted Billie to watch them do it and jerk off. She heard a lot of husbands liked to do that. Frank thought so too. He said watching them and hearing Kathy’s moans while she got fucked by a superior male would make Billie’s  jerk offs more enjoyable for him When Billie said he was not one of those husbands she made him move out to the spare bedroom.


She would still come into his room sometimes when she wanted oral sex from him. “I love the way Frank fucks me but I also like the way you give me tongue love.” Another time she told him, “I like this arrangement, Frank fucking me and you sucking me. It will make our marriage stronger. You are both very good at what you do. It’s like having two husbands, one to take care of my sexual needs and the other to look after my other needs.”


One night when she was out with Frank, Billie was finishing up the laundry and putting hers away in her top drawer. As he rearranged her lingerie he noticed a small plastic case in the back corner. Out of curiosity he picked it up to look. Imagine his shock when he saw they were birth control pills.





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