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First a little background, my name is Derek and my wife is Renee, we are both 28 and live in a decent sized city in the Midwest. We live a medium sized house in a quiet suburban neighborhood. My wife is a thin beauty with short, sassy dirty blond hair with C size tits and a great ass.


We have been married for five years and have had a pretty good sex life with quite a few good adventures to keep things interesting. We are both fortunate enough to be able to work from home as of early this year. But our relationship has gone up and down during that time, as I assume a lot of young marriages do.


Last year, like most guys I was excited for my upcoming birthday in August as usually wives do something special for their husbands. But my birthday came and went and all I got was a card from my wife. I kept thinking she would have a surprise sex gift, but nothing happened. I went through a few days wondering why she didn't do anything for me and ended up with a lot of bad feelings that led to some fights. We had other problems as well, but we got over them eventually. Earlier this summer, I mentioned to Renee again that I was very hurt by not feeling special on my birthday last year. She told me she understood and that she was sorry and that she would make sure to do something extra special this year.


Before this year, my wife had worked in the advertising world that demanded a lot of her time. And as I mentioned, even though we had a pretty good sex life, she was away a lot, which as with most husbands led me to the internet and porn to fulfill much of my desires and fantasies. About two years ago I stumbled across the cuckolding genre and was immediately fascinated. There was just something about a dominant white wife going out and fucking other guys while her husband stayed home that really got me going. And I especially liked the black bull angle of the fantasy. All this led me to this site and others where I read stories and download hundreds of movies of white wives riding black cocks.


About a year ago, I introduced this fantasy in the bedroom with Renee. As usual she just went with it and would dirty talk a lot of times during sex about her fucking a black guy. I loved every minute of it, she was always vivid and into it. But, that's all it ever was, dirty talk in the bedroom. Until about a month ago, when one night when I was watching TV in the basement and she was working next to me on her laptop. She asked me if I had any porn or went to any sites that featured white wives with a black guy. I told her yes, of course and asked her why. She told me she was just interested in my fantasies and wanted to be more connected, and that I should send her some links to stories or movies. I did as she asked and she went the next few weeks without mentioning it again.


And then came yesterday. She had been on her computer most of the day, but it didn't look like she was working on work projects. I kept catching her smiling and typing and then smiling at me. I asked her what was up, and she replied, "you'll see." I started to think, something was going on. About 9pm, as I was watching the Sox/Yankees game, she abruptly closed her laptop and asked me to stand up. I looked at her strangely, but muted the game and did so. Then she told me to kneel down on the floor in this very commanding voice that I had never heard from her before. She began to speak and I intently listened.


"Derek, I told you I would give you the best birthday present you've ever had and I intend on delivering that. I know that you really love this whole cuckolding genre thing. I've snuck onto your computer and have seen all of the movie files you have in that folder. It got me thinking about a great present that I could give you. So, I've spent the last month, researching on how I could make this fantasy of yours a reality. And now I'm going to."


I swallowed hard and felt my stomach tighten up. I didn't know if she was being serious or if this was just a very intense role-playing thing between us that she was talking about. She continued.


"It's the last day of July, so starting tonight you are going to be my bitch, my cuck, my servant. You are going to do everything I say and I am going to enjoy myself and do everything and anything I want. You will obey all my instructions and after you cum tonight, you will not cum for the next 12 days, until your birthday. During that time, you will do all the chores around the house and any other tasks I may have for you. I will also fulfill something I think you've been dreaming of for a long time. I will fuck a black cock and videotape it as a present for you. I've been a member of an adult networking site for a few weeks now and have found a handful of good candidates. Hell, I might even fuck more than one if I can't narrow it down, I mean I might as well."


My cock had grown rock hard as she talked. This was so hot. I couldn't believe it, I had no idea she had been planning this. But, I still kept wondering, had she really been online and found some black guys to play with? Or was she just pretending to get me all worked up. Right now, I think its just for show, but I'm going to pretend that its real and enjoy myself.


"Now, before we go to bed, I want you to cum one last time before you go 12 days without. Go upstairs and grab my black dildo and a glass from the kitchen."


I raised my eyebrows and stood up and walked upstairs and brought down the items she asked for. "Take off all your clothes and get down on your knees and jerk yourself off into this cup. You have two minutes," she commanded. I peeled off my clothes and got onto my knees and began stroking my hard cock. I was very excited and turned on so it only took me a minute before I was spurting a large amount of cum into the clear glass. When I was done, she took the glass from me and picked up her rubber black dildo. She dipped the end of into the glass and swirled it around the cum. "I wanted to show you how serious I am about this. I know you think this is just fun and games, but it's not. I will fuck a black cock in the next 12 days and you will not cum and you will be my bitch boy. And to show you, I am going to make you do something you've never done before. You are going to eat all of your own cum."


I was taken back. Licking my own cum was another fantasy, dirty talk thing we did in bed, but we never went through with it. Was she serious? I watched as she looked at me, a new sort of lust in her eyes as she scooped up as much cum with the dildo as possible and moved it towards my mouth. I reluctanly opened and she shoved it in, the taste took a moment to realize and I found myself sucking it off. It was salty and pretty slimy, but not all that bad. She pulled the dildo out as I thought that would be it, but Renee stuck the dildo back into the glass to scoop another bit of cum out, this time it was more. She shoved it in my mouth again and I sucked it off. This time not liking the taste as much. She pulled it out and went back to the glass. "Okay, that's enough," I said, kind of panicking, letting her know I was satisfied.


She looked at me without stopping, "babe, I don't think you get it, you are not in control anymore, you are going to do what I want, period. This might not be all enjoyable for you right now, but when you look back you'll thank me. Now you are not going to stop eating this cum until it's gone. Now stop being a pussy and finish it. I've been swallowing you for years, you can be a man and do it this once."


She scooped up another good amount of cum and shoved the dildo into my mouth. I kind of glared at her and sucked it off, really not enjoying it anymore. Renee on the other hand was very amused. It took about seven more scoops until there was almost no cum left. I asked her for a water bottle and she reached for it and poured some water into the glass. The water picked up the rest of the cum and made it a milky white. It looked very gross, but I was thirsty and drank it.


She nodded with approval and I wondered what was next. She reached behind the couch and pulled out a small black pouch that said CB-6000 on it and I immediately knew what it was. "I bought you a early birthday present, it's a cock cage, chastity device and you are going to wear it until your birthday. This way I know you can't break my rule." I was in shock, I didn't know what to say, I couldn't believe it was all happening. She stood me up and pulled out the device. We read the directions and it took us a while to figure it out, but we finally got it on and she snapped the lock shut and put the key on a chain around her neck and smiled at me.


The device felt kind of tight, but I quickly got used to it and we went to bed without speaking another word. Day two tomorrow, I wonder what is in store.





Day 2 - Saturday, August 1st:


I awoke in bed with my caged cock straining against the chastity device my wife had put on me the night before. I got out of bed and poured myself a glass of juice and sat down to think about what had just happened. When Renee woke up she acted pretty normal. I asked her how she slept, and she said, excellent. She sat down on the couch with her laptop and ignored me for over an hour before coming into my office and handing me a piece of paper with a list of chores she wanted done by the end of the day. I was to clean up our bedroom and make the bed, wash and fold the two baskets of laundry, do the dishes and mow the lawn and pick all the weeds.


She watched as I read the list. "While you are doing chores that I want done, I will be relaxing and enjoying my Saturday. And tonight I have my first date with one of the guys I've been talking to online. So after your chores are done, you will help me get dressed and look hot for him and then I'm going to go out for drinks and have fun while you get to stay here, caged and bored." She smiled and patted my head and walked away.


Was she really going to meet up with a guy tonight? I became very nervous just by the prospect of it. I was very turned on by her demeanor. She was very confident and forceful in her tone of voice and body language. We also had never had a role play last more than one night. It was a very strange feeling, and I was enjoying it. I spent the rest of the day doing all the chores she had asked. I usually hate doing stuff around the house, but the context made it enjoyable. Every once in a while, Renee would come check on my progress and slap my ass very hard and tell me I better hurry because I needed to be done by tonight to help her get ready for her date.


I finished my last task, mowing the lawn, by about 5pm. I was exhausted and sweaty and came in to take a shower. I walked into the bedroom to find Renee in her robe on the bed, painting her toenails. Her hair was wet, obviously meaning she had just gotten out of the shower. "I used up all the hot water, so hope you don't mind taking a cold one." Damn it, I hated cold showers, even on hot days. I took off my clothes and got in the shower, sure enough there was no hot water and I quickly cleaned myself off under the cold stream. As I stepped out of the bathroom and went to get dressed, Renee told me to stop and drop my towel and turn around. I did as she said, and saw her pull the cap off a black magic marker. She knelt down behind me and began drawing something on my right ass cheek. "This is to remind you that you are nothing but my personal property, think of it as a branding."


After a few minutes she stopped and told me that I was to help her get ready and I was to remain naked except for my cock cage for the rest of the night. I turned around and looked in the mirror to see a big black R with a circle around it on my ass cheek and the words Renee's Bitch written around the circle. My cheeks blushed at the sight of it and my cock strained against the cage as I picked out some tight jeans and a low cut, spaghetti strap shirt for Renee to wear. She made me kneel beside her as she got dressed and slowly put on her make-up. My heart was pounding in my chest, my mouth got very dry and my stomach was in knots. I couldn't even imagine my wife going out without me and meeting some guy at a bar and fucking him. She wouldn't really do that would she, I kept thinking and I really didn't know the answer. Most of me thought it would probably be the hottest thing ever, but there was a bit of jealousy there. There would be no turning back if she fulfilled my fantasy. What if I didn't like it in real life, what if it was meant to just be a fantasy.


She told me to go get the small video camera and put a new tape in it. I did and she put it in her purse and walked up to me, looking just amazing. She kissed me on the cheek and grabbed onto my caged cock. She looked me over and then played with the key to my device which was securely around her neck and visible for anyone and everyone to see. "I wonder what I'll say if anyone asks me about the key around my neck."


"I will text you once in a while throughout the night to let you know how much fun I'm having and so you don't worry about me," she said as she threw her purse over her shoulder, gave my cage one more tug and smiled as she walked past me and out the door. I heard the garage door open and her car back out and then door shut and she was gone and I was left standing naked in our house. My cock was a prisoner to my chastity cage and the key to unlock it just left with my wife, not knowing when she would return. My head was swirling with thoughts, I just kept standing there, frozen with uncertainty. Was my wife of five years actually going to fuck another guy? I still couldn't grasp the thought, I had read hundreds of stories about this before and now it was happening to me.


I eventually collected myself and made myself some dinner, but I was so nervous I barely ate anything. So I went downstairs to watch TV while I waited anxiously from a text from my wife. About 45 minutes after she left I got two texts the first was [drinking at the bar, waiting for my guy to show up. nervous.] and the next one was [oh yea, i forgot to tell you, i don't have your key with me right now].


My throat almost dropped into my stomach. What did she mean she didn't have my key? Where was it? Suddenly it all became very real that this wasn't a game anymore. I was very aware now that the key to unlock my cock was not in the safety of my wife's possession. I texted her back asking where it was and she told me that I'd find out later. About an hour after that, she sent me another text [my guy hasn't shown up  I'm about to give up, might be home earlier than I thought].


A few minutes later she called me to say she was on her way home and that she was kind of pissed that her guy didn't show up. She didn't know if it was a communication error or if the guy was flaky. Part of me thought she never had anyone lined up and this was just part of her game to make me think she really was going to fuck some guy when she really wasn't. But, she really did sound mad about it, either she was a really good actor or maybe she was telling the truth. I breathed a sigh of relief as my torture for the night was finally over. But then before she hung up she said, "oh, I guess I do have to go pick up your key, hope its still there."


Just when I had relaxed I got nervous again. I could barely stand it, waiting the 15 minutes for the garage door to open and Renee to come in the door. She still seemed flustered and a little upset as she handed me the video camera. I was starting to think she actually was supposed to meet someone. "Thought you might want to see where your key had been tonight." She walked upstairs and I took the camera and hooked it up to the TV and pressed play. Her face came on screen as she sat in her car from earlier tonight. "I'm about to go out and play, but I really wanted to torture you, I know it's quite a feeling having your cock in the mercy of this key here. And to show you how little regard I have for it at this moment. I'm in this parking lot by our house and I'm going to just leave your key here until I pick it up on my way home." Just then she took the key off her neck and opened her car door, looked around and tossed it out onto the pavement. She closed her door and took the camera and pointed it out the window and zoomed in to show my key on the chain just laying on the pavement. It was kind of hard to see, but someone could have easily found it. Then the camera jumped to later that night as the camera showed Renee pulling into the parking lot and she got out and looked around, finally finding it. I breathed a sigh of relief but my heart was still pounding. The screen went to blue and I stopped the tape and turned everything off and went upstairs.


I was so turned on it was unbelievable. Renee was already in bed and I got under the covers and cuddled up behind her. I rubbed my caged cock against her ass trying to let her know I was really turned on. After a minute she slapped my arm, "you are not going to cum, now stop it and go to sleep, you're going to need it." I was still so turned on, and I kind of pouted as I rolled over and thought about the days events. It took a long time for me to fall asleep as I wondered what an eventful 12 days these were going to be.




Day 3 - Sunday, August 2nd:


Today was pretty relaxed and not too eventful like most Sundays. Renee slept in pretty late like she likes to do on the weekends. After she was up and moving around she called me into the living room. She sat down on the couch and put her laptop beside her. She made me strip off my clothes and inspected my cock cage. "You poor little cock looks pretty lonely in there," she said with an evil smile. "Now get onto you hands and knees, I need a footrest while I arrange some meetings with guys who will actually show up." I got down onto my hand and knees and she leaned back in the couch and opened her laptop and put her feet up onto my back. Everything was silent except for the clicking and typing sounds from her computer. "God, some of these guys cocks look huge, I hope I can handle them."


She was really playing up my fantasy of seeing her with a big cocked black guy. My cock started to strain against my cage again and my wrists and knees started to get kind of sore after a while. I usually never went more than two days without getting myself off, I was into new territory and was starting to feel it. After about a half hour, my body was starting to ache when Renee closed her laptop and said I could get up. She gave me a lunch order and told me to go pick it up. I could get dressed, but could not wear boxers. While I was driving I had to pull my shorts down so that my caged cock was exposed.


I got in the car and pulled my shorts down, I felt very embarrassed and exposed as I backed out of the garage and onto the neighborhood streets. I was really hoping no vehicle would pull up next to me that was taller and be able to see me in such a state. I had a couple close calls and my heart was pounding, but I made it back home with our food without any incidents. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful like I said. We watched TV, with me sitting on the floor naked in my cage and Renee up in my big sofa chair. I would get her drinks and snacks when she told me to but that was about it. We went to bed with my cock really starting to yearn for release. The buildup was getting to me.




Day 4 - Monday August 3rd:


Another rather slow start to the day, as we both had quite of bit of work to do like most Mondays. We are both self-employed and work from home which is quite nice, but it also means we can't slack off in our work even when we are in the midst of fun role-playing. So there wasn't a whole lot outside the norm, except Renee would call into my office when she needed her coffee or water refilled. Later that night, she told me she wanted to go out to eat and so we got slightly dressed up and went to a nice steakhouse for a good meal. Renee made sure she flirted with our young waiter every chance she could get and had slipped her shoe off and was rubbing my caged cock under the table for much of the night. Making it very uncomfortable for me.


When we got home, Renee was a little tipsy from the wine she had been drinking and as we took our clothes off to head to bed she climbed on top of me and began kissing me passionately, then moved up and straddled my face, grinding her sweet pussy all over my mouth. I happily returned the passion by burying my tongue into her. She moaned and kept her body moving on top of me until after a few minutes she came very hard, shuddering and gasping for air. She climbed off of me and wrapped herself under the covers, leaving me turned on and alone in my cage. I was in hell, this was extreme torture. She wasn't even saying anything about the fact that I had gone four days without cumming, which for some might not be a lot, for me it seemed like an eternity. It took me forever to fall asleep.




Day 5 - Tuesday August 4th:


This day started off much like the day before, I was working in my home office and Renee was working on her laptop out in the living room. Around 11am, Renee came into my office dressed in jeans and a button up red shirt. My key was clearly visible around hanging from the silver necklace around her neck. She told me she was going out to lunch with some friends and then to a coffee shop to work for the rest of the day. She left and I went back to work. About 20 minutes later, I received a picture mail from Renee. Weird, I thought, she never had sent me one of those, I didn't even know her cheap phone could do that. I opened up the picture mail and saw a photo of my key wrapped around her side mirror in the parking lot of the restaurant she was at with the message [didn't want my friends to ask about my key necklace so I decided to leave it out here while I eat, hope nobody takes it].


My stomach dropped again and nervousness set in. This stupid little key now meant so much more, it was now connected to my sexual freedom. It had so much meaning now, my poor cock was aching so much and here she was just casually leaving it in public places. What if it actually got lost? It was both extremely frightening and a major turn on at the same time. At it was all I could think about while I tried to work. After an hour, I texted her asking where she was at. She replied that she was working at a coffee shop now. I asked if my key was safe and she replied that it was still on her car after lunch but she didn't have it with her at the moment again. My heart starting pounding. [where is it?] I texted. [don't worry, it's soaking somewhere]. Soaking? My mind was spinning. Was she just messing with me, I could never tell. It was a long afternoon, but Renee finally came home around 5pm and I could see my key around her neck and breathed a sigh of relief.


As we were getting ready for bed I asked where she left my key today. "Don't worry, you're going to find out tomorrow morning." I just looked at her, not knowing what the hell she meant by that as we climbed into bed. "You've made it five days without cumming, and don't think I haven't noticed, and I know that poor cock of yours is aching to be released. But you have a week to go and I think it's time I tortured you even more." I gulped not knowing how it could get much harder than this. She continued, "Every morning from here until the day after your birthday, the video camera will be sitting on your desk with a new video for you to watch. Each one will be different and I imagine turn you on beyond belief, so good luck with the next week." She smiled and rolled over to sleep, leaving me again, with my thoughts.


I'm a light sleeper and I did hear Renee get up during the night and go into my office down the hall before coming back to bed. As soon as I woke up and quickly walked down the hall into my office to find the camera on my desk. I opened up the LCD screen on it, and pressed play. The screen lit up with Renee's face again, it was daylight and she was in her car, she panned the camera around to show she was at a gas station. She told the camera that she was going to drop my key off before she went to go work. Then the camera cut to inside the dirty bathroom in the gas station. Renee was whispering as she took the back off the toilet and held my key over the water. "This is a nice filthy spot for your key." She hung the key on one of the toilet parts and put the lid back on and then walked out with the camera still on to show me that she was actually leaving it. It then cut to that evening as she walked back into the restroom and took the lid off and pulled my key out. Then the screen went blue. My God, she was really taking things to a whole new level.




Day 6 - Wednesday August 5th:


I am still in shock with the events of today, it still doesn't even seem real. What was a very hot role playing birthday present turned into so much more. I thought all of Renee's talk about finding black guys to have fun with was just a part of the fantasy and not real. I would be proven wrong.


The day started out like the others, after I watched the key hiding video, I spent most of the day working on projects as did Renee. About 4pm she told me she was going to hop in the shower because she was going out that night. I asked where she was going and she told me to have some fun with one of her guys from online and that hopefully this guy would show up. Nervousness instantly set in. I week ago I never would have thought she would ever actually do stuff with another guy, but she was starting to convince me.


About an hour later, I walked into our bedroom where Renee was just putting on her shoes to head out. "I hope to have a pretty good tape for you in the morning. I will text you throughout the night to let you know that I'm safe." And with that she left for the night. Little did I know she was about to take a big step in making my fantasy a reality.


About an hour later a got a text, [guy is here and we're good]. I was breathing very heavily and just read the text over and over. I was picturing Renee all dressed up sitting next to some big black guy, flirting and talking. It was driving me crazy, I wanted to know if she was being serious or just playing with me. The next three hours were the longest in my life, about 9pm I got another text [on my way home].


The garage door open a short while later and Renee came into the basement where I was watching TV. She smiled at me and sat down and didn't say a word. After a little while I asked her how her night went. She played it very cool and said that she had fun. I asked her what happened and she just told me I should be patient. My cock was throbbing and straining against the cage.


We went to bed a little while later without her mentioning anything. The suspense was killing me. After I thought she was asleep I got up and took her purse into the basement and dug through it and found the camera. I knew I was supposed to wait until the morning but I just couldn't stand it any longer.


I turned it on and opened up the LCD screen and saw there were 26 minutes recorded. I started shaking as I hit rewind and waited for it to get to the beginning. I took a deep breath and hit play and the screen went from blue to a shot of inside a hotel room. It then panned over to show my wife. She was smiling and was on her knees and was topless. Somebody besides her was holding the camera! Then a moment later, she leaned forward and the camera panned down to show her mouth moving towards a huge black cock! Oh my god!


Her mouth slowly wrapped around the head and she started sucking lovingly on the hard cock. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. I kept repeating it, I just couldn't believe my eyes. I was shaking so terribly, I could barely hold the camera steady. I pushed pause and sat down, needing to collect myself before I passed out or something. The room was spinning, she had actually done it. I pressed play and resumed watching my wife of five years give one of her great blowjobs to someone other than me. She was sucking and licking and stroking, only able to get half of the cock down her throat, though she was trying her best to get more. I watched in sheer amazement as my wife sucked off this black cock. At about the 24 minute mark, the guy's breathing started to intensify and she said "damn, you are going to make me cum". She really started to suck right then and moan as he tensed and shot into her mouth. Renee swallowed it all without missing a beat, she then pulled off of him and licked his tip clean before smiling and waving to the camera and then the screen went to blue.


I turned it off and just sat in my chair for what seemed like forever, thinking about what had just happened. It didn't even seem real and I wanted to cum so hard, but this damn cage. Surely Renee would let me out tomorrow so I could relieve myself. I turned the camera off and put it back in her purse and went to bed. I didn't really sleep all that much, I kept looking over at my sleeping wife, knowing what she had finally done. Incredible.





Days 7, 8 & 9 -


I never thought I'd ever get to actually see my wife suck black cock, just never thought it would happen. And now it had and on video none-the-less. Thursday morning, I woke up to find the camera on my desk, little did Renee know I had already watched it. But, I pretended I hadn't and gladly watched it again. It was still surreal watching my young wife with her lips wrapped around a black cock, sucking away. It had been almost a week since I had last cum, and she was doing her best to make sure I was damn tortured. I finished watching the tape a second time and walked out into the living room where she was working on the couch. She looked up and smiled and I walked over and kissed her long and hard. "Thank you," I whispered. "Well, I enjoyed it too, so don't worry, this is just the beginning" she responded. "What do you mean," I asked.


"I just wanted to ease into it, but you have a few more days of chastity to go so you might have a few more tapes to enjoy."


I just nervously smiled at her, half of me was so elated with her for making this fantasy of mine come true. And the other half was overwhelmed with how far she was actually going to go, my perspective had totally changed over night.


The rest of Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful as we finished up our work for the week. There wasn't a new tape for me Friday or Saturday morning as I'm assuming she thought the last one would tide me over for a while. Then Saturday rolled around and Renee informed me that she was going out that night again and I was to entertain myself by doing a list of chores that she would leave me. This time, I had no doubts that she was going to be meeting an actual guy. "The same guy from the tape," I asked sheepishly. "No, different guy," she replied as she applied eyeliner in the mirror. She was going out with a different guy? My God, she was really a whole new woman, just the way she was acting, with all the confidence and down right sluttiness.


As she was leaving, looking hotter than ever, she kissed me and told me not to worry. "I've been talking to him for a few weeks, he's nice, but promised he would fuck my brains out with his big black cock." And with that she walked out the door. The blowjob was unbelievable, but I just couldn't even imagine her actually fucking someone else. My brain almost shut down. My cock was aching so bad, the buildup of cum and pressure was almost making my balls hurt. I tried to busy myself, doing the chores she left me, but the time moved so slow. The only thing I couldn't think about was her fucking some black guy and me doing chores at home with my cock locked up. I was really getting what I had wished for for the last few years. The new reality hit me like a ton of bricks.


Finally about 12:30 in the morning, the garage door opened and Renee came in. Her hair was frazzled and as I rushed over to hug her like a needy puppy, and I could smell the sex on her immediately. I asked her if she was okay and she said, "of course, just tired and exhausted." She pulled out the camera out of her purse and handed it to me. She then took the chain off her neck and bent down and started to unlock my cage. She pulled the device off, the air that finally hit it was a rush of freedom like nothing I had felt before. Yet, my cock looked dormant, having trouble springing to life. "Oh poor little thing, I thought I'd let you out tonight, your going to want to be able to jerk on your cock when you watch this. Love you babe, enjoy." And then she walked upstairs to bed.


I rushed into the basement and hooked up the camera to the TV. The next 45 minutes were the most amazing sight I'd ever seen. My wife sucking on a long black cock as her lover held the camera. Then they put the camera on the desk next to the bed, her guy slipped on a condom and laid back onto the bed and Renee entered the frame and climbed on top of him, she gasped as she helped guide his cock deep into her.


She rode him until she came three times. Then he flipped her over and entered her from behind. He was pounding her and making her scream like I had never heard her scream before. She started to tell him to pound her harder and cum and he grabbed her hips and started fucking her like a ragdoll. Her screams were so primal as he groaned and came. The whole time, I was jerking away on my cock and abruptly came so hard, spraying a fountain of cum all over my stomach and chest. On the tape they both collapsed onto the bed, Renee breathing heavily, wiping the sweat off her face and thanking him.


I would go back and watch the tape two more times, jerking off to intense orgasms each time before finally feeling exhausted myself and going up to bed. I got under the covers and wrapped my arms around my wife who squeezed my hands. Unbelievable.


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