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I made a mistake. No make that a huge mistake...


It all started about a month ago when my wife, Brooke & I were having some martial problems. We'd been married for about 7 years when we both seemed to lose that "spark".


Anyway we decided that we'd take a break. Not separate, but just take some time for our selves, re-connect with friends. Basically just do things with out each other. We didn't even bring up dating other people because it was completely out of the question.


I took the opportunity to call a couple of my old college friends that I hadn't seen in a while and we planned on getting together for a few beers that weekend.


We all met out and when the conversation turned how Brooke was and I kind of hesitated. Well they all picked up right away on it that we were having a rough time. Being the loyal friends that they are they started saying how I deserved to be treated right etc. – even before I told them what was going on! After quite a few beers and at my buddies' urging we headed to a strip club.


As soon as we got there all the guys pitched in to get me what they called a "special" lap dance. I figured why not? Plus when I saw the stripper I was all for it!! She was a beautiful black girl named Rondelle. I've never seen a woman with such a great ass in all my life! Rondelle came and took me by the hand and led me to a private area.


She was so sweet, asking me how I was doing and that she was sorry I was having marital difficulties. I felt so relaxed with her as she started to dance for me. Not to mention the ragging hard on in my pants! Once the song was over I reached into my wallet to give her a tip and got up like I was going to leave.


"Where are you going sweetie?" she asked.


"Well back to the bar, thank you for my dance."


"Oh no, no, no" she purred "we're not done yet."


I sat back down and she began dancing again, by the middle of the next song she was completely naked.


"This is a 'special' dance that your friends ordered" she said, "one that is just for guys that have been recently divorced."


"But I'm not even div..."


Then to my amazement she started to reach for my zipper.


I couldn't even get the word 'no' out of mouth when I blew my load right there. Just from her brushing up against my cock through my pants made me cum! I was pretty embarrassed but Rondelle was really sweet and said that it was OK, that it happened a lot and that she wouldn't tell my friends. I was relieved to hear that and also relieved that I hadn't really cheated on my wife.


The rest of the night was pretty much a blur of strippers, beers, and my friends.


The guys made sure I got home OK, and I woke up the next morning on my couch. I had a horrible hangover. Brooke was already up and said she wanted to talk.


She began by saying that not doing things with me lately had given her some perspective. That she realized how much she loved me and wanted things to get back to normal. She apologized for being too overbearing at times and that she'd work on her temper. Well to me this was what I really wanted to hear from her. I never stopped loving her but just thought she had become too nit-picky and not much fun anymore. Plus when she got mad, look out!


We both agreed to try to get things back to normal. It was just then when the events of the previous night, including Rondelle, were coming back to me.


I decided that I should just not bring it up, as it would cause way too many problems.


Things were great for the next few weeks. It was like we re-discovered each other. We were both really happy. Especially me, I realized that I loved her more than anything and that life with out her in it would be pretty bad.


One night my friend Steve, who was out with me the night of the "special" dance stopped by un-announced around 11pm. He had a few drinks himself that night and was pretty drunk. Brooke was upstairs sleeping when I let him into the kitchen. I told him to keep it down but telling that to a drunk guy doesn't always work. He kept bringing up that night, and how hot that black girl was. He would ask "Was it a great lay or what?" I tried to tell him to keep it down and that I didn't have sex with her. He got pretty angry thinking that I was holding out on him.


"Steve, I didn't do anything with her." I whispered to him.


He raised his voice and said "Bullshit! Rondelle came out and told us she fucked you and you gave her a great orgasm!!"


"No." I whispered.


"I shell out $250 for you to get a piece of ass and you don't even give me the courtesy of a few details!!!" he said loudly.


After about 5 minutes of this I finally got him calmed down and out of the house. I thought for sure he'd wake up Brooke. But I wasn't sure because she's usually a pretty sound sleeper. I made my way upstairs and saw she was still in bed. The lights were out and she wasn't moving so I figured she slept through the whole thing. I was pretty relieved.


The next night I came home from work and saw a note on the kitchen table that told me to come upstairs. I saw the candlelight coming from the darkened room and was pleased to see my beautiful wife sitting on the chair in the corner of the room wearing a sexy black bra & matching panties.


With out saying a word she took my clothes off and told me to sit on the chair. She put some music on and began dancing, grinding her ass into my crotch and turning towards me to put her ample tits into my face. I kept grabbing her sweet ass and caressing her tits. She said she wanted to keep dancing but couldn't with me being so "handsy". So she brought out a couple of my old neckties and tied my hands pretty securely to the arm rests. We'd never played with bondage before, but I figured why not try it!


Once I was tied down she resumed dancing and quickly took of her bra & panties. She then took the panties and shoved them into my mouth. From behind the chair she produced a roll of duct tape and before I knew it my mouth was covered with the duct making it impossible for me to protest verbally. Then abruptly she turned off the music.


Her demeanor seemed to change some. Going from loving and sweet to a little more stern looking. She glared at me for what seemed like an eternity before speaking.


"So do you really thing I could sleep through that moron Steve last night!?!?"


My heart just sank. She was livid. She smacked my face pretty hard more than once. I really began to get scared.


"Well since you thought it was OK to get a little ass on the side I guess that means I can too." She said coyly.


I tried to mumble but with the panties taped to my mouth it was pointless. Her anger was really up. Brooke was always the type that if you wronged her once, she'd not only get even with you she'd make sure she got you even worse.


"Let me ask you a question" she said. "Do you remember Darnell? He was the black guy at the gym who was always hitting on me."


I shook my head yes.


"Well what I didn't tell you was that he was very persistent and he said that he wanted to fuck me. He said that he'd fuck me anytime or place I wanted. But did I? No, I didn't! I respected our vows and our marriage even though I think he's hot as hell."


That last comment hurt because I knew she had always been attracted to black men before we were married but never got the chance to have sex with one.


"So I guess now it means I can go out with Darnell, since you're out banging strippers, right?"


Pointlessly I tried to mumble my explanation through the panty-gag, that I did not have sex with her, that I did not cheat on her.


"What?" she asked mockingly "I can't understand a word you're saying. I guess that means your answer is yes, I can fuck Darnell."


Just then she started to get this smirk on her face, a wicked smirk. As she turned to head towards the bathroom door, I hadn't noticed that the door was closed before. She opened it a to my surprise a large black man dressed only in a pair of boxers stepped out. He was huge, his muscles were like a bodybuilders.


"Honey I want you to meet Darnell."


My heart just about dropped. I was completely stunned. I couldn't even mumble anything. There was my beautiful wife completely naked in front of this stranger who from the looks of him would split my little Brooke in two.


Then Darnell took her into his arms and they began to kiss. His hands roamed all over her ass, the same ass that minutes before I was caressing. She then slowly went to her knees and pulled down his boxers, exposing the biggest cock I've ever seen. Without hesitation she took the cock into her mouth and sucked it like a professional.


My mind was blank. Here I was tied to a chair in my own bedroom completely naked, with panties stuck into my mouth. But something strange was happening. My own cock started coming back to life. I had gone limp as soon as Brooke starting smacking me but now watching her with Darnell got me aroused. I was stunned that I would get hard watching this. I had no way to cover it up either. Luckily for me Brooke & Darnell didn't even look in my direction as he climbed on top of her and started ramming his massive pole into her.


Brooke was screaming so loud in ecstasy that I was afraid the neighbors would here her. Darnell's heavy balls were slapping against her white ass. I could smell the scent of their sex in the air. I could tell Brooke was coming close to orgasm and when her tell tale sign of her toes curling told me she was definitely cumming.


Darnell rolled off of her and she gave sigh of satisfaction. Darnell was still hard and she began jacking him off with her hand. It was then that she looked in my direction for the first time since her & Darnell had started.


"What the fuck?", she blurted out "Oh my God! He's hard! My husband got hard watching me suck & fuck another guy in our own bedroom!"


They both seemed amused. But Brooke's look on her face changed as got off the bed a walked towards me. She took the hand she was just using on Darnell, and smacked me across the face. The smack itself didn't hurt so much but feeling her hand moist with the combination of her juices and Darnell's pre-cum on my face was humiliating.


"You're a pervert you know that?" she sniped at me "Well I guess I'll go back for seconds. Well, actually why don't I bring Darnell over closer to you so you can get a better look."


Brooke got on her knees in front of me and Darnell stood above her. She started sucking his cock again but this time they were only a few feet in front of me. Still my cock was as hard as ever. Brooke had never acted so wantonly before and something about it really turned me on.


Darnell started to moan like he was going to cum and Brooke kept right on sucking him. He started to cum what seemed like gallons of jism. It started coming out the sides of Brooke's mouth and landing on her tits. It seemed like it lasted forever but he finally stopped cumming. Brooke's face & chest were a mess with his goo.


Again to my surprise I started to cum too. Without so much as anyone touching me! Just seeing Brooke covered with his cum set me off. She looked somewhat amused at me, seeing that I had cum all over my self.


She just stayed there in front of me as Darnell went into the bathroom got the rest of his clothes & left. She was very quiet for a while. Before she started what turned out to be a one sided conversation. She went on to explain how hurt she was about the stripper. She was most hurt that all my friends seemed to know about it, that she was humiliated by that. She mentioned that she wouldn't sink to my level and tell anyone about Darnell. But she added that it was the most intense sexual experience of her life. She asked me if on some level I enjoyed it. I nodded yes.


She untied me, took the gag out of my mouth and kissed me. Her face was still covered in Darnell's spunk but I didn't care. She led me to our bed and I immediately went down on her. Licking her clit just minutes after she'd been fucked was a huge turn on. Right after Brooke's second orgasm of the night we stayed in bed and cuddled in silence. But we were both thinking the same thing...when would Darnell be able to come back over.

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