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It all started when I read her stories. She wrote almost exclusively of cuckolding, and every word stirred my sexuality. I had discovered through a Penthouse letter years ago that I was turned on by the thought of being cuckolded. So perhaps it was a natural thing that I would eventually find her works.


I read her stories for some time before I got up the nerve to send her feedback. Eventually, I did email her. From there an internet relationship developed. It was more like a teacher and student than lovers, though. She was honest with me from the start and informed me that she had a cuckold with whom she was quite pleased. I was so stricken by her that I was happy with whatever attention that she felt like providing. Besides, it was natural that I should be a student under her. She was much more experienced than I in the cuckold lifestyle. It had been a yearning of mine. For Morgan it had been a reality.


This relationship continued for some months. I would ask her questions, and she would teach me. I became more and more a soul under her . . . understanding that she was above me. She taught me the servitude and acceptance of being a cuckold. I learned to yield any sense of relationship structures. She slowly weaned me from being a 'normal' male, in need of dominance and control, to being a finely tuned cuckold in need of a Mistress.


There came a time when the relationship between her and her cuckold soured. Morgan forbade me to even ask what had happened. It was then that we began to talk on the phone. She had loved having a cuckold, but wanted a break from the lifestyle for a bit as she was disappointed that her last relationship had ended. For her cuckolding had become as natural a relationship as 'normal' relationships were for others. Morgan was being sought out be several perspective cuckold males as she was dealing with the period of mourning. They didn't understand that she needed time to mourn that relationship, that cuckoldry wasn't just a kink for her. So, they kept trying for her attentions far too soon. I lived north of Boston, a long way from Louisiana. So she decided to let me, as her dedicated student, help her sort through her situation.


As time passed Morgan began to feel better. Then, I think just to feel like she was moving on with her life, she began to give me small orders - instructions as a Mistress to a cuckold.


The first time that it happened we had been talking on the phone and she instructed me to open my laptop and look at her picture. Then, she informed me that I was to stroke my cock as a focused on her photograph. As I approached orgasm she commanded me to stop and pull the cum back as I concentrated on her. She asked me if any cum had escaped and I had to admit that a drop was crowning my cock. Then she ordered me to take it on my finger and lick it clean.


She started to play with me like that on the phone after that from time to time. I think it helped her to get over the disappointment of her previous relationship.


Later Morgan instructed me to humiliate myself by going to Victoria's Secret and buy panties. Wearing women's clothes wasn't something that I was into normally. I am actually a very normal type guy outside. But she demanded that I start to wear them henceforth as a sign of devotion. Further, she insisted that I email her photos as a sign of subservience to her, and address her as Mistress from then onward.


Her training of me happened over time, almost a year. I think that she wanted to be sure that I was going to be a dedicated cuck if given the opportunity. At that time Mistress invited me to come and visit her.


My heart was racing as I got off my plane the next weekend. My eyes finally caught vision of her in the terminal. She was radiant with sexy curves and smile. Her blouse was white and she had unbuttoned it to tease me with her full breasts, which were highlighted beneath her shirt by a midnight black bra.


I walked up and introduced myself, a bit nervous and unsure.


"Relax!" she exclaimed. Then she gave me a hug. We walked hand in hand, and all the potential awkwardness of the situation dissipated. We walked to her car, and she drove us back to her house. In the car, we talked and it was obvious that we were both quite comfortable with each other.


At her house, she told me that she wanted to go out for dinner and I would have the honor of helping her get ready. Mistress was incredibly comfortable with her body and sexuality, ordering me to undress her right in the living room. She made it clear, however, that I was to remain fully clothed.


I started by carefully unbuttoning her blouse, taking great care not to brush against her breast as I did (as I was not invited). It was very hard to fight my desire, but I knew that restraint would be required of me at many junctures if she consented to a relationship. She arched her back and the blouse shimmered off her back like water.


"Shoes next, my little cuck!" she said. My heart fluttered. In all this time she had never bestowed the title on me before. I must have gone flush, because she followed that up with, "Don't worry, I think you might just be my new cuckold! We'll just have to see how you complete your training."


I got down on my knees before her and started to remove her shoes. As each was removed I gave the bare foot a quick massage.


Next she guided my hands to her waist. Under her lead I undid her belt and slacks. They fell off Mistress with an ease like her blouse.


Mistress was now standing before me in her black lace panties and bra. I was desperate to run my hands all over her sexy curves. I knew that she could see that my cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum, a fact that was obvious because of the wet spot on my jeans.


"Follow me," Mistress commanded.


She led me to the bedroom, and got on the bed.


"You shaved nice and clean like I told you, don't think it went without notice. Gently remove my panties, cuck."


I let my hands slowly slide on the outside of her legs and hooked my fingers under the straps. Inch by inch they let reveal my Mistress' secret garden. As they glanced her calves, she raised her feet to my mouth. I kissed them as the panties slipped away.



"It has been far too long since I've had a good satisfying licking. Make my pussy tingle, cuck!"


Her thighs parted and allowed me the access I so desired. At first I kissed all around her pubic hair, and let my hot breath caress her outer lips. Then, I continued to her center, softly kissing the very tip of her clit. My tongue swirled around from there, opening Mistress' sensual folds.


"Oh," Mistress moaned.


Seeing her approval, I ventured south with my mouth open sensually french kissing her feminine mystique. I reached her opening, which was drenched. Mistress hadn't been with anyone in almost a year, and she seemed to have quite a bit of pent up passion. Her cum fed me, straight into my eager mouth.


"Oh, that's it my cuck! You'll make a good little pussy licker for me, Ohhhh yes!"


I wrapped my lips around her sexy secret lips, using my tongue to draw her juices directly into my mouth.


Mistress laced her hands through my hair and proceeded to use me as her sex toy. She started having her way with my mouth at a sharper pace, and worked herself up to orgasm.


"Oh, oh, oh, that's it you are my cuckold . . .!!!!" she cried out as she let go and nourished me.


Mistress held my mouth where she wanted it until she was satisfied that she was finished.


Mistress guided me to the bathroom and she released her gorgeous breasts from her bra. She got into the shower, and I was allowed to lather and rinse her. After, I used a thick n' thirsty white terry cotton towel to carefully dry her sensual skin. Mistress introduced me to her favorite skin cream and how she liked it applied.


"I have to do my hair and get dressed. Before I do, strip for me," she ordered.


I did, and was left with the black lace panties that she had specifically ordered me to wear for her before my departure from Boston.


"Good to see you followed orders! Take a shower, we're going out," she said.


I took my shower and was greeted by the the stunning vision of sexiness that was my Mistress. She was in a sleek, black dress, with matching shoes. I quickly got my suit on and put every effort to match the bar she had set.


We went to an Italian restaurant that was the favorite of my Mistress. As we dined she took control again and teased me exquisitely with her bare foot grazing my calves. I was struck at how submissive I naturally was in her presence. I got an erotic charge at her ability to convey a comfortable natural, subtle sexual control over the scene. Even the way she sipped her wine had a subtext of sensuality in the manner that she wiped her lips with her tongue at the end.


After dinner Mistress simply stated that she wanted more attention, and so it was straight back to her home. This time we both got undressed and she invited me onto the bed.


I climbed up to her embrace, drinking in every curve of her beauty.


"I want you to fuck me - and SHOW me how much you NEED me to be your Mistress!"


She reached down and guided my manhood into her warmth. She hadn't been with any lovers in some time, and we had to work together to join. Once I was fully taken by my Mistress, the heat of her pussy made me even harder than I already was! Her juices glistened all around my cock as our hips moved in unison. Mistress knew how to move her body better than any lover I had ever had. My hands ventured around the curves of her body. Our pace began to flow faster, and our bodies began to glisten with light sweat. We were one, moist, joined and together - hugging as our bodies enjoyed the mating of our sex in the secret cauldron of my Mistress.


"Let me get on top," she said.


With that we flipped, unbroken. On my back I reached my arms to the end of the bed, as if tied, offering myself to her. She rode me hard, itching that long untended scratch within.


After a few minutes she said, "Look straight into my eyes!" I had been admiring her sensual curves, but quickly complied. "Now, I want you to concentrate and cum in me as quickly as you can!"


I was already close, being that Mistress had that effect on me. I felt her using her pussy muscles on me and started to moan.


"That's it - give me your essence!!" she screamed loud enough for the neighbors to easily hear.


"Yes Mistress!! Here I am . . . here it is . . . Yesssssssssss!!" I screamed as I felt the hot surge making me balls tremble as they surrendered their precious juice. I felt the quick rush of my cum all the way up, and just before it spurted out I arched my hips upward, giving completely to my Mistress.


The splash of my cum seemed to set off her orgasm, and Mistress began pumping her hips harder. Her pace built quickly and almost instantly she said, "Right now, right now, right now . . . YESSSSSSSS" She proceeded to ride me - using my cock like a sex toy until she was satiated. I watched as her womanhood satisfied itself with my manhood. My hardness had thick white strands of both our cum. She started upward, and gave me a sexy look. Without saying a word, she swung her leg over my head and knelt an inch or two from my face. My mouth quickly formed a seal around her sex lips, eagerly drinking the nourishment of my Mistress' garden.


"Yeah, that's it! Suck the cum right out of my pussy, cuck!" she said with a sharp attitude.


I happily complied, finally fulfilling the fantasy I had been having of Mistress for so long. My hands found the smooth roundness of her sensual hips. I let the open palms of my hands massage her body. As my lips kept wrapped around her sex lips, I started to gently enter her with me tongue, pulling more of our mixed cum out. I started to lap at her loins eagerly. She started to moan, and I let my hands reach up to her breasts. I massaged her breasts and started lapping in earnest. Mistress' moaning grew more labored, and soon she exploded in a fresh orgasm -right into my mouth!


We untangled, and I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and some glasses.


"If you want to be my cuckold, you have to be willing to move here," Mistress said as she sipped her cabernet. "I will tell you that for the next 2 months I EXPECT you to be ready for sex morning, noon , and night. I intend to have you so addicted to my sex that you will forget any other lover. Then, and only then, will you get to experience what it truly means to be cuckolded."


I needed no time to make a decision. I reached into the pocket of my slacks and removed my wallet. I removed my plane ticket, tore it into pieces. She put her arms around me and gave me a kiss.


She was not kidding about the sex. Part of her training me to be her cuckold was that she wanted me to fulfill her sex drive personally for 2 months. Mistress had the highest sex drive I had ever known. The intent of this training was twofold. First, I was to know her sex very, very well so that I would know what I was missing out on when I would later be given the honor of seeing her with one of her Bulls. Second, this was a lesson of humiliation - to teach me that her sex drive was such that she needed and deserved multiple lovers. During this part of my training we would have sex 3-4 times a day, sometimes even in public. Often, she would ride me and encourage me to cum. After I surrendered, she would ride my mouth telling me that she needed more cock!!


When the 2 month's initial training was complete, Mistress had taken me to places that no other woman had even contemplated. She had taken every drop of cum I could make, and she wasn't shy at all about telling me that she was not satisfied!


It was at that point that she exercised control in the relationship, guiding it with her lovely hand.


"It is time," she began. "You now have an assignment. I know you NEED my sex. I have you, and you know it! Now I want you to accept your role in this relationship and find me a Bull! I will let you have some pictures to help you in your quest. But, I demand that you humiliate yourself and ask another man to have sex with me. And, since you are white, I want you to find a black Bull for me. Now, I know that this is a new challenge for you. But, I also know you WANT this."


With that, I knew the relationship had reached a new level.


She proceeded to take a 'cock cage' out of her night stand drawer. Her demeanor towards me had changed. Now, she affected the attitude of disinterest, much like a nurse. At her command, I stripped. Mistress remained fully clothed, and while wearing latex gloves, she installed the CB2000 on my 'manhood'. There was a lack of any type of passion. As I said previously, this was almost clinical in nature. There was no hint of her ever having sex with me or anything! Mistress locked the padlock and took the key . . .


"It's for your own good," she explained. "This is a VERY difficult part of your training. As you look for a Bull, you will be tempted to cheat. You will want to stroke your cock, and I know if you do you will cum - and that WE CAN NOT HAVE!! As you seek to find HIM, and in essence yourself, you will have to fight sexual temptations to play with your cock that you have never known. You MUST NOT touch your cock without my permission. This cage will help you focus on the task you have been given."


So, the race was on. Mistress left the details up to me. Since I was new to the area, I turned to the internet to help me. I posted in Yahoo groups, both with my situation and a picture that Mistress provided. I focused on interracial cuckoldry groups. My posts were a bit shy in nature, I was out of my depth dealing with all these black men. They were coarse in their language with me - forceful even. Black men that answered my posts were all quite forward in their expectations both of Mistress, and of me. It was a major step down in pride to accept the humiliation of asking such coarse men into the fineness that was Mistress' pussy. While some of the black men that I had to correspond with were merely foul mouthed, some had deeper desires to humiliate a white couple. These black men were driven by the idea of taking total control of a white married couple. I believed that this was the type of humiliation Mistress had in mind for me, and began to sift through for this subset. One the criteria I decided would be make or break was the Bull's cock size and shape. It turned me on (just as Mistress predicted) to see the pics of their hard cocks and imagining them slipping past those gorgeous pink lips of Mistress. I found myself gravitating toward darker black men also. I fantasized watching those dark, thick cocks stretching Mistress' sex lips . . .


It didn't take long before I had a serious potential Bull for Mistress, and I had to face this black man in person. We had emailed for a week, during which he had demanded Mistress' email address. Just as Mistress had told me, I was finding myself. I KNEW that it was okay to give him the address. I only knew him as Master Jay. And, the day after I gave him Mistress' email he insisted we meet.


"I have to meet someone after work tonight," I informed Mistress over breakfast. "I might be a little late."


"I know," she said. "But not too late!"


I spent the whole day at work heavy with anticipation. My cock fought it's cage, but was subdued. I was so turned on by the possibilities that I accomplished nothing as I daydreamed of 5 o'clock!


Master Jay had given me directions to a bar where we would meet. I was not from the area, and had to trust his judgement. As I followed his directions, I found myself in a part of town that made me uncomfortable. There were no white people around. I found my way to the Afrika bar. I walked in and was the only white man in the place. There were some white women, though. They were all with black men, and seemed to just know . . . I walk up to the bar, and a tall man, black as night, introduced himself as Master Jay. We sat at the bar and ordered shots. The bartender came to me for the tab, and I paid. We slammed them down. We ordered another round and I slammed down my shot fast.


"So, your wife likes Black cock?" he said out loud.


There was a round of laughter around the bar! I reeled, knowing that everyone in the room knew I was here to ask this man to take my white woman from me, a white man in a black bar! I felt a little light headed.


"No need to be shy, boi!" he continued. "We all just want to hear you SAY IT!"


My sense of feeling light headed grew, more so than from drinks.


"OK. I admit it, my woman wants a black man in bed!" I said for everyone to hear. The humiliation would have been unbearable if it hadn't started to turn me on . . .


"Then get me ready, boi!" he said, and then he guided my unsteady body from the bar stood to my knees. Right in front of the entire bar he took out his cock. The white women started to cheer me on . . . I also knew that Mistress liked her cuckold to suck her Bulls . . .


And so I found myself sucking this black Bull in public! I had NEVER even touched another man before. Suddenly, I was overcome and submitted to this Bull. I sucked him like a slut, knowing that I had found the Bull for my Mistress.


Suddenly there was a cheer throughout the bar, and I saw Mistress when I turned to see what was happening. She walked up, and gently pushed me aside. She was wearing a slick black dress, kissed Master Jay on the lips, and hiked that dress north. Inch by inch my Mistress's milk like thighs became exposed for all to see . . .


The bartender wheeled around the bar and locked the door.


From there, I was held back by the other black men, just in case. Mistress got on the bar and arched her back. With her hand she lifted her dress and exposed her sex to this hard, horny black man! She gave me a wink as he mounted her right there on the bar in front of all the patrons!



Master gave Mistress a good hard, public fuck!! I was allowed to be close enough to see my Mistress' tender lips stretched and pulled around his black cock. She made no attempt to disguise her sexual fulfillment by this man, and was quite vocal.


The humiliation of watching this man please her as I could not in front of these strangers made my cock fight it's restraint. The whole bar was cheering them on as they became one right before my eyes.


His pace picked up, and Mistress smiled!! She gave him all of her attention, ignoring me entirely. She started moaning louder, begging him to cum inside her wet, heated pussy. With her calves holding his ass in place to pleasure her, I could have no question as to her pleasure.


Suddenly, he started to grunt and hold his cock deep inside her. At the same time she clamped with her calves around him, and they took their satisfaction in each other. They paused, kissing, as he left his seed deep within Mistress.


They remained coupled for a few minutes, Mistress and the Black Bull savoring the satisfaction of their copulation. When they separated, Mistress spread her legs wide resting on two barstools. She beaconed me forward with her hand. I got on my knees and crawled to her, mouth open. Beneath her I caught a drop of their sex on my tongue, and I knowingly moved upward to my Mistress' melting pot. I savored every drop of my Mistress' sex juice mixed with her Black Bull, right in front of a bar full of blacks!


It was at that point that Mistress stopped me and unlocked my chastity lock.


"I want you to masturbate as you taste his cum in me - and cum!" she commanded. "I want you to get used to cumming at the taste of him cum in my pussy, and you'll be tasting it often . . ."


It did not take long . . . I am not sure what caused me to so throughly empty every drop from within my being. The obvious source of my lust was being so utterly cuckolded by my Mistress. But, she had correctly deduced that being so humiliated because the Bull was Black surely played a part. Also, the further step down to have the public finality of her taking control take place in front of a bar full of Blacks was clearly no accident. No, clearly she had planned the evening. I had surrendered to her Bull for her, and he accepted my surrender in front of his friends. My Mistress had created a perfectly orchestrated event to truly humiliate and embarrass me. I knew, though, why I had surrendered all my cum right there, stroking my cock and drinking the sex punch from my Mistress' folds. While I knew she would still have much to teach me, she had completely cuckolded me!!


The end

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