Life as it should NOT be

by Sun Young


Part 1


It all started when I moved away from my wife to a different city because of a job change. I rented an apartment in the new city, while we were still paying for the mortgage for the house we bought. She wasn’t happy about the change, but I had to find a job, which I could not in my wife’s city. We just had to do commuting once a week during the weekend.


For the first several of months we parted, my wife came to my city every other week, while I did the same. So we see each other every weekend to enjoy married life. However, soon winter came, driving became dangerous after the first snow of the year in mid-Oct. She stopped coming to my city. Only I still insisted driving to her city every other week. It took 6 hour driving (one-way) each time, but every time the anticipation of love and sex made me wearing a smile like a fool on my way to her city. But I was not happy when I was on my way back, because she denied me sex every time.  She explained that she did not feel well or had sore in her body. But every time? She did ask me to rub her feet once, because her feet were sore. That drove me crazier.


Then Thanksgiving came. I could not wait to see my lovely wife. Thanksgiving night must be the night! For sex! That night after dinner, my wife asked whether I wanted sex. “Hell Yeah” I said. Then we had a really good sex started with foreplay, giving her a couple of short orgasms. But I shot my load within a minutes after entering her body. She gave out a sigh and rolled over to the side. I tried to ease the situation.


“You know, I have not had any sex in two months. I can be ready in half an hour.” I said.

“It’s OK. I am tired anyway.” She said. Then she sit up.

“We need to talk”. She continued. This is always a start of something bad.

“I have a lover.”


“I have a lover now.” She repeated it. I did not know what to say at this point. I was so stunned.

“You know, I feel so lonely and need sex every week. You only come here every other week.”

Seeing me speechless, she nudged me, “Are you OK?”

“Of course not. How could you do this to me?”

“I... I am sorry, but I had to. I am a normal woman with sex drive. Where the hell were you when I needed you, Huh? Just accept it. If you want a divorce, you will have one.”

My wife Cindy is a very pretty Asian-American woman. You know most Asian women are small, but she is not. She got genes from her Caucacian father too. She is 5’7”, about my height, and has a beutiful figure. It took me quite some time to convince her marrying me. I could not afford to lose her! So I just meekly said, “No, I don’t want a divorce. I love you!”

She had an evil grin on her pretty face, “That’s good. You have to accept our conditions then. Kyle and I will continue to see each other as we like. I will tell you more about him later. Right now, there is one important rule. Kyle does not like you to have sex with me anymore, so tonight was the last time for you to have sex with me. From now on, you are only allowed to touch my feet, my pussy and my ass, and only with your mouth. You cannot touch me above the waist. Do you understand?”

I was so humiliated and my face was burning red. But what I could do? I wanted to keep the marriage and hoped to win her back someday. Now two years later when I look back, how naive I was.

She went on, “I am going to Kyle’s house to have Thanksgiving dinner with him and probably stay there for the rest of the holidays. You can stay here. Just do some cleaning, OK? And now why don’t you go to the guest room. I need some good sleep.”


I was still stunned in the following days. Imagining her frolicking and having sex with Kyle made me crazy, but with a hard-on all the time. Later I learned that Kyle was a very handsome and well-build guy who was her personal trainer at her gym. He made much more money than me too from his own business, which I still don’t know what it is. The favor was against me obviously.


From then on, everytime I went to see my wife Friday night, she would go to Kyle’s house, leaving me an empty house. Before she left, she would tell me to clean up the house as usual and shine her shoes too. She only came back Sunday afternoon before I left. The first thing she did was to check how the cleaning was going. She rarely talked to me unless telling me what to do.


Once I begged her for some sex after she came back from her lover, “Cindy, please! I have not had any sex in many months. I am your husband.”

“Yes, you are still my lawful husband, but my body and heart belong to Kyle now. Remember the rules?”

“But I am so desperate. Please at least allow me once a while. I love you so much!”

“Well, I still cannot accept you in my body. How about I let you fuck me with your tongue?”

“O...K...” I meekly agreed.

“Oh, before you eat me out, I want you to worship my feet. That makes me feel really good.”

I spent the next hour sucking her toes and then she pulled me up to her snatch. I removed her panty and found some curious stains. “Oh, I just had sex with Kyle this morning. He cummed in me. I am saving it for you.” She giggled. Then she grabbed my ears and pushed my head against her cunt. I was disgusted by the smell. “You will get used to it. You will do this every time after I have sex with him. Now you just fucking licking it up before it runs down to the sheet.” For the next 10 minutes, I kept lapping. Humiliated I was, my dick was throbing. After she got a couple of orgasms, she kicked me off the bed and handed me her well-worn cum stained panty, “This is yours, cucky. Take it with you and go back to your shit hole to jerk off. Don’t do it here. It is disgusting.”


The next time when I went to her place, Cindy said, “Kyle will spend the weekend here. He will pick me up to a restaurant. Then we will come back to fuck. Why don’t you change the sheets for us?” She hesitated for a second then continued, “After you change the sheets, I have to lock you up for tonight.”

“What do you mean locking me up?”

“Just shut up. It won’t hurt you.”

After changing her bed, I was instructed to kneel down at the foot of the bed and hand cuffed behind my back. Then she produced a black rubber mask, with openings for eyes, nose and mouth. Weird enough, there was a short plastic tube protruding into my mouth. My mind was spinning. “This is what Kyle wants you to wear when he is here.” Then she fixed a plastic container onto the plastic tube. Now I looked very funny, with a plastic container fixed in front of my mouth. And the tube in my mouth kept my mouth open. “There you go. I heard Kyle’s car. See you in a couple of hours.” She giggled away. I could hear she put on her high heels and happily run out of the door.

I was in panic.

One or two hours later, I was starving and thirsty. Then I heard the door opened, and my wife was giggling. Then I heard a man’s voice. That was Kyle. It seemed they sat down in the living room and had wine. After a while, they were stripping each other on their way to the main bedroom. They did not even looked at me. They fell in bed, legs tangled. I had the full front seat view from their feet, in a very lowly position. Kyle removed the last piece of cloth from my wife, her panty, and threw it at me. It dropped on my forehead and slipped down to the plasic container. There was a strong aroma of her sex in the panty. My penis twitched painfully in my jeans. My wife removed Kyle’s underwear. She was ready for love-making. I was muffed by the plastic tube in my mouth. Frankly, even without it, I would not make a sound. I was in owe. Two beutiful people were making love in front of me, although it was between my lovely wife and another man, not me.

 Soon the smell of sizzling sex filled the whole room. First Kyle was on top, then they switched position, then Kyle was on top again. After half an hour, they climaxed the same time. Kyle pumped all his reserve into my wife’s body. Then he stopped, but they were still kissing and caressing each other pationately. By then, I knew I lost my wife completely. I was nothing to my wife. I felt so small, so inferior. But the worst humiliation of my life thus far had yet to come.


“I need to pee and clean up” My wife said to Kyle lovingly.

“Use the toilet.” He pointed at me.

My eyes were full of fear. I had never had another human being’s piss, which would be mixed with semen. Just when I was in fear and wondering how awful it would tastes, my wife stepped out of bed and opened the lid on top of the plastic container. She then stood over it, with her beutiful long legs spreading over each side and with Kyle caressing her boobs from behind, she squized out her lover’s cum first and in a while started urinating. They were kissing the whole time when she urinated in the plastic container. Her pee flowed through the tube into my mouth. I could not reject it because I could not close my mouth. Her piss was salty, with a smell of semen. When she ended, she just closed the lid of the container, and turned around to Kyle, in a sensual voice, “Can you do it again, lover?”

They did three times that night. My wife squized out her lover’s cum each time and pissed the last time.


In the morning, after kyle left, Cindy released me.

“Why did you do that to me?” I was furious.

“What?” She played innocent.

“Pissing down my throat.”

“I think it was quite erotic, isn’t it? Besides, I thought you were thirsty.” She giggled.

“Maybe for you, not me.”

“Don’t you talk back to me like that. You are nothing to me, your shithead, toe-sucking, pussy-licking, piss-drinking loser.” She was annoyed by my fighting back. “From now on, you can be a good slave, or...” She paused. “Or you can go back to your shithole and never come back. But just want you know, Kyle can beat you up easily. He has some friends who are equally strong, or stronger. If you don’t want to be beaten up badly, you just be a good slave. Or I will call him right now and call the police too. I will tell the police you abused me. See who the police will believe.” She reached her phone while she taunted me.


“Please don’t do that, Cindy.” I pleaded. “I will do whatever you ask me to do. Please.”

“You still have not learned your place. Kneel down and beg me.”

I knelt down, “Please allow me to be your slave, rather than being your husband. Please do not call the police.”

She had a wicked winning smile on her face. “OK. Now lick my feet.” She shoved one foot into my mouth.

“Tell you what, I never loved you. I loved Kyle even before I met you. I married you just because he married somebody else. I was so pissed off. Now he broke up with his wife, I mean ex-wife. Now we can be back together. Thank you for going to another city. Ha Ha.”

I was totally defeated. I just kept sucking her toes, while she degraded me.


Part 2


Things had got worse since then. I lost my job during the recession last year, with no income and no place to go. So I begged Cindy to take me back. She told me I could come back permanently on one condition that I would continue to be a slave of her and Kyle, and gave up my part of the ownership of the house. I could not think too much and did as she told me. So two years after I moved to another city, I moved back. But things changed a lot. My wife divorced me and married Kyle soon. Kyle moved in. I moved into the basement, which had basics for a bedroom. I cleaned the house and serviced them everyday. The rest of the time, I had to stay in the basement. They made love a lot, in the master bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen. Sometime they would call me upstair to bring them wine or beer while they made love. I had to clean up Cindy with my tongue afterwards. They did not put the mask on me anymore. Cindy said that it was not necessary anymore

 since she did not see me as a descent human being anymore. She would just push me down on the floor with her feet, squated over my mouth and let me clean her up or urinated in my mouth, whenever she liked it. I was degraded into a toilet slave. Some time Cindy just wanted me to feel worse. Once she told me that the hundreds of thousands dollars I invested in the house now had nothing to do with me anymore. A CB3000 cock cage was put on my penis too, because Kyle said there should be only one erecting cock in the house. My emotional pain was endless, seeing them frolicking and kissing, and making love in front of me, as if I was nothing but a piece of furniture or even worse, a female urinal, while my penis was restrained all the time, except every other week it had a chance to be released for 5 minutes.  Everytime when I was allowed to masterbate, I had to do it in front of them after they had fun in bed. My wife would wear her high heels and shove the

 tip of her shoes deep in my mouth, while I jerked off. I could see the despise in her eyes.


One day, my wife went down to the basement after she had a quicky with Kyle. After I cleaned her up and drank her golden nectar, she said, “I found you a girlfriend. You know Sandra. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she needs a companion.” Sandra was my wife’s co-worker. I always secretely drooled over her. She is tall, about 6 feet, but in very good shape, with long natural blond hair. She is definitely a sex dynamite. “I am loaning you to her for a small fee. You will be in her house for two weeks. Maybe she will let you having sex.” With that, she giggled away.


The second day was a Saturday. Sandra picked me up in the morning. She was very cold to me. Maybe she was still pissed off by all men, I though to myself. When we arrived at her house and unlocked the door, she looked around and kicked my ass, “Get in. On all four, asshole. I tell you what. I know you were drooling over me. I never liked you, but I will give you a chance to please me. For the next two weeks, you belong to me completely. You have to follow my orders without hesitation. You got that? Or I will beat you up.” I know she could. She was taller and stonger than me. She practiced Karate too. “Yes.” I said. “Yes what?” She slapped me. “Yes, Ma’am.” “That sounds better. You will address me like that from now on. Now carry me to the sofa in the living room.” She sat on my back and rid me to the sofa. After she sat on the sofa, she ordered me to eat her out, “Give me a couple of orgasms. I want an intense one first and then a

 mild one.” This started my two week long journey as a sex slave for Sandra. But it was sweet. Her snatch smelled so good. Even her rose bud was sweet. It was the first time in my life I licked somebody’s anus. I just loved her body so much. She unlocked my penis too, since she got the key from my wife. And she allowed me to enter her body a few times, but of course she was on top everytime. It was like heaven. Most of the time, she just sat on my face and ordered me to eat her out. She did pee in my mouth once, which I savored and thanked her. I thought she started to like me.


The Friday night of the second week, Sandra came home, very happy. After I gave her the daily foot massage, she told me that my wife and a bunch of friends were coming for a party. So I had to hurry up and prepare some food. At eight o’clock, I heard cars pulling into the driveway. Sandra jumped up to open the door. Two ladies and three guys came in. My wife and Kyle were among them. There was a beautiful black woman. The two other guys were both strong build. My wife introduced them to Sandra, “Sandra, this is Tonia... This is her husband Luke... And I found you a date. This is Carl.” None of the guests including my wife talked to me. Sandra just ordered me to serve food and then she spent most of the time chatting with Carl. After a few glasses of wine and bottles of beer, the mood seemed just right. Sandra announced, “Let’s move to the bedrooms.” Then she pointed at me, “You follow up to the bedroom too”. She ordered me to kneel at a

 corner watching the swing party and be ready to be used. She anounced again, pointing at me, “This is toilet reserved for ladies.” Then she found a marker and used it to write on my bare back, “L-a-d-i-e-s r-o-o-m!” Everybody was laughing hysterically.


The guys and ladies just mix-and-matched with each other, having sex on the beds in the master bedroom and guest bedrooms. Women’s giggles and yells for orgasms were everywhere. I was so jealous, because two of the women of my love were having sex with other people right before my eyes. But I was also aroused to see the scene. First they started husband and wife coupling, Sandra with Carl. Sandra ordered me to suck her toes while she was having fun. She kicked me several times, but put her big foot back to my mouth right away.


People were on heat. After the first round, my wife coupled with Luke, while Tonia fucked Carl and Sandra fucked Kyle. Then they switched again, my wife with Carl, Sandra with Luke and Tonia with Kyle. Of course the ladies did not spare me either, only that they used me as an ass wipe and a urinal. None of them really even pay attention to me. When a lady finished fucking with her gentleman, she just came to me and use one foot to pin me to the floor, then squat over my head, grinding the cum on my tongue and started to pee down my throat. Retrospectively I felt very lucky that I could be used by three women of different colors in one night, but gosh, it was not easy to swallow so much of the lady’s piss. I had the beutiful views of the cunts and asses of the three ladies. What a night!


Months have passed. Now I am still living in the basement in Cindy and Kyle’s home. I would still be called upstairs to perform my duties. Kyle made a special chair for their love making. They can make love on top of the chair while I lie down beneath. He made it so that I can lick Cindy’s asshole while Kyle fucks her cunt. She called it “double penatration”. It doubles her orgasm. Sandra and Tonia some time drop in to chat with Cindy. Every time they would use me as the urinal. They would also ask me to worship their assholes once a while. Now I start to like the life arrangement.


One day Sandra dropped in. I overheard her asking Cindy, “I want to dump in his mouth, you know what I mean.” “You are so mean.” Cindy giggled, “I have never done that to him. But hell, it must be fun. Do whatever you want to do to him.” “Maybe I will.” Sandra said, “He had so much of our piss, now it’s time for an upgrade”. They both giggled.


Boy, I don’t know what lies before me. Anyway, it is not up to me.





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