From Claire:


Elise, Thank you so much for your help in this area of "our" sexual lives. True, the focus is now on my sexual satisfaction, but there is a special hunger radiating from my husband that I've never seen before. Honestly and truly, we're closer than we've ever been. Now, on to my true life story...


When I first mentioned to my husband the idea of cuckolding, he was somewhat shocked, but also aroused. After much discussion and promises that I would be careful in my choice of a man outside my marriage (he didn't know I'd already met someone), while denying my husband any orgasm whatsoever, we were on our way.


For the past two months, he has not been allowed to touch any part of his body for self-satisfaction. That is a job for me to do. While he's been starving for sex and any sort of release, I find moments when we're alone and I grab his cock and balls and tenderly rub his nipples. When it comes to intercourse, he is only allowed inside me long enough to inch and "pump" closer to orgasm, then is told to pull out. Also, on the days he works, I occasionally call him before I leave the house and taunt him about what I'm wearing (always boots-he adores them) and that "I'm going to meet somebody." All of this frustrates him tremendously.


One morning, I did the actual. I fucked the other man and, after the initial shock of having someone else inside me other than my husband had worn off, I felt so sexy and powerful. The time had now come to humiliate the man I love-my husband.


As we were watching television one night, I told him I felt like tying him up. I bound him spread eagle to the bed very tightly and, deciding I wanted to do all the talking, taped his mouth closed with duct tape. I went and got dressed in the bathroom, putting on a tight sweater (minus a bra), tight jeans, and boots zipped on over the jeans. I decided then and there that, when I reentered that room, I was going to be a foxy bitch. My long blonde hair was flowing nicely, I smelled good, I looked good.


When I went back and strutted purposely back in forth in front of my wonderful husband, I realized how much I loved him. He was so aroused and I couldn't wait to humiliate him. I laughed loudly and told him he was a loser, that I'd found someone much better and had indeed fucked him. And, I told him I didn't feel one bit bad about it but hoped he (my husband) did. After that, while he was peering at me intently with disbelief, I lit a cigarette and purposely blew that match out in his helpless face. He doesn't smoke, so I wanted to irritate him further (and I did). I sat before him, folded my booted legs, and continued to belittle him, increasing the shame and humiliation he felt. All the while (this lasted for about an hour), he layed there like a pathetic little wimp and took the abuse. He had no choice.


Since that night, Elise, our relationship has gotten even better. Believe this or not, the next day he bought my flowers. I guess we know who controls our marriage.




From an Obedient Husband:


Dear Elise, I first want to make clear that both my wife and I love the work you are doing and firmly stand behind your views and commend your fantastic presentation. We have been into the female domination lifestyle since well before our marriage. Being a traditionalist my (then future) wife would not allow us to have intercourse and demanded that I forgo release of any kind, even while allowing me to perform oral sex on her. To her mind the distinction was that what I was doing was in short "spilling seed" whereas she was merely feeling pleasure. Too, it jibed with our feeling that the female should sexually, socially, emotionally, and fiscally be regarded as the undisputed head of household and center.


I regard her authority completely without question: I am a dedicated homemaker (though I

do work from home), who has taken her name, submits to corporal and verbal punishment, gives (but *NEVER* receives) oral sex, deposits all earnings into her account and receives a small weekly allowance which it is totally at her discretion to deny. I am kept sexually denied most days but am allowed supervised and humiliating release twice per month (generally with her manipulating me for a short while and cuming onto her anus after which I must clean her, and then sleep curled at the foot of her bed). I also obediently submit to monthly dildo discipline. I am not allowed sexual access to her vagina and I never have been. Which is not to say she is a virgin; before we met she had a serious four year relationship with her college sweet heart. And I did have vaginal sex once (yes, just once) before I met her.


Much of what we do, however, is very sexual and constitutes our sex life: I have been very happy in our three years together and would not seek to change a thing. But recently she told me that she has found herself craving intercourse with a "hard and able cock" attached to a sensitive and stimulating lover. I brightly offered myself. A wicked smile started to play on her lips, and she asked "what made me think I would ever get to sleep with her?"


She then ordered me to buy her an anklet and place it on her leg each day before work (a sign that a woman is free and looking for a lover). When I hesitated she raised her hand menacingly. I quickly apologized and promised to buy it and present it to her immediately. She laughed and dismissed me. Soon afterwards I brought it to her and presented it to her. Before clasping it around her ankle she made me repeat a short vow agreeing to the message of the anklet (we both understood it to mean that the wife was entertaining the possibility of lovers). I promised that I would not get in the way between her and anyone that she might attract with it. After a moment of hesitation, which garnered a swift kick in the stomach, I agreed and recited the vow and placed the anklet on her ankle. As a reward she had me lay back on the bed, raise my legs backward while she manipulated me. She placed my penis as evenly over my mouth as possible and ordered me to swallow; I came and swallowed. Embarrassed, humiliated and in total submission to her authority over me.


Several weeks passed and she finally brought home a coworker of hers in a different division. As I feared, he was: handsome, young, tall and unattached. She apparently initiated this relationship and told him a false statement that I was completely impotent (by telling him the true fact that I have never *penetrated* her during our marriage) and that I had agreed that this was the best thing for us.


I was ordered to cook dinner for the two of them, clean, turn on music, get drinks and make small talk about "my impotence." The guest room was made up and comfortable that evening and, as you might guess, I made use of it. That night and the next night and the next. Elise it has been six weeks and this man has not left our house (in fact they are seriously discussing his quitting his lease on his apartment) and I have slept entirely in the guest bedroom. She has completely discontinued dildo discipline and supervised release; she has no need for my oral services. I have discussed it with her. She says that we have merely moved into a new phase of our relationship, which I should just accept and that she sees me as a trusted friend and that she remains spiritually mine while physically completely devoted to her lover. She then wants to have "girltalk" about him, his reticence to commit, his studly ways, etc. She gushes with girlish affection for him. If this is to humiliate me, it is working. But is she serious or just playing with my mind?


What I have noticed is that they do not have a FemDom relationship. In fact, Elise, it is almost completely vanilla. He is in the driver's seat with her, which truly disgusts me in principle. What I love most about my wife is her dominance and her female supremacy beliefs. Why is she not dominating her lover? I tell her this but she tells me it is not my place to judge and since she's right, and since the ultimate aim is her fulfillment, I back down.


There are aspects to being cuckolded that excites me. I know that it is wrong, but I've taken to standing outside their bedroom and masturbating to their sounds and moans at night. I desperately crave release and get it in this way. My wife no longer engages in playing with me, which I greatly miss. Recently she has asked me if I wouldn't consider going on hormones for her and pursuing my female side. She wants me to simply submit my manhood to her? She is very happy with her sexual partner and could use something else from me. I had never considered it before. I don't know if I should submit or refuse, in fact, I'm not sure she meant it entirely seriously. She may just have been testing my willingness to submit.


When I asked her again about sexual release she informed me that her lover will not "allow her" to have any kind of sexual contact with me whatsoever. She is strictly off limits to all men but her lover. This greatly bothered me and I expressed my dissatisfaction. She agreed to give me more. Every other night since then, secretly, she has slipped a pair of her worn, soiled, cotton panties under the door to the guest room. The first night she left me a small note that said "enjoy, darling! XOXO." I have contented myself with this and look forward to it as my sole remaining connection to my beautiful and (formerly) domineering bride.


My questions are basically, is this ok (i.e. is this enough relationship between a woman and

husband)? Should I be upset that my wife and her lover are not in a FemDom relationship? And are their any justifications for a man taking hormone therapy to increase bust size, decrease libido and satisfy his wife's craving for a "girlfriend?"







From Ellen:


I stumbled upon your website the other day and I couldn't believe it. What a find. Finally a reality based F/D website. My favorite section is the Real F/D Stories and it has inspired me to share my own Real Life F/D Story with you.


My story is a bit different. A common theme in some of these stories is that a woman will cuckold her husband after they have been living a female domination lifestyle for a while. Cuckolding is basically another F/D activity to these couples. In my case, cuckolding and infidelity is what launched my marriage into a female domination marriage. I knew absolutely nothing about female domination or female supremacy. I had never read an article or a book about the subject and if you would have asked me about my personality, I would have said I was neutral and maybe even slightly submissive. But all that changed two years ago.


My husband and I have been married for 9 years. The first 5 were pretty good and we enjoyed a close relationship. Around year 6, I became frustrated with him and my marriage. He began to be cold toward me because I was unable to conceive a child for him. When I refused to try fertility treatments, it caused a serious rift between us. We still lived together and did stuff together but we were drifting apart. We still had occasion sex but it was not fulfilling, at least not for me. Actually, I never enjoyed sex with my husband. He simply was not very good in bed. I knew this when I married him but that didn't matter because I loved our close friendship and I enjoyed his companionship.


Before I met my husband, I dated a man who was an absolute stud in bed. This man was not much of a conversationalist and I never connected with him on an intellectual level but we were like two animals in bed. We would go at it for hours. He was very well hung (three inches longer and much thicker than my husband). He was a rarity as I have found few men who are really good in bed. I dated this man for 18 months purely for the sex. Eventually, I grew tired of him and his boring personality so we split up. He moved on to another relationship and I met and fell in love with my husband.


As my husband and I began to grow apart, I was building some serious resentment toward him. He was doing absolutely nothing around the house, he was cold toward me and basically being a real prick. I was never one to nag or yell so I held all of this frustration inside. Then in year 7 of our marriage, I began to go out with a girlfriend just to get away from my husband. One night at a local pub, I ran into my former boyfriend and we got to talking. I found out that he was not in a relationship so I began to have an affair with him. Once again, the sex was great.


My husband began to be suspicious of my infidelity so one day he confronted me about where I was going all the time and if I was having an affair. Well I was holding in all of this guilt and frustration so I must have hit a point where I could not hold it in any longer. I absolutely erupted and lit into my husband with a verbal onslaught. I let him have it about the way he had been treating me, about what a lazy husband he had become, and to my surprise I even told him what a lousy lover he was. Then I told him that I had been fucking my old boyfriend and I was enjoying it.


My husband slapped me hard across my face in anger, called me a whore, and told me he wanted a divorce. I was so angry with him that I slapped him back, pushed him on the bed, climbed on top of him and continued my verbal assault, with some more slaps to his face. I expected my husband to fight back but surprisingly he backed down and just took the abuse. I could tell he was a little wounded but I also noticed that he had an erection. He just looked at me in amazement. A power came over me and I found myself aroused by this situation. My anger turned into a dominant lust and I ripped off his clothes, removed mine and I raped him. It was the best sex of our marriage. I pinned his hands to the bed with my hands as I mounted his inadequate penis and I rode him with hard thrusts. I was dominating him and he surrendered to me. It was at this moment that I realized that I still loved him and I did not want to divorce him.


After he climaxed inside of me, I forced his face to my crotch and made him lick his own cum out of my pussy. He was never very good at oral sex so I held him there and ordered him where to lick and how to lick. For the first time, I could tell he was enjoying going down on me. I had a wonderful climax.


Our relationship changed from that time forward. I began to boss my husband around and I made him do chores around the house. I no longer talked to him in a soft or kind voice but I was always firm and bitchy with him. I would order him to do the dishes and order him to clean out the garage. If he ever hesitated, I would grab him by his balls and drag him to the sink or the garage or wherever I wanted him to work. I couldn't believe this new attitude and aggressiveness of mine but I loved it. I was even more forceful and self-confident with other men like my lover and the men I worked with. I was my former kind self with other women and family but I had developed a brazen attitude toward men.


One of the men I worked with noticed my bitchy attitude and he started to call me the Dominatrix. I was not familiar with that term so I looked it up on the Net. To my surprise I found sites of leather wearing women with whips. I was a bit shocked but I also got aroused. In your interview in "The Leather Couch" article, you mentioned how something exploded on the inside of you the first time you saw a woman whipping a man. That is what happened to me when I saw these images of men collared and being dominated by whip wielding women.


One of the websites had a link to a site where you could order D&S toys. I ordered some leather lingerie, a whip and a leather paddle. I began to discipline my husband and I absolutely loved paddling and whipping his ass. He loved it as well as he walked around with an erection much of the time. I totally took control of him and I started to make him do all the chores around the house.


I would tell my husband when I was going out on a date with my lover and I would brazenly tell him that I was going to have sex. My husband objected a few times but when he did, I would grab him by his balls, pull him over my lap and paddle his ass. When I did this, I found myself verbally humiliating him about his inadequate penis and how I needed my lover for sexually satisfaction.


One time, I talked my boyfriend into videotaping our sex. We used a tripod and captured him fucking my brains out with his enormous cock. After my boyfriend and I watched the tape, I told him that I would erase it. But I didn't. I took the tape home and I forced my husband to watch as I humiliated him. I got so turned on that I went wild on him again, whipping his ass, slapping his face, raping him by having forceful sex with me on top and finishing it off by forcing his face into my bush for prolonged oral sex.


My husband became totally submissive to me. He now does all the chores around the house and he is my total servant. About a year ago, I broke it off with my boyfriend. He wanted me to leave my husband and marry him but I told him that I loved my husband and how I was just using him for sex. He got upset and we haven't spoken since. It was all for the better because now I can focus all my attention on my husband. The extra-marital affair is what triggered our D&S relationship and I used it to humiliate my husband but I also felt guilty at times. I feel much more at peace with myself now that it is just my husband and I again. Our marriage is great. My husband has learned to please me orally and he has learned how to use a large dildo to bring me the pleasure his inadequate penis cannot. He has gotten quite skilled in pleasuring me. We now enjoy great sex and I receive the majority of the orgasms. I will have intercourse with him occasionally but I am always on top and I am always dominant with him.


My husband loves being submissive and I love being dominant. Now that I have found your site, I want to experiment with strap-on play and other D&S activities we have never tried. We still have much to learn but I am willing and I know he will submit to whatever I say. All is well with our marriage now that I have discovered my dominant nature.



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