From Hillary A:


Hi Elise. I posted my story on your site about two years ago. You kindly posted my forced feminization procedure that I utilized on my hubby and a number of women have contacted me to tell me how they have used it on their husbands successfully. Thank you for having your site. It is a great public service for powerful women all across this country and all across this world.


I wanted to share with all the readers of your site what I have been up to these past two years. I recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday and am happy to report that these past five years have been the most sexually exciting and sexually fulfilling of my entire life. Women can take heart. There is no need to become depressed about turning forty or fifty. These years have been the wildest and best of my life. Since I posted the story on how I feminized and cuckolded my husband, a lot has happened. The highlight was when I actually got to meet you, Elise, but I am getting ahead of my story.


After I had feminized my hubby, I had a live in lover by the name of Rick. He was a man that worked for me at my company and he became my lover and eventually moved in with me. Things were good for about six months but then there was some friction between Rick and my husband so I had to tell Rick to move out. I wanted to keep him on as my lover but he got upset and said that if he moved out then our relationship was over for good. He wanted me to choose between him and my husband. I did and of course I chose my husband. My husband was chastised and denied while I was cuckolding him with Rick over these six months but what Rick did not understand is that we were still a very committed and loving married couple. I will never leave my husband for another man, no matter how good in the sack he may be.


After Rick stepped out of the picture, I decided to take a long overdue vacation to Europe. I went with a female friend of mine. I left my feminized husband in the capable hands of a dominant woman that lives in the same metro area as we do. She is a lesbian and does not particularly like men so she put my husband through the paces while I was having a ball in Europe with my friend.


While I was in Europe, I met a submissive man on a Mediterranean cruise. My friend had to go home after two weeks in Europe but I decided to stay for another week. I went and stayed with this man at his home in London, England. We became lovers on the cruise ship and this carried over at his home. The highlight of my stay in England was when he took me to visit the Soho district. I could not believe how open the sexuality and professional domination was in this area. Quite a difference from what we are use to in America.


My vacation and my fling had to end because I was needed back at the company, so I returned home. My husband was so excited to see me as my lesbian friend worked him like a dog and didn't treat him quite as kindly as he is accustomed to from me. I was glad to see him as well and since I no longer had a lover, I allowed my husband to once again be my sex slave. He really enjoyed this special privilege but I told him that it was only temporary until I found another lover to cuckold him with.


One of the wilder things we did was when we went and got tattoos on our asses. His said "The Property of Hillary". Mine was really wild. The guy at the tattoo parlor showed me a wild design that had a stiletto-heeled boot. I had him specialize it for me and that is the tattoo I received. Neither of us had ever gotten a tattoo before so this was a pretty radical thing for us. I loved my tattoo and I even told a man that I work with about it. He kept dropping hints that he wanted to see it so I strung him along for awhile, making him bring me coffee and serve me at the office. Finally I granted his request.


He met me at a hotel and I showed him my tattooed ass. When he saw the boot and the D&S implications, he became very submissive and weak in my presence. I dominated him that night, made him worship my ass and he became my new lover. Unfortunately, my husband did not handle the fact that I had a new lover and this time we hit a bit of a bump in the road with our relationship. Enter Elise Sutton to the rescue.


We traveled half way across the country to counsel with Elise. She made a very special exception to see us and we paid her top dollar for her service. Her wisdom and insight brought reconciliation and a new intimacy to our marriage. My husband also had the greatest D&S session in his life with Elise. We left for home, hand and hand and deeper in love. I agreed to give up my lover and my husband again submitted to my total authority over him.


Enter the young and lovely Tonya. A new girl started to work at my company, by the name of Tonya. This woman was only in her early twenties but she radiated with dominance and attitude. I immediately took her under my wing and we became great friends. Tonya lived with a girlfriend and they invited us over for a party. I found myself in her bedroom during the party and I saw all kinds of FemDom literature and memorabilia. I wasted no time and had a talk with Tonya over dinner and drinks one night after work, where I told her about my lifestyle and asked her about hers.


This dynamo of a girl had four e-mail slaves that each paid her $300 a month. She never dominated them in person, only through e-mail. Two of her slaves lived in Norway and the other two lived here in the states. One of them lived in the same state, but more on him later.


Tonya was interested in dominating a man in person so I invited her over to watch me dominate my husband. She brought her boyfriend and we had a wild evening, to put it mildly. Tonya was a natural. I also learned that she was bi-sexual and was a former lover of her lesbian roommates. I had been having sexual dreams and desires about having sex with another woman, so when she told me this, I felt her out. She confessed to me that she found me sexy and she was willing to experiment sexually with me. One night when we were dominating our men at my house, we tied them up and we began to make out with each other right in front of them. It was the hottest and wildest sexual experience of my life. My husband got so turned on watching Tonya and me. Tonya and I made our way to the bed and we ended up having sex with each other as our men watched in disbelief and frustration.


Tonya moved in with me and became my lover for a short time. My husband loved this, as he did not experience the same jealous feelings toward Tonya that he had toward Rick. He loved having a twenty something, beautiful girl around the house, dominating him and making love to his wife. It didn't last long because I realized that I was no lesbian but I recommend that every woman have sex with another woman at least once. It is such a beautiful and sensual experience and I am glad that I got to experiment with this form of sexuality.


Tonya learned a lot from me as well as far as how to dominate a man. She even got a promotion at work over men that had been there for many more years and who thought they were more deserving. But I pulled some strings and got her this great promotion, which shook up our office pretty good and I absolutely loved it. Tonya is going to go far as a dominant woman.


For my fiftieth birthday, Tonya gave me a special present. One of the men that was her e-mail slave lived not too far from here. So she began to dominate him in person. She discovered that one of his biggest desires was to be the personal servant to an older, dominant woman. So guess what? She gave him to me for my birthday present. His name is Todd and he is only thirty years old and he is as cute as can be. Todd now visits me twice a week and I am training him to be my personal servant. I originally was going to train him to be a domestic servant only but he is so cute that I couldn't resist, so I also am training him to be my sexual and personal servant. I now am back to cuckolding my husband with Todd, while I properly train Todd.


The great thing is that my husband has grown in his submission to the place that he is all right with Todd. I have learned from my past mistakes and Todd does not live with us. I realized that my husband needed his own space and that it isn't right to allow another man to invade that space. I usually send my hubby out on errands on the nights that Todd comes to visit me for his training. My hubby also went back to work outside of the house, so he is only feminized around the house. He is permitted to wear male business attire in the work place. But around the house, he is only permitted to wear woman's lingerie or his maid outfit. My husband still wears a chastity device.


As a matter of fact, I just recently took him to get a Prince Albert piercing in his penis and had a new chastity device installed on him. He was not crazy about this but he submitted to my wishes. A friend of mine told me that my husband is so pussy whipped by me, that he will do anything I say. I never thought of it in those terms but I see that she is right. The poor dear is in total submission to me but I love him and I can tell that he enjoys my dominance over him. Just think, he use to be such a corporate big shot. If his colleagues and his family only knew about what we do behind closed doors.


This has been a wild ride for me these past years. I was a bit of a prude and very vanilla all the way into my mid-forties. It just goes to show you that it is never too late to change. Thanks again Elise for all of your help.



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