From Owen P:


Ms Sutton, my head is spinning and I had to write you. I am so excited that I can't sleep and I am having difficulty concentrating on my job. My life long fantasy has just become a reality and I am beside myself with excitement and wonderment of where this is heading.


My sexy and beautiful wife of eight years has just made me her slave. I have fantasized about being the slave of a beautiful woman my whole life but I never thought it would happen. I have made myself vulnerable to abuse and infidelity but I feel ecstatic. I don't care where this may lead, I only know that nothing has ever felt as wonderful as what I am feeling now.


I took your advice and I have been trying to seduce my wife's dominant nature for the past three years. Alison did not seem interested in FemDom but she did enjoy it when I empowered her in the bedroom. Alison took to denying me orgasms unbelievably fast and she loved it when sex became all about her pleasure. Alison began to wear me out with marathon sessions where I had to orally pleasure her. It was great but I could not get her to embrace any other sort of FemDom.


I probably made the mistake of pushing her too fast and too hard into this, as I was not as patient as you suggest. I became so excited that I flat out told her that I wanted to be her slave. Alison got upset and treated me coldly for some time. I kind of gave up on the idea and used our sex lives to fulfill my submissive desires. I used my times of orally pleasuring her to fantasize that I was doing this as her slave. In reality, she expected this out of me but she never verbally or physically dominated me. It just kind of became expected that sex was all about her pleasure. In fact, for the past nine months, I have only been permitted to masturbate for my relief. I was surprised that she told me that was how it was going to be and that got me unbelievably excited but again, she never followed up with any talk of having a FemDom marriage where I would become her slave. When I brought up the subject, she would get upset.



I had settled for the fact that this was all it was going to be. I read on your site how I needed to be thankful for what I had instead of pushing my wife into areas she was not comfortable with. I took that advice you had given other husbands and I was thankful that my wife enjoyed denying me and having me orally pleasure her. At least I had that and I figured that was all there would be and I was willing to settle for that. Our marriage was pretty good outside of the bedroom and I was willing to be a more traditional husband for her.


That is how things have been until last week. My wife goes out with her friends some nights after work. Alison works the 3 to 11 shift twice a week at the local hospital and occasionally she will go clubbing with some of her female co-workers when they get off work. Alison never did this until after I began to submit to her sexually. Alison was always a homebody but after I began to submit to her sexually, she started to go out with her co-workers. Not often but occasionally. I never cared for in my mind, it was like her dominating me by expressing some independence. I know she never viewed it this way but that is how I liked to imagine it. This way I did not get upset.


Last Friday night, my wife worked the 3 to 11 shift and then she called to tell me she was going out with her female co-workers. As usual, I said "no problem" and I went to bed around midnight. I was tired from a long week at work and I slept soundly. At around 5am, I awoke to my wife turning on the light and climbing on top of me. Alison presented her pussy to my face and she asked me a question that had me sure I was dreaming, "Owen, do you still want to be my slave?" I was half-asleep but I looked up at her face that towered above me and nodded out a Yes.


"Good, then show me that your serious by licking another man's cum from my pussy". I froze in stunned disbelief. I looked at her face again and I could tell from the look on her face that she was serious. I immediately became wide-awake and I got the stiffest erection of my life. I was overcome with excitement and I felt as if I was bound to the bed. I had never felt that submissive in my life. I dove my head into her pussy and I licked her with an unbridled enthusiasm. Alison grinded her thighs and forced her pussy tight against my face. Alison climaxed a number of times and I kept licking her until she released me from her powerful thighs.


I wanted to talk to her but she collapsed beside me and fell off to sleep. I felt so submissive that I dared not disturb her. My head was swimming with all kind of thoughts. Where did she go that night? Who was it that fucked her? Why did she do this? What will this mean to our relationship?


Alison slept until noon the next day and I gave her space to wake up and unwind. Finally, she came to the room where I was watching television and I asked her if she wanted to talk about the previous night. Alison told me that she had been partying with her girlfriends and these guys sat with them. The one guy was dating the one girl and his friends were introduced to her friends. Alison told me that all the previous times she had gone out clubbing, she had never came close to sleeping with another guy. But she found this particular guy she was with this night attractive and sexy and she had the urge to fuck him. Alison ended up back at his place and they had sex.


I was frozen in disbelief as she told me this. Alison then told me that she had come to enjoy being sexually aggressive with me but she no longer had the urge to have sex with me, other than me orally pleasing her. Alison loved how I performed oral sex on her and she said I was the best at that but her dominance with me in the bedroom made her want to deny me. Alison admitted that she only humored me with this in the beginning but she came to love having that power over me. Alison could not understand why I wanted to be her slave and that confused her but she told me that she had been reading about D&S and she decided that perhaps that would be best for us. Alison also told me that lately she has been desiring to fuck other men.


Alison told me that she had thought this over and now she was ready for me to become her slave. Alison ordered me to kneel before her. I could not believe this was happening. Alison told me that I would have to do everything she commanded or else she would leave me. Alison told me that I had to obey her without question, or else she would know I was not serious and she could not handle this unless it was real. Alison told me that I would be doing all the chores around the house, she would control all of our finances and she would give me an allowance. Alison would be free to have sexual relations with other men but she promised that she would not openly date other men. When she fucks other men, she expects me to clean her out when she returns home just like I had done last night.


My head was spinning as she told me her conditions. I agreed and that is how we have been living this past week. I am doing all the housework and she has been slapping and pulling on my penis each chance she gets. Alison went out again the other night and met up with this same guy and she had sex with him again and I had to lick her clean when she got home.


Ms Sutton, logically this makes no sense. I should be mad at her but I am so much in love with her. Alison has never looked so beautiful and sexy as she does now. Alison even hinted that she might buy a whip and whip me once a week. I am ecstatic about this. I know the dangers that are out there, like her running off with this other guy, but I don't seem to care. I am in my own world of submission and I can't seem to do enough for her. I anxiously await each order she gives me. So far, reality is better than fantasy.




From Amanda L:


Dear Elise, I really enjoy your site. I have read just about everything posted here about cuckolding. Some of it is successful, but some stories highlight the negative aspects. My experience has been very positive, and I wanted to share it with you, and get your thoughts.  I have been married to my husband for 15 years now, and I have cuckolded him for the past 7 years. The way this started was probably quite normal, actually. My husband was not attentive to my needs. We rarely had sex after our first year of marriage, and when we did it was unsatisfactory. He wasn't good at oral sex, and he never stayed hard long enough to do me much good.


At 29, I kept myself in great shape, working out at the gym, jogging, and participating in triathlons, (I still engage in all three at age 37). He, on the other hand, basically worked, drank, and watched television. He is 2 years older than me, but hadn't taken care of himself, (or me) and it showed. I grew very frustrated, and I had an affair with a guy I met at the gym. The affair lasted a year, and the sex was fantastic. Still, I was relieved when my lover moved away. I felt guilty about the affair; not because I had sex with another man, but because I had not informed my husband.


During this time my husband seemed oddly incurious. Maybe it was because I was so active compared to him that the late nights and "business trips" didn't arouse suspicion. Maybe he didn't care. Whatever the case, I resolved to try and make our marriage work, but matters got worse. When I walked into our home office one day and caught him masturbating at the computer, I went into a rage that now seems way out of proportion to the event. But that rage unleashed something in me that changed me. It changed him. It changed our marriage. I told him I had lost all respect for him. That he was a slob and an embarrassment. That he was a worthless lover. I told him that while he's been jerking off to porn on the computer, I'd had an affair with a man who respected me and knew how to satisfy me. I told him that perhaps it was time to consider divorce.


He begged my forgiveness. He said he would do anything. He begged me to stay, admitted to being a non-caring slob, and literally began weeping. I asked him how often he masturbated, and he admitted to masturbating every day since we'd been married. This infuriated me even more. As far as I was concerned (and still am), he was the cheating spouse in this marriage, not me. He'd cheated on me every day, masturbating to pictures of other women, or fantasies about them, denying me the fulfillment I deserved. I told him these things and finally offered him a deal, take it or leave it. It went something like this: If he wanted to stay married to me, he would have to accept the fact that I needed real sex from a real man. I told him I would never go back to the mediocre, ho-hum mini events that passed for our sex life again. That means I would take lovers. I also said that I would not stand for him masturbating in our marriage, and that I did not trust him to control himself. If he wanted to stay, he had to find some sort of male chastity belt and wear it at all times. And of course it goes without saying that I expected him to do the housework and fulfill his domestic responsibilities.


It's funny looking back. I couldn't believe those words came out of my mouth, and I didn't believe then that what I demanded would actually happen. But it did. Our lives have changed much for the better since I said those words. My husband has been chaste for 5 years now, (July 26 was the five year anniversary of his chastisement. I consider it our new wedding anniversary). What amazes me is how submissive he became, and how his submission progressed. I learned quickly that allowing him an orgasm every few weeks was a very bad idea. He became lazy and inattentive. So, for the past 4 and a half years, he hasn't been allowed an orgasm in the traditional sense. My double headed strap on is used when I want to reward him with an anal milking. It stimulates me while penetrating him with 8 inches of fat plastic. He experiences a kind of long, slow orgasm, (much like women experience), but there is no ejaculation, and he is left satisfied, yet still frustrated and horny. He has become an expert at pleasing me orally. I also allow him to lick my ass and my feet.


I wasted no time finding a boyfriend. Being attractive and in great shape, I found it easy to do. I was very open about what I wanted, and about the nature of my marriage. That eliminated some men, as they just thought it was too odd for them. After five or six tries, I discovered "Mr. Right". His name is Steve.  He's big - very big - in all the right places. He is NOT MARRIED. He knows how to please a woman sexually in every way. I think he must be the world's greatest lover, and I, the world's luckiest woman. We have an exclusive relationship. We only see each other.  Weekends are alternated between his place and ours, and he spends a few weeknights per week at our house. For all practical purposes, we live together, but I do insist on at least one or two days alone per week, out of respect for my husband. The Master bedroom is reserved for him when he is here. 


My husband has dealt with all of this pretty well, although he does go through some periods of doubt. I find keeping him busy is a good way to keep him focused. He has evolved into my maid, my butler, my chauffeur, my handyman, my waiter, and my slave. Every night before bed, my cuckold gets on his knees, kisses my feet, and thanks me for being his Mistress.


I do love him very much, but have never lost my anger over the lost years of our marriage. My sadistic side gets the better of me sometimes, and I taunt my cuckold mercilessly. Last week, while Steve was watching TV on the couch, I laid my head in his lap and gave him a long, very slow and sloppy blow-job. My husband was sitting in a chair directly across from me. I looked at him directly in the eyes, and said, "Don't you miss getting blow-jobs?" Of course he said yes. "Too bad. This will never happen to you."  Soon Steve exploded in my mouth. This man really can unleash a load! Normally, I will collect the sperm in my mouth and give my husband a big wet kiss if I have sucked Steve off in his presence. But this time, much to my cuckold's disappointment, I swallowed it all myself.  Why would he be disappointed? Well the only time he gets to kiss me is when my mouth is full of Steve's cum. Period. The same goes for licking my pussy. My husband is not allowed to touch my breasts, ever. I do allow him to lick my ass when we are alone during the week - if, and only if, he has done a superior job with his domestic duties. And of course, he kisses my feet daily.


I save milkings for when we are alone. As much as I love humiliating my husband, this is the one act that is purely between cuckold and Wife. It is our most intense and intimate exchange, almost spiritual. This is for my husband and I only, and is a part of our life not to be shared. After I spend an hour pounding his ass, while swatting his ass cheeks HARD with a paddle, he seems transported to another place. He thanks me profusely, gets on his knees and worships my feet. Sometimes he cries tears of joy. Yes, joy.


I am addicted to the power I have over him, and I have the best sex life on the planet. There is something delicious and right about the fact that I have sex almost nightly, often for hours and hours on end, and my husband has not had sex, or even touched his own penis in five years. When he licks Steve's cum from my pussy, I know I own him. I feel so wonderful, so powerful. So lucky to have a man for sex and a slave who worships and cares for me.


It is lucky, I suppose, that I cannot have children, or I'd have been pregnant many times over the past 7 years. Steve and I are going to Europe for vacation in the fall. My cuckold thinks he is not invited, but he is going too. I plan to surprise him at the last minute. I think he deserves the opportunity to come along as a reward for so dramatically changing his life. I love them both so much. You know, Elise, I realize this whole story sounds - well, like a story. If I read this from someone else, I wouldn't believe it myself. Sometimes the truth is more unbelievable than fiction. I realize that you have reservations about cuckolding, and I don't imagine this would work for many couples. It has definitely worked for us. Our lives have changed irrevocably, so far, for the better.




From Jack H:


Ms Sutton, I am writing to get your feedback about my current relationship with my wife. She dropped a bombshell on me last week that I am still having difficulty dealing with. I introduced her to the concept of Female Domination and after years of ups and downs, she has recently taken to it and has taken control of our marriage. I am comfortable with this and she is now comfortable with this.


She did your psychoanalysis on me about four months ago at which time I told her of my fantasies and desires as they pertain to female domination. One area that I told her that excited me was cuckolding. She paid little attention and actually told me she was not interested in it. The other area I told her that excited me that she was adamant against was full toilet. I only brought up these fantasies of mine because of the questions she was asking during the psychoanalysis. We discussed them, it was exciting and we never talked about them again afterwards. She has included domination techniques and activities that interested her and most of these are of the controlling aspect, like taking over the finances, making the decisions, and making me submit to all of her wants. We also play around a little with enforced chastity and forced feminization. She was interested in both of these so we have experimented with them some in the bedroom.


Last week, I was performing body worship on her (her favorite femdom activity) and she was getting pretty aggressive with me and she told me that she had some big news she wanted to tell me. I could tell that she was excited. She reminded me of my fantasy of being cuckolded and she began to tease me about it. Naturally I became excited as I was feeding off of her excitement and sexuality. I thought she was only teasing me about this as a form of fantasy role-playing but she dropped a bombshell when she pinned my arms to the bed, climbed on top of me, and placed her face inches from mine. She told me that she had sex with our neighbor that day.


I was in total disbelief and I thought she was kidding, just teasing me with a fantasy but as I looked in her penetrating eyes, I knew she was serious. I got a little upset and asked her why and how? She did not back down as she kept my hands pinned to the bed, her full weight sitting on me. She bragged about how she went over to his house for a haircut (he cuts hair in the basement of his house) and he was flirting with her during the cut and afterwards, she thanked him for the cut by planting a kiss on his lips. He kissed her back and there was chemistry and she ended up having sex with him. She proceeded to tell me that she will be having regular sex with him and that she knows that I will submit to this and if I try to resist, she will deal with me accordingly.


I am not happy about this, yet I cannot get over how attractive and how sexy my wife seems to me since she told me this. After she gave me the details, she ordered me to orally service her, as she wanted me to perform clean-up duty. I obeyed her and she had intense and powerful orgasms as I was servicing her. I have never seen her so dominant or sexy.


But I am still not happy. Had it been with a stranger, I might have been Ok. But I see and talk with my neighbor and I am uncomfortable with this arrangement. I've tried to talk with her about it and each time, she gets in my face, marches me to the bedroom, and orders me to perform body worship on her. I become weak and submissive and I yield to her wishes. She makes me confess that I gladly submit to being cuckolded, which I do. She now knows how to control me and I am powerless.


I saw my neighbor the other day and he said hi to me as if nothing has changed. She told him that I am Ok with this and this is what I also want. That is not true. This is what she wants and I have no choice in the matter. Does it excite me some? Yes, it does and I find her to be sexy as hell. I love seeing her this dominant with me. But I also am not comfortable with it and I was hoping you would give me some ideas on how to approach her about getting her to stop having sex with my neighbor.






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