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Ms Sutton, I found the attached story in a Yahoo group site.  I am assuming that you are the person operating the female superiority website referred to in the story.  It is such a nice tribute to you that I thought you might want to know that it is on the web. Thank you for your excellent work.


"How I Cuckold My husband"  by Ms Linda 


Thinking back on it I don't understand why I didn't see it before. There were plenty of signs that my husband wanted to be submissive to me. He had always deferred to me in making all the important decisions, even the financial ones. The fact is that he made twice the money I did; yet I still controlled "our" purse strings. He would never make a purchase of over a hundred dollars without consulting me first. I kept the checkbook and gave him an allowance for spending money. He has always done his share of chores around the house. When we have a disagreement he always yields to me. On many occasions he has apologized to me even when we both knew I was wrong. We have sex when I want to, he never denies me. Oral sex between us is always one way, well, two ways. He either uses his mouth on my vagina or on my anus, whichever I am in the mood for. With all this evidence, I never saw that he had submissive desires until the day I looked in the history file on our home computer.


I had lost the web address of a craft site. I intended to buy some things for the kitchen from them. After logging on to a couple of the addresses from the history folder I was in shock. There were images of women beating men with canes and whips until the men were bleeding and begging for mercy. Women were sitting on faces and torturing the man's penis and balls. There were pictures of women pissing into the mouths of men, forcing them to drink urine directly from their pussies. The list of activities went on and on. Most of this really put me off. I started to wonder if I had a future with my husband. Then I logged on to a female supremacy site.


This was the web page of a woman who gave advice to other women on how to dominate their husbands and boyfriends. She was a female supremacist and detailed how the woman should be the head of the household and her husband should be subservient to her. This was the natural order of things and following her advice would bring the couple closer together and more in harmony. She believed that women were superior to men and that the only way either could be fully content would be with the husband in complete submission to the wife. Her thoughts and views on this subject were very interesting, and she looked at many things from an entirely different perspective that I had ever thought of before. For instance, during sex men naturally strive to reach orgasm, ending the act very possibly before the female has reached orgasm. This is why the male should not be in charge of sex and should be required to have the female's permission to before having an orgasm. 


In the next couple of weeks I thought about this more and more. I didn't say anything to my husband about it. When I had some time I would log on to this woman's web page and read her essays. There was also a question and answer page and real life stories from other readers. There I found several stories and questions from women who cuckolded their husbands and from women who wanted to. I had never heard the term before but it means that the wife has sex with other men while her husband remains loyal to her. She has her affairs with his full knowledge and consent. Many of the women denied their husbands sex even within the marriage. Most of these women kept their husband's penis locked in chastity devices to insure that they remained celibate. All of these women completely dominated their husbands. In most cases the husband was required to do all the housework plus cater to the personal needs of the dominant wife. A common activity of these women was to have their husbands lick the semen of other men out of their vaginas. It took me over a month to read everything and by the time I finished it my thinking had started to change concerning female domination.


In many ways I was very excited about the possibilities. I had always wanted to fuck other men but did not want to lose my husband. While the idea of frivolous sex for me held much appeal, I did not like the idea of my husband enjoying the same sexual freedom. I had a couple of affairs in the last two years, but I did not like the sneaking around. If dominating my husband would offer me a way to fuck around without taking a chance on losing my home and security then I was all for it. First I had to develop a plan or some kind of strategy. Plus I had to make some decisions about how far I wanted to go with this. Would I have to make him my full time slave in order for him to accept my affairs? The more I thought about it the more deliciously wicked it sounded. I was so excited by the thought that soon I would be fucking strange men while my chauvinistic husband would be at my complete mercy, serving as my houseboy and slave. 


After struggling with my thoughts for a week or two I wrote to the woman to get her advice. I told her my feelings as best I could and gave her the most used FemDom web pages my husband looked at. Her reply came back a couple of days later and I was very impressed. She spent a lot of time in writing me, and based on the information I had given her she had written a profile of my husband, telling me what techniques I might use to drive him into deeper submission to me. She said that she thought I could go as far with the "female domination lifestyle" as I wanted and that I should put my wants and needs first. No problem there. She included a web address where I could order a chastity devise and suggested that I get one as soon as possible. She did warn me that if I decided to cuckold my husband it should be done to drive him deeper into submission to me, not to fulfill my selfish desires to have frivolous sex. I thought I was close enough to wanting both to make a go of it, although my only interest in domination was to push my husband into a place where I could have my sexual freedom while he would remain loyal to me. 


I decided on a direct approach with my husband on this. Well, kind of direct. We were in bed naked in each other's arms. "Honey," I said, "I've been thinking of some ways to spice up our sex life a little. I thought we might try a little domination. What do you think?"


His face lit up like a light had been turned on. "Well sure, I, uh, that sounds great to me. What did you, uh, have in mind?" he could hardly speak.


"Well, I could try the submissive role if you think that would suit you best," I said. It was like I let the air out of his tires. The disappointment on his face was clear to see, as I had known it would be. I wanted it to be my husband's idea to submit to me.


"Oh, uh, Ok," he said.


"You seem a little disappointed, if you're not interested we don't have to try this. Or did you have other ideas about how we could spice things up a little?


"Well, uh, what I mean to say is, uh." he said.


"Go ahead and tell me, I want to know your fantasies, I'll be understanding." I took hold of his penis and started to massage it gently. 


"I feel like I'm in the dominant role at work all day," he said. "It's just that I get so tired of making decisions and," he hesitated; sweat had popped out on his forehead.


"Honey, are you saying that you would like for me to dominate you?" His cock was like steel in my hand.


"Yes, I uh, think," he could not look me in the eyes.


"Well, I'll be willing to give it a try, but I'm not sure I can pull off being dominant with you. You will have to help me, and you will have to do whatever I say. Do you still want to give it a try?" This is exactly as I had planned it.


"Sure, yes, uh, I mean I really want to," he said. His excitement was obvious and his cock was like a flagpole.


My first action was to take over our sexual relationship. That night in bed I sat on my husband's stomach and started to pinch his nipples. He moaned in gratitude and his penis was hard against my ass as I worked his nipples with my fingers. "There are some changes we are going to make in our lovemaking," I told him. "You are going to learn to please me, and please me my way. I want you to do it with your mouth. I almost never have orgasms from intercourse. You will be required lick me whenever I say and for as long as I say. You have been doing that for years anyway, but if I take the dominant role with you it's not going to be a game. You're going to learn to obey me. Do you understand?"


"Yes, of course I do," he answered. 


"That's Yes Ma'am."


"Yes Ma'am," he repeated.


I played with him until I had him all hot and bothered. 


"Good boy," I wanted a demonstration of his submissive role. I turned around and started to lower my ass to his face. "Your first lesion is in ass licking. I want you to lick my ass until I cum, do you understand?"


"Yes, uh, but."


"You know you want to kiss it, don't you?"


"Sure I do, you've always known that I am in love with your ass."


I sat on his face and ordered, "Go ahead and bury your tongue as far up my asshole as it will go. You're going to have to earn your orgasms from now on, and to earn one you have to give me four. Do you understand and agree?" His reply was a muffled grunt into my ass. I lifted my ass up off his mouth. "Was that a yes?" I said.


"Yes, I guess, but four to one, what is this all about."


"It is about you doing as I say," I said as I lowered my anus back to his mouth. "I'm tired of you sticking your little cock in me and cuming before I get warmed up. From now on, you need to get my permission to have an orgasm." I wanted to condition him to accept the fact that he needed help in pleasing me. As I said this I started to undulate my hips and grind my asshole against his mouth. "Stick your tongue in deeper and lick me."


He complied with all my demands but I kept things moving slowly. I didn't want to scare him off. My Internet friend had warned me that many men have submissive fantasies, but rebel when confronted with real life slavery. By the end of the evening he was wild with desire and in a completely submissive mood. I took that opportunity to lock him into his new CB 2000 chastity device. He was apprehensive, but after a little coaxing he allowed me to lock the device in place.


After three nights of licking my ass, feet, and armpits, and being denied any relief my husband was desperate for an orgasm, but he had never acted more subservient. His penis would swell to the end of his chastity device just from just being in the same room with me, and he was becoming more and more obedient. On the fourth night I made him clean the house and dust in the nude, then he was forced to beg to lick my asshole. I sat on his chest and played with his caged penis behind my back. I asked him to give me his thoughts on my having sex with other men while he watched. He went soft and refused to talk about. I slid up over his mouth and forced him to eat me to orgasm. I left him unsatisfied again. On the fifth night I removed the device and sat on his cock. "I can hardly feel your little penis," I said. "I need a big cock to please me," getting him used to the idea of me having another penis to play with. I allowed him to cum but afterward I made him lick his sperm from my cunt. This was to get him used to the idea. He would have to lick me clean after my dates once I had him trained. 


The next week went pretty much the same. I kept my husband hot and horny and refused to allow him an orgasm. He responded to all my demands and was completely obedient but still went soft when I talked about having sex with other men. I told him that his attitude about this displeased me. He was forced to clean house again and cook me dinner. I ate my dinner with him naked and under the table kissing my feet. After I finished my meal I finger fed him the scraps. Subsequently I took him into the living room and told him that he needed to be punished for displeasing me. I had him bend over the arm of the sofa. I took one of his belts and whipped his ass until it was red and covered with marks. Beating him made my pussy so wet that when I finished his whipping I slipped my panties from under my skirt, sat on the sofa and commanded him to eat my pussy. I put my legs over his shoulders and layback to enjoy his service. After a few minuets I got the urge to pee, so I stood over him and rode his face to the floor. I told him that I intended to piss in his mouth and he should drink every drop. One of the web pages he had visited was dedicated to male piss drinkers, so I knew he fantasized about drinking my urine. He begged me not to do it, but he kept his mouth on my pussy. I slapped his face and told him that I was about to pee and he better not spill a drop. He did as I ordered, sucking my pussy and swallowing, then licking me clean. He was embarrassed by the fact that he allowed me to treat him this way but he was also very turned on. His penis had swelled to the ends of his device again and he begged me to remove it, saying his erection inside it caused him pain.


"You had better get used to the taste that is in your mouth right now. I intend to do it again whenever the urge hits." He could not look me in the eye his face was so red with humiliation. I removed the device and slid back and mounted his cock for the first time in five days. I rode him hard and fast. I grabbed his nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pinched them until he groaned in pain. It lasted less that two minutes. My pussy was filled with his semen and I moved forward and positioned myself over his face. I plopped my pussy down on his mouth. "I need an orgasm too, you can clean me up and tongue me until I cum." He was actually getting quite good at eating my "cream pie". After I came I peed in his mouth again, then wiped my cunt off on his face and sat back down on his mouth. 

"You are going to have to get better at fucking me or I'll be forced to get a real man to do the job," I said. He could not reply with my cunt on his mouth. He was floored by the new aggressive attitude I had and it seemed that the more dominant I acted toward him the more submissive he became. I repeated the teasing and denial on him for four days again, along with plenty of ass and pussy worship, but when I talked to him about sex with other men he would still go soft, and he didn't want to talk about it. He was becoming accustomed to being naked while I remained fully clothed in the evenings. I wore short skirts with no panties so he could lick me when I desired it. I also pissed in his mouth regularly and made him thank me for allowing him to drink my urine. I had clearly become his boss and made him do more and more of the housework. When I was sure he was in a completely submissive mood I decided to confront him about my findings on our computer. He spent most of that evening naked as usual, with his tongue up my asshole and in my pussy. I also took a large cucumber and fucked his ass with it. This seemed to break his resistance down completely and the depth of his submission had never seemed greater. I made a mental note to stop by the adult shop and get a strap-on dildo to fuck him with.


"Kneel down here Jim, I have something to discuss with you."


He looked worried and probably figured that he was in some sort of trouble.


I opened my legs and raised my skirt a little, then parted the lips of my pussy. "Put your nose right here, and keep it there while we talk. Do you understand?"


"Yes Ma'am."


"I was looking in the history file on our computer a few weeks ago and was quite surprised by what I saw there."


"Oh, well, I do like to read about different things," he said. I giggled as I felt his breath; it was as if he were speaking directly into my anus. "Especially since we started this female domination lifestyle," he added. 


"Don't give me that bull shit Jim. The dates on many of the history files precede my starting to dominate you. I have spent a lot of time visiting the sites you were looking at and I have seen first hand how you have responded to my dominance. You are a natural born ass licker. The theme of all the sites you visit is female domination. Where do you think I got the idea to start dominating you? It has become quite obvious to me that your dearest wish is to become my slave. Isn't that right?" His penis had swelled to the end of his devise again. 


"But honey," he started to say.


"Just shut up and listen. You don't seem to be able to talk anyway. I am more interested in cuckolding you. Do you know what that word means?" I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his nose a little deeper into my cunt.


"Yes, it means you want to start having sex with other men."


"No, it means I am going to fuck whomever I please and you will have nothing to say about it. If I hear one word of protest from you it will be at least a month before I let you out of the chastity device again. There are several men at the office that are hitting on me constantly. Next Saturday night I am going out with Dave, you remember him don't you? I'm looking forward to getting fucked for more that five minutes at a time. I hear that his cock is huge," I giggled.


"Linda, please, don't," I pulled his head up by his hair. SMACK. I slapped his face so hard I could clearly see my hand print on his face. Then I pushed his face back down. His nose slipped back into my cunt.


"I told you to shut up, that was not an idle threat I just made, or is that what you want?" He lowered his eyes. A moment later a tear ran down his face. "When I come home Saturday night from my date I want you to meet me at the door naked and on your knees.


"Yes Ma'am," he answered.


I was thrilled with his answer. He was finally accepting my desire to have sex outside our marriage. While I had him in such an agreeable mood I decided to push him a little further. "I will step up over your face and place my pussy over your mouth. You will suck Dave's sperm from my cunt, and then I will piss down your throat to wash it all down. Do you understand?" I smiled as I looked down at his penis. It was still pressing against the end of his device.


"Yes Ma'am, but please, uh, please don't," I jerked him up by the hair and slapped his face again. This time so hard that he fell back from his kneeling position onto his ass.


"Get back into position!" I ordered. He was back on his knees instantly with his nose back inside my pussy. "I don't think it is in your best interest to question me again. Do you understand?"


"Yes Ma'am."


"Good, very good. If you are good and have all the housework done it time Saturday I'll let you bathe me and help me dress for my date. I might even let you pick out my clothes for the evening."


"Can I ask you something Miss Linda," he said, still kneeling and naked with his nose still in position.


"Yes, go ahead."


"Well, uh, will you still want to have, will you, uh," his face was bright red now and he was sweating profusely. 


"Are you afraid that I will no longer want to have sex with you Jim," I asked.


"Yes Ma'am," he answered.


"You shouldn't be worried about that, sex between us has changed and you will continue to grow more and more submissive to me. I intend to dominate you completely and I may never have sexual intercourse with you again. I have not decided about that yet. But you will be allowed to service me orally most every day. Your sex life from now on will be almost exclusively between your tongue and my ass and cunt. I will also use you to lick my feet and armpits. Your penis is now completely under my control and you will never be allowed to have an orgasm without my permission."


"Well, what if I decide that I, well, uh, don't want to be, uh, dominated anymore?" he asked.


"I am afraid that it is not up to you. You have already given up too much control. Don't you think that I can see how submitting to me excites you. Do you really think you can resist my domination? If you try to resist me, how long do you think you will last before you are right back where you are now, naked and on your knees, begging me for a taste of my anus? Think about it Jim, I doubt you could last more than a day or two. Look how hard your penis is pushing against your chastity device. I warn you, if you dare to refuse my demands I will deal very harshly with you once I have you back under heel. And I will have you under my control." I stood and turned my back to him. I lifted my skirt and I looked over my shoulder at him. "Look at it Jim, you know you want to worship it. Can you resist the invitation to lick my asshole? Don't fight it Jim, give in to your desires."


He kneeled there for a moment fighting his urges. His penis was throbbing inside the device uncontrollably. When he could stand it no longer he showered my buttocks with kisses and then worked his tongue up inside my anus. His passion was wild and after a moment I stepped away from his kneeling form and lowered my dress. When I turned to face him his face went flush with humiliation again. He knew that he was mine to do with as I pleased. More importantly, I knew it too. Best of all, he had accepted the fact that I would be having sex with whomever I pleased while his penis would remain under my control. This was just too good to be true, but pinch me, by god it was true!


"Linda, this is not fair, you can't treat me this way," he said.


"Oh you darling little boy, it's not supposed to be fair. What we have now is a female dominant relationship. There will always be double standards we will live by. For instance, I will fuck as many men as I please while you will stay locked in your chastity belt. I drink champagne while you drink my golden piss. But you like my piss better anyway, don't you?"


"Yes Ma'am, but," he started.


"That is enough, I an in no mood for your whining. Go get your housework done now or I may have to give you something to whine about." 


Things began to move rapidly now. I ordered Jim to undress in the garage after work and to dress there in the mornings. He was to be naked at all times while in the house, with the exception of his chastity device. I quickly turned over all the housework to him along with the cooking and laundry. When I started to dominate Jim it was for the sole purpose of convincing him to agree to my having sex with other men, but now I had decided that I wanted more. And I wanted more than a domestic slave. I wanted a personal servant as well, and I started to train Jim as my body slave.


First he learned to bathe me, shave my legs, and paint my toe and fingernails. Next I started teaching him how to apply my makeup and brush my hair. I allowed him to trim and shape my pubic nest. He took to his new role of servitude like a duck to water. He would be ready to perform all of these tasks for me on Saturday before my first date. He was also eager to service my ass and/or cunt orally at my demand, and for as long as I desired. Usually I gave him nothing in return, telling him that he could expect my permission to orgasm only once every couple of weeks. 


The supper he fixed on Wednesday displeased me, so I took one of his belts and whipped his cute little ass until it was raw. He cried like a baby before I was half way through. When I finished whipping him his ass was black, blue and purple and would remain so for several days. He was so sore that I had to lie on my belly when getting my ass licked rather than sitting on his face, as I usually did. He had some trouble sitting for the next day or so and was very careful not to displease me again. Under my careful tutelage Jim was becoming a model servant.


I didn't allow him to lick me Friday or Saturday. "I want to be ready to get a good fucking. I can't have you licking me to orgasm all day and expect to be at my best for Dave, now can I?" Being denied the pleasure of using his mouth for my pleasure humiliated Jim and made him more submissive as well. I did allow him to suck my toes and tongue my armpits. He waited on me hand and foot all day Saturday and had the house spotless to boot. After bathing me he put fresh polish on my nails and kneeled before me while blowing them dry. Then he did my makeup and fixed my hair while I sat at my vanity. Then he dressed me. The clothes he picked out consisted of thigh high stockings and garter, four-inch heels, thong panties, and a push up bra. Over that he picked a white leather mini-skirt and a skintight black "v" neck nit sleeveless sweater. My reflection in the mirror looked extremely sexy and I knew that Dave would approve.


Dave picked me up at seven-thirty. I told Jim to stay in the bedroom until we left. That was as much for me as for him. I knew it would be humiliating for Jim to see Dave face to face, especially with Jim being naked. I didn't really want Dave to see how badly I had beat Jim's ass. His bruises were still very dark from the whipping I had given him earlier in the week. I didn't tell Jim when to expect me home, but his instructions were to be on his knees and ready to serve me when I walked into the house. 



I didn't get home until after two AM. Dave had fucked me three times, twice in the pussy and once in the ass. I estimated that all together we fucked for just under four hours. Jim was in position just inside the front door when I walked in. I smiled down at him, turned my back to him and lifted my skirt. He started to kiss and lick my ass without being told. He gasped as the semen started to drain out of my hole and into his mouth. "That's right honey, Dave fucked me in the ass. Lick it all up for me. Good." My ass was so stretched that it seemed that his tongue, lips and nose were all in my asshole at the same time. Then I turned and let the contents of my cunt drain into his mouth. As I promised, I then took a nice long piss down his throat to end the greeting. When he had licked the last trace of urine off my cunt I stepped back and walked towards the bathroom, leaving him kneeling in the entrance foyer. 


Jim followed me into the bath and volunteered to help me undress when he saw me removing my skirt. I allowed him to undress me before stepping into the shower. Jim kneeled and waited with a towel until I finished. He kissed my feet when I stepped out and worked his way up my legs and had reached my mid thigh. I let him towel me down but insisted that he lick the water from my pussy and asshole.


Things have worked out better than I ever thought possible. Jim earns our living while I play golf and tennis. I have several steady boyfriends and date often. Jim takes care of all the housework and laundry at night after he gets home from work. He also serves my personal needs as my body slave. Sex is with his tongue only and he is always eager to lick my cunt and ass. If I had known life would be so good I would have put him in chastity years ago.



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