Confessions of a Cuckoldress

by Mistress Mel






Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m just a regular gal that has a very active sex drive. I found a great solution to the age old problem white women have had since the beginning of time and this is my story about how I found this solution.


We white gals love our white boys. They are great for cuddling, doing housework, showering us with affection and of course worshipping us. The problem with white boys is their little dicks! What is a girl to do when she is in love with a white boy that can never please her sexually? The answer is to lock that little dick up and go out and find black cocks! 


I’ll never forget the night I lost my virginity. I was in high school and had a serious boyfriend for 2 years. We had so much build up to that night and then when it finally happened it was such a let down. I remember lying there thinking maybe it was just so bad because it was our first time. So we did it several more times that night and I hated it!

I felt like we were in some sort of race. He was pumping so hard and fast and finished in less than 2 minutes every time and I stood no chance to get off this way.


I put up with my beau and the awful sex for a while because I did love him. He was so affectionate and attentive to me. He would always pull out my chair, hold open car doors and carry my books to class as well as drive me around. I figured I would just have to take control of my own orgasms if I ever wanted to have any. It was a huge let down for me!


Life went on and I had several more disappointing white boys over the years into my early twenties. It wasn’t until I was having drinks with a girlfriend one night that I was exposed to the solution to my sex life problems. My girl Erin and I were talking about sex over drinks on a girl’s night out. She was telling me all about how hard she had cum before meeting me for drinks. I looked at her in shock because I knew her fiancé was out of town. When I asked her who she had sex with she showed me a picture on her phone of a huge black dick. My jaw dropped and I felt my pussy get wet instantly. The thought of having that massive cock inside me was such a turn on.


Erin went on to tell me that she stopped having sex with her fiancé Dave. She said that she lets him eat her out or finger her but his dick does nothing for her so she gives him a hand job then when he falls asleep she makes her “black cock calls’. I was in shock! I asked her what she would do if Dave found out and she replied, “He knows.”


Erin told me that Dave knows about her lovers and he won’t leave her because he loves her too much. He will do anything to be with her. This had me intrigued. I thought about it all night while we had drinks and dance and flirted with the boys in the club.


A few months after Erin told me about her “situation”, I had met a very charming man. After a few weeks of flirting with him and talking to him he finally asked me out on a date. His name is Joseph and he is a very attractive man.


While we were on our first date, Joe told me that he is still a virgin. He was brought up in a very religious family and is saving that gift for his future wife. This immediately got me thinking about what Erin said to me a few months before. Joe and I had a great date and he was very attentive to me the whole night. We danced to the jazz music that the restaurant was playing after dinner, had a drink and then a nice walk through the park nearby. He held the door for me to his car and walked me to my door when he dropped me off. He was a perfect gentleman and very romantic!


Joe and I dated for a few months and we were starting to end every date with a heavy make out session and when he would stay over we would just cuddle. I was getting frustrated! I am a beautiful woman and I have needs. I decided I would teach Joe how to please me orally. This had to help my situation. I spent a few hours instruction Joe on how to lick me right while he knelt between my legs and was eager to please.

After a bit of coaching he finally gave me an orgasm with his tongue. It was wonderful! He loved tasting my cum so much he brought me to several more orgasms that evening. Wanting to respect his virginity I never returned the favor.


Over the next several weeks our relationship only got better. Joe would bring me romantic gifts, give me massages, shower me with attention and give me a great orgasm using his tongue almost every night. On our 6 month anniversary he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was crazy about him and of course said yes.  A few weeks later I went dress shopping with Erin. She was going to be my maid of honor. During the course of the day our sex lives came up again. She asked me if he was good in bed. Then I told her about how he is a virgin so all we do is let him lick my pussy.  Erin was appalled by this. While we were eating lunch she wrote down “CB6000” on the napkin and also gave me a phone number. She told me to do a search on the internet for the CB6000 and to call the number after I ordered it.


I was in such bliss that I forgot about the napkin for a few days. While Joe was out of town on a business trip for the weekend and I had some free time. I sat down to my computer and decided to search for the CB6000. I was in complete shock when I saw that it is a silicone chastity device. I picked up my phone and called Erin. I asked her what I was supposed to do with it. Erin told me I need to lock Joe’s dick up. Never let him have sex with me if I want him to be the perfect husband. She went on to tell me that he would never cheat on me because I am a hot wife. He would worship me and love me and be happy for me to lock him up and get sex elsewhere. Sex that would be good for me and make me cum lots. Erin said that white boys don’t deserve to ever fuck a woman. White boys are disappointing and should be kept locked up so they are better husbands. She said I would be doing the world a favor to marry Joe and take him off the market as well as never let him use his pathetic pencil dick. She told me to hang up with her and call the number she gave me and to do what he says and have fun.


I spent a few minutes thinking about what she said and letting in sink in. She had a good point. The only way Joe would likely ever get me off was by his tongue. If I kept his dick locked up he would be desperate to do anything for me in hopes that I might let him take it off and have sex with me. I laughed at this thought and picked up the phone to call the number Erin gave me. An hour later there was a large black man knocking on my door.


I was shaking when I answered the door. I had put on a sexy outfit right after I called him. I was wearing a short black skirt, 5 inch black heels, and a low cut white blouse. I had on a thong which is something I never wore before. I usually wore boy shorts or bikini cuts but I wanted to impress today. I wore a black bra that was visible through my white top. I’m a 5’7 blonde so the heels made my legs look incredibly long. I’m very fit and run every day. I have a flat stomach and 32C breasts. This outfit showed me off well. I hoped it would please the man knocking at my door.


When I opened the door and saw the 6’4 muscular black man at my door my heart skipped. He had a very nice smile and as I watched him look me up and down I noticed the bulge in his pants. I felt my palms get sweaty and my face flush. He pushed the door open and walked past me to sit on the couch.  I closed the door and tried to look cool as I turned around to face him. He asked me if I had a radio. I walked over to the entertainment center and turned on some music. He patted his knee and told me to come to him. I was so nervous and shaking but I walked over and gingerly sat on his lap. He ran his hand up my leg and up my thigh right under my skirt. I was horribly uncomfortable and feeling so guilty about cheating on Joe but I did nothing to stop him.


The next thing I knew my panties were being pushed out of the way and he was sliding a finger into my soaked pussy. He smiled at me and said “damn girl you are tight!” I blushed so red. I think my toes were blushing! He pulled me back against him and he fingered me for a few minutes getting me even more wet. He told me to take off my panties and skirt and while I stood to do that he pulled his pants off enough to let a huge monster of a cock out. I stared at his cock like it was a ghost. I was trembling and yet so excited. He had me straddle him so I could work that monster in under my own weight. I bounced up and down on his cock for what felt like and hour before I got it most of the way in me.


He was just leaned back and enjoying the show. I came so hard when I got him as far in me as he would fit. It was after I came that he pushed me off of him and he told me to bend over the edge of the couch. He grabbed my hips and fucked me like I was a rag doll. I came so hard several time but I was crying because he was stretching me and so rough. It was the best sex I ever had. I felt his hot cum squirting all over my ass and could do nothing but cling to the couch arm to hold myself up. He pulled up his pants and told me to call him if I wanted to see him again. Then he was gone.


I showered and composed myself then went back to my computer and ordered the CB6000. On Joe’s credit card. Erin was right. I owed it to Joe and myself to never fuck him. He would never be able to make me cum with his little dick. I’m sure he would want me to be happy and this is the only way to do it.


As the wedding planning went on and Joe and I moved in together I continued to see my black stud. I would come home to Joe every night and smile because as he was licking me every night he was licking a pussy that was being used and torn up by a big black cock all the time. Joe had no idea.


Our wedding day finally came. It was a perfect spring day. That morning when Joe and I woke up I told him I had a gift for him. He had one for me too. I opened my gift so excitedly. It was a gorgeous diamond necklace. I kissed Joe and thanked him and then put it on. I was wearing only a t-shirt and panties but I modeled it for him and he loved it. He licked my pussy and gave me a marvelous orgasm and after we cuddled for a few minutes I told him I wanted to give him his gift now. I handed him a pretty box wrapped in silver with a blue ribbon on it. He opened it and stared at the contents looking confused. I explained to him that I wanted to lock his dick up for the day. It would be a symbol of how he spent his life waiting for me and then tonight on our honeymoon I would take it off of him just like he is taking off his virginity. He looked at me skeptically but agreed to let me put it on him.


This was the first time I had seen Joe’s dick. It was tiny! Maybe 4 inches at best. I was so disappointed. I slipped the device over his dick and I adjusted the spacer. I then put the lock on it and then put the key on a chain I would wear around my neck. I knew when I was putting that CB6000 on Joe that I would never take it off. I told Joe I needed to shower and get going to get my hair and makeup done for the wedding. He joined me in the shower and gave me another orgasm with his tongue. I trained him so well! We kissed as I left the house and I told him the next time I would see him I would be in a wedding gown and be his bride.


I met Erin at the salon along with my other bridesmaids. We had a great time being pampered and getting all dressed up. Erin and I talked a little about her pregnancy. She was not showing yet but she would be soon. She told me that she was black bred! She said she hasn’t had sex with Dave since they got married and she couldn’t be happier. Dave is her bitch boy and does anything for her. She told me that she is considering moving her black lover into their home and making Dave sleep in the guest room or on a twin size mattress in her room but not in her bed.


The rest of the day went by in a flash. The wedding was beautiful, the reception so much fun. After hours of dancing and kissing and professing our love to each other Joe and I said goodnight to everyone and headed out to our limo. We were staying at home that night and then leaving for our honeymoon in Aruba the following morning. When we got home Joe carried me over the threshold like a gentleman. He was so romantic. We kissed and were naked in bed for a long time. He gave me several orgasms with his tongue and then finally asked me if I was ready to take his gift. I kissed Joe passionately and told him sweetly no. I turned over, sent a text out from my phone and then went back to kissing Joe. We kissed and he spent time kissing me everywhere for a while before there was a knock on the door. I told him I would get it. I put on a silk robe and returned to Joe with my black stud on my arm.


Joe freaked out. He started yelling for the man to get out and was threatening to call the police. I told Joe to calm down and that I know this man. Joe stared at me not knowing what was going on. I turned to my stud, Tony, and I undid his pants and pulled them off of him. Joe stared in disbelief. I pulled out Tony’s cock and looked at Joe. I told Joe that I have no intention of ever having sex with him when I could have a massive cock like Tony’s.  Joe started begging me to not touch Tony. He tried to pull me away. I was prepared for that and I quickly cuffed Joe. I pushed him to sit on the chair in the corner. His little dick in a cage and he handcuffed not able to do anything. I explained to Joe that I would never have sex with him because he has a tiny dick. I asked Joe if he wanted me to be disappointed or would he like  to see me cum so many times I cry. He sat in silence. I knew he was mad. I got down on my knees and started sucking Tony. We fucked on the bed right in front of Joe.


Joe was crying when it was over, his head hung low. As Tony got dressed I told Joe to crawl to me and lick me clean or I am going to leave his ass and take everything. I could see he wanted to fight but he knew he could never please me the way Tony just had. He reluctantly crawled to me and I could feel him trying to not get cum on him when he went to lick my clit. I grabbed his head and forced his face to my pussy and told him to clean me up like a good boy or he would never be allowed to cum.


Joe started licking and I could feel him crying. After Tony left and Joe licked me to another orgasm I uncuffed him and got in bed with him. I whispered to Joe that I loved him but his little dick was not good enough. I asked him if he wanted me to suffer for my whole life or if he would like to see me happy. He was still crying and I knew he was upset but he would get over it. He held me close and told me he would do anything to see me happy.


I fell asleep with a big smile on my face thinking about how much fun the honeymoon was going to be…




©  Cuckoldress


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