Cuckold Story



Wife's Surprising Fantasy

by Mercure





Sarah and I had been married for just under two years and we had a great marriage, but our sex life was getting a little dull. All we seemed to do was go through the motions of missionary position sex on a Saturday and Sunday morning. We were both bored and I knew it. Sarah is a beautiful woman, 30 years old, blonde, tall and thin with pert breasts, but she is not that sexually adventurous. To liven things up I recommended an idea I had seen in a men’s magazine like GQ or something. I suggested we think of a sexual fantasy, then we would decide to live out one of those fantasies, while the other had to go along with whatever had been agreed. After several days of persuasion Sarah agreed and I planned my fantasy, which involved something along the lines of making Sarah come to a local restaurant without any knickers on then having sex with her in the toilets.


We decided the following. We would promise to be home by 6pm on Friday night which was several days away and we would spend an evening living out the fantasy of whoever won a coin toss. Friday night arrived and we cuddled up on the sofa with a nice bottle of wine and a lot of nervousness. I asked Sarah if she had thought of her fantasy and she told me that of course she had.


“Toss the coin, toss the coin,“ Sarah muttered excitedly, “This has really got me excited. I haven’t been able to think of anything else but this all week. Please let me win.“


I took a coin out of my pocket and put it into my trembling, sweaty hand. I tossed it and you can probably guess already that it did not go my way. Sarah stood up, punched the air and laughed. She told me to stay seated and to prepare for an evening of her total pleasure. She got up, walked to the kitchen and made a call on her mobile I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I was intrigued.


When she returned to the lounge she smiled at me, told me that the fantasy would begin in 30 minutes and then approached the mirror where she tidied her hair. I begged her to tell me what was going to happen but she said nothing other than the surprise would make it more interesting. We sat and made small talk until there was a knock at the front door and Sarah got up and answered it. I was told to wait in the lounge and upon opening the door I could hear the voice of a man greeting Sarah in the hall way before Sarah re-entered the lounge.


“John I would like you to meet Tom. He will play a big part of my fantasy. Tonight John, my fantasy is being fucked by another man while you watch helplessly. Don’t take it personally, it is just that seeing you humiliated turns me on so much. To be honest I could not really think of a fantasy, but one of the girls at work suggested this and it sounded like a cool idea. Girl power and all that. You are to do everything that Tom and I ask you. How I know Tom is not important for you to know, but I am attracted to him.”


Tom approached me and shook my hand he then told me that he really like the idea of the fantasy “Sarah has told me all about your little game and I hope I can be of assistance to bring some interest back to your sex life. Ok, John I want you to take off your clothes and to sit naked on the sofa.” Sarah nodded in agreement and motioned for me to do as Tom said. I undressed and felt very self conscious. ”Next John we will all go up to your bedroom and you will remove all your possessions, so that there is no trace of you left. I plan to be Sarah’s man for the evening so I need space.”


Sarah explained how she dreamed of being taken by another man, but also found the fact that I would witness this all intensely arousing. We made our way upstairs and I sheepishly removed all my belongings from the bedroom and put them in the spare room. I returned to our bedroom to find Tom and Sarah sat on the bed. Sarah told me that she wanted me to stand in the corner and observe the sight of her being fucked. She told me that my presence was half of the fantasy, the other half was a good fucking.


Sarah lay wantonly back on the bed and begged Tom to take her. I am a jealous man at the best of times, so this was not really a good situation for me. I did however have a perverse interest in seeing Sarah with an other man and it made me feel like I was some kind of deviant. A whole host of emotions ran through me, but the agreement we made and my morbid fascination with this situation kept me rooted to the spot unable to move and try and stop this from happening. My cock began to rise.


Tom began to undress Sarah. Off came her top, shoes and trousers to reveal the underwear that she wore on our wedding day - a virginal white bra and g-string that emphasised her cleavage. Sarah writhed on the bed while Tom admired her slim tanned body. Tom winked at me and watched Sarah remove her remaining clothes while she let out a fervish demand to be taken hard and to be made to feel like a woman. Tom’s hands roamed over my wife’s body starting at her head, lifting it so that he could plant his first deep wet kiss on her. Their mouths engulfed each other as Tom slid his right hand down Sarah’s body roughly squeezing her tits before parting her legs and entering her engorged hairless cunt with finger after finger.


Sarah arched her back and kissed Tom harder while grinding her pussy into his hand. They went at it like this for a few minutes before Sarah sat up, pushed Tom on the bed and ripped his clothes off. She was like a wild animal and I had never seen her like this before. Tom was lying on the bed clothed only in is Calvin Kleins and Sarah moved down the bed and eased off his underpants to reveal his bulging cock. To be honest it wasn’t anything special and I took comfort from one small detail, but the fact remained that he was almost certainly going to fuck my wife with it. Sarah took hold of his cock and looked at it in awe. She breathed in its scent and glided her hands up and down it as if it were a precious antique. She then flicked out her tongue and licked the tip of his cock lasciviously before wildly putting as much of it in her mouth as she could manage. Her head bobbed up and down furiously while her hands caressed his hairy balls. Sarah wiggled her arse and as she did this and I caught a glimpse of her moist pussy lips bulging through her thighs.


This really was too much for me to bear. The joke had gone too far and I pulled Sarah off Tom. Sarah exploded at me and told me to get back in the corner. She reminded me that I had instigated this, but I had seen enough, Tom got up and forcibly took my wrists and pushed me back in to the corner and pinned me against the wall.


“John, you can’t deprive a man of what is rightfully his and what kind of man goes back on an agreement.“ As I was pressed against the wall by Tom, Sarah grabbed my balls, gave them a sharp squeeze, then slapped my cock several times. “That was very naughty of you and it showed a total lack of respect towards me. Now stay there as I teach you how to respect me.“ Sarah took a pair of tights out of her drawer, tied them around my hands then tied me to the wardrobe so that I could not move.


I now felt helpless, but my cock stood up more rigid than ever..


Sarah flicked my balls which was very painful, then returned to the bed where she reclined and spread her legs open wide. She slid a finger over her pussy lips and beckoned Tom to mount her. Tom positioned himself above Sarah and she pulled his veiny cock towards her pussy. She rubbed it around her crimson vaginal lips, before easing it into her, bit by bit until he was buried deep inside her.


“Oh John, I feel like a school girl again. Feeling Tom’s warm cock makes me feel so alive and wanted. Don’t you feel like a complete prick to watch another man fucking me, fucking your pussy, taking what belongs to you. Oh, Tom you feel so good. I love cock so much. Fuck me. Fuck me.”


Tom pushed himself deep into Sarah and she grabbed at his back.


“John, the only thing that could make this moment better would be for you to tell me how you are feeling right now looking at your whore of a wife getting it good, Tell me, Tell me, you pathetic, subservient submissive.”


My voice was trembling, but I spoke to Sarah and to told her how I felt insecure, worthless, humiliated, but strangely turned on, proud of her and deeper in love with her. With each of my comments Sarah let our a moan. I looked at her face and she looked totally abandoned. Her eyes were shut, her hair was scattered over our pillows and her mouth was breathing out high pitched moans of pleasure. Tom began to pound deeply in to Sarah and I began to worry that he was not wearing a condom. They fucked for what seemed like an eternity before Sarah moved on top and began to fuck Tom back. Her beautiful, lithe long body moved with the grace of a ballerina to and fro quickening in pace until I could see the tell tale signs that she was going to cum. She exploded as she orgasmed screaming at the top of her voice and calling out Tom’s name. As Sarah lay delirious on our bed, Tom moved her into the doggy position and made a few strokes into her before he exploded deeply inside of her.



They both lay spent next to each other cuddling, before Tom got up, untied me and Sarah ordered me over to her. She rolled over onto her back, opened her legs pushing me down between them to reveal her red raw pussy that was full of another man’s spunk.



“Now John to make my evening complete I want you to guzzle all of Tom’s cum for me like a good little boy. If you don’t lick out every last drop I might get pregnant with his baby and you wouldn’t want that would you.“ Sarah grabbed my head and pushed me into her . Tom had sat next to Sarah’s head as I began licking the sordid leftovers of their union. Her pussy was hot and it smelt different from how it had ever smelt before . My first taste of Tom’s cum was disgusting, salty and gooey, but hidden in this mess was the musky odour of Sarah. My tongue probed deeply inside her teasing out the remnants of her infidelity and loving her more in a strange subservient way.


“Get a mouthful of this John,” Sarah laughed and with that I could feel her contract her pussy and push out a vagina full of spunk. I licked hard and swallowed, and then licked as deeply as I could. As I lay between her legs, Sarah and Tom kissed and chatted to each other. I could hear Sarah thank Tom for his hard work. Sarah got up, hugged Tom, and Tom patted me on the head. They went down stairs together and Tome left our house. I felt a release as I heard the door close, but then felt fear as Sarah returned. She sat on the bed next to me and told me she had some questions to ask me.


"John I absolutely loved that. He took me and there were no pressures on me what so ever. I was fucked good and humiliating you is a great pastime and I want to know how you felt being made a cuckold by me. It drove me wild. Tell me what you thought."


I broke down in tears and buried my head into Sarah’s chest looking for comfort. She slapped me and told me to pull myself together. I took a deep breath and began to talk to her as she requested. "Well I have to give it to you, you really surprised me and made me view you in a totally different light. I felt sick and turned on at the same time and I guess I have to admit to getting very horny when you are in control.”


"Well in that case, come here and fuck me. I always wanted to be fucked by two men in one night. You have got a lot to live up to and you know that I will be doing a comparison."


I sheepishly got on top of Sarah and inserted my aching cock into her stretched sopping pussy and gingerly began to pump into her. Sarah began to talk to me.


"You sick little husband. Do you know what I have just done. You do know that now I wear the trousers in this relationship and if you don’t do what I say, all your mates are going to know about this. How would that make you feel to know that they know I like getting it off other men? Have you put your cock inside me yet? Do make an effort.”


And with these cruel words and my heightened level of excitement, I came inside of Sarah.


“Oh well done John, I think you managed all of 30 seconds. You are really going to make me feel satisfied like that. My pussy is a wonderful tool that needs to be serviced by expert mechanics. Your little game has given me a taste of raw dirty sexuality and I like it. You better get used to not being the only man in my life”


I lay next to Sarah and hugged her. I had no choice to accept this new state of affairs, but secretly I could not wait to seeing her get fucked again.






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