Cuckold Story





Toys to Men

by Melbcuck






I’m Brad and my cuckold experiences date back to my first marriage at age 19. This is over 30yrs ago now but the memory is still as vivid as yesterday. My partner Jane was only 18 when we married – we were both a little naive as it was our first love. Yet despite both being sexually inexperienced when we met, Jane and I soon had a pretty active and adventurous sex life. I was a lucky guy – we were young, fit, and Jane was an attractive woman with a high sex drive. She was only 5’3” and quite petite – size 12 with a fit tight body from going to the gym, and with great 34C tits. She always got plenty of attention from guys (and probably still does), and I was proud of my gorgeous wife.


For the first few months of our marriage I was in heaven. Jane was keen to have sex every night and of course I also enjoyed sex, but after a while I found to my embarrassment that I couldn’t keep up with her sex drive. I was working long hours in a hard physical job (construction) and was often tired.

We had a few nights where she wanted sex and I was just too tired but she seemed OK about it. It was around this time I’d also realised that Jane couldn’t orgasm with my cock alone – I had to use my tongue and fingers to bring her off. I expect this is the case for many women and I didn’t really see it as a problem as it was something I enjoyed anyway.


But I did feel bad when I was unable to keep up with her sex drive - even though she said it was ok. I knew that she was disappointed when I said I was tired. One night after I again knocked back the offer of sex from her due to tiredness she shyly suggested buying a vibrator – her female friends at the gym had apparently been discussing them. To my surprise (and hers) I found the thought of her using a vibrator quite arousing and quickly agreed.


The next day on my way home from work I stopped to buy one at a local adult shop. I was a little embarrassed but the woman at the counter was very helpful and happily showed me a range of toys. I settled on one which she recommended as medium price and medium size. I didn’t tell her but even though she said it was average all I could think about was that it was actually both quite a bit longer and thicker than my own cock. It reminded me of something I’d long known - that my own 5” thin cock was well below average.


Over the years I’d observed lots of other guys in change rooms and I knew I was on the small side. I’d tried to forget the school-boy taunts I’d endured about being a ‘pencil prick’ and the humiliation of being called ‘Baby-dick Brad’ in swimming classes at high school. This hadn’t been a problem for me when Jane and I started going out together – she was a virgin when we met. With her little experience of men I felt I had no need to be embarrassed about my lack of size. But all this was about to change…


That evening it was Jane’s turn to be surprised – firstly that I’d responded so quickly to her request but also with the size of her new toy – the surprised look on her face when she first saw it spoke volumes – even though she didn’t make any immediate comparisons with my small cock. I was inexperienced and the first time I used it on her that night I was a bit clumsy and rough. At one point when she said it hurt I suggested she use it on herself – initially she was shy and agreed only if the lights were off and I agreed not to watch (of course I peeked).


She quickly took control of it and used her toy for the first time as I watched. It was no coincidence that it was also the first time I saw her orgasm three times in quick succession. She didin’t stop after her first orgasm but just kept playing with herself – until then I had never realised that she was multi-orgasmic. Needless to say she loved that vibrator and it quickly became a regular and indispensable part of our love-making.


It was like it had flicked the switch on her sexual awakening. Within a week she was using it on herself regularly while I openly watched and stroked myself – she’d relaxed once she realised that I really did enjoy watching her use it. Jane would generally give herself at least two orgasms a night with it and watching her use it would get me hard even when I was tired. She would orgasm very quickly using her toy – first rubbing the tip over her clit until she was wet and then inserting it to the hilt in her moist pussy. In time she became less and less inhibited with using it – her thighs spread and groaning loudly as she orgasmed .


I loved watching her pleasure herself and then plunging into her wet pussy immediately after she had cum – she was always so wet and hot, and my thin little cock would slip into her like pushing into warm jelly. Often I’d be so turned on from watching her that I’d cum in two or three strokes but Jane didn’t seem to mind as long as she was getting satisfied first.




Around this time I also started imagining my young wife being pleasured by a real cock, though I never told her this. There were no websites then on such topics and no magazines that I knew of so I kept quiet about my fantasies. I did return to the adult shop where I’d bought the vibrator to buy a couple of videos including some that featured three-way and MFM sex . We watched them together and Jane seemed to enjoy them as much as me. Sometimes make comments about how big some of the guys cocks were – by now she definitely knew that I was not very well-endowed but she didn’t complain. I did notice that she was involving her vibrator more and more in our activities without any prompting from me. Within a month it got to the point where we never had sex without her using the vibrator to cum – I think we’d both accepted she really couldn’t orgasm with my small cock alone.


I’d thought a vibrator would help satisfy Jane’s desires but it just seemed to make her even more hungry for sex. It certainly improved our sex life which was now more active than ever – although always with the inclusion of her toy. By now Jane knew that watching her in action with her toy was a real turn-on for me. After about a month I also realised that she was using her vibe sometimes during the daytime while I was at work.


When I challenged her on this she admitted it and said, “It’s not doing anyone harm – I have needs and we both know you can’t keep up with them, so why not?” She was definitely becoming more assertive and confident about her sexual needs. I felt couldn’t argue with this as she’d never denied me sex no matter how many orgasms she might have had each day. I thought a bit about it and decided that rather than make an issue of it I’d surprise her and take things to another level. I went out and bought a new vibrator, this time choosing a much bigger and more expensive one. It was nearly ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. Made of a blue jelly-like plastic and moulded with thick veins and a big mushroom head, it also had a powerful vibrator motor. It really was a formidable weapon and I couldn’t wait to see how my petite little wife would react to it.


That evening we went to bed and I put on a video that showed a really well-hung black guy giving it hard to a small petite woman – I remembered how Jane had commented on the size of his cock previously. As we watched Jane started using her vibe slowly on herself and was quickly aroused.

I commented saying “It must be amazing for a woman that small to take a cock like that.” Jane responded with a low groan and said, “It would be amazing and a bit scary.” I waited a few more moments - she’d started thrusting her toy cock in and out of her pussy in time to the fucking on the screen. Just as she neared her first orgasm I put my hand on hers to stop her thrusting and told her to wait and that I had a surprise for her. I pulled out the new vibrator from our bedside drawer and showed it to her. Jane just gaped at it’s size and said, “Wow”. Letting go of the smaller vibe still in her wet pussy she grabbed her new toy with both hands holding it up in front of her. “It’s so thick”, she exclaimed. Then giggling she licked the big plastic head and tried to get her lips over the thick head. Even with her mouth fully open she barely managed to force the thick head past her lips.


The sight of my beautiful young wife trying to stuff this monster plastic cock into her mouth was incredible. She pulled it out with an audible pop, smiled cheekily at me and said, “Let’s see, where else could this fit…?” My own small cock was rock hard as I watched. Although no doubt a little nervous Jane was clearly excited at the thought of using this monster tool on her pussy. She pulled out the smaller vibe in her pussy and pushed it aside.


Then sensibly she took a tube of lube from her drawer and liberally coated up and down the shaft of the thick plastic rod with both hands – it looked like she was masturbating a giant’s cock. “Hold him up straight for me,” she demanded. “I’m going to need your help, and I know how you like to watch anyway.” She grabbed our bedhead with both hands and squatted over the thick toy which I now held upright on the bed. “I’m going to need to take this slowly – he really is huge,” she said.

As my tiny wife lowered herself onto this hard pole I actually remember having second thoughts – I was worried that she would hurt herself.




“Darling, Are you sure you…” I started to say, when she interupted me. Clearly annoyed, she snapped at me “Shut-up and hold him steady. You brought this monster home for me and I’ll bet you didn’t think I could take it. Well just watch because I can take more than you’ll ever have to offer.”

It was like a slap in the face to me – I realised that she had been holding back her true feelings on how small my cock was the whole time we had been together. But I was also incredibly aroused at how she was reacting and what was unfolding before me.


The moment Jane’s wet pussy touched the top of the thick hard cock she groaned. She didn’t stop but just slowly eased herself down onto this massive weapon. As she moved carefully downward her wet inner lips stretched tight to accommodate the thick plastic head – I knelt behind her my face inches away, holding it steady and looking at her pussy lips stretching tightly. It almost looked like she was going to tear but she continued to slowly raise and lower herself a bit at a time, breathing heavily.

Then it seemed like her outer lips slipped past the widest part of the head and she groaned loudly and sank about six inches down. “God, that feels good ,” she gasped. Moaning with pleasure she started rocking up and down ever so slightly, her thighs trembling with the effort of holding herself, and the bed rocking slightly with each movement. With each downward thrust she seemed to lower herself a little further until before I knew her dripping pussy was striking against my hand as I held the thick base of the massive toy.


I could hardly believe that my tiny petite wife had taken this monster cock into her pussy – not only had she taken it she was also obviously enjoying it. After only half a dozen thrusts she started to cum, gasping and groaning while muttering “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” over and over. As she came loudly she collapsed forward onto the bed, her tight little butt up in the air with the thick blue plastic cock sticking out lewdly from her pussy. I held her arse with one hand and retained my grasp on the base of the toy with my other hand. As she knelt on the bed with her pussy up in the air I quickly continued to thrust the cock in and out of her now sopping wet slit. Almost immediately she started to cum again shouting ”Yes, fuck me hard with his big fat cock”.


There was no caution involved now – she just wanted to be fucked hard and fast by this monster weapon and I obliged in a way I never could with my own inadequate prick. I rammed the thick cock in and out of her puffy red pussy lips, making sure she received the full length on each thrust right to the hilt. I could only marvel at her capacity to take whatever I gave her. She started shaking and quivering – her first squirting orgasm. I thought she had peed as there was so much of her pussy juices gushing out and running down her thighs as she continued to orgasm. By the time I stopped she must have cum four or five times in quick succession and the sheets were soaking. Jane was a quivering and utterly exhausted mess – her pussy sore but satisfied. She fell asleep clutching her new toy – I found her in the morning still holding it like a precious teddy bear. It took her a couple of days to recover from that first experience with her big toy boy as we came to call him.







Part Two




The next night after Jane’s experience with her toy we were in bed together when I casually mentioned what she’d said about ‘taking more than I could ever offer’. Jane was amused and not at all embarrassed. “Well it’s a fact isn’t it? Your cock is not exactly huge darling,” she laughed. “I’m not quite the innocent girl you married any more and besides you don’t miss out,” she continued. Then she surprised me by describing how she’d recently joined in a conversation with some other girls at the gym about guys and their cock size.


One, an older woman named Margaret claimed her husband had an almost ten inch cock and Jane had found this hard to believe. When she’d told them that I had a tiny five inches they’d all laughed about it and Margaret had joked that “You should try my Dave sometime – imagine that , you’d be getting double what you’re used to.” I was surprised a little annoyed that Jane had told others about me and that they had been laughing at my expense. For some reason it also excited me but I wasn’t ready to admit this yet.


I turned off the light and lay in bed, my little cock hard and stiff with my back to Jane. She knew I was annoyed but seemed not to care. Pretty soon I heard and felt her shuffle around in the darkness on the bed and heard her bedside table open. A familiar buzzing sound started and I knew she was masturbating. I lay there sullenly listening as her breathing and jerky movements increased and she groaned in orgasm, and despite being angry I was also very aroused. I turned in the bed and placed my hand on Jane’s arm whispering an apology and asking her if I could join in. She stopped and sighed, turning the light on and looking at me.


“Right,” she said. “If you want us to have any sort of sex life then you’d better listen.” She went on, “I love you and enjoy your company but you just have to accept that sexually I need more than you can offer.” “I want to feel satisfied and that means a bigger cock than you can give me. Whether it’s a toy like this or maybe even a real man’s cock I’m going to have it. You can watch or join in if you like but it’s going to be on my terms or else you’ll end up getting nothing from me.” “ Do you understand ?,” she demanded.


“Does that mean that you want to try another man’s cock,” I asked. “I’m not sure. Maybe, if the chance comes up,” she replied. “For now I’m happy with my new toy but either way it’s my choice. Don’t think I don’t realise how much you like to watch me so just get used to it.” Without waiting for my response she pushed the sheets off her body and in the dim bedside light I saw her big toy already buried deep in her pussy.


She slowly pulled it out as I watched and keeping her thighs spread said with a wicked smile, “Now I want you to lick me out before he has another go at making me cum.” I buried my face in her hot wet slit and licked away greedily at her clit. Later after her third orgasm with her toy she allowed me to quickly deposit me little load in her pussy.

Something had changed in our relationship and Jane liked taking charge – that night I woke twice more to the sounds of her using her big toy.


Jane was much more perceptive than I’d realised. She knew me better than I knew myself and had discovered that not only did I enjoy watching her orgasm and use her toys, but also that I somehow enjoyed the humiliation and control that she now began to exercise over me. Things changed quickly and within a month our sex life was very different.


Jane was now in control and used her big toy nightly – pretty soon she only allowed me to watch and play with myself while she used her toy. Then she started to want me to cum first – often laughing and saying things like “How cute your little boy is – just like a baby’s dick.” The instant she started saying things like this I’d orgasm, and she soon realised that I enjoyed her humiliating me in this way. She’d laugh and say things like, “Ah, the little boy has milked his droplets out again.” Mostly I had to catch my own cum in my hand but sometimes she’d catch it in hers and rub it over her toy – anointing the head of the thick cock before sliding it into herself.


Once a week or so when she was feeling generous she’d let me fuck her after she’d cum with her ‘man’ as she now called him. I still loved the feeling of sliding my cock into her freshly fucked and wet pussy – it was certainly getting looser as she used her toy almost nightly, yet despite this I nearly always came within a couple of strokes. She’d laugh and goad me with comments like, “I can hardly feel you,” and “Is that it – over already?”


Outwardly we were just your average young married couple as you can tell things were getting more and more weird and outrageous in the bedroom. Jane seemed to be preoccupied with sex and her drive appeared to be increasing, while I was now openly enjoying the role of being dominated by her and her increasingly strong sexual demands.


But one thing still hadn’t happened and that was the involvement of another man. I now almost constantly fantasised about seeing my beautiful wife being taken and fucked by a man with a big cock. Jane knew it and played to my desires like a master. She’d lie there masturbating with her legs spread and her thick vibe deep in her. She really knew how to tease. “Look darling how he stretches me,” she’d gasp. “ I can feel his knob right up inside me where your dick would never reach.”


About a week later I arrived home to find things were changing again. Jane arrived home after me which was unusual, and I could see she’d been drinking. ”I saw Margaret at the gym again today,” she said. “We got talking again about her husband Dave’s cock size.” It turned out that they’d gone for a few drinks afterwards and Jane had opened up to Marg about how I’d never be able to really satisfy her.


Marg had been sympathetic and had laughed when Jane actually described how our sex life had developed. Apparently she’d spared no details about how she used her toy to humiliate me. Marg had found it all rather amusing and thought that it would be fun to see a man who knew his place. Apparently Dave was the more dominant one in their relationship and she found it refreshing to hear of a woman who could control her man.


Finally Marg had suggested to Jane that perhaps she could ask her husband Dave if he wanted to spend the night at our house – apparently they had been into swinging a few times before and Marg had no problem with sharing her man around. “His cock is pretty big and takes some getting used to,” she warned. The only thing she asked for in return was that she be there and watch how Jane treated me while it all happened – she couldn’t believe that a man would want to submit to watching his wife get serviced by another guy.


As Jane described all this conversation I was becoming increasingly aroused but also very nervous. I must have expressed some hesitation but Jane would have none of it. “You’ve been fantasising about this for years and now you get cold feet,” she exclaimed. “I’m not asking you – I’m telling you to be ready because they are both coming over tomorrow night and it’s going to happen.”


The next day was the longest of my life.






Part 3




It was a Saturday and I’d slept in for a change. I woke up about 9am in the morning and lay there nervously worrying about what she had planned. Soon I had a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit and as Jane woke it was immediately apparent how the previous night’s discussion had affected me. Lying in bed she felt my hard little cock prodding her in the back. Turning to me sleepily she said, “ Darling, don’t think you’re going to get any from me today – we’re going to save what little you have to offer till tonight.” “Today we’re going to see just how long you can stay hard and by tonight I think you’ll be begging for it,” she whispered. Then she slid down in the bed and for the first time in months took my little dick in her mouth. The one advantage of having such a small cock was that Jane could easily take my entire length in her mouth. That morning she excelled herself slurping over my rigid tool – with my full length in her mouth she was even able to take my balls between her lips as well. She clamped her teeth at the base of my balls nibbling on my ball sack. I was on the verge of cumming.


Just as I thought I was about to explode in her mouth she released me from her mouth and told me to get out bed and go and have a shower. Reluctantly I got up, my cock still painfully erect. “Leave the door open so I can be sure you don’t play with yourself,” she demanded. From our bed Jane could watch me in the shower.


As I showered I tried to think about anything other than sex and what might occur that evening and slowly my erection started to subside. I glanced through the shower screen at my darling wife to see that Jane had now flung the bed sheets aside and was lying legs spread slowly fingering her exposed clit. As I continued watching she reached into the bedside drawer and took out her favourite toy – the big blue one I’d been silly enough to buy. She licked the knob of this thick plastic cock and my own cock quickly started to harden again. She knew I was watching by now and turned towards me smiling, while in a single movement sliding the thick vibrator deep into her gaping pussy. Even above the shower sound I could hear her loud groan of pleasure. I could only think about how less than a month ago she had struggled to fit it into her for the first time. Now she seemed easily able to accommodate this monster cock even without lubrication – If ever I needed it here was confirmation that my own little dick would never be enough to satisfy her again.


I quickly finished showering and returned to the bedroom. Jane was now sliding her toy in and out in long strokes while fingering her clit with her other hand. “Kneel there and watch little man, but don’t you dare touch yourself. If you’re a good boy I’ll let you finish me off,” she said. I knelt at the foot of our bed as Jane continued thrusting the vibrator in and out of her now dripping gash. Within seconds her movements quickened and she gasped loudly as she orgasmed. She pulled out the vibrator and I moved forward keen as always to lick her soaking pussy and clit. “No,” she said. “ First I want you to lick him clean,” as she held up the big jelly cock in her hand. She’d never asked this of me before but by now I was so aroused that I barely hesitated before licking up the thick shaft. “That’s it little man – make him nice and clean first.” She smiled and watched me as for about a minute she made me lick and suck over the plastic knob. Finally she allowed me to move between her legs and lick her still throbbing clit and pussy lips – I’d never felt her so wet before and she was soon moaning again as my tongue and lips worked overtime on her clit to bring her to a second orgasm.


That early start set the tone for the whole day. After breakfast I got busy with the normal weekend tasks – mowing and general cleaning up around the garden, while Jane busied herself inside with housework. But on two further occasions during the day she masturbated herself to orgasms. Once after lunch while I was pruning outside I heard a loud tapping on the nearby dining room window. When I looked over my darling wife was smiling and holding her vibrator in her hand. As I smiled back she licked the length of the plastic shaft and lowered it down below the window height under her short skirt. I made it inside in record time to find her in our lounge room kneeling on our couch with her skirt raised up on her hips. With her legs spread wide apart she had her thick toy buried deep in her moist cleft. As she leant forward she slid the vibe in and out of her pussy lips.


“Kneel behind me and play with my ass,” she gasped. I obliged by grabbing her round thighs and spreading her ass wide to watch the toy stretching her now red and swollen pussy. Gently I licked my tongue around her tight little ass. “That’s it,” she groaned. “I’m cumming – stick your tongue in my ass while this big boy makes me cum.” Jane had never spoken like this to me and her demanding tone and obvious lust was incredibly arousing. My own cock was straining in my pants as I ground my tongue deep into her rosebud asshole. As I did this Jane increased the tempo of her thrusts and started cumming loudly. I felt the waves of her orgasm pulsing through her body – I still remember her tight little ass sphincter pulsing against my tongue.


As she slid down onto the floor I could only imagine what the neighbours must think hearing her groans and the loud buzzing of the vibrator through the half-open window. Once again she told me to lick the vibe clean but this time she did not even allow me to release my cock from the tight confines of my jeans. “Your job today is to get me ready and hot for tonight – and to wait.” I started to protest but she shushed me and said, “Be patient my darling, it will all be clear to you tonight and believe me it will be worthwhile.”


As evening approached I began to get increasingly nervous – exactly what did she have in store for me and was I up to it. My small cock was constantly hard thinking about what was to come. Jane was clearly also excited and had a few mixed drinks to calm herself down. Then she started preparing for the evening. “You better come and watch and help me get ready,” she said. First she lay back on the bed and made me carefully shave her pussy bare. As I slowly shaved her beautiful lips she talked to me. “That’s it – make it nice and smooth for my new man to use – I don’t want him to feel a single hair. He’s going to enjoy me and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching how a real cock looks inside me.” I almost came just from her conversation and she knew it was exciting us both.


Jane warned me about not touching myself before she went and had a long shower. In front of me she dressed slowly for the evening in her hottest and most revealing lingerie. Over this she wore a tight black backless dress which also had a deep cleavage - she looked stunning with her firm young breasts almost bare to view. I sat on the edge of the bed as my wife applied her makeup thinking how she’d never looked better. Then she told me to shower and get dressed – Jane remained in the bathroom the whole time to ensure that I didn’t pleasure myself. As I dressed she grabbed my cock and balls in one hand and stroked me hard yet again. “My, my,” she giggled. “ The little fellow really is quite firm this evening. Your balls must be turning blue by now, sweetie.” “Don’t worry, if you behave yourself I’m sure we’ll take care of everything for you.”


It was almost 8pm and our guests were about to arrive. I sat nervously on the couch and tried to hide my hard-on. Jane downed a couple more drinks – she must have been nervous herself, and by now her speech was a little slurry from the alcohol. Then the doorbell rang.


There was no backing out now as Jane walked to the door. “Just do as you’re told,” she hissed at me as I stood there looking embarrassed. I bit my lip and nodded as Dave and Margo entered. Although Jane knew Margo well from the gym, she’d never met her husband Dave and I hadn’t met either of them before.


They were an older couple – I guessed in their early 40’s – remember at the time Jane was only 19 and I was 22 so they seemed old to me (funny how now I call that young…). Both were tall, slim, and well-dressed - Margo in a short skirt with heels that made her even taller, and with perhaps a little too much make-up. But it was Dave who caught my (and Jane’s) attention most – he was dressed in a suit, and with his tall strong build and greying hair he looked quite handsome and distinguished.


Jane and Margo hugged like old friends as I sized Dave up. He really was a big man – broad-shouldered, muscular, and at least 6ft. When he offered his hand I remember noticing how it made my own hand look small. He shook my hand in a strong grip as he smirked and said to his wife, “So this is the little fella you’ve been telling me all about.” I reddened but then he looked past me at my wife who’d finished greeting Margo. “And this must be the beautiful lady who’s wanting to try a real man,” he said in his deep voice. Jane smiled and stepped towards him. He leaned down and grabbed her under the arms lifting her effortlessly off the ground as he hugged her and kissed her.


His boldness was repaid with Jane giggling in surprise and responding to his kiss passionately, her legs wrapping around his torso as his big hands clamped around her ass cheeks. Holding this embrace for at least 10 seconds, he then lowered her down to the floor, and Jane giggled again as he slapped her ass. Margo smiled and looked at me, “Looks like someone’s going to have some fun tonight,” she purred. I was still stunned at how Jane was behaving and didn’t know how to react, yet already my dick was involuntarily hardening.




We moved in to the lounge room and I automatically went to sit on the couch beside my wife. However Dave stopped me and firmly said, “I think I’ll sit beside Jane for now – you sit over there on the floor at Margo’s feet.” “Perhaps she can find a use for a little fella like you,” he laughed. Margo seemed to have no objection to this and I moved over and sat meekly at her feet.


Almost immediately Dave and my wife locked together in a passionate embrace. From the time she laid eyes on him Jane was almost oblivious to me. They tongue-kissed deeply and Dave wasted no time in exposing my wife’s firm breasts, pulling her dress down and slipping her firm young breasts out of the black lace bra she’d bought just for the occasion. He twisted her now hard nipples between his thick fingers quite roughly but she was enjoying herself and groaned in pleasure.


Then it happened. I watched transfixed as my young wife unzipped his pants and reached in to release his cock. ‘That’s it babe, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” Dave said confidently as he slid his underwear off. He was an arrogant bastard but as his thick cock sprang into view I realised why. Margo hadn’t been exaggerating – it really was impressive. It must have been at least 8” long but was also very thick and uncircumsized. Jane just looked down at it and exclaimed, “Wow.” Then she looked over to me and said, “ I hope you enjoy this darling because I’ve been dreaming of a cock like this.”


She discarded her dress and knelt on the floor in front of Dave still marvelling at his cock – her hands stroking up and down the thick hard shaft. It was so thick her hands would barely reach around it and even with both her hands grasped around his cock the head stuck out. As she slid her hands up and down the glistening purple engorged head poked out from under his foreskin. Dave took her head in his hand and guided her towards it. She smiled up at him and licked his glistening cockhead before eagerly sliding her lips over his thick knob.



I sucked in my breath – I couldn’t believe it! My wife was kneeling in front of me with another man’s cock in her mouth. My first impulse was to leap up and stop it, but then the realisation that Jane was doing this voluntarily and obviously enjoying it stopped me. Fascinated, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her mouth as it slid up and down the shaft of the cock, her lips stretched to accommodate his size. Dave’s veined cock shaft shone with her saliva and slipped more and more deeply into her throat as she bobbed her head up and down rhythmically. Jane did her best but could still only take about half his length into her small mouth. Now and then she stopped her sucking to lick over his hairy balls and tongue up and down his shaft before resuming her efforts.


To see my gorgeous young wife slobbering over the thick cock of another man who was old enough to be her father was incredible – I was both repulsed and excited at the same time. My own little dick was rock-hard and straining against my pants, a wet patch of pre-cum forming on my jeans. I found myself rocking in time to my wife’s head bobbing up and down.


The sounds of my young wife’s sucking filled the room and both Margo and I watched silently – she was now stroking my forehead gently and breathing heavily. Then Dave’s breathing also quickened and he groaned, “That’s it sweetie, get ready to taste a real man’s seed.” Grabbing her head he pushed Jane’s head roughly down lower onto his lap as he thrust his pelvis forward.


Jane gagged a little and tried to swallow more of his cock as Dave gasped and spurted his first jet of cum deep into her throat. He grunted as his thick cock pulsed spurt after spurt and thick white cum. Cum dribbled from my wife’s lips as she gamely tried to continue sucking Dave’s swollen prick. Finally she withdrew and licked up the length of his shaft, then licked her lips and smiled up at him. “Mmm, I hope there’s more of that for later,” she said to him. Then she surprised me by then getting up and walking over to me to kiss me full on the lips. “Did you like that darling,” she asked.







Part 4




It was the first time that I tasted the salty residue of another man’s cum on her lips – a taste that was to become all too familiar in years to come. Margo who was sitting in the chair next to me laughed and said, “Of course he liked it Jane – just look at his little thing.” They both looked down at my pants noticing the small bulge in my groin straining against my tight pants. “I think we need to see just how much he liked it – go on Brad, get it out and show Margo your little boy cock,” teased Jane.


Their teasing somehow added to my arousal and I unzipped myself. Margo giggled and pulled me towards where she sat, yanking my trousers and underwear down in one movement. My small cock sprang out to attention and she squealed with delight – “It’s so little and cute,” she exclaimed to Jane. Her hand wrapped around it almost enveloping it completely. With her other hand she scrapped her long fingernails roughly along my balls and I almost came on the spot.


I was like a novelty toy standing there red-faced with Jane and Margo giggling as she fondled me. From the bed Dave looked over as he recovered from my wife’s earlier blow-job on him. He laughed and said, “I can’t even see it from here – how can you call that a cock?” He got up and walked across the room, his massive prick already beginning to harden again and swaying as he walked. “I think you need to see what a real dick can do. Get on the floor and watch and learn, he ordered.” Meekly I slid onto the floor on my knees without protest. Margo sat beside me still grabbing my cock.


Dave stood and grabbed Jane, pulling her towards him. “Jane darling, suck me hard again so I can show your hubby what a real fucking looks like,” he demanded. My wife just smiled at him and didn’t hesitate. Completely ignoring me she slid back on her knees beside me and grabbed Dave’s cock with both hands. She started licking the slick knob that protruded from her hands.


“Can I play with this little toy,” giggled Margo as she roughly continued to fondle me. Dave smiled at her and replied,” I don’t know why you’d bother darling but if you want to play go ahead.” However my wife had other ideas - Jane took her lips off Dave’s cock for a moment and said, “Don’t let him cum, I want to keep him waiting.”


Thanks to my wife’s oral efforts Dave was now hard again and lay down on the carpet. He pulled my wife down to straddle him right beside me. I watched as she willingly positioned herself above his thick prick, squatting over him. Until now Dave had not even tried to arouse Jane yet she was obviously wet and willing. She began to rub her pussy lips back and forth over his fat knob groaning with pleasure. “I’ve been waiting for this ever since Margo told me about your cock, she sighed. As she spoke she let herself slowly slip down onto his massive member.


I watched, amazed that her tight pussy could so easily accommodate such a cock. Sliding back and forth she rocked her way onto his prick – first two inches, then four, then she was groaning as his prick touched parts of her that I never could. She was grunting now as she lowered herself further, Dave’s thick cock stretching her tight pussy just like her toy did when she masturbated. Finally she was sitting on his waist with his entire cock embedded deep in her. She let out a deep groan, “That feel so good – it fills me up like a cock should.”


My own dick was dripping pre-cum and ready to explode as I watched my wife.


It was one thing to watch her masturbate but now she was beside me with a real man’s cock deep inside her. Margo let go of me for a moment and quickly stripped. Taller than me and with a slim build she was really quite attractive – older than Jane but with bigger form tits. However I was still focused on my gorgeous wife. Margo grabbed my little prick again, raking her nails along it to get my attention. “Well let’s just watch and see how your wife enjoys a real prick,” she whispered in my ear, her hand clamped back on my straining little cock.


By now Jane was sliding up and down increasingly quickly on Dave’s thick pole, her groans of pleasure getting ever louder. Dave’s big hands gripped my wife’s slim butt cheeks stretching her little butt wide and given me full view of her pussy stretched around his thick tool as it slid in and out . He pulled her down firmly on his cock, each down stroke making a sharp slapping sound as her wet pussy collided with his hairy thighs. That slapping sound, and my hot young wife now wailing “Yes, fuck me harder” was unforgettable and incredibly arousing.


I realised then that not only did Dave have a cock twice my size but he also seemed to have amazing stamina – perhaps having already cum once allowed him to last longer as Jane bounced up and down on his cock. He grabbed my wife and spun her around like a rag-doll, so that now she was facing me, still straddling his cock but facing his feet and looking straight at Margo and I. Jane’s eyes were glazed and she had a distant look of pleasure on her face, then she focused on me. She smiled a look of recognition, as Margo still grasped my little boy prick firmly in her hands. Every time I was on the verge of cumming Margo seemed to know and would did her fingernails deep into my skin, squeezing my balls and making me wince with pain. “Don’t worry honey, once they’ve had their pleasure you’ll get yours,” she whispered.


Jane continued bouncing up and down on Dave’s cock groaning with pleasure and with her eyes half-shut, now focused on her own pleasure and ignoring me completely. Then David pulled her off his cock. I watched my darling young wife as she straddled his chest, his massive hard prick jutting up directly in front of her. It was so long it reached up to her hard pointed nipples as she caressed and stroked him. I was totally transfixed as Jane’s hands could barely encircle his thick pole.


Pushing her forward onto her knees on the floor Dave then knelt behind her. Without warning he slid his tool into her from behind in one deep thrust. Jane groaned loudly as he drove his cock home deep into her wet pussy. Again the slapping sound began as he thrust back and forth. “Oh my god, that’s it - fuck me hard,” wailed my wife. Within a few seconds she was panting “I’m cumming, don’t stop.” This seemed to set Dave off and he thrust faster and harder deep into my wife. He grunted as he came spurting his second load deep into my wife’s hot and willing pussy. They both collapsed down onto the floor together next to Margo and I, Dave’s cock still buried deep within Jane.


After catching their breath Dave slid out of her, his massive prick still semi-hard and glistening with a mix of cum and my wife’s juices. Slowly Jane got up. “That was wonderful lover,” she said to Dave. As she turned to me she grinned and said “You see darling, that’s what a real cock can do. You understand why I need more than you can offer, don’t you?” I gulped and replied, “I can see why you enjoy it.” Jane laughed, “I’m not the only one enjoying it – I know you get off on it.” She took a step towards me and said to Margo, “Lie him on the floor.”


Margo pulled firmly on my little dick and pulled me lying down on the floor. I was uncertain about what they were planning as I lay on my back. Then Jane, my young and once innocent wife straddled my head and I knew. She stood above me with one foot either side of my head. A large drop of cum or pussy juice dripped down her thigh and onto my face - right into my left eye. It stung but with my other eye I looked up to see her now slowly lowering herself down. My young wife’s once tiny tight pussy was a mess – pussy hair matted and slick with juices, a swollen red gash showing a thick gob of white cum at the centre. “You are going to lick me clean little man, and you are going to learn to like it.”




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