Cuckold Story




Susan's Useless Husband 

by Dragich






I had just finished jacking my tiny penis off into my hand and licking up the little dribble that came out when my wife laughed at me and said,

“Well that was pathetic! It’s been 2 weeks since I let you jack your little peepee and that’s the best you can do? What was that, 2 minutes? And what a sad little drip you made. You really do make me sick”. I knelt there on our marital bed holding my tiny penis in my hand and wishing things could be different. Since the surgery though, this is about all that’s left of my sex life.


I had what's called a urethral stricture which is a narrowing of the urethra needing to be opened by surgery. Let's just say it was not a success and now I can't really get it up and definitely can't keep it up. To make matters worse the surgery has left me incontinent so I'm forced to wear adult diapers all day like a baby. So, after another humiliating display in front of my wife, I have to quickly slip my diaper back on so as not to stain the sheets with the constantly dripping piss coming from my small, useless penis.


As I pull the diaper into place I watch my wife get up from our marital bed and leave the bedroom closing the door a little too hard on her way out. I'm well aware of where she's going. She will go downstairs to our living room and get on the laptop to chat with her lover. I actually felt guilty that she needed stimulation from outside of our marriage. I feel as though it’s my fault that she needs to seek out another man's attention. Well, it actually is my fault. I'm useless to her in the bedroom and it’s not fair for her to have to live with someone who can't satisfy her sexually.


My wife, Susan, was always a very sexual woman. At 40 years old she is still a stunning beauty with beautiful curves that are accentuated by her large breasts and round ass. We never had children so her breasts have barely begun to sag giving her a beautiful cleavage. She has black hair that hasn't begun to grey yet and full red lips that make her look like a slightly older model.


For myself, I'm 50 years old and rather average looking. I have a very noticeable beer gut and am balding to the point where I have to cut my hair close around the sides to keep from looking like I'm trying to comb over. My own family has told me how unbelievable it is that a woman like her would ever marry a guy who looked like me.


I lay there alone in our bed trying to imagine what my wife and her lover were talking about and at the same time not wanting to know. After more than an hour I grew tired and drifted off to sleep dreaming of a time when I wasn’t so useless in bed.


I was awakened in the morning to the sun shining in through the window and after stopping in the bathroom to change my diaper I made my way downstairs for a cup of coffee. My wife was not home so I guessed that she was out for her morning run. This being Saturday neither of us had anywhere to be in the morning. After pouring a cup of coffee I made my way to the living room and noticed that the laptop was open and my wife’s chat window from last night was open as well. I felt a thrill of nervous energy as I sat down and started to read thru her chat with her lover, Ed.


I’ll admit that since my operation I have found myself reading stories and looking at pictures dealing with married women cuckolding their husbands but I was still never ready for my own wife’s take on the subject. The stories I read are rather graphic and have to do with wives taking complete control of their husband’s lives, treating them as little more than slaves. From reading my wife’s chat I could see a continuation of my humiliation by way of her and her lover making fun of me and my tiny penis.


She had told him about my poor performance in bed and about my inability to control my bladder. She also went into detail about how small my penis was and how she had never been satisfied with it even when I could get it up. They had laughed like children typing many lols at my expense. They chatted about how they needed to have sex and force me to clean them both afterward with my tongue. They went on and on about all the humiliating things they loved to make me do for their amusement. How they would lock me in a chastity cage and make me wear her underwear. My wife had a cruel streak that I had never known and was an eager participant in my humiliation with a man whose cruelty to me was never ending.


They had met online over a year ago and started chatting about how horny she was and how she needed to feel a real man’s touch. It didn’t take long for the online affair to become a physical one with my wife and her lover meeting at his house at least once a week. My wife was never shy about the affair and let me know in no uncertain terms that she needed this sexual release and that I should either learn to deal with it or get the hell out.


I know what you’re thinking, a real man would just walk out. A real man would divorce her and move on with his life. Well I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a real man. I love her. Hell, I worship her. She has a hold over me that I can’t explain. She’s so beautiful and so confident that I find myself acting like an eager little puppy obeying every command she gives me.


After another hour or so I heard my wife coming in through the front door. She was wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt with a sports bra under it. She was covered in a layer of sweat and was breathing heavily. She moved to the couch and sat down saying, “Get me a bottle of water sissy”. I quickly moved to obey her. I brought her a bottle of water and then got down on my knees in front of her. I began to remove her running shoes one at a time, taking a minute to inhale the heavy odor of her sweat covered socks and feet.

In what was now a very familiar ritual, I removed her soaking wet socks and placed them on top of her shoes. I then lifted her left foot up to my face and began to gently lick the dirt and sweat from it. I started at the heel and worked my way up the sole slowly, making sure to use long strokes with my tongue. While I labored at cleaning her perfect feet, my wife picked up the remote control and began flipping channels with a bored look on her face.


It had taken me many months to get used to the smell and taste of her feet after her morning run but I was finally at the point where I didn’t gag or make faces. I licked and kissed away the rank stinking sweat as if it were the tastiest candy. I made certain to never once stop or complain no matter how foul the smell or taste. I ate every bit of sock lint and toe jam that my probing tongue could find and eagerly went back for more. Anything less would bring swift and cruel punishment.


I worked my tongue in between each toe making sure to clean out everything I found there and then took each toe into my mouth like it was a small cock for me to suck. After finishing with the left foot, I gently placed it back on the floor and repeated the process with the right one. I spent at least 15 minutes on each foot while my wife watched tv acting like I wasn’t even there.


When I finished with both feet, my wife got up from the couch and started walking up to our bedroom. I followed like an obedient dog watching her ass sway with each step knowing full well that my tongue would end up between her perfect ass cheeks before my cleaning duties were done. She strode up the stairs to our room and then stood by the bed and removed her clothes which she of course just dropped on the floor knowing that I would pick them up and put them in the laundry without being told.


When my wife was naked she raised her left arm straight up over her head which was my cue to begin licking the sweat from her arm pit. I moved my face up into the nasty stinking pit and began to gently lick away the sweat from her run. The smell and taste were far worse than that of her feet but I knew better than to show anything other than enthusiasm over my task. I used broad strokes with the flat of my tongue making sure to clean every inch of her stinking pit before moving on to the right side.


When I had finished the chore of cleaning my wife’s sweaty pits she bent slightly at the waist and I moved behind her sinking to my knees in order to get my face between her beautiful ass cheeks. I was not allowed to use my hands and instead had to wedge my face up into her ass so that I would have access to the crack with my tongue.

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I used my nose to pry the cheeks apart and started to lick up and down along the crack tasting sweat and an earthy foulness that I tried not to think about. My wife moaned softly each time my tongue passed over her tiny rosebud and I felt a sense of pride in knowing that my tongue in her ass at least gave her some pleasure. I was happy that there was still something I could do for her since my tiny penis could not give her any satisfaction at all.


After nearly 10 minutes of cleaning my wife’s sweaty ass crack I knew it was time to move in and take care of her asshole. I still balked at the thought of sticking my tongue up into her tight anal passage as I knew the taste never changed. It was a rank heavy taste thick with sweat and the memory of her morning bodily functions. I probed gently at the opening slowly sliding my tongue up into the hole. I moved my tongue in and out like a tiny cock fucking the opening. As I shoved my tongue up inside as far as I could I felt a layer of slime begin to cover it. The taste caused my face to turn red with humiliation. I remembered our wedding day and how happy I was to marry such a beautiful woman and then thought of how that had all brought me to my current place. On my knees with my tongue buried up in her asshole cleaning away any and every bit of dirt and odor. I was no longer a husband, I was a slave.


When my wife felt that her ass was clean enough she pulled away from my probing tongue and walked into the bathroom. With a dismissive glance over her shoulder she said, “Get started on the laundry and make sure my breakfast is waiting for me when I finish”. I said, “Yes dear” and started picking up her sweat soaked clothes. As I heard the shower start running I carried the clothes down to the laundry room stopping to pick up her stinking socks on the way. After beginning a load of laundry I hurried to the kitchen and started my wife’s breakfast, eggs and toast for her, a granola bar for me.


My wife made her way to the kitchen and sat down just as I was placing her breakfast plate on the table. Susan began eating while reading the paper, treating me as if I wasn’t even there. I busied myself cleaning up the kitchen making sure to not make too much noise so as not to disturb her reading. I was just finishing the last of the dishes when there was a knock at the back door. Susan looked up from her paper and said, “Oh, that’ll be Ed. He’s taking me out on his boat today”. I said, “Yes dear” and went to answer the door. Ed smiled at me and said, “Hey ass breath, how’d that sweaty ass taste this morning?” My face turned red as I said, “It was very good sir, thank you for asking”. The big man brushed past me laughing as he looked down at my adult diaper and made his way over to my wife. He kissed her passionately and I heard her moan with pleasure as he fondled her large breasts while probing her mouth with his tongue.


As the lovers finished their good morning kiss Ed said, “Damn baby that made my dick jump, you’re getting me hard already this morning”. Susan laughed and said, “Oh no! I just took a shower. There is no way I’m getting all sweaty and nasty again this morning”. Ed took her right hand and rubbed it along his crotch saying, “C’mon baby, look how hard I’m getting. You don’t want me to have to walk around with this all morning do you? I mean what do you expect me to do with this?” My wife giggled like a little girl and said, “I do love your big dick but you know I hate getting all messy right after a shower. Maybe you could just get the little fag to blow you?”


I stopped what I was doing and shivered at the thought. I should have known this was a setup. I should have known these two were up to something. They loved nothing more than to humiliate me at every turn. I started to tremble with embarrassment knowing what was coming.


“Well, I guess a quick ‘blow and go’ from your sissy husband can tide me over till we get out on the boat, what about it fag boy? You wanna suck my cock for me?” Ed said all this with a big smile on his face. He asked it as a question but we all knew there was no choice on my part. I bowed my head and said, “Yes sir, of course I would sir. Anything to make you and my wife happy”.


Ed wasted no time in opening his shorts and pulling out his 10 inch cock. When talking about Ed’s equipment, Cock was the only word that fit. It was huge. Thick, long and wide it hung from him like a third leg. His big heavy balls completed the image and I felt as though I were looking at porn online. That’s how impressive his package was. It made my own little peepee look like a toy. Or as my wife was fond of saying, “It looks almost like a real cock”.


My wife leaned forward in her chair with a big smile on her face as I slowly dropped to my knees in front of her lover. A drop of precum was already forming on the head of his cock so I leaned forward and licked it off. I began kissing the head of my wife’s lover’s cock just as I knew he liked and he placed his hand on top of my head patting it like I was a pet dog. Susan said, “I love this so much. It makes me happy to see my little hubby fulfilling his purpose in life”. Ed laughed and said, “Yeah, he is just a little cocksucker at heart. I still can’t believe you ever thought this sissy was a real man”. My wife just laughed and said, “Well I know better now don’t I? You’re the only real man around here, Ed”.


Susan got up from the table and stood next to Ed. The two lovers began to make out while I kissed and licked his ever hardening cock. My wife was moaning and I stole a glance up to see that Ed had moved his hand up inside her shirt and was playing with her tits like he owned them.


I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started rolling my tongue around it hoping to end my humiliation as quickly as possible. Ed moaned his approval so I started sliding my mouth over his huge cock taking as much of it in as I could. Believe me when I say I’ve had a lot of practice with Ed’s cock so it wasn’t long before I was taking the entire length down my throat. My eyes watered and I had trouble breathing. Each breath that I managed to take through my nose was filled with the manly muck scent of Ed’s crotch. I could smell the sweat from his balls and with each down stroke could feel his pubes tickle my nose.

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With his free hand, Ed grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face with long hard strokes. This wasn’t a blowjob, this was just a chance to get off. Ed was using my mouth to masturbate with. He grabbed a handful of my hair and really started ramming his cock into my mouth. My nose was hitting his pubic region so hard I was afraid it might start bleeding. Drool was running out of my mouth and all over my chest. I was making noises like a back alley whore as my wife’s lover skull fucked me.


Finally Ed tensed up, his cock becoming a rigid weapon and he pulled my face in tight against his body lodging his rock hard cock deep in my throat. I knew from experience how Ed liked for me to finish so with his cock jammed in my throat I extended my tongue to lick his balls. I felt his balls tighten up as the first spurt of hot thick cum shot from the head of his cock and straight down my throat. The first two shots went straight down to my stomach and then Ed pulled his cock out so that just the head was resting on my tongue. He stroked his cock shooting ropes of cum onto my tongue, pulling out for the last two shots to land on my face.


He wasted no time in wiping his cock dry in my hair and then snapped his fingers. I knew how to perform my tricks so I looked up at Ed and my beautiful Susan and slowly stuck out my tongue to show them both the heavy load that rested there. They both laughed at me and Ed snapped his fingers again. I swallowed his thick load and stuck my tongue out again to show them both that I had eaten my hot meal. I gently licked Ed’s cock clean of any trace evidence and watched as he tucked it away in his shorts.


I stayed on my knees as my wife and her lover walked out the door without even a look back at me. I sat there for a few minutes tasting the mouthful of cum and feeling the rest cooling on my face and hair. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I stood up and began the task of cleaning my face with my fingers. I knew better than to use a towel so I just scooped up the cum and licked my fingers clean. I sighed heavily and started the days chores wondering what fresh hell tonight would bring.





Part 2


My wife and her lover returned from a day out on the lake at around 6:00 that night. A couple of hours before then I received a text that simply read, "Sissy make steaks for dinner". I knew right away that those steaks would be for Susan and Ed and that I would be lucky to get their table scraps. I busied myself preparing dinner for the two lovers and after they had relaxed on the couch together for a while I served them both at our dining room table.


Susan and Ed treated me as if I were a waiter having me fetch them drink refils or anything else their hearts desired while they ate a romantic meal and chatted like lovers. It wasn't until dessert that either of them even acknowledged me. I had just served them each a slice of cheesecake when Ed stopped me by saying, "Hey limp dick, you've been shuffling around here for over an hour now isn't your diaper getting full by now?" I shuddered with embarrassment and said in a whisper, "Yes sir". He laughed loudly and asked if I needed changing. I politely told him that I would take care of it as soon as my services were no longer needed.


My wife interrupted then and said, "No, I think we should take care of it now. Ed wants to see how a little pissy pants sissy gets his diaper changed. Go up to the spare room and lay down on your changing table". I was mortified. I couldn't believe that my wife of over 15 years would be this cruel. Everything else I had to endure seemed trivial compared to my worse weekness being exposed to her dominant lover. To my knowledge Susan had never shown Ed the spare room.


The room itself was set up to look like a little girl's bedroom. The walls were painted pink and there were stuffed animals everywhere. The bed was a single bed with pink ruffled linen. In one corner of the room was an oversized changing table with baby powder and lotion on its shelf. A supply of my adult diapers were also present along with a box of baby wipes. When Susan felt particularly wicked she would force me to sleep in that room and would change me herself treating me like an infant the whole time. But I never imagined that she would show Ed this side of our relationship.


I choked back a sob and with tears in my eyes said, "Yes dear, I'll go up there right away". With my head down I walked slowly up the stairs to await my fate in the spare room. It was only about 15 minutes later that I heard Susan and Ed coming down the hall. As they entered the room Ed burst out laughing as he looked around. "Oh my god", he said. "I can't believe this. You really are a little sissy bitch aren't you fag boy?" I was so ashamed I actually started to cry as I said, "Yes sir I am".


They both started making comments about how the poor little baby was crying now and needed to have his diaper changed and his bottom powdered. My wife had me lay across the changing table and began to unfasten my pants. She removed my pants and Ed laughed out loud as he saw my sagging full diaper.


"Aw the little sissy is really wet. How does it feel to know you aren't even a real man any more sissy boy?" Ed asked me. I could only cry in response as I lay there utterly humiliated. As my wife opened my diaper Ed began laughing louder when he saw the size of my tiny penis. He said that it looked like a little clit and not a penis. He told my wife that all of my body hair should be shaved and I should take on the look of a little sissy bitch. Ed said that a peepee that small was almost hidden in my pubic hair and it would be a favor to me to be able to see it.


Needless to say, that's exactly what happened. The two lovers shaved off all of the hair on my crotch and legs. They also removed all of my chest hair and armpit hair as well. I was never very hairy so it really didn't take very long. When they were finished and after much laughter on their part my wife then showed me a new surprise. The dresser and closet were filled with feminine clothes. There were panties, stockings, nighties and bras. I was stunned at this new revelation. Ed was thrilled to see the amount of planning my wife had put into my debasement. My wife then picked out a particularly frilly nightie and made me put it on. With that added horror and a fresh diaper they tucked me into the girly bed before adjourning to the master bedroom. On his way out the door Ed said, "We'll call you if we need you sissy but you just get comfortable for now. I know I'll be very comfortable in bed with your wife". With that he laughed again and walked out leaving me sobbing in the dark.


I can’t say I slept very well. I was wearing a woman’s undergarment and lying in a very girly bed in a pink room listening to the sound of my dear Susan and her lover fuck like newlyweds in the next room. What had happened to me? I was stunned at how easily this had happened. Why hadn’t I fought this? I knew after my surgery that I had trouble getting an erection and that my sex drive was getting lower all the time but why was I allowing my life to be controlled like this? I have to admit that since losing the ability to get hard I did feel like less of a man. Maybe I deserved this. Maybe this was the natural way of things after losing one’s sex drive. All I knew for sure was that it was easy to allow my wife and her lover to take over my life. I felt naturally submissive to them and couldn’t even imagine fighting back. These thoughts and the sound of love making coming from my former bedroom kept me awake most of the night.


I finally fell asleep around 4am but was then awakened at around 8 to the sound of Ed’s voice calling me from the other room. I heard him shouting “Hey fag boy, hey sissy get in here”. I got up right away and ran into the master bedroom. I saw my wife and her lover sprawled out in what used to be my bed, both naked and looking like they were relaxing after a strenuous night. They were both sitting up against the headboard with Susan leaning into Ed. His left arm was around her back and his hand was resting on her left breast casually. Susan’s right hand was slowly stroking Ed’s cock which looked to be only half hard at the time.


“About time bitch”, He said as I stepped into the room. Then Ed’s nose crinkled up and he said, “Damn sissy, you smell like stale piss. Go change your diaper, then make us some coffee and get your ass back in here. We have some things to talk to you about”. I felt foolish standing there in a pink nightie and a soggy diaper but I was quick to respond to the dominant command. “Yes sir”, I said and hurried off to comply.


I hurried back to the spare room and grabbed a fresh diaper out of the pack. It was then that I noticed all of my diapers had been replaced with pink colored ones. My face grew quite red and I felt humiliated as I slipped on the pink diaper. I then rushed downstairs and made coffee for Susan and Ed and took them up to the waiting couple.


I found myself knocking on the bedroom door and asking permission to enter. My wife gave me permission and I entered the room and handed the coffee to the both of them. I was then ordered to stand at the foot of the bed and listen closely to the way things were going to be from now on. Susan started by saying, “Now listen sissy, you know that you’ve never been able to give me any pleasure at all with your useless little peepee even before your operation. You just don’t have what it takes to be a real man like Ed here so we are going to need to set some new rules for you in order to teach you your place in the house. First off, Ed will be moving in here permanently and will be sharing this bed with me. You will move into the spare room since it looks and feels more like a little sissy bitch’s room”.


I know I should have said something at that point but what she was saying somehow felt right. Instead I just nodded my head and said, “Yes ma’am”. This was the first time I had called her ma’am and she smiled at me like she approved. My wife went on to say, “I need a real man around here but I also want to keep my little sissy so that I have someone to do the laundry and cleaning. You don’t make much money any way so you might as well quit your job and just become our maid. You will wear only the clothes you find in your new room. Any clothes that might make you think you’re a man will be thrown out. You will obey every command from either Ed or me without hesitation or you will be punished. Do you understand so far?”


I had tears in my eyes when I whispered, “Yes ma’am”. Ed picked up the conversation then, “Next bitch you will serve as our little cleanup sissy any time we say. You will eat my cum from your wife’s pussy and will lick my cock clean every time I fuck her. In fact you will willingly lick and suck any part of our bodies that we tell you to, right?”


I said, “Yes sir”, and he continued with, “Now before I go on, I need to know you accept your new life. I need to hear you say it out loud. Tell us that you accept being our little sissy slave”. I cleared my throat and said, “Yes sir and ma’am, I accept everything you are saying. I will be your little sissy slave and will do anything you command”.


They both smiled and Ed went on saying, “Good because there is something you need to know. You see for the past 5 or 6 months my sweetie here has been spiking your food with hormones. It’s a specific blend of female hormones and other drugs that make you more, shall we say, compliant. You have become much more willing to submit and take on a more feminine roll because of these drugs. Oh, they also make it even more difficult for your little pecker to get hard. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”


I was shocked. My hands were shaking and I felt sick to my stomach but I looked at both of them and simply said, “Yes, I understand”. Drugs? They had been drugging me? Oh god, it explained so much. But even with this new information I still could not make myself complain.


“There’s more”, my wife said. “Ed and I have been talking and we think we need to control exactly when and how you get to cum. We can’t have our little sissy getting distracted now can we? So from now on you only get to cum when Ed says you’re allowed. You have to ask his permission and even then you will only be allowed to jerk off. I mean you are just a little sissy boy now so there’s no reason to think you should ever put that little peepee inside of a woman again, right?”


I blinked away tears as I said, “Yes dear, you’re right. My little peepee never stays hard enough to please a woman anyway so I might as well just jerk off.” I honestly couldn’t believe the things I was saying. It just felt so natural to submit to these two that I found myself wondering how much of it was due to the drugs and how much was just my natural submissive nature.


Ed continued on by telling me that it was time for me to clean them both after their night of love making. I was ordered to crawl up onto the bed and start by licking my wife clean. As I moved my face up into her crotch the first thing I noticed was the smell. This was a thick powerful smell of sex, sweat and body odor. These two had really worked hard all night and it showed. As I got closer I noticed the dried and drying cum smeared all over my wife’s pussy. It was matted in her hair and streaked down into her ass crack. The sheer volume of it made me balk at the thought of eating it all but I didn’t hesitate. I just started licking her thighs and working my way up into her beautiful snatch.

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This wasn’t the first time I had tasted cum whether it be my own or Ed’s but it was the first time it tasted stale. This was cum that had time to ferment inside my wife and the taste was much more potent than I’d ever imagined. I found my eyes watering and my gag reflex threatening to kick in but I licked and sucked up every ounce of cum from her pussy. I even sucked all of her pubic hair clean and with the help of her lifting her ass off of the bed was even able to clean out her ass crack of any errant cum.


I foolishly thought my task was complete and began to climb out of the bed when Ed smacked me on the side of my head and almost shouted, “Where the hell are you going pissy pants? You aren’t finished yet.” He then pointed at his own crotch and at his semi erect cock which was covered in a sheen of dried cum and my wife’s pussy juice.


I said, “yes sir, I’m sorry sir”, and moved my face down to his crotch. Ed smiled down at me and said, “Oh and no hands bitch boy, just your mouth”. Susan laughed at that and moved herself into a position to better watch my humiliation. I started licking at Ed’s thighs first and then slid my tongue down and around his big balls. My mouth was now a slimy mess and I found the thick fluid coating my tongue and throat as I worked. I used my tongue and lips, licking and kissing the smug man’s balls clean off his discharge. I then started licking and kissing my way along his impressive shaft making sure to clean every inch to a shine.


Ed said, “Your wife was on top a couple of times too so I think some of it ran into my ass crack. Clean that out too sissy”. He then rolled onto his side to give me access to his ass. I shoved my entire face up into his hairy crack and licked in broad strokes cleaning out all the sweat, cum, pussy juice and other things I dare not think too much about. The smell and taste of this powerful man’s ass crack was overwhelming and it made my eyes water. The shame I felt was palpable as I began to see myself for what I really was. I was a sissy bitch. I was no longer a man but just a wimp who obeyed all commands. I mean what kind of a man allows himself to lick out another man’s ass?


I couldn’t see anything with my face up Ed’s ass but I heard my wife say, “Damn baby looks like this is getting you hard”. Ed grunted as my tongue slid up into his tight hole and said, “You know it sweetheart. Who knew the little fag had it in him?”


My wife slapped the back of my head and said, “That’s enough faggot, you can taste Ed’s asshole again later. My man is hard and I need that cock inside me again”. I moved away as Ed rolled over onto his back and my wife climbed up to straddle him. She hovered over his cock and told me to put him inside her. This was it, the first time I had ever been present for their love making and I was actually a participant in their affair. I grasped the base of Ed’s huge cock and guided it up into my wife’s waiting pussy. She slid down onto it with a loud moan and engulfed the entire length in one thrust. I watched her beautiful pussy stretch to its limits to accommodate his girth and realized that I could never fill her so completely. This was a real man’s cock and not a little sissy peepee like mine.

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It didn’t take long for Susan to build up a rhythm bouncing up and down on her lover’s cock with wild abandon. The only sounds in the room were her heavy breathing and the wet slapping of skin on skin combined with the sloshing sound of her wet pussy swallowing his cock.

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Ed’s hands were gripping Susan’s ass tightly as she rode him harder and harder. The two lovers were staring into each other’s eyes as they fucked occasionally leaning in to kiss each other passionately. This was sex the way it was supposed to be. This was a wake up call to me, letting me know exactly why my wife had strayed outside our marriage. I could never compete with this display.


Ed’s cock was amazing. Long, thick and hard as a rock it pierced my wife over and over again never tiring for what seemed like hours. I was mesmerized by the power of his tool and found myself staring at the exact spot where the two lovers were joined. My wife’s hand in my hair brought me back to reality as she pulled me down behind her and ordered me to lick Ed’s balls while they fucked.


I quickly obeyed and began lapping away at his big hairy balls like a dog while my wife’s ass bounced against my forehead. I could taste her juices as they ran down over his balls and marveled at how wet she was getting as she fucked her man. She had never cum at all with me. I soon heard Ed say that he was close to cumming and my wife panted out, “Not in me, In the sissy’s mouth”. Ed laughed out loud and said that he was very close. My wife dismounted quickly and shoved my mouth over her lover’s cock head. She then used her left hand to jerk him off into my mouth. I clearly remember it being her left hand because I could see the ring that I had placed on her finger shining as she stroked his cock. He exploded suddenly and massively into my waiting mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot thick cum shot all over my tongue and coated the inside of my mouth. I had to keep swallowing to stay ahead of the flow.


When Ed finished filling me up with his cum the two of them climbed out of bed without another word to me and headed off to the shower. I sat there on my marital bed my face sticky from the couple’s combined discharge and started to cry softly. I can’t imagine what a sight I must have made. A grown man dressed in a frilly nightie and a pink diaper swallowing down a mouthful of another man’s cum while sitting in the bed he used to share with his wife. I thought that this must truly be as low as a man could get.


I had no idea just how wrong I was.





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Cuckolding @ Cuckold Sessions                      Cuckold Me Now                   Cum Eating Cuckolds

        Cuckold Sessions                                          Cuckold Me Now                                         Cum Eating Cuckolds

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