Story by Sissy Missy







It was the day after I had asked Her to marry me.  She had asked me with a smile if I loved Her, if I worshipped Her, if I loved every bit of Her from the bottom of Her feet to the very tip of Her head, and everything in between.   I of course assured Her that I did!                                               


She then asked me if I was sure about that and proceeded to explain to me what would be required of such a committment as marriage to Her.  I butted in and explained to Her that I would promise to obey all of Her demands for the opportuntiy to join Her in that sacred committment.  Little did I know what I had let myself in for.


 That is why I found myself turning over all of my credit cards to Her, all of my bank accounts were changed to allow Her to write checks at will, but if I had to write a check, it took both our signatures.  My retirement accounts all wore her name as well, and my paychecks went directly into these changed accounts.  I was made to sign over the title to my vehicle, all of my artwork and treasures I had amassed through out the years were handled with a simple bill of sale to Her 'for one dollar and other valuable considerations'.  I did not reflect on the ramifications of this since we were in fact, 'in love'.  I gladly turned everything over to Her.  She was my everything. 


Since my paycheck went directly into Her controlled account and I had no credit cards or spending money, She decided that I would be put on an allowance.  I would be given two dollars a day for "mad money" She called it.  But only if I proved my love to Her and worshipped Her in the manner She chose.  This was the first test of my undying love for Mistress Sandy.  She decided that if I loved Her (smile), so much (smile), and without reservation (smile),  for me to recieve my allowance I would have to revere and worship her waste everyday.  This meant not only drinking her pee whenever She commanded, but also smelling, and kissing, and eating Her shit on a daily basis!  Not only eating it, but savoring it longingly on the plate like a fine wine.  Swirling it around in my mouth, and chewing it 30 times before swallowing each mouthful.  If I was not at home when She had to do Her duty that morning, She would leave it in the toilet for me to kneel before upon my return and reach in and scoop out handfuls of Her shit to revere in the manner that I had been taught.  She even had me eat the toilet paper saying it was good roughage for me. 



She would laugh and laugh at me for doing this, but I was happy that I was pleasing Her and each day that I did this I recieved my two dollars to save up for a gift for Her.  The worst part of it was when She ridiculed me for getting hard while eating Her waste.  She called me less of a man for it, and decided that if I was not a man then I should not look like a man.  She made an appointment with a Doctor in Mexico and planned a little vacation for the two of us.  When we returned, I was sporting a set of 38 C tits.  They were just barely concealable when I was in men's clothes.  I had to wear a very tight spandex top to flatten them out because left alone they were too perky and round and huge just hanging there.  I did not have to worry about that too much because I found myself less and less in men's clothes, and more and more in some sort of women's clothes.  It started slowly enough.  My shirts became more and more girly, flowered, and pastels and such.  One could see the bra's I had to wear underneath.  My pants became slacks that zipped up the sides, or worse, in the back.  My shoes became flats, or sandals, or mary janes, low heels, pink tennis shoes and the like.  She even bought me jewelry to wear.  Dangling bracelets, a woman's watch, earrings, and a necklace that said Mistress Sandy's Property.  Of course, I had to pay Her back for all of these new things.  At two dollars a day, I was indebted to Her for the next three years and had to sign an agreement to that effect. 


Sex was always an exciting time for the two of us.  She would sometimes allow me to bring Her to orgasm with my mouth and She would have hard orgasms from my busy tongue licking Her clit just so.  Other times She would use a vibrator and have me just watch Her juices roll down Her lips to Her beautiful crack and ass.  I would almost always get to lick Her clean and savor the taste of Her sex juices.  When She would allow me to come it was almost always by my own hand, watching Her with Her vibrator, while telling Her things She enjoyed hearing- how much I enjoyed eating Her shit,  thanking Her for my tits,  begging Her to cut off my balls, asking Her to pimp me out as a cocksucker, begging Her to take a lover and let me pamper them.  Things like that.  I did all of these things out of love, and my orgasms almost matched Hers in intensity as we would come together. 


She started wanting to videotape certain aspects of our relationship.  She told me that she wanted a record of my love for Her.  And She explained that She wanted to be able to enjoy watching the love I have for Her even when I was not around.  She would tape me almost every time I worshipped Her waste.  Whether it was straight from Her beautiful ass or out of the toilet, or even from a plate with a knife and fork, or out of a dog dish wolfing it down. 


I always had to tell Her how wonderful it tasted when She was videotaping me, and I always had to show Her how much it excited me by showing Her how hard my clit (that is what She made me start calling it) became when I ate Her shit.  Sometimes She would even let me come while swallowing.  Other times She would have me jack off all over the poop begging Her to let me eat it.  After I came, she would leave the camera running and then leave with a smile telling me to finish it all up and be sure and lick the plate clean.  She would even freeze some of Her poop and stick logs of it down my panties before sending me out to the store for Her.  Sometimes She would plop a chink in my mouth and tell me not to swallow until I got home, and to be sure not to talk to anyone!  She would really laugh at me as I left the house in a pair of short shorts, halter top, sandals, toenail polish, and poop filling my panties and mouth!! 


Early on, She started growing out the hair under Her arms, which She knew was a huge turn on for me.  As it grew out longer I would get very excited smelling and licking Her there.  She would taunt me with the idea of shaving it off and I would beg Her not to as just a glimpse of it peeking out from under a t- shirt or top would be enough to have me excited all day.  One day She said that if I did not want to see Her shave it off then I would have to shave mine, including my chest, pubes, legs and ass.  Everything below the neck.  It was just one more step in the sissification process I suppose but I could not imagine life without the beautiful growth of hair under Her arms so I readily agreed with Her logic.  The toenail polish came right after that and then pale pink fingernail polish was next.  It seemed that everyday that went by, I became more and more of a sissy and less and less of a man. 


The next threat were tattoos.  I could only imagine what She had in mind. Actually, in reality, I could not imagine what She had in mind as it turned out.









Mistress Sandy told me to hurry up and finish cleaning up the house.  After I had finished the laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and ironing, I met Her in the bedroom.  Laid out on the bed was a white miniskirt,  white halter top with pink piping,  garter belt with white nylons, pink panties, and pink bra.  Shoes were high heels, which were not too much of a problem anymore since I had to wear them everyday while cleaning the house.  After I dressed She handed me a wig and after I got it on She helped me with my hair. 


She then explained to me that we were going out for tattoos to prove the depth of my love for Her.  She asked if that was okay with me.  What could I say.  Of course, I told Her, I would be glad to show You how much I love You by getting the tattoo of Your choice.  Mistress Sandy just smiled and said with a chuckle, hmmmmmm  tattoos's.  I just gulped.  Before we left She stopped at the refrigerator and opened the freezer part, reached in and pulled out a golf ball size peice of Her shit, unwrapped it and said, Open wide.  As She put it into my mouth, She explained that She did not want any back talk from me when She told the tatoo artist what She wanted.  Don't swallow She told me with a grin. 


As we arrived at the parlor, it looked as though we were expected and I just stood there in my little outfit looking stupid, I am sure, while Mistress Sandy carried on a conversation with the artist in hushed tones.  After he understood exactly what She wanted, he looked at me with a smirk and asked me if I was sure I wanted what was described to him.  Since I had no idea what my Mistress told him and could not talk anyway with a mouthful of shit, I just smiled slightly and nodded my head yes.  Mistress Sandy just howled with laughter.  After signing the required forms, Mistress told me I could swallow and thank Her for taking charge of this business and not worrying my pretty little head about it.  I did as She said amidst smirks from the tattooist and grins from Mistress Sandy. 


We began by placing my body over a table with my butt up in the air.  He pulled my skirt up and panties down and proceeded to tattoo something on my buttocks.  After what seemed forever he was finally done and I was told to roll over.  He then started tattoing just above my clit where my pubic hair used to be.  When he was finished there Mistress Sandy grabbed my clit and started stroking it.  When it was at its maximum hardness She quickly took Her bander and banded the base of my clit with a small castrating band.  She told me with a smile that I better hope that he is quick.  I started screaming as He went to work on the head of my engorged clit.  Mistress thought it was great fun watching me howl.  When he was finally finished, Mistress cut the band and the blood rushed out of my abused clit soliciting more howls from me and grins from Her.  He then moved up and started on my nipples.  She explained that She wanted me to have aerolas the same size as Hers because She loved me so much.  I was touched and when we were done with that I thought the whole ordeal was over.  I was wrong.  She whispered to the artist and he nodded affirmatively and started tattooing eyeliner and lip liner on my face.  I knew there was no turning back now,  She had made me into a sissy but it was what She wanted and I was still Her intended husband, wasn't I??  When he was finished with everything Mistress whispered in my ear, and as I looked at the tattoo artist, I smiled and asked him if I could give him a blowjob for all of the work he did on me.  He declined, but Mistress Sandy was very pleased with my effort.  After we left, on the way home, She told me how proud She was of me for getting all of the tattoos that She wanted.  I could have cried I was so happy to please Her.


When we got home I found out that in addition to the permanent makeup, I had Mistress Sandy's Property tattooed on my pubic region with an arrow pointing down to my clit.  The head of my clit was now a pink rose bud, petals and all!!!   My ass sported Sissy Missy on one side with a large red heart and an erect cock on the other.  My boobs had a two inch diameter aerola around them the same color as my original small ones.  I was quite the sight, but it was what Mistress wanted so I took a strange pride in all of them. 


It was not long after that and I found myself cleaning the house in a French Maids costume every day.  She explained that I seemed to do a better job when I was dressed for the part.  Since I was getting so good at it, and since I owed Her so much money, She explained that She had found me a job, at least until the wedding and perhaps even after that when we got back from our honeymoon.  She used to have a cleaning business, and She relied on that experience to set me up with my new job.  She found ten clients for me to clean house for every week.  Four hours in the morning,  and four hours in the afternoon.  I was reluctant about it because She said that I would have to wear my maids outfit, because She wanted me to do a super job.  She then reminded me that I had said that I would do anything She wanted.  I shamefacedly agreed with Her and apologized for questioning Her.  She smiled that smile of Hers and said "Good, because I am getting 50 dollars for You to clean their houses, and the going rate is 30, so to make up the difference we are going to see if that tattoo of yours is true"  "Since all of the clients are men and know all about your little sissy fetish, you will suck each of their cocks upon arrival, and offer your ass to them just before you leave!!"  And she added, she expected me to do a good job on both and act like I enjoyed it.  I couldn't say no since I had just told Her and apologized for questioning Her.  I was trapped into the situation. 


So now I am cleaning the homes of ten different men each week, taking four loads of sperm a day, two in my mouth and two in my ass, before coming home to clean my Mistress's house.  The wedding is only two months away though, and I am actually happy with the way things turned out.  Mistress is ever so carefree now with all of the extra money coming in, and we have a great time laughing like a couple of girlfriends, when I am done with all of my chores. 


She confided in me that She is thinking of taking a lover since I am getting way more cock than She is and to keep me busy on weekends when She is dating She has lined up ten more men for me to service, five on Saturday and five on Sunday, ten dollars per hole is my going rate She says!  No cleaning though, just giving them their release and then home to wait on Mistress and Her current lover.  She has even hinted that we might double date sometime, or was it I was to double date or something like that, I forget.  Life with Mistress Sandy is indeed never dull.










The wedding day was approaching rapidly it seemed.  Even though it had been almost a year since I had asked Mistress Sandy to marry me, it seemed like just weeks. 


Everything had been going smoothly and I felt that we were very much in love.  I had been proving my love for Her in every manner that She wished and we were getting along terrificly.  I hardly ever made Her mad anymore as I realized that life was much calmer if I gladly submitted to Her every whim. 


It was with surprise then that I heard Her tell me that I should start tanning again as we were going on another little vacation.  The last time this happened, I had to go to a tanning salon and tan for three weeks in a women's bikini so that I developed a very dark tan except for where the bikini covered my chest and pubic area.  When we finally arrived in Mexico, she had an appointment set up with the plastic surgeon who gave me my boob job.  So with that direction, I called up and made an appointment and joined a tanning parlor again.  This time it was easier making sure the tan lines were in place because my boobs actually held the top in place a bit better. 


After a couple of weeks, we ended up in Mexico again, and after a few days of sunning and sightseeing, (of course I had to wear my bikini and coverups at the beach which brought on a few stares), I ended up at the same plastic surgeon.  It was a simple procedure and Mistress Sandy actually helped him. He had quite a laugh when he saw the tattoo with the arrow pointing to my clit, not to mention the pink rose covering the head.  When it was over, I had somewhat larger, luscious lips from the collagen he pumped into them, but the biggest difference was not my lips, it was my balls.  They no longer dangled from my pubic region.  Mistress Sandy had had them taken off.  She explained that since I always was begging Her when I climaxed for Her to cut them off, (even though it was required begging on Her orders),  She had decided to go ahead and make my wish come true.  The doctor had even let Her, at Her insistence, make the final cut.  She had said that She would have my sack removed as well and have it tanned and made into a coin purse for me, but She did not do that.  The empty sack just hung there emphasizing what I was now lacking.  The balls themselves were dried and made into earrings for me to wear when She felt I needed to have balls again.  I could put them back on and strut around for Her, She said with a chuckle.  SO NOW, in addition to everything else, my boobs, my tattoos, my cleaning and sucking service,my toilet servitude, and my maid service, I had cocksucker lips, which She said all of my cleaning customers would enjoy, AND a smooth pubic bone under my clit, albeit with an empty sack hanging over it. 


At the hotel after the operation, She cuddled me and told me how proud She was of me to become Her little eunuch slut.  Surprisingly enough it did not hurt that much and Her tender words and gentle stroking of Her fingernails on my boobs and clit soon had me aroused and ready to please Her.  After Her orgasm, She asked me if I would like to come as well.  Of course I told Her Yes, and She proceeded to explain the new circumstances of my orgasms.  Since it had excited Her so much to have my balls removed, She wanted to have my clit removed also, as She would never marry a man with a cock and no balls. 


When She first thought of this, She had decided that I would be allowed to have 365 orgasms, a whole years worth, if She allowed me one every day!  Then She told me that She remembered that I told Her before we had met that I usually came twice a day.  So to be fair, She would allow me two orgasms a day for an entire year.  But She explained that to make the game more fun for Her, (and didn't I want Her to participate in the game too-with a smile), She would round that number off to an even thousand orgasms for me before I had to have a clitectomy as She called it with a grin.  Questioned as to whether I agreed to these terms, I told Her 'Of Course', and secretly marveled at Her benevolence, allowing me to have one thousand orgasms before I lost my manhood. 


WIth that She continued stroking my clit and I shuddered as my orgasm went through my entire body.  "One done" She said.  She then ordered me to lick up the come off of Her fingers.  After licking and cleaning Her hand, She said, "That's two."  I looked at Her with a question mark on my face and She laughed and said, "Oh, I forgot to tell You the rest of the rules of the game.  Every time you come it is one orgasm, every time you eat sperm it is another orgasm.  Anybodies sperm!!!!!"   I shuddered at the thought.  "Everytime I have an orgasm it also counts as one.  If I have four orgasms with my lover and he comes inside of me and You lick me clean it is five off of Your total!", She said with a sweet smile.  "If you come watching us it is one more for the orgasm and one more for licking up your girlish discharge."   


"Won't this be fun watching Your grand total slip away?""  She asked me between Her giggles.  "Hmmm ," She said, obviously deep in thought, "Since You enjoy eating my shit so much, we will make that worth one too!  That way you will enjoy it more, the simple act of swallowing my waste bringing you one step closer to pleasing me by having your manhood cut clean off!   Don't you agree my little nutless sissy fiance?"  At hearing my affirmative answer squeak from my lips, She started rolling with laughter!  In between Her loud chuckles and laughter, She managed to say, "Between eating my shit and eating everone's sperm, it is almost as if You will be chewing away at the right to even have a cock like a real man.  How symbolic is that??" 


As we came back home on the plane I was trying to figure out just how long it might NOT be until we were headed back down to Mexico.  Before I could come up with a figure Mistress Sandy ordered me to go to the restroom and masturbate into my hand and come back to show Her the mess.  When I got back She made me lick it up sitting in the seat next to Her.  She grinned and laughed as She said- "That's two more" !!!!


Just after we got back we returned to the tattoo parlor, and She had the girl who does their peircing install a ring in my clithead.  It went from just behind the underside of the head of my clit right up and out of the hole in the end. It was called a Prince Albert and it was done with a 8 guage needle because She wanted to be able to replace the cheap ring with a padlock.  We had played with chastity in the past but none of them were completely fool proof or comfortable without adding this and that to them.  She felt this would be perfect as She could now lock the end of my clit to my guiche since my balls no longer got in the way.  I then found out why She left the ball sack intact.  She and the needle technician pulled and spread my empty sack out straight across my pubic bone, then sprayed it with some kind of bandage glue dressing from an aerosol can.  Holding it flat and spread wide they pulled my clit out as far as it would go and laid it down in the middle of the flattened sack, and pulled the edges up around it.  The technician then proceeded to peirce both sides together with small rings every eighth of an inch or so.  When She was done I appeared to have a vagina with a row of 30 small pink rings holding it closed with a pink rose hanging out of the bottom of it.  I was told that the glue would wear off in a week or two and I could pull my clit out and wash it when it was not locked to the guiche.  I only had to add some oil to slide my clit back through under the rings when I was done washing up.  When everything was healed and locked in place, it was truly masturbate proof, and looked ridiculously like I had a vagina.  With the tattoo above it, it was still the property of Mistress Sandy!!  Peeing certainly required sitting down, and I always had to wipe afterwards because my pee would hit directly on my asshole before it dribbled down into the toilet, which somehow always made my clitty start to twinge.


 It wasn't long after we returned home that She presented me with a gift.

After I opened it I discovered that it was a calendar.  She had had a calendar made of different pictures of me, naked and with a hard erection, at the top of each month's page.  Across the top was labeled "The Cuntdown for Missy"  (countdown obviously mispelled).  She made me thank Her for it and then had me hang it up in the kitchen where any one who came by could see it.  And of course, ask what it was all about!!  I had to fill out the orgasms lost already on each day that it happened, and keep a running total of how many orgasms were left before my day of the clitectomy.  I also had to list an S for eating Her shit, an MO for my orgasm, MS for eating my sperm. MBO and a number for Mistress Sandy's Orgasms, and OS plus a number for eating other peoples sperm.  She said it would be fun to see how many orgasms I ended up with, compared to Her's and other people's.









 It seemed that She was really enjoying this new game that She thought up.  Almost every morning I would either accompany Her to the bathroom for my morning meal.  It was almost like She wanted to see an S on the calendar every day.  Whether I ate it directly from Her, or from the toilet, or She filled a plate or my doggie bowl that I was holding under Her beautiful asshole, or She let it go over me while laying in the bathtub, it was always different and always wonderful as I was taught to tell Her.  When She let it go over me in the tub, I would have to lick it up off my skin, pick up all of the larger pieces and eat them, lick up the tub with my tongue and get it as clean as I could of all Her poop and pee as well.  She would always plug the drain so that I could have everything.  Quite often She would have me masturbate my clitty before during or after until I came.  It was much easier eating Her waste when my clitty was hard, before I had an orgasm, but I learned to savor the taste either way.  Obviously if I came it was a three star breakfast so to speak!!! 


The biggest daily drop in my orgasm fund (not to be confused with a permanent fund by any means) was one night when She invited Her lover over for an evening.  She had him bring a male friend of his as well.  Before long, She was being made love to by Her current lover having what seemed like orgasm after orgasm.  I was right next to Her on the bed either sucking on Her lover's friends cock or taking it up the ass.  She seemed to really enjoy watching me get fucked until my lover almost came and then scramble around on my knees to suck his dirty cock in my mouth and swallow his sperm. 


As She watched this show of mine, She came again and Her lover started shooting his sperm up into Her.  After my lover's cock was clean of any shit, She straddled my mouth and flexed Her vaginal muscles and dropped all of Her lover's come into my open mouth. 


After She was finished She ordered me to go and get drinks for all of them.  I returned with wine for Her and beers for the gentlemen, and waited kneeling on the floor by the bed as they smoked and drank and talked.  After a bit She had them stand up next to a bar stool and had me kneel in front of them and She ordered me to get them hard with my thick cocksucker lips.  She said that She would be right back.  In a few minutes Mistress Sandy came back and found them hard from my sucking and licking.  She asked me if I would like to come and I pleaded with Her YES. 


After unlocking my clit from it's vaginal cage, She had us all stand around the barstool and from behind Her back She brought out a plate full of Her warm shit and placed it between us.  I wondered why She had not gone to the bathroom that morning!  She said that we were to all start stroking ourselves and that we were to come on Her huge pile of shit.  Whoever came first would have to eat the entire pile.  Since I had not come yet today and these men had just come not twenty minutes ago, I knew that it was not a very fair contest.  But I was determined to think of car wrecks, count sheep, or think of anything but the task at hand and try and have one of these real men come first. 


As we all were standing there masturbating Mistress came up and started massaging my boobs right in front of the real men in front of me.  She whispered in my ear, (loud enough for them to hear) "I know that you want to win Missy, because you love to eat my shit, don't you"  "DONT YOU" She yelled.  Yes I whimpered back.  "What Missy, I can't hear you", She answered back.  "Yes Mistress" I said to Her.  "YES WHAT" She bellowed, "Tell these real men what you are talking about."   With sheepish eyes and a rock hard clit I told them in so many gasps, that I wanted to lose and come first so that I could eat my Mistress's shit.  I wanted to devour it in front of them as they jacked off onto it and added their spunk and sperm to the taste treat before me.  With that said I exploded and covered part of the pile with my load.  "What a perverted little nutless sissy bitch you are missy" my Mistress said as She started laughing at me.  She ordered me to my knees in front of the smirking men and told me to get busy.  As I started taking mouthfuls of Her shit from the plate I was looking up at the two real men jacking off inches from my face.  I chewed each mouthful thirty times as I was taught and was rewarded during the first mouthful when both of them started coming all over the plate, my face, lips, chin.  Sperm was dripping off of me unto the remaining poop and suddenly they were all laughing.  I was too busy eating to join in and knew that I was not to laugh anyway.  As they backed away I noticed the camera  off to the side taking in the whole show of me on my knees before a plate of shit covered with three loads of sperm.


" Well, my little sissy", Mistress Sandy said as I was still eating Her waste in front of all of them, "I had four orgasms while we were making love, and one more watching you debase your pathetic  self in front of these real men.  So what is Your total for the day.  If You make a mistake, I will double it!"  As I started adding it up, I found myself doing it aloud so that I would not make a mistake.  Five for Mistress Sandy, one for Her lover's sperm, one for my lover's sperm, one for eating the poop, one for my sperm on the poop, one for her lover's sperm on the poop, one for my lovers sperm  on the poop............Eleven Mistress, I told Her, between mouthfuls, proud of myself for getting it all right.    She smiled at me and chuckled under Her breath, "Oh my poor little sissy girl, such an airhead some times.  Little Missy, you forgot the one for actually being allowed to make your girlish discharge!"  The men starting hooting with laughter.  That made twelve, and now it was going to be 24 since I screwed it up and forgot.  " So I guess that is 24 from Your total,  you must really be in a hurry to lose that pathetic little clit of yours!"  She laughed.  "Go on and finish your meal, sissy missy.  We will be out on the porch when You are done, you may come out and thank me for feeding you.   Maybe the boys can find something for you to drink to wash down that disgusting food You love to eat"  Come on boys I will get you both another beer".  And yes, when I was all done eating, I thanked Her for the opportunity to consume Her precious shit, and found that  'the boys' and Mistress Sandy had filled a dog bowl with their recycled beer and wine for me to enjoy with them on the porch.  At least that did not take away from my orgasm fund.


That was the worst daily drop.  But every week, I lose ten from the ten men I clean for, and weekends there are the other ten men.  That is 20 a week alone, plus the 7 from the toilet, and whatever Mistress Sandy totals from Her orgasms.  Plus what She allows me to do myself, and that is always two, I learned my lesson there.


I figure that my years worth of orgasms will be over and done with in less than five months.  But I am happy, I am having lots of sex (her way) with my Mistress. I get unlocked whenever Mistress feels I have earned the priveledge to lose two more orgasms toward my/Her goal of losing it all!  She is happy, and laughing at me alot as I count my way down to nothingness. Soon we will be married and I can find out what the next part of my life will be like. 




by Mistress Sandy's sissy- missy dale



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