Cuckold Story



My Submission to Laura

by sub hubby Steve





1 The Reveal


I arrived home early from work and an envelope addressed to "My Submissive Slut" greeted me at the door mat. I was shocked. Who was it from? Who was it for? I picked it up, it smelt of my wife's favourite perfume. The adrenaline started pumping through my body. Who has Laura been submissive for? More to the point, who has she been a SLUT for!? I had to open the envelope. It was a letter which read:


"Dear Steve" Steve! That's me! Was this some kind of joke? It continued,


"I have been monitoring your online activities and I am shocked, appalled and most importantly very excited by what you have been doing." I began to realise what this must mean. For the last two years or so I had been addicted to Internet porn. I had seen every genre possible but only a few still excited me as if it was the first time I'd seen them. One of these was Femdom porn. I had many videos and pictures of wives controlling their husbands, fucking other men and generally doing whatever they felt like in the bedroom.

I'm not into the 24/7 total slave stuff where guys do household chores etc. My main turn-on has always been giving pleasure to my gorgeous wife. Contrary to most guys, my physical pleasure during sex is not top of my priority list. From this basis, my sexual fantasies have evolved and I'd love Laura to take advantage of my submissive sexuality and to take it as far as possible. I've always been too afraid of what Laura might think of me if I suggested to her that I wanted her to be my Mistress. That is why I have kept my fantasies a secret from her until now. The letter continued,


"I have decided to become your sexual Mistress. Our "normal" sex life is now over. The main reason for this is that I have lost patience with your disobedient cock." My "disobedient cock" began to come alive as I was reading my new Mistress's words. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my own wife! I'd heard this sort of thing in porn videos etc but this was real and so much more horny. I was eager to know what else she had written.


"From now on, you will only be touching my soft pussy with your mouth or tongue. No more fingering or fucking for you Steve (unless I'm in the mood for an average cock which lasts less than ten seconds)." I read and re-read this part a couple of times. No more sex. I wasn't bothered by that so much but it occurred to me that Laura loves fucking, so was she going to be depriving herself of fucking too? Something told me no.


It was true that my cock was "average" size. It was also true that my cock only lasted about ten seconds in my wife's beautiful wet pussy, but Laura had told me that these issues never really bothered her because I could give her the most wonderful orgasms with my mouth. This letter, however, gave the impression that now she wanted more than my cock.


"I will expect you to buy me certain gifts when I want them and I have already bought a few things to start with. You will see these when I arrive home at 8:30. This should give you about two hours to get ready for your first session as my submissive slut. Don't be scared, I'm not going to do anything too extreme tonight. I just would like to set a few rules and discuss my plans for us in our future Femdom marriage. I would like you to shower and be lying naked on our bed. If you are not doing this when I arrive home I will assume that you do not want to make your fantasies a reality and we will continue with our normal lives and talk no more about it. Mistress Laura"


This was a dream come true for me. Being at the mercy of Laura's sexual pleasure. There was no way that I would not be naked on that bed at 8:30! I showered and imagined what laura was going to say to me when she arrived. I suddenly became very nervous. Was this a joke? Was she really up for this?


We have been together for a decade since we were both 18 years old. She has always been a dominant lover and it seemed we were destined to be together but we never chatted about being dominant or submissive we just did what came naturally. I would love to lick her to orgasm and then fuck her so that she wouldn't be disappointed with the length of time it took me to cum. We'd both be satisfied with this arrangement. Now maybe things were going to become much more "Dom/sub" in our sexlife. I lay on the bed, naked, and hoped.






2 Introductions


"Hello slut" Laura said.


"Hiya" I replied.


We both smirked. I was lying on our bed naked, she had just come back from the gym. It was only the second time she had been so I asked how it went.


"Very well, thanks. Lots of fit men." she replied.


I laughed, and expected her to do the same. She didn't, she really was looking at the fit men. This is not like Laura, I thought. She would never be so open and candid about looking at guys. I really liked this change. What else had changed overnight?


"I think we need a chat Steve." she said as she sat on the side of the bed next to me.


"O.K." I had a feeling that this is when she'd say she had been joking about the letter and that she was very angry about me looking at all those kinky sites.


"I love you very much." She continued. "The stuff that you have been wanking to online has really made me think about our sexual relationship and I can see that we have evolved into having mild Femdom sex and I would love to explore this with you and see where it goes. By you being here naked I take it that you are happy with this. So, I want to tell you what it going to happen from now on. I'm not going to be a sadist who will hurt or humiliate you for the sake if it. Anything I do to you or make you do will be for MY pleasure. You're pleasure comes very low on the list. I have been planning this for many months and I would love you to embrace all of my ideas and kinks. If you become a good sub slut it will turn me on more than anything you have ever done before. I know what you enjoy and don't enjoy from what you've been looking at online and I promise to try and stay within you're desires but there may be times when you will regret my becoming your Mistress but I promise at every stage you will be adding to my excitment and pleasure by cooperating. That's all I wanted to say before we begin this journey. Is there anything you would like to ask?"


I was so hard at this speech but Laura couldn't see my cock so I just pointed down towards my erection and said


"He is ready to serve Mistress." we both laughed.


"Good slut." she said as she carressed my hard cock.


"Stand up slut, I want to give you something for allowing me to use you as I wish for the rest of our marriage. Enjoy it."


I stood up as Laura slid off the bed onto her knees. She looked up at me and placed the head of my cock into her mouth. She licked underneath from the base to the tip which sent shivers down my spine.   

Then in one movement attempted to deep throat my eager cock. I felt she was acting like she was sucking my cock for the last time. She was bobbing her head on it quickly and I could see her touching her pussy. She took my hand and made me feel her cunt. Wow I love the feeling of warm, wet pussy. I wanted to pleasure her right then but she had said I should enjoy my own pleasure. Laura was now using her hand to smooth my full balls. Her saliva was making my cock slide in and out of her throat with ease and it was becoming the best blow job I could ever remember. She didn't stop the rhythm for about five minutes, in out in out, more spit, dribble lubing her throat I was on the verge of cumming and I told her so, she didn't change a thing except her own masturbation became quicker. I wanted to make her cum but I don't think I had a choice. She began to moan which sent a vibration through my cock. I came there and then. Laura continued the rhythym and she swallowed the whole load and licked the cum from my cock so that i didn't need to clean myself up.


Laura hadn't taken her eyes off me during the whole thing and she said


"I really hope you enjoyed that. I know i did, but tomorrow will be quite different and more pleasurable for us both."


She had cum during my orgasm which I totally missed. The blowjob became the greatest send-off to our past sex life and now was the dawn of our new Mistress led sex lives.


It was lunchtime at work and I saw my mobile phone light up. It was a message from Laura:


"Just to let you know slut I feel like using you tonight. Be prepare. X Mistress X"


As I was reading the message I could feel my trousers tightening under my desk. I thought someone had better not ask me to get up as it would be very embarrassing.


I couldn't stop thinking about what might happen all day and I didn't get much work done at all. I arrived at home to find Laura, my Mistress, dressed in a black PVC mini dress, black thigh-high boots, and dark sexy makeup with black lipstick. I never realised how much I found this look sexy until I saw her standing there. She was holding a bag full of stuff which I assumed is what she bought to use me.


Mistress called me over with a wave of her finger. As I approached her I could see her cleavage up close and was dying to get her tits out and start sucking them, but I knew now wasn't the time. She put her hands on my shoulders, I noticed her black nail polish and black rings which really set the outfit off. She pushed me down to my knees. As she looked down at me she gave me a wicked smile, looked down at her crotch as if to show me where to look. She hitched up her short dress so that i could see her black pvc panties. I waited for her to show me her wonderful pussy but she wasn't showing me. Should I move them to the side? Should I wait for her to do it? I looked up at her. She didn't say or do anything, just stared back at me. She had a look in her eye of lust, her eyes were telling me that behind those panties was a smooth, wet, horny pussy. But should I try and take a look? What if this was a test? I decided to do the submissive thing and wait for orders. A minute went by, my knees were beginning to ache on the tiled flooring. Then Laura turned away from me, bent over slighty, hitched her dress and moved her panties to the side to reveal her pert smooth anus. After the waiting, seeing her asshole really made me hard. I wanted to lick it so much, but I waited. The anticipation was becoming unbearable. My mouth was watering I had to swallow my saliva several times. Laura took her ass away from me again and lead me upstairs, I was so horny just from being close to her pussy and ass.


"Strip off." Laura said as we walked into our bedroom. She started talking her kinky clothes off just as I did. She lay on the bed face down totally naked, her legs slightly apart and i could see that her pussy was glistening and more importantly for me - totally bald. My excitement became heightened.


"Get the baby oil and give me a massage, slut."


I did as I was told. I climbed on top of her so that my hard, leaking cock gently rested between her buttocks. I started with her shoulders and gradually worked my way down her body making sure to avoid any contact with my Mistress's asshole and pussy. I got very close to them but I didn't want to go against her wishes. I worked my way down to the end of her toes and she then turned over for me to continue the relaxing massage. I could then see her ample breasts and smooth cunt in all their glory. My cock was leaking so much precum at this point that there wasn't any need for the baby oil, I could have just used my own lubrication. I worked my way back up her body and made sure I didn't touch Mistress's clit. Over her flat tummy and onto her breasts. For the first time she gave me a sign of pleasure as I kneeded her boobs with my open palms for as long as I was allowed, each motion was met with a moan of pleasure from my Mistress. It had been so long since I had given her a good sensual massage and I knew she would be as horny as I was after it.


Laura opened her eyes and pointed to the door.


"Stand there please, slut. That was a very nice massage. I can't believe you have been home for two hours and you haven't attempted to touch my pussy. You have listened to my rules and I'm impressed."


Two hours down and I was being a good sub, I felt so happy to have pleased my Mistress.


"Your cocklet has been so hard for a while now, would you like me to touch it for you?" asked Laura. I knew this was a trick question. She had already said the night before that she wouldn't be playing with my "cocklet" for a while. I replied:


"If that is what you want Mistress."


"No, not at all." She said. "My pleasure only. On your knees, you're training is about to start." She took out a set of handcuffs from her bag of goodies/baddies and lock my hands behind my back. She laid back onto the bed with her pussy and ass on show at the edge of the bed waiting to be worked on. I could see the wetness from the tip of her clit to the end of her anus. It looked so tempting. I needed to lick and suck her to orgasm now. She sat up, put a blindfold on me and said:


"You don't yet deserve to see me cum. I don't want you to rush this. If I cum or my clit gets too sensitive before the end of this album then you will be severely punished. Now worship at my cunt, slut."


She pressed play on the iPod and I started licking, it was the wettest pussy I had ever licked.


Amazingly warm and superbly scented with her musky smell. I made sure I licked her whole area very gently for about two songs. I could here her moaning as I occasionally sucked her pussy lips slightly. I really wanted to suck her clit deep in my mouth and take her flying over the edge but that was against the rules. I used the flat of my tongue to cover her anus then move slowly upwards and then suck the clit gently. This gave the loudest moan so far and I continued doing this for three further songs. My jaw was really starting to ache now. I wanted to take a breather but I didnt want to dissappoint Mistress. I started to increase the speed of my licking and I also started poking my tongue in and out of both her pussy and ass. By this point she was starting to writhe in pleasure I knew it wouldn't be too long until my job was done. With three songs to go she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her cunt and my mouth forcively onto her clit. She wanted to cum NOW but I knew there were two and a half songs left. I tried to pull away but she used her other hand and pulled my hair even harder.


"Don't stop! Make me cum NOW slut!" I had no choice, I sucked and licked her clit as hard as and fast as I could. She screamed in extasy for thirty seconds. I knew it was one of her best orgasms ever but was I in trouble for not allowing the album to finish? You bet I was.


She lay there absolutely still and quiet for what seemed twenty minutes. I was still hard and sneakily trying to rub myself off against the side of the bed.


"Tut, tut, tut." She finally broke the long silence. "Your first punishable offence. A simple punishment: No cumming for at least a month. Get into bed and go to sleep. Keep the handcuffs on, I don't want you touching my pussy or your cock all night."


My heart sank, if only hardon could too! This, I then realised, was my new reality.




4 The Pleasurer


Denial of cumming is not the worst punishement she could have handed to me. I enjoy being teased and deprived. I think a worse punishment would be to cum everyday before playing our Dom/sub stuff. This would take me out of the submissive mood and I wouldn't enjoy as much.


This is what I thought after about two day of deprivation from cumming or even touch my cock. After a month, the punishment was beginning to take it toll. Let me tell you about the last month or so.


The night after I made Mistress cum too early, she sat me down and explained a few things about what was about to happen.


"I'm not going to divulge every detail about the next six months, but I will build up your knowledge and training slowly. I don't want you to know what is going to happen next and what I'm actually capable of. This will increase your fear and excitement. For the next month however, you will know exactly where you stand with me. There will be no suprises, no tests, just you pleasuring me whenever I want it. I need to get my mind and body in tune with my pussy to really know what I want from this experience. I think a month of cumming and fantasising will bring out my inner most desires."


It was reassuring to know that I could give pleasure to my Mistress for the next month. At least I wasn't being deprived of that.


"I want you clean-shaven always. If I get any stubble rashes then an extra week will be added to your denial period. When I call you "slut" you will stop what you are doing and prepare yourself to give me pleasure. I will instruct you as to what this will entail. Usually having your head between my legs for a long period of time. It may also include a massage, a kiss, or a footrub. Is this clear?" I nodded. "Any questions?"


"No, Mistress." I replied.


"Good slut."


I now had a new rule to add to my others. Shave twice a day to prevent stubble, no touching my cock, no touching my beautiful wife's wet pussy, no searching the internet for kinky stuff. It seemed very reasonable and I was looking forward to the month ahead. That night, Mistress was in the bath while I was watching TV downstairs and I heard my mobile phone ringing. It was Mistress, so I answered immediately.


"Come and wash my hair slut." She said


"Yes Mistress, will be right up."


She looked so good in her birthday suit. I started to wash her hair when she put her hand over the edge of the bath to feel my cock. As she expected, it was already hard.


"You're easily pleased! I can't wait to see what you will be like after 30 days and nights! Strip off slut."


I did as I was told. I was stood there at the side of the bath and was just about to finish washing Mistress's hair when she said


"Stay standing, slut."


She got onto her knees and started sucking on my erect cock.


"Mmm, I love sucking cock slut. I'm not going to deprive myself just because you're not allowed to squirt your pathetic juice everywhere. You will just have to learn to control your little dick."


She then took the whole lot into her throat and held it there. I thought I was about to cum, but i somehow stopped myself. Luckily for me she took it out of her mouth and gave it a slap. It shocked me and had the effect of losing my erection.


"Oh, you didn't like a little slap. I think you will need to be trained there. Finish off my hair and go and assume the oral position in the bedroom."


I did as I was told and got on my knees, blindfolded myself and handcuffed my wrists behind my back and waited kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed. Every night for a fortnight I was in that position doing what I do best, pleasuring my wife's pussy and ass. Every night she gave me a time limit so that she could relax and re-live her fantasies. Every night I teased her trying to take her slowly over the edge. And every night she would take control, grab my hair, ears or whatever she wanted to, and force me to go harder and faster over the edge. We would go straight to bed and she would carress my cock until it was hard and then fall asleep. I couldn't touch it so every night for a fortnight I fell asleep with a hard-on. This was the ultimate in pleasure and pain.


The weekend arrived and Mistress summoned me to the bedroom. She said


"Thank you for a wonderful fortnight so far, I know you're enjoying it every much as I am. As you can probably tell by my bag of goodies, I've been doing a lot of online shopping. You will be able to see a couple of things I have bought tonight. I think you will enjoy them. I will be home at 6:00. I want you to assume the position as normal but downstairs in front of the sofa. See you later slut"



I shaved and waited and wondered what the items could be. 6 o'clock arrived and so did my Mistress. I was in the requested position, curtains drawn of course. I could hear her having a conversation with her friend. Oh no, I definately wasn't up for this! my hands were in handcuffs, I couldn't see either! what was I going to do to tell her I didn't want to be humiliated in front of her friend. The living room door opened, I tried to hide.


"OK, I'll see you in the week, bye." Laura said, and the front door closed. I was so relieved. She could see me on the floor tucked up in a ball trying to cover my now shrivled willy.


"What's the matter with you, don't you want company?"


"No Mistress." I replied, still lying on the floor.


"Well, unfortunately for you, I am the boss, and if I wanted Diane to see what you were doing and ask her if she wanted to try you out I would have. Clear?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Don't worry, I want you all to myself at the moment. You will need to be trained a lot more before I let you loose on anyone else!" Mistress picked me up and placed me back where she wanted me. "I've been to the gym and I feel horny so I'm going to need pleasuring."


"OK, Mistress" I replied.


I could hear rustling in a bag then Mistress walking behind me towards the 42 inch TV and DVD Player. I heard a DVD case opening and the TV come on. She came back towards me and i assumed was taking her clothes off. I heard her sit on the sofa in front of me and the DVD came on and I heard a male voice say:


"Hello, thank you for purchasing "Gaywatch"." Gaywatch! Was this really going to happen? Was I really going to have to pleasure my wife as she was watching gay porn? Yes, was the answer.


The action started and Mistress lowered my head towards her already moist pussy.


"Be very slow and gentle. I want to watch and enjoy it all." She said. I didn't reply, I just did as I was told. I knelt for 2 and a half hours gently licking and sucking on my Mistress's pussy, it got wetter with every passing minute. She would comment on certain things to keep me up-to-date with what she was watching.


"Mmm, what a gorgeously big cock. I love watching guys fuck each other. I wish they would both fuck me. Mmm I really need a big fat cock inside me." With every comment I could feel my cock expand. It suddenly occurred to me: I really want her to get fucked. She needs a big cock in her right now. For the last two weeks she hasn't been penetrated once. I just wished I could stop, pin her down, fuck her hard and watch the impressions on her face but now wasn't the time for that.


The movie finished with climaxes all round, including Mistress, excluding me. Mistress told me to stand and she told me that I had leaked so much precum that it had looked like I had pissed everywhere. As with the previous 7 nights, Mistress licked, sucked and played with my cock until I begged her to stop and so we went to bed very happy.


Every night for the next fortnight my job was the same, the only difference was the genre of porn. It went from Gay to Gangbang to Bisexual to Lesbian to Femdom to Shemales. Every genre had a different affect on Mistress and her pussy. The genres which really made her gush were the Gangbang, Femdom, Shemale and Cuckolding videos. Had she found what really turned her on and was this a sign for my future activities? I know one thing, for that month, I had a smooth face which was wet every night. I was the pleasurer.

Divine Bitches 




5 Opening Up


"Steve, over the last month or so I have really found myself. I needed to have you pleasure me for so long as a test of your submissive sexual nature. I'm glad to say that you passes with flying colours and I feel comfortable enough to take much greater steps into this lifestyle." I was so delighted. Over the last 30 days I had a constant hard-on which I could not do anything about but I was more than happy to serve my Mistress in which ever way turned her on most. I was intrigued to find out what she had in mind for "greater steps".


"I am having a break for a few days. Your rules still apply so don't get too excited. I will let you know what I plan next for us with a text next week."


The following week was the hardest sexually of my life. I knew a kinky text could come at anytime, my mind would not stop thinking about my Mistress's new plan. Then it came (the text not my cock). I was at work and was very intrigued and excited by the message. It read:


"Ok my slut, I am ready to continue my journey of pleasure and your training to serve me. Please look at this profile on this swingers site: XXXX and let me know what you think. I have something important to tell you tonight regarding the profile. And for your pleasure, I have a suprise for you. Love you. Mistress Laura."


I was apprehensive to look at the profile as I really didnt know what to expect. I clicked the link and saw the following profile:


Name: Kinky_Hotwife


About Me: I am a 28 year old wife who is free to try whatever I like as I have a brilliantly submissive husband what just wants me to pleasure myself in whatever ways I wish. I am very new to this so am quite nervous and would only like to chat to patient understanding people


What I'm Looking For: I am looking to chat (at first) to hot guys around my age. Must have a bigger cock than my sub husband (6 inches) and a sexy hairy body. Must be caring and kinky. Send me a message with a face and cock pic if you're interested.


Pics: There were some very sexy pictures of my wife which we took when we were quite horny one day. She is in lingerie and looking very suggestively at the camera.


My immediate feelings were of shock, excitement and jealousy. This was really happening! I imagined her flirting etc with hot guys and my cock began to grow. I had to stop thinking about it because I was in work!


When I got home my Mistress summoned me upstairs and there she was lying in bed with a low cut top on, a full face of make-up and her hair had been cut and styled.


"Are you going out?" I asked.


"No, I've just been to the hairdressers and had a wax and spray tan. Just felt like making myself look sexy around the house for a change. That brings me on to what I wanted to chat about Steve. Although I have enjoyed the last month I think you realise that the oral you give me which has been amazing, by the way just isn't enough for me. I know you are aware of the term "hotwife" and I have been so excited by the idea. I've decided to explore my version of becoming your hotwife. I do not like the word "cuckold" as it implies all sorts of negative things about the husband and it encourages a "Bull" to humiliate the "cuck" in front of the wife. This is something I will never be into but the idea of being able to explore with your permission is something I really want to try. I want to show you something." She said, as per usual my cock was hard by what she was saying. She took out an 8 inch brown realistic dildo with balls attached. I could see the glint in her eye as she said


"This will be my new friend. As you know I need deep fucking and I'm sorry but your cock doesn't quite fill my cunt as I'd like. I think this will, and regularly. From now on you will have less sexual contact with me. I will be spending my evenings in bed with my laptop looking for sexy guys to chat and flirt with, maybe have some webcam sex too. You will not be allowed in the same room as me as I do this. I will send you little teasers of what I'm getting up to."


Wow, I was to become an online cuckold. It's one of my fantasies to watch my wife use a massive dildo in front of me but it looks like another guy will see that before I do. That should have annoyed me but it didn't, it turned me on more than anything in the world. I couldn't wait to see how Mistress's new plan would pan out.


"I have one last suprise for you slut. I have setup up an account on a cuckold forum site. I've added pictures of myself and I want you to regularly log in and read some stuff and chat to other sub husbands. Please ignore the "Bulls" on there as they will only want to fuck me and I will not be interested. Any queries you have you can chat about them on there and I'm sure the other cuckolds will be able to help you. When I am busy in our bedroom you are only allowed to use this site. Obviously my other rules apply of not touching your cock. Any questions? No? Good, now please leave me alone for the rest of the night. If I'm not already satisfied when you come to bed I might need you to pleasure me."


I totally understood, and as soon as I went downstairs I logged onto the cuckolds forum. I chatted for three hours with a submissive husband who's wife has been with many guys from swinger sites. His wife would phone him during the act of fucking another man and would make him lick clean her cum soaked panties when she arrived home.

I was so horny during the chat and to make things even better I knew that my wife was now actively looking for another guy to chat to. Well its not as good as fucking them but its a start.


During the next two weeks there were significant advances/changes in our Dom/sub relationship. I still hadn't cum but things had really started going with Laura and her new friend who she found on the swingers site. His name was Joe, he was 35, lived 50 miles from us and had an 8.5 inch cock apparantly. I hadn't actually seen him but I had seen his effects on my Mistress. She was much more open now about other men and didn't take my feelings into consideration when planning her fun (which was so horny for me). My wife and Joe had chatted every night for 9 days and luckily enough for me, my Mistress allowed me to witness their sexy conversations on messenger using teamviewer which allows me remote access to view her laptop from my mobile phone. Here is one extract which I found particularly erotic:


Kinky_Hotwife: Hi Joe, how are you today? x


Stud_Joe_35: Hiya gorgeous, I'm great thanks now that you are on here. Thanks for letting me have a glimpse of you last night on cam.


Kinky_Hotwife: No probs, it was a pleasure. Im hoping to show you a bit more of myself soon, I'm a bit shy at the moment.


Stud_Joe_35: Cool! I can't wait to see what you look like. What did you think of me btw?


Kinky_Hotwife: Very sexy! lol, I thought about you when I was getting licked out by my hubby last night. Just wish I could have had your big cock here with me. I havent been fucked for such a long time!


Stud_Joe_35: Why not?! You look SO hot! Why don't you want sex with your hubby?


Kinky_Hotwife: I love him and he has his uses but fucking me hard and long is not one of them. Thats why I'm here.


Stud_Joe_35: So are you looking to meet eventually or just online stuff?


Kinky_Hotwife: Yes I want to meet a guy eventually but need to build up the confidence.


Stud_Joe_35: I'd love to help you with that. How do you fancy a bit of cam2cam fun?


Kinky_Hotwife: Yeah, why not. Steve is out so I have the house to myself.


Stud_Joe_35: You naughty girl! lol


Kinky_Hotwife: Let me see you first! xxx


Stud_Joe_35: OK, hang on


Kinky_Hotwife: OK


Stud_Joe_35: Here I am


Kinky_Hotwife: Mmm, sexy! You look so much fitter than my hubby. It shows you work-out!


Stud_Joe_35: Thanks. Your turn. x


Kinky_Hotwife: OK, just going to turn the webcam on


Stud_Joe_35: OK x


Kinky_Hotwife: Here you go. x


Stud_Joe_35: Wow!!!! I didnt realise you would be in sexy lingerie and high heels


Kinky_Hotwife: Well, I bought these yesterday especially for you. Hubby hasn't seen them and won't because they're just for you.


Stud_Joe_35: Wow thanks.


Kinky_Hotwife: No probs, wanna show me what's in your trousers then?


Stud_Joe_35: Sure, its all excited with your gorgeous body. Mmmm


Kinky_Hotwife: That is the sexiest cock I have ever seen. I wish I was there to suck and fuck it


Stud_Joe_35: Well that could be arranged...


Kinky_Hotwife: We don't live that far from each other. wink x


I was cut-off from the conversation at this point. Did I touch my cock when reading this realtime conversation? Yes I did but it really was the most erotic conversation I ever read. 46 days of denial was not the only cause of my horny feelings. This was the start of something which I had fantasised about for many years. Laura flirting, suggesting and downright cheating on me (well online anyway). I wasn't allowed to see my Mistress on cam but that just added to the naughtiness of it all. She was doing it behind my back.


My Mistress was constantly on her phone chatting and searching for new cock. There's nothing like over hearing a chat where your wife is flirting and laughing with a guy she really wants to fuck safe in the knowledge that I am perfectly happy with it. I only gave Laura oral twice in a fortnight and when I did I could tell she had really fucked herself hard with her new dildo. Her opened up cunt was aching for my tongue to finish the job off and give the clit the orgasm. I did and Laura was satisfied again. My Mistress was opening up in more ways than one during that hot fortnight.







6 Progression


"I'm going out Saturday with Diane. We're going to meet a few people from the gym." Laura and Diane had been to the gym religiously for the past 3 months and I could see the difference in Laura's figure. She was now much more toned and as a result of the last 3 months in the bedroom she was a much more confident, comfortable, loving and horny wife.


"I'm going to be flirting with a few of the guys and if I get the opportunity then I may have a cheeky kiss." She had a slutty grin when she said this without a hint of worry about how I felt about it because she knew it excited me as much as her. "You will help me to get ready and you will log onto the cuckolds forum site and chat to other cuckolds, updating them on my progress. I'm going for a shower, come up in 20 minutes."


"OK Mistress." By this stage I knew she really was on the lookout for sexy guys to flirt with. I would do anything to keep her happy and comfortable so that she will explore her slutty feelings when out. A few drinks with probably help. I waited 20 minutes and went to get a big bath towel and helped Laura out of the bath. I dried her off and passed her a glass of wine. For the next twenty minutes I watched her get ready, doing little things like pushing her cleavage up, not for her husband but for a stranger. She snogged me before she left. "Keep your phone on, I'll text with any developments."


Again, as with most of my sex life for the last 3 months, it was all about the waiting and anticipation. I logged onto the cuckold forum and explained in the chatroom that my dominant wife was out on the pull for the first time and it was interesting hearing other stories of other hotwives' first nights out on the pull. My first text came at around 9:30:


"I love you VERY much! Diane has left me with one of the guys from the gym. He's boring but so sexy, but married though."


"OK, I love you too! Whats his name? Have a bit of a flirt with him if you fancy him." I replied and updated the cuckold chatroom.


"OK, he's called Carl will let you know how it goes x."


Well that was very positive. I asked myself what did I want from this evening? For her to pull and go back to their place? Or just a flirt and back to me? Beggars can't be choosers so I would be happy with whatever she wanted to try for her first time.


Beep beep, a message came through at 10:45:


"He's definitely NOT boring! lol" Everone seemed to be getting excited by this text in the chatroom. Everyone wanted to know why he wasn't boring, so I asked her.


"Why? What have you been talking about?"


"Well, Diane has pulled so I had to get to chatting to him and we've been talking about sex with his wife being boring and he's been admiring me at the gym!"


"What are you gonna do about it?" I asked impatiently


Twenty agonising minutes went by and I was starting to worry, then another text:


"We'll see."


I didnt get another text until 1.30 am saying that she was on her way home. It was a hard 3 hours not knowing what she had been doing (if anything). My Mistress walked into the house and beckoned me to go upstairs. I did as instructed after I said goodbye to the fellow cuckolds on the net. When I got up to our bedroom she was lying on the bed with her black dress hitched up and her knickers off. I hadn't properly seen her pussy for a while and it was as gorgeous as ever, but I wanted to know what happened!


"Come here Steve, start licking while I tell you what happened tonight and what is about to happen." I hadn't licked her for what seemed ages but it was definitely as tasty as ever. She began:


"As you know Carl and I were chatting most of tonight and something DID happen between us." She looked at me and waited for a reaction. She got one, I increase the speed of the licking. "We chatted about our sexual experiences and I explained what were getting up to and that I was free to do anything I wanted. He was very excited by it and said that you must be a very good husband. He asked me if I'd done anything with anyone else yet and I said no. He asked if there was any chance I'd be interested in going back to his place for a coffee. His wife was away with friends. I said no to tonight but that I did find him very sexy. I kissed him and he responded by touching the inside of my leg. I felt so excited and I knew I was wet after all of the sexy chat so I pulled his hand up towards my cunt and he slipped his fingers underneath my knickers and felt how wet I was. I pulled away and said thats all for tonight but I gave him my number and caught up with Diane. He sent me a picture message an hour later and it said that he wanted me to have his present. It was a picture of his cock. My God Steve look at it." I stopped and looked at the picture. It was massive, at least nine inches I asked her how she felt about it and she said "Its amazing, I really love you for letting me do this, I want to give you a treat."


She stood up, stripped off and told me to do the same. She went to her bag and brought out her 8 inch dildo which was attached to a strapon. She told me to put it on and fuck her like it was the first time. I put it on and saw her on all fours at the edge of the bed. "Mmm, fuck me Carl." She said. Did I hear correctly? Carl? I just carried on and she took the 8 inches well, she was obviously very turned on after the night's events. "Harder Carl! Fuck me like my husband can't!" She started fingering her clit and I fucked her as hard as I could. The groans coming from Laura told me the dildo was hitting the spot. It wasn't long until she was telling me she was cumming and she then said the words I waited for for 3 months. "Cum on my ass slut, NOW!" I pulled the dildo out and the strapon off and wanked for 3 seconds until I felt an amazing explosion that lasted for literally 30 seconds. There were gallons of cum spurting all over my Mistress's ass and in her between her crack.

"Clean it up slut, with your mouth." I was shocked, I had never tasted cum but I was so grateful that I dropped down and licked from her clit all the way up her crack and slurped all the cum that covered her nice round ass. I didnt enjoy the taste but the feelings of submission totally overcame. My pleasure was satisfied but Laura's developments pleasured me than any orgasm could ever do.

 Cum Eating Cuckolds






7 Sadistic Wife


"I have been chatting with an experienced Femdom, who thinks I've been wasting you as my sub slut and has given me some good ideas which I want to try on you next week. I will give you details shortly." This was the text message I received in work, three days after Laura had been kissed and touched by her gym friend Carl. She had been to the gym twice since and has seen Carl there who smiled at her and sent her a text message saying he enjoyed their time together on the weekend.


The day later I had the following message:


"You have proved your submissive side so far but now I tend to test this submissive attitude to the limit tonight. Be lying on our bed having prepared yourself in the following way: your asshole should be very clean (I suggest using an enema) and I want you perfectly smooth all over exept for your head and eyebrows and eyelashes. I shall see you later. Hairless? I had never shaved my body hair but I thought I'd may aswell give it a go. I had played with my ass before so this sounded cool.


I lay there waiting for Mistress to enter the room. She did along with her bag, she was totally naked except for her thigh-high boots and something which excited me even more. Hanging between her legs was the strap-on that I had used on her the week before. 8 inches looked a lot bigger on her than it did on me! She came over and smoothed my legs.


"Wow you feel so sexy, well done for doing my tasks, i assume your asshole is spotless? Well you better hope it is. I seen you looking at my new cock and I think you want it as much as I do. From now on I want you to serve my cock instead of my pussy. You will become my cocksucking slut." Mistress handed me a bag which I emptied onto the bed. My heart skipped a bit. "Put these on cocksucker." It was a pair of black lacy panties, fishnet stockings, high heels, a mini denim skirt, a low cut top, a long brunette wig, make-up for my skintone, false nails and eyelashes. I was so shocked, I didnt know what to do or say, so I just did as my Mistress wanted. She helped with putting everything on and she said,


"Mmm, you look quite sexy slut. If you lose that belly you could look quite convincing. Im going to take a few pics of you for your new profile."


"What new profile Mistress?" She could see my cock hardening in my new attire.


"I have setup a transvestite profile for you to find some admirers to play with. The better the pictures I take the more you will have to pull." "Pull?!" I thought, what the hell was going on? "Don't worry about that yet though, we have more pressing matters. After tonight our sex life will change once more. For the better, obviously. Go and stand by the door please slut and put your hands above your head." I did as I was told even though I struggled walking in my new shoes. "Face me, very pretty girl." She strapped my hands above my head and over the door so that I couldn't move them down. She also spread my legs and locked them apart with a leg spreading device. She reached under my new skirt and released my cock and balls so that they were dangling down.


I'd never seen a chastity device before but Mistress took one out of her bag and attached it as if she had done it a million times. "When you become aroused from now on you will not be able to become erect. This is to make you much more submissive and also restrict your desire to fuck me. I am now the man and you are my slut. You will be treated as such and I will train you to be able to pleasure others." She grabbed my loose balls and pulled them downwards. "You will learn to enjoy being abused by me and others." She then slapped my balls caused me to scream. "You will learn to pleasure my cock with your mouth and ass." My hands were let loose and I was ordered onto my knees. Mistress grabbed the back of my neck with one hand and fed me her cock with the other. It was the first time I had ever sucked a dildo/cock and I needed guidance. I would gag with every movement into my mouth. "You are a rubbish cocksucker. Don't gag on it, relax. She tried to face-fuck me hard which I seemed to enjoy at my cock was screaming to get out of its new device. You will learn to enjoy the taste of cum and you will eventually be able to take a group of cocks if I so wished. Now make my cock nice and slippery because its going into your new pussy soon. Are you ready to become my slut now?"


"Yes Mistress." Was I really? We would soon find out.


"Get on all fours on the bed then." Mistress ordered. Due to the leg spreader I was left feeling so vunerable. My balls were dangling again and this was just so tempting for Mistress. She pulled them down again and again I screamed. I felt cold on my asshole which I realised was lube. This was it my new Mistress was about to fuck me. I tried to relax. She eased the head into my virgin ass and I could feel it burning through my ass. I relaxed and I could feel the cock sliding in inch by inch. How much more was there to this dildo? My ass felt so full and it was slowly taken out inch by inch. Then in agin, this time quicker than the last time, I was actually starting to feel very submissive and girly. Did I really want to be fucked by a big cock?


"Tell me "harder, faster" slut." I was ordered.


"Please Mistress, fuck me harder!"

 Divine Bitches

She did and I loved it. She was spanking my ass and pulling my balls as she fucked me. Suddenly she stopped, pulled out and replaced her cock with three fingers. She began to massage my G spot which was amazing. I felt like I was about to cum and I told Mistress so. She said, "Not yet, you need to receive my fist before you are allowed to cum." She added another finger into my willing ass and covered her knuckles in lots of lube. I told her to push hard as I really wanted to take her fist to be able to cum. She pushed hard sliding in milimetre by milimetre. Then suddenly my ass was on fire and I realised I had been fisted. It took a minute for the pain to subside but when it did it was the most amazing feeling ever. Mistress's four knuckles rubbed against my G spot which made me on the verge of cumming.


"Faster Mistress please." I begged, and she complied. I had the most amazing orgasm ever. Mainly because my cock was locked up and very soft.


"I'm so impressed slut, you have squirted all over the bed and your little cock isn't even hard. You have learned already that you don't need your cock to receive pleasure. You will only give and receive pleasure by using your ass and mouth. Now clean up your mess with your mouth. I have been taking pictures along the way of your first time as Stephanie but I want one more picture to show everyone just what a real slut you are. Come into the bathroom with me." I was exhausted but I followed Mistress into the bathroom. She ordered me to strip off and lay in the bath. She stood over me so that her wet pussy was over my mouth and there was a long pause. Then I felt a huge gush of warm liquid fill my mouth. She took lots of pictures as my face was showered by here golden liquid. It felt so wrong and that's what made it so horny!


I dried off and was led back to the bedroom. When my Mistress handed me a large buttplug. "I want you wear this every evening and remain smooth all over during the next few weeks. I also want you to complete your tranny profile and find as many admirers as possible to become your friend. The more friends you have the better reward you will have from me. I want you so choose a slutty outfit from the internet to wear on a special night which I will arrange. I want to keep checks on your progress every night. Understood?"


"Yes Mistress."


I was shocked by the developments. A "special night"? I really didn't know what she was capable of now which scared me. She had definitely turned into my sadistic wife.





8 The Big Day


The next few weeks were the strangest of my sexual life. I was told that I should look for admirers of me full dressed in my wife's sexy clothes and makeup, so thats what I did every night for a week. Laura was looking online in a seperate room while I was doing this. Then I had the text message which showed that Laura really had become my Mistress and not just my wife:


"Saturday 14th July will be the day when you become a true cuckold tranny slut. I have arranged to meet Joe in a hotel and while I'm out I want you to perform on cam for as many guys as possible. You will keep count of how many guys you have made cum with your slutty acts and will take pictures of their webcams showing me what they look like and their cum. I will try and keep you up to date with how my evening is going too and If you are a good slut I may allow you to watch any fun that I have with Joe on webcam."


Fuck! What had I got myself into? Me dressed as a slut making other blokes cum. I didn't sign up for this. I just wanted Laura to have fun. I suppose the good thing about that Saturday is that she's finally meeting a guy for sex and if I'm good I will be able to watch them! The 14th was only a week away and I had to get myself in the right frame of mind if I was going to actually do this for my Mistress. I wrote on my profile that I was looking for guys to pleasure on cam next Saturday and if they were interested then they should send me a message. By the Wednesday before the big day I had 18 messages from guys wanting to see me on cam. I made sure I bought plenty of alcohol so that i would feel relaxed enough to do whatever they would ask me. I was scared.


Mistress on the other hand was very excited about her first meet with Joe. They had been in near constant contact for over three months and were both looking forward to meeting in person. Laura had prepared for him during the week leading up to the meet by having her pussy waxed, her hair done and she bought new lingerie especially for him. She was going to meet him in a hotel 20 miles away. She hadn't told me about the plan for the evening but I was sure she would go the whole way with Joe.


Saturday morning arrived.


"Are you excited about today slut?" She asked


"Yes, I can't wait to see what happens. This is exactly where I wanted you to be when we started this and I'm sure there will be many more chapters to this story."


"I'm sure there will be slut. Tonight will be very horny for both of us and I really love you for getting us on this road. I'm going to the gym this afternoon and I will be leaving at 6:30. You will then get ready and text when you are about to go on cam. Whatever you are asked to do by the guys you will do. I want you to save your conversations and if I see you're being shy then you will punished. OK?"


"Yes Mistress."


6:30 came and Mistress was looking so sexy, I didn't want her to go, I wanted her to stay so that I could fuck her but that wasn't an option at this stage. She snogged me and left. I immediately setup the webcam pointing at our bed and started to get ready into my new clothes that were bought for me by Mistress. By 8:00 I was fully dressed and quite relaxed after downing a can of beer. I was as ready as I'd ever be.


A text message came through from Mistress:


"I'm in the loo of a pub, just met up with him. Its going to be a late night I think, he is so gorgeous! How are you going so far? x"


I told her that I was ready and that she should make the most of his big cock.


I logged onto my tranny profile and a message came through from a guy, then another and another who were all waiting to be pleasured by my wecam performances. I decided to merge the three conversations into one so I didn't have to chat too much and the guys could chat together. One asked me to put my cam on so I did. I was lying on the bed and I had some nice comments from the guys. I told them that I wanted to wait for other guys to join our conversation before I started "performing" for them. In truth I was just stalling because I was very nervous!


9:30 a message comes through from Laura:


"We've been chatting and flirting. Still in the pub he's sitting really close to me and he's been touching my arms and legs. He put my hand on his cock through his jeans. It was hard. I'm so wet. Don't think it will be too long before we go back to the hotel. How many guys have you made cum so far?"


"I have 15 guys in a conference at the moment and they are all making horny comments about me. I'm about to start doing what they say now. I can't wait to have you home to tell me how things have gone with Joe." I replied


"I want you to be finished by 12:00 and as you have been such a good slut, Joe and I will give you a show that will blow your mind. Love you!"


"Thank you Mistress. Love you too!"


"OK" I thought, down to business. I sent a message to the 15 guys that I was now ready to make them all cum and if any of them had any specific fetishes that they would like me to satisfy.


Nearly all replied get a dildo and one said get a glass. I got a glass and my wife's 8 inch dildo.


"Suck it for us slut." One of them said. So I did. Looking into the lens I tried to deep-throat as much as I could. I looked at the laptop and I could see all fifteen guys wanking on cam, all looking at me and imagining me sucking each of their cocks. It started to appeal to my submissive side for giving pleasure. I class myself as straight but giving pleasure to these guys seemed to be overriding these feelings and made me fantasise about having the fifteen guys in my bedroom. My Mistress had turned me into a sub tranny who craved attention from men. My cock becam hard but i only wanted the dildo in my ass.


11:00 cam and so did another message from my wife:


"Just about to leave to go back to the hotel room with my new man. I can't wait to have his cock in me. Its been 3 months since I was fucked! I've told him that he can have me later and do whatever he wants with me as long as you can watch on webcam. I hope you have made some guys cum by using my big dildo."


"I've been sucking and fucking your dildo for a while now. I still have 6 guys who want to see more so I hope to have these finish off by 12:00 to watch you and Joe."


I asked the remaining 6 guys what they wanted me to do to make them cum. One replied that he wanted me to piss into my own mouth and another wanted me to fist my ass. I asked them if I did it would it make them all cum and they replied that it would. So I lubed my ass and knuckles and told myself to relax. I got on all fours with my ass in the air, directly facing the cam. One finger, then two, then three, then four. Mmm this felt good, could i fist myself though? I pushed as hard as I could and then suddenly it slipped in. I could see one guy shooting his load as I did. Then another shot. I moved my fist around in my ass and I really wanted to cum but I needed to save my submissive feelings for my wife's show. I pulled my fist out of my ass and got onto my back. I lifted my legs slightly so that my cock was hovering over my face. I pushed my bladder so a little bit of pee came from the tip of my cock. I pushed harder and my face was blasted with piss. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much as I could so that I didn't have to clean up much afterwards. The remaining guys came and I thanked them and said bye. I was so horny. I really wanted to see what was going to happen at a hotel 20 miles away.


12:10 She was late. I was desperate to see them. Then a txt came through:


"Log on and look at my webcam slut. I hope your horny!"


I did as she asked and yes I was very horny!


The cam showed Laura sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, fully clothed with a glass of wine.


"Hello, can you hear me slut?"


"Yes Mistress, have you enjoyed?" I replied.


"You will not say another word now slut. I am about to put on a show for you. I do not want you to wank your girly cock. If you feel horny then you can finger yourself."


I looked into Laura's eyes and I could see she was tipsy and very horny. She was trying to look directly into the camera but she was being distracted by something behind the camera. She was smiling at what I assumed was Joe. She called him over with a wave of her hand and he entered the picture and sat on the edge of the bed and waved at the camera.


"Hi Steve." He said.


"Don't think about him, Joe. Concentrate on me sexy." She replied.


"OK gorgeous. I just wanted to say thanks to Steve before we do anything. You have an amazing wife Steve, you're a very lucky guy!"


Laura grabbed the side of his chiselled face and turned it towards hers and started passionately kissing him while laying back on the big bed. The angle of the camera allowed me to see them snogging even when laying on the bed. They were smoothing and touching each other passionately and I could see Joe's hand go in between my wife's legs. It made her moan in pleasure. My hand slid between my legs, passed my cock and straight to my used hole. I was becoming very horny by what I was witnessing.


Withing 10 minutes they were both naked and very close. They were both masturbation each other and I could see that Joe was very hard. Laura sat up, moved onto her knees closer to the camera so that I could see a close up of her face. I could hear her whisper to Joe


"facefuck me." I don't know if I was supposed to hear it but it made me so horny. Joe's cock was way to thick to slide down my wife's throat so she was gagging a lot which made her eyes water, her eye makeup began to run down her face which made her look so slutty. I could see her carressing his balls which he loved by the sounds coming from Joe.


This was almost too much to take in. 10 minutes later Mistress stopped pleasuring Joe's big cock, looked into the camera and winked. I could hear her rustling into her back and showed me what she had. It was two condoms. I thought she must be expecting a long night. Joe was laying on his back with his head facing the camera. Laura straddled him and put on the condom. She got herself ready and slowly lowered herself onto his cock and made the most amazing noise as she did. Joe and I had the most amazing view of Laura's tits as she rode his cock. He started playing with her tits and she lowered herself onto him to kiss him passionately. Laura hadn't been able to ride a cock without worrying about the cock cumming too quickly for many years. She was really enjoying it as she rode him slowly and softly. She looked at the camera and said I wish I had a cock to suck as I was fucking Joe. I felt honoured that she would want my cock to suck. But she smiled behind the camera again. What was going on, she laughed and said


"Come over Carl."


Just as thought things couldn't get any hornier...


Carl was naked and he walked over towards Laura and his massive cock was so hard at watching Joe and Laura having fun, was level with Laura's mouth. She eagerly gobbled it up. All three were now moaning with pleasure.


Carl was warmed up enough after about 5 minutes to put on his condom. Laura stood up, walked over to the camera and started sucking them both off in front of the camera while looking straight at me. She stopped and said to me:


"This, slut, is how I want to be fucked. Watch and learn."


She got onto the bed on all fours so that i could see the length of her body. Joe went to the side where her head was and Carl went to her back end. Laura immediately started sucking Joe's cock. He grabbed her hair and was very forceful. I got a bit worried for a second but I could see Laura was loving it. She raised her ass in the air for Carl to have his way. He obliged. I could see him ease his huge length into my wife's pussy and she gave out a huge scream. He grabbed her round hips and started fucking her with power that I could only dream of.


The two guys changed places a few times and Laura was looking used and abused by their actions but she said to Joe,


"Will you fuck my ass please"


"Sure!" Joe replied.


Carl was laid on his back and Laura guided his cock into herself. Joe positioned himself behind Laura and started licking her asshole. I knew she loved to be rimmed so her moans escalated by what Joe was doing. When he knew she was ready, he got up and started to fuck her ass while spanking her at the same time. This was Laura's fantasy come true. I was in awe of both guys fucking skills.


The fucking continued for another hour in so many different positions and each guy taking turns at times. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Then Laura came over to the camera and said to me:


"Time for their loads to splatter my face slut. I want you to cum when they do. The camera will turn off then so I'll say goodbye now."


She squated in front of the camera and she started wanking them both off towards her face. It took another 5 minutes of her wanking and sucking their cocks and balls before both loads were unleashed over her gorgeous face. Joe's was thick, Carl's was thin and a hell of a lot of both. Laura's mouth was open to collect as much as she could. She showed me how much she had caught and swallowed the lot.


I came instantly. The camera went off and that was that. The greatest day of my life was over and it left me wondering where will this lead from here? I couldn't wait to find out!




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