Cuckold Story



My Little Husband

by Wimp




Looking down, Mike could not fathom how he had reached this point. Leaning against the shower wall, his forearms and head resting against the cool tile, Mike enjoyed the hot water running down his back, past his cheeks tickling his balls as the warm rivulets ran in a steady stream and dropped to the bottom of the shower. The steamy hot water ran down his back drawing the tension from the tight muscles in his back.


How did he get himself in this situation? He knew he should put a stop to this but he just did not know how. Besides, he enjoyed it. It turned him on. He was growing thicker just thinking about it. As Mike looked down, he could see how odd it looked.


It did seem to look bigger.


That's what they always say on the internet.


An hour earlier Jean, his wife of 22 years, tied him up at the foot of their bed. Well not exactly. He had been standing in front of the bed and she wanted to play. The bed was made of black steel rods, forming a canopy frame. It was a very popular type of bed frame. The foot end of the bed had two vertical rods, an upper rod, and lower rod forming a square. There was scrollwork on the bottom half. The bed frame was perfect for tying a victim in a human "X" in the standing position. That's why she had insisted on buying the bed.


He thought she just wanted to play today like they had done so many times before. She tied each arm to an upper corner, which in itself would leave him pretty helpless. Unbuttoning his shirt she pulled down his jeans, removed his shoes and socks and then pulled off his pants. She then tied each foot to a lower corner. That was usually enough to satisfy her and he was happy enough to comply since it usually meant she would give him a blowjob.


The best part was he did not have to reciprocate. She found this so exciting that she usually had one or two orgasms without Mike's involvement. All he had to do was act like he didn't want her to do it. Then she would untie him and they would go to sleep.


He was pretty helpless and she now started to work on him. Kissing him deeply, she raked his chest with her nails, dragging them over his nipples. That hurt, but really didn't interest him too much. It was obvious it had no effect on him, so she began working a bit lower, kissing his stomach and working her way down through the light fuzz he had on his belly just below his navel.


At this point she had not touched his penis. Instead she stopped kissing and began playing with his balls. At first she just hefted them. She seemed to like that and began hefting each one separately. That felt good. She could tell he liked it so she began lightly squeezing them.


He still seemed to like it.


She took hold of the left ball, the one that hung down further, and started squeezing harder, increasing the pressure until Mike cried out that it hurt. Jean looked up at Mike but kept squeezing harder and harder. Jean had had a lot of practice doing this and was quite an expert at slowly increasing the pain until it was almost unbearable. This was fun for Jean and Mike was feeling that he had no control over this situation and Jean could do whatever she liked. That made his dick erect and stand straight out from his body.


Jean just smiled.


Mike begged her to stop. Jean simply grasped the other ball, letting the first one loose. A sigh of relief rolled out of Mike's mouth, followed by a gasp of pain. Jean was squeezing harder and harder on his right ball and Mike was begging and squirming around.


This time was different!


Instead of giving him a blowjob, she grew tired of all this squirming and complaining. Jean left the room to come back with more ropes. She now tied one rope around his waist and through the scrollwork in the bed frame. More rope was used to tie each leg to the same frame. Mike could no longer move around and squirm at all. This was the tightest he had ever been tied and he felt particularly helpless. Jean could see this.


He just got bigger and harder.


"You know Mike", Jean said, "I have always wanted to completely own you. I know we have had fun fooling around with this game all these years, but now I think I'm getting serious about making this permanent. Playing is just not enough for me anymore."


Jean left the room again. When she came back she was not smiling any more. She had a woman's pink razor in her right hand and his Gillette shaving cream in her left. Mike was getting real nervous. " What are you doing with that?" he asked. Jean simply shook the can and squirted some out in her palm. She then spread it on his balls and began shaving. Mike didn't mind since he had shaved his balls many times for his wife's pleasure. In fact, he liked the baby soft smooth feeling his balls had. Besides, Jean would suck them more often when they were clean shaved.


What the heck, he thought, if she is careful not to nick me, it should be fun. He relaxed, feeling the cool shaving cream being spread all over his balls. She had a light practiced touch that she had developed from years of shaving her legs and he looked forward to a steamy warm washcloth to remove the excess shaving cream. After that, if he were lucky, he would get a hell of a blowjob.


Things seemed to be going as expected, no time to think now. The scissors were out and he was being trimmed.


"Wait a minute, I don't think I like where this is going" Mike said expecting her to stop and make a joke about it. Jean responded "Mike, I'm going to own you and this is my symbol of ownership. This is my decision. You are out of options. Anyone who sees you shaved like this will know that I own you.


"When I'm done, I am going to take pictures of you like this, and if you do not keep it shaved the way I want it, I am going to start leaving copies of them around where our friends will see them. Maybe, I will drop some off at work for the pleasure of the women there. Then they will know who they are dealing with and know how to treat you".


Mike couldn't believe his ears. His lovely soft sensuous wife of 22 years was would now own him. What a strange thought. His dick got even harder. He could feel it. The head of his dick was getting shiny and he could feel the stretching. He contemplated his dick. He was wondering if it was telling him something.


Jean squirted a new ball of cream from the can. She then slathered it on his dick and the dark triangle above. Mike was feeling a bit unsure of himself. What if he had to change his clothes when he went swimming or to the gym. Someone might see him with the white telltale triangle above his dick. There was no way he could fool around either. One look at his privates would send any woman running the other way.


The scraping started. Mike pleaded with Jean not to do it. She did not even acknowledge his pleas. It was a good razor and Jean did not nick him even once. The angle of the blade on a Woman's razor was lower which made it much less likely to nick or gouge those sensitive parts down there. I guess he would now own a Woman's razor as long as Jean owned him.


When Jean was finished, she stepped back to look at her handywork. She was pleased. Ownership would be fun.


Jean left the room and came back with a digital camera. She began taking photos. Long shots and close-ups were followed by more daring photos. She put her pink dildo in his mouth and said "smile for the camera". He protested, but she just kicked him lightly in the balls. He smiled real big. Jean warned him that if he didn't do her bidding, he had better get used to being kicked or spanked. In fact, she was going to write an ownership contract that would spell out exactly his responsibilities and her rights in their new relationship.


"Now get in the shower and get real clean". Jean slowly untied Mike one slow rope at a time. When she finally released the final rope, she said "Now be a good little husband and kneel at my feet. Kiss each one tenderly."


Mike complied, feeling especially strange since she was dressed and he was naked. He had never been this subservient to any woman and he was not sure how he felt about it. And what the heck did she mean by "my good little husband"? One look at his dick and he knew. With his ass in the air and his lips at his Wife's feet, he could feel the coolness of the air on his balls, his erect penis and that white triangle that seemed such a bright white color that it almost looked like a neon color.


With his forehead between his Wife's feet he was able to look up at his privates. He thought to himself that it did not look that bad. It seemed to make his dick look even bigger than it was. He kind of liked that since he felt his penis was small. It really was above average size and girth but after reading all those stores and looking at all those pictures on the internet, he couldn't help thinking he was nothing compared to those guys.


"Mike" Jean said waking him out of his deep concentration, "get in the shower now and come to me downstairs when you are finished. Don't forget to shave your face. I don't want to feel any scratching on my sensitive skin. Oh, by the way, you won't be wearing any clothes for a while, so leave them upstairs."


Mike stood up straight now and finished rinsing off in the steamy water. He liked the way his balls felt. They felt soft and the skin silky when they were in hot water. He could feel his balls in their sack. It really felt like a sack when they were like this. He could feel their kidney shape and all the bumps they had. This also always happened when he took a warm Whirlpool bath. It was a very sensual feeing.


Stepping out of the shower, he toweled off and put on his favorite body cologne. As his balls cooled off, they pulled up and the sac now became harder and almost round. The skin on the sac became bumpy and had small ripples in it. He was being careful to shave in both directions to get rid of all his face stubble. His Wife would be annoyed if he came downstairs with any stubble. He had already seen what she could do when he did not follow directions. He did not want to cross her now and get kicked or spanked or worse.


Quietly walking down the curved stair, Mike came to the entry foyer. Its cold granite felt good on his feet. Walking into the kitchen, he saw his Wife fully dressed sitting at the breakfast room table. That was enough to make his dick stand proud.


Jean smiled to herself, thinking this was going to be real easy. She had no intention of giving him loud orders, just straight business like directions, as if he was no different than anything else she owned. This would be fun.


Mike was not sure what he felt when he saw his wife, but he could feel his dick rising with his pulse. This was really turning him on. Maybe she was right in taking ownership. Maybe this would be more pleasurable than their vanilla life. Maybe this was the way it was supposed to be. In the past they had occasionally played sexual games but the basis of their sex life had been pretty much the same as everyone else's.


Jean said in a very businesslike tone "Get on your knees under the table and crawl under my dress. Kiss my thighs and work your way up." Mike got under the table and began kissing Jean's calves. He worked his way up the inside of her thighs. Jean spread her legs wide giving Mike access to her wet pussy. He could feel the pressure of the dress material on the top of his head. Mike lightly played his tongue over her auburn colored hair. He could tell that she liked it.


He could almost, but not quite, sense exactly where and how he should please her. He wasn't sure why, but he just knew. Maybe it was all those years of marriage. He thought "what's the difference how I know just as long as she is enjoying it". He liked pleasing her.


He worked his tongue around her pussy lips. They were bigger than other women he had known before. He liked that. He was able to suck them into his mouth and play his tongue over them. Before sucking on them, he stuck his tongue out as far as it would go and he was rewarded with a mouthful of her love nectar. He licked all around, sucking in all the juices he could and swallowed it. He felt like he belonged here. He was happy. He then began teasing her lips and worked his way up to her clit. He knew just what to do and she responded with a moan. He knew he should keep working on her clit, changing tactics often until she had an orgasm. He loved when she had an orgasm.


Mike got to work. Jean started to breathe really heavy. He could even hear her heavy breathing from his position under the table. He knew she was close. Her breathing became very loud and he could feel a light shudder. That meant she was having an orgasm. She was very quiet about this and Mike knew the signs. Jean had quiet but intense orgasms and never had more than one at a time. It would be a few hours before she could have another.


That had worked well in the past, since after a few minutes after she was done, Jean would start working on him. It usually started with a blowjob and then she would finish him off by letting him enter her or more recently with a hand job using an oil to make it feel really great. Almost excruciatingly great!


Mike had noticed that in the last few months she had been giving him a hand job only. No more blowjobs and no more fucking. He didn't care much since it felt so great anyway. He was starting to understand why she had changed tactics. She was slowly changing their roles.


Anyway, she was finished now and Mike pulled out from under her dress. He looked up at her, hoping for a sign that she was going to give him a hand job. His mouth and chin were soaked with her juices and she said to get up and kiss her. Jean loved the smell of herself when she kissed Mike.


Mike was in store for a little surprise. Jean said "you can stand up know since I'm finished. You are dismissed and can do whatever you want for the next couple of hours before I will require your services again. Do not, I repeat, do not ask for anything from me. You must learn your new role in this marriage my little husband. You will remain naked until I tell you otherwise and you better not play with yourself. If you do, I will know and I will tie you up and punish the offending part of your body. I will kick your balls and whip your dick until you ask me for mercy. Do you understand?"


Mike was almost in shock even though he had a feeling this is where it was going. He liked it and yet he felt deprived. He replied "I understand my Mistress Wife and I will follow your directions". Mike went to the guest room where they kept their computer. He turned it on and began looking for information on the internet that would help him understand his situation and how he should behave and react. He already knew if he asked for relief, there would be no forthcoming. It was better to just leave and keep a little dignity.


Little did he know that Jean was busy working on a contract that he would have to sign. The only right she would give Mike, would be relief once a week. Even then, she would exact some sort of humiliation each time he came. She just wasn't sure yet what that could be. She sat there thinking. Tomorrow, while Mike is at work, I will spend some time on the internet and get some good ideas. No point in reinventing the wheel. I am sure I can find lots of ideas.


Dinnertime rolled around and Jean decided to make one of her favorite dishes. This part of their life would not change except Mike would only be allowed to eat dinner naked. That way, even when he was getting something from Jean, he would know that she was superior to him. After all, she was fully clothed while he had to remain exposed. She had decided that as soon as he came home from work, she would make sure he would go upstairs, hang up his clothes and come down with nothing on. Not even his wristwatch. On the weekend, except when they went out, he must be naked. That way she could control how he felt. As long as he was naked and she was fully clothed, he would feel that she was superior. That is one of the things she wanted.


After dinner, Mike cleaned the table and loaded the dishwasher. That was their usual arrangement. She prepared, cooked and served dinner. He cleaned up.


Unfortunately, he did not realize he was supposed to clean her up too. Jean said "come stand in front of me". Mike complied. "Spread your legs apart". Mike complied. Jean kicked him in the balls just hard enough to hurt just a little.   

She then said "from now on, after dinner, you are to clean up, serve me dessert and get under the table and serve me like you did this afternoon. Do you understand?"


Mike replied "Yes, my Mistress Wife" and took his proper place under her skirt and between her thighs. When he was done serving her and she had another orgasm she said "Tonight is your night. Every Sunday night you will have your chance to come.


Nine O' Clock rolled around and Mike was in bed, hoping he would be getting some relief real soon. Jean walked into the bedroom and took off all her clothes for Mike to see. Things were looking up. Lying on the bed, Jean spread her legs and pointed to her pussy. Mike knew what to do and dove in. Jean sighed as she enjoyed the afterglow of her third orgasm of the day. That was more than she had ever had in one day. She liked the new arrangement.


Now it was time for Mike to know what is going to happen every Sunday evening. Jean asked Mike how bad he would like to come. Mike, obviously horny from a day of serving his wife, said "I would do anything to get a chance to screw you". Jean responded "It doesn't work that way. Here are a few of the ground rules. First, as my little husband, you will never be able to penetrate me with your penis. Second, there are no more blowjobs. You can ask for whatever you want, but I will give you relief only in the way I decide and if you don't agree to my terms, you will have to wait until the following Sunday to get another chance. Sunday evening is the only time you will get relief.

This week, I have decided to give you a hand job so lie down in the center of the bed and I will do the rest. First get me the oil I like to use. Oh, by the way, I expect you to thank me in advance for allowing you relief." Mike immediately said "Thank you my Mistress Wife".


"That won't be sufficient" Jean responded "you must also get down on your knees and kiss my behind". Mike immediately dropped to his knees and began kissing her behind. "One or two kisses are sufficient my little husband. Now hop up onto the bed and take your position."


"Oh, one last rule. Not only do I own your dick and balls but I also own what comes out of them and I decide what happens to it. It can squirt onto your belly, drip down your dick onto your balls in which case you can clean it off with a hot washcloth. On the other hand, I might decide to catch it.Today, I am going to catch it in my hand and you will lick it clean. Not just a quick lick or two, but I am going to watch you lick it up and swallow all of it, lick by lick. I love the idea of watching you do that!

Men always want women to swallow, so now is my chance to turn the tables. I will hold my hand up in front of my face so I can clearly watch your tongue at work licking up that gooey mess. Do you understand?" Mike immediately replied "Yes, my Mistress Wife". Jean though he was horny and would probably do almost anything to get a chance to come. It was a good time to begin his training and to get him used to doing this.


She planned on having him eat cum for a long time to come.


After he comes, he will feel quite different. He will feel terribly humiliated to have to eat his gooey white come with me watching only inches away from his face. When he is done, I will make him lick my hand again so that it is not sticky. That should really put him in his place.


I am looking forward toward tomorrow. I should have my naked little husband eat me out to two orgasms and then simply roll over and go to sleep.


Jean could see how easy this was going to be. For the past year she had been slowly changing their love making habits and now it was paying off.


Tying Mark up to the bed, shaving his manly hair and taking pictures to blackmail him if he did not follow her every whim was a carefully laid plan that she had worked out with her mother’s advice. They called it their Twelve Month Plan, since a small change was made on the first of each month to slowly lead Mark down the path of servitude. He never noticed the small changes as he became more and more ensnared in this plan. Each small change brought him further and further under her control. Mark was either not aware of what was happening or didn’t really care. As long as he got to cum at the end of their love sessions, he was happy.


The next step was important. It was the last of the twelve steps. It was critical that Mark sign an agreement so that Jean could legally control all facets of Mark’s life. These agreements had been challenged in the courts and were found to be binding as long as they were signed properly and witnessed. The courts looked favorably on these types of contracts arguing that in a male dominated society, such as ours, these contracts help equalize the power balance between the sexes. Once signed, they became legally binding upon all parties that signed.


Mark knew he was in trouble when Jean called him into her study. He was naked as she had instructed him to be whenever he was home. Jean wore a mid-length skirt, white satin blouse, a maroon business woman’s suit jacket, black stockings and black pumps with 4” heels. He could see the bumps of the snaps of the garter belt that held up her black stockings. He knew by now that she no longer wore panties or a bra.


He fell to his knees in front of her seated form. While he was kissing her feet, she began “I have an extremely urgent document that I need you to sign now. If you sign it immediately, I’ll give you a reward. I’ll allow you to cum today in addition to our usual Sunday evening session. In fact, if you sign it in the next three minutes I promise you that I will suck your little cock today until you ejaculate and you can fuck me until you squirt your manly juices into my hot and ready cunt this Sunday.”


Mark’s dick immediately swelled to its full size and he became so excited he began to stutter. He could not believe his good fortune. “Will you p-p-promise it’ll be s-s-s-swallowed?


“I would love to suck you dry my little husband,” Jean lied. You taste so sweet I wish I was swallowing it now. “Stand up and sign so I can put your gorgeous he-man dick in my mouth and suck the life out of it.


Mark wasted no time and signed where Jean pointed. He suddenly was aware of another presence in the room. He had not noticed, but his mother-in-law was standing behind him. After he dated the contract, she signed as the witness to his signature. He was terribly embarrassed and totally flustered. Should he run upstairs to get his clothes or just stand there since that was the house rule. Mark chose not to move for fear of his wife’s punishment but he could not stop his hands from covering his manhood. He blushed a bright pink from head to foot as his mother-in-law slowly circled him.


Jean’s mom, Frieda, smiled at Mark and began reading the contract out loud. She wanted to make sure he knew the rights and responsibilities that he was bound to for the rest of his life. Her face was very stern and businesslike even though she was laughing hysterically inside as she watched Jean put the final signature on the contract.







To insure a successful marriage, the husband will agree to the following regarding the penis which will now be called the marital penis:


1. The Wife will have complete ownership and control of the marital penis.

2. The husband has no right of privacy during the periods of time set forth in the “husband’s dress code” below. Therefore, bathroom doors must remain open when the marital penis is urinating so that the Wife may inspect the marital penis at any time.

3. The Wife will decide if and when the marital penis will be allowed to ejaculate.

4. The Wife will decide the method used to cause the marital penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the husband masturbate or She may choose Her preferred method applied by Her or Her designee.

5. The husband is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the marital penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Wife.

6. The husband is not permitted to touch the marital penis without permission.

7. The husband will wear a chastity belt whenever required by his Wife. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Wife's absolute domination and control of the marital penis.

8. The husband is not permitted to touch any Female or expose himself to any Female unless directed to do so by the Wife.



To insure a successful marriage, the Wife has the following rights:


1. The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will be touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or if it may ejaculate.

2. The Wife may require the husband to wear a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis or scrotum, hiding the marital penis from the husband’s view and/or controls ejaculation.

3. When the marital penis is allowed to ejaculate, the Wife has the rights to the ejaculate.

4. The Wife has the right to recycle the ejaculate in any way She sees fit, for example:


a. by direct injection into the husband’s mouth

b. collecting it in a vessel of Her choice to be fed to the husband

c. collecting it in Her hand so that it may be fed to the husband or She may require that he lick it from Her hand until Her hand is clean.

d. Collecting it on or in Her body to be cleaned by the husband.

e. Or in any other manner She decides.



5. The Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the husband at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship.

6. Since the Wife no longer needs the marital penis for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction.


a. She may demand the husband provide Her with pornographic stories or pictures for Her amusement.

b. She has the right to make love to as many men as She wants without any repercussion from the husband.

c. She may suck as many dicks as often as She likes without any repercussion from the husband

d. She may swallow other men’s ejaculate if She so wishes without any repercussion from the husband

e. If She returns to the husband full of another man's cum this symbolizes that the marital penis is not the least bit necessary for the wife's sexual fulfillment.

f. Every evening upon demand, the Wife has the right to have Her pussy licked clean by the husband.

g. If She returns to the husband full of another man's cum, the husband’s licking of her lover's cum out of Her pussy symbolized his submissive role to Her and it also demonstrates the absolute need to put the erotic pleasure of the Wife as the highest priority in a husband and Wife relationship.



To insure a successful marriage, the husband’s dress code is as follows:


1. The Wife sets the rules that dictate what her husband shall wear. For example:


a. The husband may be required to remove all clothes after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.

b. The husband may be required to wear clothes that allow him to be exposed after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.

c. Sexual devices such as butt plugs, chastity devices, rope binding, handcuffs, etc. are considered clothing.

d. The husband is required to advise the Wife when his workday is easy and he is available to service the Wife. He is not required to follow the dress code during his workday.


To insure a successful marriage, the Wife may punish the husband for the following infractions as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife to decide to punish for other infractions:


1. Not following instructions

2. Not satisfying his Wife when directed to do so

3. Not following the dress code.

4. Complaining or forbidding the Wife to have sex outside the marriage as is Her right.

5. Not cleaning His Wife’s pussy after sex with another male when directed to do so.

6. Not recycling his ejaculate according to instruction.

7. Touching his penis.

8. Ejaculating without permission.

9. Asking for sexual favors from any Female including the Wife.

10. Not encouraging Her to seek sexual pleasure outside the marriage with whomever She decides.

11. Not facilitating sex outside the marriage if instructed to do so. For example, not driving Her to Her lover, preparing Her lover for Her which may include facilitating the lover’s erection for Her by hand or orally as instructed by the Wife only and, but not limited by, preparing the scene if She decides to engage Her lover at home.


To insure a successful marriage, the Wife may punish the husband as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife’s choice of punishment which is only limited by the Wife’s imagination:


1. Spanking.

2. Whipping

3. Binding him to the bed or other object for extended periods of time. During this time #1 & #2 may be applied to the husband’s body. The penis or balls may be bound and/or stretched with any device the Wife chooses. This will possibly increase the size of the substandard puny marital penis.

4. Restraining him with ropes, belts, chains or handcuffs.

5. Prolonging the husband’s chastity period.

6. Applying pressure to the husband’s balls to create discomfort. Since the husband does not own the marital penis and balls, the level of pressure exerted on the balls is entirely up to the Wife’s discretion.

7. Instructing the husband to wear clothes only suitable for women or sissified men. This may include under clothes such as panties or bra or overclothes such as a dress or skirt.



To insure a successful marriage, the husband acknowledges that the following are privileges, not punishments:


1. Satisfying his Wife whenever She demands.

2. Allowing the Wife to withhold his ejaculation to improve the marriage by making him more attentive and responsive.

3. Cleaning His Wife’s pussy with his mouth on Her demand.

4. Dress code including chastity devices.

5. Punishment administered by his Wife or Her designee.

6. Eating of cum upon Her command, whether his or His Wife’s lover.

7. The Wife’s right to engage in any sexual activity outside the marriage that gives Her pleasure.

8. Encouraging the Wife to take pleasure with others outside the marriage.


To insure a successful marriage:


1. Since the marital penis is owned by the Wife, all previous rights and obligations of the marital penis is transferred to the faux penis, which is owned by the Wife and will now be called the Penis.

2. She has the right to wear the Penis.

3. The husband may be required to wear the Penis to fuck the Wife if She so desires since he may no longer use the marital penis for penetration of any woman including His Wife.

4. She may demand any male to kiss or suck the Penis and She may penetrate any male or Female with it. Only the husband must comply with those requests.

5. The husband must comply with the Wife’s wishes for sucking or kissing the Penis and must allow Her to penetrate him at Her whim.



To insure a successful marriage:


1. The Wife has the right to change or add to this contract at will and the husband must comply with the new conditions as if they were in the initial agreement set forth here.

2. The husband does not have the right to change any conditions under this contract without the prior written permission of the Wife.

3. The husband must be completely naked when signing this binding document and the Wife must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.




husband’s signature Date Wife’s signature Date



Witness Date Witness Date



Jean felt triumphant. She now owned another human being. So what if it was just a lowly male. She was beaming and her mother could see the flush in her daughter’s face as she relished the conquest over her male.


Being true to her word, she immediately went to her knees and began sucking Mark’s prick. He could not remember the last time she had sucked his dick and he was in his glory. He felt he had put one over on her. There she was on her knees in front of her mother sucking his dick. Jean grabbed his shaft tightly and worked her hand up and down while she was licking his shiny purple mushroom shaped head.


Mark felt his knees wobble as the pleasure radiated from the head of his dick throughout his loins. Jean licked up and down his shaft for a few seconds and then went back licking his drooling knob.


Back and forth.


Back and forth.


It was driving him wild.


He was aware that his mother in law was watching, but that only drove him closer to climax. He felt a momentary feeling of power, which he had not experienced in a long time, as he knew Frieda was watching her daughter suck his dick. He couldn’t wait to blow his long overdue load into his Wife’s mouth while her mother watched.


Frieda said, “wait ‘till his balls tighten and pull up in his sack and lay right against his body. That’s when he is going to explode, so be ready.


Sure enough, Mark could feel his balls tighten and he could feel his seed rising. It was only a matter of seconds. He was past the point of no return and there was no way to stop his ejaculation. Finally! he thought. He would blast it right down her throat. It’s about time!


Jean pulled her mouth away from the head of his dick, continued stroking with her hands while looking over at her mother. “He is ready now, mom. He is ready to squirt and he can’t stop now.


Frieda brought her hand out from behind her back where she had been hiding a shot glass. She quickly stuck it at the head of Mark’s dick as Jean stopped pumping.


Mark could not believe his eyes. At first he thought his mother-in-law was going to finish him. Maybe even take him in her mouth. Why is she doing this? She shouldn’t be involved in this, or so Mark thought.


He could feel the buzz in his dick as it got ready to cum. It felt so good. An almost sweet feeling. Jean had pulled his dick out of her mouth and had stopped rubbing it. He was already over the edge and this sudden cessation of rubbing robbed him of the final excruciatingly delicious feeling at the end. Instead he looked down saying, “What the fuck…? He watched his semen pour out of his dick almost filling the shot glass, yet he could feel almost nothing. All that saved up cum and it did not even feel good.


Frieda shouted in excitement, “I’ve got it. He almost filled the whole shot glass with that thick white gooey disgusting stuff. Here Jean, I want to watch” as she passed the now very warm shot glass to her daughter. “Please let me watch?”

It was obvious that Jean’s mom Frieda couldn’t wait to watch Mark being humiliated. After all, she had taught her daughter almost everything she knew and she enjoyed nothing more than seeing a man being humiliated, especially when there was more than one woman to witness his descent into total subservience.


Jean smiled a knowing smile. She not only was pleasing her mother but she had put another one over on her little husband.


“What are you doing? You promised!” wailed Mark.


“I only promised that it would be swallowed. You don’t actually expect a Superior Woman to actually let that disgusting white goo even touch her lips. If you did, you are a bigger fool than I thought and you deserve to be where you are. Now little husband, open your mouth so mom can watch me pour your jism down your throat. We enjoy watching it so much. That’s a good boy. Open wide, lift your chin and stick out your tongue. Hey mom, I’ll pour it slowly onto his tongue so we can watch the slime ooze down his throat where his reflex will force him to swallow it.”


“Hey mom, it’s a shame we didn’t film this, so he can see for himself just how low he has gone. C’mon little husband, let’s see how much you enjoy eating cum. You better get used to it. You’ll be eating cum for the rest of your life. I bet you’re looking forward to Sunday when you get to put your dick in my pussy, aren’t you, little husband.”


“You are going to let me stick my dick in your pussy and fuck you, aren’t you. You said I could,” Mark whined.


“Sure little man, I can’t wait for Sunday!”





Still in a dream state, I could almost feel the backwash of the wings of bees. That dam buzzing sound was really annoying. As I went from dream state to barely conscious, I still could not see. I also could not move. "What the hell..." is all that came out of my mouth.


"Good morning little husband," my wife Jean cheerfully greeted me. "I would like you to meet Tully."


"What's going on?" Mark demanded, realizing that there were no bees in the room.


Jean replied with a sneer "You are still tied up from last night. I just added a blindfold."


"What's that dam buzzing sound and who the hell is Tully?"


"Let me introduce you two. Tully this is Mark, my little husband. Mark, this is Tully. Tully likes to tattoo people. He's quite an artist. Would you like to see his work?"


Not waiting for an answer, Jean removed Mark's blindfold. She slowly pulled her jeans down to just above the knees. She was wearing a white satin thong. Mark had a thing for white lingerie and he could feel himself beginning to engorge.


Jean twisted to her left, pushing her ass out so Mark could see the multicolor butterfly emblazoned on her rear.


"Where did you get that?" Mark asked even though he already had guessed the answer. "Why are you exposing yourself in front of another man."


"I think you already know, Mark." With a wink at Tully, Jean said to Mark, "Its your turn now."


"I don't want a tattoo and I certainly don't want a butterfly on my ass. Now this is going too far"


"Mark, do you remember yesterday when I shaved you clean like a little boy and took pictures of you?" Jean smiled as she saw the fear in Mark's face. "I am now going to place my mark on you so the whole world will know you are my little husband."


Tully began a process that would take more than an hour. He picked up a bottle of alcohol and poured a small amount onto a gauze pad, rubbing it over Mark's new white triangle. Mark winced as the alcohol evaporated. He could feel his cock shrinking and his balls pulling up tight to his body in response to the chilling effect of the alcohol.


All Mark could think of was that Seinfeld episode, when George was changing in his bedroom at the beach house and a girl walked in on him and began laughing. George had been in the cold water and had shriveled up like men usually do. All he could say was "Its shrinkage" as the girl leaves, presumably to tell all her girlfriends how small he is.


Mark watched as Tully began writing something in script. It had that blue/black tint that most tattoos have.


Tully looked down at Mark's crotch and said, "Its probably a good idea if you hold still or its gonna hurt and its gonna look really ugly. Now you don't want that to happen, do you Mark?"


Mark was at a loss for words. He sure didn't want to say the wrong thing while a guy was working on his privates. What the hell could you say to a guy busy writing things on your body, especially when you were tied to the four corners of your bed.


Not knowing what else to do, Mark began reading out loud what Tully was busy concentrating on. "Wife Jean's permission required before use" was neatly scrawled across his newly shaved triangle above his dick. Each of the three lines of words was shorter than the one above. The bottom line said 'use'. Mark saw Tully put the finishing touches on it. Tully looked up and said in a very business like manner, "We're almost halfway there now, Mark. That wasn't so bad was it?"


Mark's mouth dropped open but no words came forth. His lips were moving but no sound seemed to be coming out. Mark sighed loudly, let his head fall back on his pillow and closed his eyes as tears started to well up. A few tears were running down the side of his face and it tickled.


A feeling of warmth, wet and arousing, engulfed his dick. Mark was afraid to open his eyes for fear of what he might see. He was very happy to see it was Jean sucking on his dick and not Tully. It didn't take long for his erection to reach his full size of 6 inches. He hoped that this blowjob was to make up for the way he was being treated.


Jean slid a black rubber cock ring down to the base of his dick. He relaxed as his excitement increased and as the constriction of the cock ring gave him a macho sort of feeling as his prick was stretching to its limit. He liked that feeling. He had a passing moment where it made him feel powerful. He could feel the head of his dick being rubbed. What an exquisite feeling. He could feel something encircling his dick just behind the head. Whatever it was, Mark was not in a state to care until he felt it tighten.


Looking down, Mark saw that Jean had tied a thin rope just behind the head of his dick. He could feel it pinching as it tightened. Jean had attached a bungee cord to the top rail at the head of the bed and was trying to catch the loop she had formed at the end of the noose to the hook on the other end of the bungee cord. It hurt and Mark noticed that his dick did not deflate even though it was being stretched to its limit.


Mark complained. "It hurts, please stop. What are you doing to my dick? Let me go, please."


Jean sneered and just walked away. Tully began working again but this time Mark could not see what he was writing.


Tully said, "The pain you are feeling from the noose around the head of your dick will mask some of the pain from the needle of the tattoo machine. Your dick is a lot more sensitive than your regular skin. When I'm finished, your dick will be real sore for several days, so be smart and don't try to play with yourself since it will just get worse.


"Hey Tully," Mark sheepishly asked, "What are you writing on my dick?"


"If I can spell it correctly, it will say 'Not permitted inside any female' "


When Tully finished, he cut the string and Mark sighed in relief, only to find that his balls were now being wrapped with rope. The upper part of his sack was being wrapped and as each loop was being added, it was squeezing his balls to the bottom. The silky smooth skin became red, taught and shiny. Mark could not watch. He felt like a snake had wrapped around his sack and was going to squeeze the life out of him. He then heard that buzzing sound again.


This time Tully read the words as he wrote them. "These are Jean's balls. I guess that does it. See ya!" Tully said as he unwrapped Mark's balls.


Mark was exhausted from all this pain and anxiety and immediately drifted off to sleep. At this point he was resigned to his fate even though he was not quite sure what that was.


Several hours later, when he awoke he was very thirsty and Jean gave him a drink. Within a few minutes he had drifted off again. Every few hours he would awake thirsty and groggy. Jean would give him a drink containing a sedative. This repeated over and over for several days.


When Jean felt he was healed enough, she offered Mark a cup of coffee to help him wake up. She then led him to the shower and he quickly cleaned up and washed his hair. The coffee was not enough to bring him completely to his senses. Stepping out of the shower, Mark saw his reflection in the steamed up mirror. The fear of what he though he might see brought him into focus. Using his towel, Mark rubbed circles on the mirror until he could see his image. There it was. The writing was all over his dick, balls and his bald pubic hair area. "Holy shit!" Mark whispered to himself over and over," until the phrase no longer had any meaning.


"Come down here now, little husband." Mark heard from the bedroom. That seemed a little curious since he thought Jean was downstairs.


As he left the master bath and went into the master bedroom, Mark heard his Wife calling again, "Come down here now, little husband." The sound of her voice was coming from a speaker that he had never seen before. Mark figured Jean had installed an intercom system while he had been asleep. He could now hear her commands from anywhere in the house.


Mark realized he better do what he was told. He looked around for clothes but could find none. He started heading down the stairs, stark naked, his dick getting longer and thicker and waving slightly from side to side. He could easily see the words written on his dick as the words grew in size.




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