Cuckold Story





I Learned My Lesson Well, Ch. 01

by Angelscuck




My wife and I have a wonderful relationship, so much in love, and so much in common. It was a love that defied all loves before it. Our sex life was good with lots of playing, kinky fun and good old fashion oral sex.


Having had radiation treatment for prostate cancer, I was left with erection problems. I could never get hard enough to enter her. I could usually give her an orgasm with my tongue or fingers. She would occasionally make me cum with her hand, mouth or Magic Wand Vibrator. I always felt a little guilty not being able to give her full penetration.


Let me say at this point, I am a mixture of dominate/submissive. I like to be in charge and feel comfortable giving orders. I also love to fantasize about being a cuckold sissy. I have been addicted to porn most of my life and masturbated every day. I am what you might call a real "Wanker", which all leads up my problem. By coming so often, there is not much left for my wife, which she needs.


To solve this problem, we first tried a lockable cock cage. There were problems because I could seem to slip out of it. Then I came up with an idea. It was kind of a compromise. I agreed to not cum when I watched porn and she could decide if, and when I could cum, in other words, she would have complete control of my orgasms.


I further agreed that if I came, even by accident, I would confess to her and she would then have the right to cuckold me for real, as she seemed fit. A condition I would soon come to regret.


The idea of the reality of her being fucked by someone else frightened the hell out of me. What if she fell in love with her new lover? What if I lost her forever? Unthinkable. I would just have to control my orgasms.


I did pretty well for about two weeks. Then it happened. I was watching a streaming clip of a wife who was cuckolding her wimp husband with three beautiful black studs all possessing huge cocks. She was looking right on camera like she was talking to the wanker watching her video. It made it seem like you were the cuckold in the room with her.



She was bathed in black men's cum; it was dripping from her pussy, ass and mouth. She was smiling at the camera saying, "OK my sweet little sissy, you have a job to do. Get busy and lick up all this cum and be sure not to miss a drop. Maybe eating real a man's cum will make you more of a man, but I doubt it, start sucking slave."


It was too much. The actress looked so much like my wife and it fit my fantasy perfectly. Seeing her so satisfied and dominant, teasing and humiliating me was too much for me to bear, after two weeks of not coming and even though I pulled to Magic Wand away immediately, it was too late. Gobs of stored up semen erupted from my cock and soaked my underwear.


"Oh my god!" I thought to myself. "What have I done? I have broken our agreement. I won't tell her. No, I have never lied to my wife and I won't start now. Maybe she will forgive me, just this once. After all, it was an accident. She is a forgiving and merciful person. She'll give me another chance. I tell her after she gets home tonight."


That evening, like most evenings, my wife was in a loving, sexy mood. I was able to make her cum three times. All the better for me, she will be satisfied. I was wrong. My wife not only needs to take, but to give, to feel fulfilled. She immediately wanted to suck my cock. For the past two weeks, without cuming, my penis was easily aroused. Unfortunately, due to today's mishap, it was slow to respond, even to her expert sucking, and my guilt. She said she "wanted to make me cum tonight."


I was panic stricken. At first I told her I was not feeling well and was too tired. She didn't buy it.


She said, "For two weeks now you have been begging me to let you cum. Now you're too tired? OK tell me what happened?"


I told her about my accident today and how sorry I was.


She was furious. She told me how selfish and careless I was. I had broken the agreement.


I begged her to forgive me and give me another chance.


She told me if she forgave me now, it would make our agreement seem like a joke. It would make any future agreements look like paper lions. No, I would have to pay for my mistake if we were to have any trust between us.


I knew she was right. I had brought this upon myself. I would have to live with the consequences. I asked her who and when this cuckolding might occur.


She merely smiled and said, "Wait for it, wait for it." Nothing much happened over the next month. I was beginning to think that maybe all was forgotten and forgiven but then one Saturday morning she said, "I have a date tonight, you can help prepare me. Pick out something real sexy, Ron likes his women dressed real slutty. Never mind bra and panties, they will only slow things down. I want to give him full access to my toys."


"Ron?" I asked, "our Ron, Ron from the ad, Ron?"


"That's right" she replied with on smirk on her face. "You know how I like black men with blue eyes. We have been emailing each other all month and met for coffee two days ago. He's very nice, and so handsome. Even better looking than his photo. He's taking me dining and dancing tonight, somewhere on the coast, overlooking the ocean. Isn't that romantic?"


My heart sank. "Please, please, please don't do this darling. I swear it will never happen again!" I promise.


"Now listen, you need to man-up to this and quit whining like a little wimp. You created this whole situation. Deal with it, besides, isn't this one of your favorite fantasies, me being fucked by a black stud, right? My only question is, do I go to his place, or bring him here to rub your nose in it, so to speak. No, not this time, I think we should be alone the first time. We don't need a sissy wimp, whining away while we fuck. Too distracting, although it would be fun to watch you suffer, knowing that you are responsible for this whole thing, maybe next time."


"Next time? Next time? "I shouted, "You mean you are already thinking about next time? I only came once! "


"I know" she countered, "but you never know how a girl's going to react to a situation like this. It's so, so intimate, you know what I mean. Besides, you know what they say, once you go black....."


"Oh please baby!" I begged, "Give me another chance, it won't happen again, I swear it!"


"Too late darling, you blew it, to coin a phrase." she replied.


I could feel they tears welling up in my eyes. What a fool I was. My wife was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I let my own selfish needs come between us.


"Now," she said, "help me prepare. First I want you to shave my cunt. Ron likes his women clean shaven. Then a full body massage and you can do my toenails, on your knees of course."


"Yes dear" I replied. I had resigned myself. I was going to be cuckolded and there was nothing I could do about it, and I was going to help the love of my live look beautiful for another man! What a fool I was.


"You look fantastic!" I said as she immerged from the bedroom. She was wearing black silk stockings, five inch high heels, black lace garter belt and a low cut slinky black dress that showed her cleavage and legs. She was wearing makeup which gave her kind of a classy, slutty look. The phone rang.


"Hello Darling!" she said, "Yes, I'm already and very excited. What? Are my panties wet? No, I'm not wearing any, but the inside of my thighs are..., the wimp? Yes, he knows all about it. He was crying just like a little girl. You're out in front? I'll be right down."


She looked at me, naked in my cock cage, wearing a pair of her panties. She walked over to me, cupped my balls, smiled and said, "Be a good little sissy while I'm away and don't wait up, I may not be back until Sunday. You might clean up a little around here; it will help you take your mind off things. I'd give you a kiss, but I don't want to smear my lipstick...yet." Then she turned a left.


I was miserable. I couldn't stop thinking about her, in his arms, dancing, rubbing up against him, kissing him, and feeling his hard cock, through his pants, pressing up against her. After a few hours the phone rang.


The voicemail said, "Hello cucky, the evening is magical! We have been dancing and I feel so hot. He has rented a penthouse suite at the hotel, overlooking the ocean. We are going there now. Have you been thinking about us?" Click.


Sleep was impossible. Too many nasty pictures running thru my mind. Not a word from her all night. Then, in the early morning, the phone rings again.


"Hi sissy, this is Ron. Your lovely wife just went to the bathroom to clean up a little. She doesn't know I am calling you. Thought I'd leave the phone off the hook so you could hear what's going on. Here she comes, check this out..."


"Hi baby, how's my girl?" he chanted.


"Wonderful. You are the greatest. I have never been fucked so long, hard and deep. I love your cock!" She exclaimed.


"Better than your husband's?" He asked.


"There's no comparison. His little penis can't even penetrate me. "She laughed.


"So tell me baby, how'd you like it up your ass?" He inquired.


"Well, it hurt at first, but then, if felt wonderful, you really know how to please a lady." She cooed


"You mean I'm the best?" He stated in a load voice, making sure I would hear.


"Oh yeah honey, I could get real use to that cock, and being your black cock slut." She replied.


"Well bitch, I'm only a phone call away, anytime you need it long, hard and deep. I even have some friends that would love to fuck a beautiful black cock slut like you. "He said.


"I'll keep that in mind, I'll put you on speed dial." She laughed.


"Are you ready to go back to the sissy wimp?" He asked.


"Not yet, I need some more fucking and a black cum breakfast." She sweetly responded.


"Well here it is baby, you sure like to suck cock, don't you?" He asked knowing I was hearing every word.


"Especially when it's big and hard like yours." She giggled.


"Oh yeah, suck it slut, that's right, take it deep down that pretty throat." He moaned.


"Mmmmmfffff, oh it tastes so good, please cum in my mouth and then pull out and shoot all over my face." She begged.


"Anything you want baby." He laughed.




That bastard, he knew just what he was doing, driving me crazy. Have I lost my wife? Am I the world's biggest fool? The day seemed to go on forever. No phone calls. My god, were they still fucking? Damn. About 6pm I heard the front door open. She came into the bedroom. Her clothes were a mess, and her hair was all frazzled. She looked freshly fucked and tired. I started to ask her a thousand questions.


She told me to "shut up. ", undressed and fell into bed. I couldn't believe what he had done to her body. There were hickeys, bruises and love bites all over her breasts and body. Her cunt lips were red, swollen stretched out and puffy. Her butt cheeks were still bright red from being spanked. Written on her tits were the words, "Black Cock Only", with a marker pen. On her ass he wrote. "Black Cocks Welcome". She had dried cum all over her body and in her hair. She collapsed on the bed and was asleep before her head hit the pillow.


I just held her in my arms, grateful to have her home, but for how long? She slept for twelve hours straight, she said his name three or four times in her sleep which brought tears to my eyes.


When she finally woke up, she looked at me, gave me a wicked smile and said, "Well good morning my little sissy? How does it feel to be a real cuckold? Happy now, knowing your woman has been fucking and sucking her black stud for two days?"


"No", I said. "I feel awful! " "I have been such a fool to let another man have you; I only hope I haven't lost you, have I? I heard you both talking on the phone."


She told me she had seen the phone was off the hook and realized what he was up to, and just played along to teach me a lesson. "Lost me? Not yet cucky, but you better stick to our agreement. Ron wants me to be his fuck toy. He asked me to ditch the sissy and be his black-owned slut. He even offered to share me with his friends. It's tempting but I am willing to give you one more chance, but first there is something you need to do. To show me you love me and accept what I have done to you, I would like you to beg me to let you suck his cum out of my pussy. "


I didn't hesitate. "Please, please Darling, let me suck out his cum and soothe your ravished cunt. I love you so much and am glad you were so well fucked. I promise will never cum again without your permission. Please let me lick and suck you!"


"Very well my little sissy cuck and when you are through, I want you to call Ron and thank him for satisfying your women so completely and tell him how good his cum tastes. Remember, I did this for you and us and I love you more than any man in the world!" she explained.


"Thank you darling, I love you so much!" I replied. After licking, sucking and cleaning and kissing her from head to toe, I held her in my arms and cried grateful tears, thankful she was still mine. I had learned my lesson well.







I Learned My Lesson Well, Ch. 02




As I told you in part 1, Angel really taught me a lesson regarding cumming without her permission. I was so grateful that I hadn't lost her to a superior black stud, I was even afraid to masturbate to porn on the internet.


We have two computers, hers and mine, next to each other in our office. She told me she had forwarded an email to me from one of her girlfriends, but I hadn't received it, so I decided to check the email on her computer to find it. What I saw made my heart stop. There, on her list of emails received was an email from her black master Ron. I cautiously opened it.


There was an email from her to him with his reply below it. It read;


Dear Master-


"I can't stop thinking about you and the wonderful weekend we spent on the coast. My cunt is still stretched out from your beautiful cock. I have never had children but I know giving birth must be close to the sensations I feel when you fuck me. I would so much like to taste your cum, and feel you inside me again, however, I made my fiancé a promise and unless he cums without my permission, I must remain true to my word."


Your Black Cock Slut




My Sweet Little Slut-


"I too have been thinking about you and our weekend together. Actually, I have been viewing it on my big screen. You see, I videoed it without your knowledge. I have been showing it to some of my buddies and they really want to meet you. Think about it. All the cock you could ask for, in your mouth, your ass, your cunt, cumming all over you, hands touching you, squeezing you, men lined up waiting to tease and please you. It's just a matter of time until your little wanker spurts accidently, and then you are mine again. Try not letting him cum for a couple to weeks."


You're Master Ron




"Oh my god!" I thought, "She loved it! She still wants it! He can give her what I cannot. A big hard cock, actually, many big hard cocks. I know it's not fair to deprive her of this, but what if I lose her? No I cannot give her my blessing, even though she needs and deserves it. It is too risky. I cannot lose the love of my life. Maybe I should buy a big black dildo. No, she doesn't like plastic in her. Such a purist."


I kept picturing them together, her, him and his buddies. I kept thinking of the things they would do to her, how much she would like it. My cock grew hard. I rubbed it with the magic wand and visualized her being gangbanged. And then to my utter horror, I came.


"Oh no!" I thought "Not again! How could I let this happen? I'm a fool, an idiot! I don't deserve her."


Angel could tell when she got home that something was wrong. She guessed the problem immediately. "You came again, didn't you?" She asked accusingly.


"Yes," I sadly admitted. "I saw your email from Ron; I started visualizing you two together. I imagined you being gangbanged by him and his friends. It just happened, I couldn't stop it." I meekly replied.


"Fine." She said. "Just the excuse I needed to see him again. Thank you, I want you to call him and tell him you came without my permission, and then beg him to fuck me and ask him to invite his friends. Tell him you will, drive me there and give them any assistance they need, like, sucking them hard while they waiting, cleaning my cunt after they come, getting us drinks, refreshments or anything else they request, got it?"


"Yes dear." I meekly replied. I felt totally humiliated. Not only was my true love going to get gangbanged by her black lover and friends, but I would have to arrange it and even help out.


"Now," she said, "I'm really horny and can hardly wait to get good fucking from my black studs. Set it up for this weekend." She handed me his number.


I went to the phone; totally defeated I called her black lover. No answer. I started to leave a voicemail. "Hello, Ron, this is Angel's fiancée; I lost control today and came without her permission. Angel wants me to set up a gangbang for her with you and your friends this weekend and to volunteer my services as you seem fit..." I heard his deep masculine voice interrupt my message, "Well, hello there little sissy, just couldn't keep it under control huh? Good. I knew it would be just a matter of time, I sure missed your lady, or should I say your mistress. She's way too much woman for you wimp, but I guess you already know that, don't you? Well, tell my black cock slut to be at the address I email her at 8pm, Saturday night. You too. I want her shaved, heavy slut makeup, and tell her to just wear a trench coat, nothing else. As far as you're concerned, I want your cock caged, body shaven, panties, bra, garter belt, stockings, heels, wig and full makeup. My boys love to have their cocks sucked by a sissy wimp white boy maid!" he laughed and hung up the phone.


Angel made me sleep on the couch for the next two nights. She wanted to get plenty of rest for the weekend and didn't need a wimpy little sissy wanker interrupting her beauty rest.


Sleep for me was impossible. I couldn't get the upcoming weekend out of my mind. Friday morning, Angel came in and sat down next to me on the couch.


She started speaking to me is soft, loving tones. "Listen darling, I want you to know that I love you more than anyone in this world. You have so many qualities I admire in a man. You also have this dark side that we need to address, the side of you that is submissive, the cuckold, sissy wimp that longs to be humiliated. I have no problem with these fantasies; I just want to be part of them. I don't want you jacking off and cumming to the porn on the internet so there's nothing left for me," She continued, "I think we need to explore these fantasies of yours. Maybe the reality of you seeing me actually being a slave to these black men, while your dressed in drag being humiliated by sucking them hard and eating their cum out of my pussy, will get this out of your system. I plan on making this weekend as humiliating as possible for you, if you still long for this abuse after this weekend, maybe we can arrange something more permanent. I promise you this. No man can ever take me away from you."


I felt the tears running down my cheeks as she spoke. Maybe she was right. Try it for real and see if it is something I really want.


"OK sissy, put on your cage, panties and jeans and T-shirt, we have a busy day. First stop, the beauty parlor."


I felt so embarrassed going into the parlor with her. I had been there before to pick her up and they knew me as her macho boyfriend. No we were both were scheduled for full body waxing, hair, makeup, pedicures, manicures and ear piercing.


Angel told them to "make it as embarrassing as possible for me."


The Beautician, Mary, laughed and said. "Don't worry; this is going to be fun. The girls and I love to put little sissy wimps in their place. The customers will get a kick out of it to." She then took me by the hand and led me to an open stall that was visible to everyone in the salon. There were four other staff present and five women getting various services done for the weekend. Everyone seemed to know why I was there. "OK sissy," Mary said, "strip!" I took off my jeans and t-shirt and stood there in my panties and cock gage blushing from head to toe, enlisting laughs and giggles from the women in the salon.


"Oh how adorable!" "Isn't she cute!" "Not much in the cock department, I can see why she is feminizing him!" were a few of the comments I heard from the female staff and customers.


First the body wax. Very painful! It seemed go on forever. When I was totally denuded of all body hair, except for my eyebrows and hair on my head, I felt so naked, vulnerable and exposed.


"She looks much better that way." "Yes, sissies shouldn't have hair, someone might mistake them for a real man." two of the ladies said, causing laughter throughout the salon.


Next, my hair. My eyebrows were plucked into a high feminine arch and then my hair was died a strawberry blond and cut in a very girlish styled with tight curls and bangs. Then, full makeup was applied, giving me a rather sluttish look. This is going too far! It felt strange not having a beard and mustache after 20 years. I was so humiliated; I could feel the tears starting to run down my face.


"Oh don't cry sweetie, you will spoil your makeup and we will have to make it more permanent." said Mary.


I quickly pulled myself together. Next, my nails. Fake nails were glued on and a hot pink polish was applied to both my fingernails and toenails. Finally my ears were pierced and large hooped earrings were placed in each ear. I looked ridiculous. Some men can pass as women. I can't.


I looked like a sissy faggot drag queen. Angel looked stunning from her make over. I had never seen her look so sexy. She smiled when I was paraded around the salon while I thanked each of the women and tip them for making me look so feminine.


Next stop, clothes. Angel took me to a woman's clothing store that also catered to transsexuals and transvestites.


She explain that she was "going to cuckold me this weekend and she wanted me to look pretty in a sexy maid's outfit while I serve her and her lovers."


The other women in the store seemed very amused and congratulated her for having me so well trained. Again I was told to strip, this time completely except for my cock cage. This drew snickers from the other ladies in the store and my cage was fondled and my butt was pinched as went from table to table picking out my attire for the weekend.


Angel didn't need any clothing because she was instructed to wear only a trench coat. I would be wearing black panties, bra, garter belt, stockings with a frilly white apron and maid's hat.


"This is going to be a weekend we will never forget!" Angel said, as she put a collar around my neck and let me to the car.










I Learned My Lesson Well, Ch. 03




Well the weekend had arrived. My Fiancé, Angel, had given me a complete makeover at the salon. I looked ridiculous in my maid's costume with full makeup, heels, stockings, garter belt and leach with collar.


She looked amazing with her slutty makeup, hair worn up and completely naked under her trench coat. We were on our way to her gangbang. Her black master Ron had emailed her an address with instructions.


We were to park outside this seedy little strip club, she was to leave her trench coat in the car and lead me by my leach and caller, wearing my maid's outfit into the club.


I felt so embarrassed being led by my naked fiancé into the club. We could hear laughter and applause as we entered. There were mostly black men there with a few white women, all of which were dressed like whores.


Ron met us as we entered. He ushered us both on to the stage, picked up a microphone and said "Good evening one and all. The main entertainment has arrived. I would like to introduce to you my black cock slut Angel and her sissy wimp fiancé. She is here tonight for her first gangbang because her wanker boyfriend would rather beat off to porn than make love to this lovely lady. He is here to assist her and us as part of his punishment!" He continued. "Isn't he a cute little sissy bitch? Let's give them both a big welcome!"


The audience started applauding and giving us hoots and hollers.


Ron continued, "Now we have all seen what a black cock slut Angel is from her video I just showed you. She became my bitch a couple of weeks ago and wants more black cock."


This comment drew more applause.


"To get the ball rolling, I think Angel should give us a little dance and show us how she plays with that fine bald pussy." Ron said.


He then directed me to my knees at one side of the stage and handcuffed my hands behind my back.


"If any of you ladies or gentleman get horny during her performance" Ron added, "just step up to the sissy bitch and let him service you with his mouth."


The music came on and Angel started dancing. She looked so sexy as she gyrated on the stage, rubbing her tits and cunt for the audience. Many of the men and women started rubbing their crotches watching her.


Finally one of the men walked up to me, unzipped his pants and pulled out one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. "Suck it bitch" he ordered, "your lady has made me real horny!" I had some trouble getting the huge cock in my mouth but finally managed, much to the enjoyment of the audience.


Angel looked over at me, dressed in my sissy outfit, sucking a big black cock and said "Happy honey, watching me play with myself naked in a room full of strangers while you suck a big black cock?"


I couldn't answer with my mouth full. I just kept sucking.


I could feel his pace quicken and knew he was about to cum. He pulled out and shot his load all over my face, the rubbed it in with his cock. "My you did that real nice, first time?"


The audience laughed at his comment. I felt completely humiliated.


About this time, one of the strippers joined Angel on the stage naked and said "First I am going to spank your pretty round ass, until you beg to suck my cunt, my sweet little slut." She then took my Angel across her lap and started spanking her hard.


Angel started breathing heavy and making little moaning sounds. Then she started screaming as the spanking got harder. "Please, please, no more. It hurts too much!" her bottom was turning bright red. "I'll do it, I'll suck your cunt, just stop, please!" she screamed.


"Say it like you mean it bitch." the stripper replied.


"Please, let me suck your pussy. I want to taste it. I want you to smear your juice all over my face. I want to make you cum." Angel pleaded.


"Very well." her capture replied. She stood up suddenly, causing Angel to roll off her lap and fall on the floor. The brought more laughter from the audience.


The woman then spread her legs and parted her pussy lips with her fingers and said, "Come and get it bitch, and do a good job or I will spank you more!"


Angel crawled over to her on her knees and buried her face in the stripper's crotch. She then started licking and sucking in earnest. After about ten minutes of sucking and licking the women started to respond.



"Oh yeah, that's it slut, suck it, don't stop, oh yeah, keep sucking. Don't you dare stop, oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Ahhhhhh!"


The audience was going wild and started shouting, "Suck her you whore!", "Good job bitch", "Nice work you cunt lapping slut!"


The stripper had her legs tightly wrapped around Angel's head keeping her face pressed to her pussy. She finally released her hold. "Good girl." she said as she pushed Angel away.


Angel lay on the floor, naked, her makeup smeared on her face from the cunt sucking. The audience applauded as she was taken off the stage by two of the women to the restroom to have her face washed and makeup reapplied.


Meanwhile, Ron got back on the microphone, "Don't worry guys and girls, Angel will be back in a minute, the show's just getting started. Are you getting this on the video Bill?"


Bill, the guy videoing the whole performance just held his thumb up and smiled.


"Well now ladies and gents" Ron continued. "I think it's time her sissy bitch shows us what he can do, don't you?"


More hoots, hollers and applause from the audience. I was then uncuffed, and placed over a large hassock, center stage. Two large black men came up on stage. One started greasing my ass while the other offered his cock to my mouth.


"Please", I pleaded. Not my ass!"


"Well little sissy, I'll give you a choice." one of the men said. "You can take it in the ass, like a brave little bitch, or I will fuck your woman in the ass instead, which will it be?"


I was broken and defeated. "Me." I said meekly.


"Oh no.", he replied. "Show some enthusiasm, beg for it bitch, and mean it."


As Angel was brought back on the stage, she looked shocked as she heard me saying, "Oh please sir, fuck my ass with your beautiful cock, I need it so bad, and let me suck your friends cock while you fuck me, please!"


Angel just shook her head. I guess she thought I had turned gay. She didn't realize I was saying these things to protect her ass.


"OK bitch, here it comes!" he replied and started pushing his big cock into my puckered little anus.


"Oh god, it hurts, please not so fast!" I screamed.


Soon he was all the way in and I could feel my ass relax. His buddy shoved his cock down my throat, it gagged me at first but I soon relaxed my throat and it was easier. I was getting it from both ends. I am ashamed to admit it was becoming rather pleasant. I was getting into the rhythm now. My ass was so tight; he started to cum in my ass, his buddy also started to cum in my mouth at same time.


I felt them both shoot their black cum into me. I felt my own orgasm starting to rise from his dick massaging my prostate. We all came together, moaning and groaning and finally falling in a heap on the hassock.


The audience was yelling and screaming. "Fuck that little white sissy!", "Look he really likes it, his panties are soaked!", "What a faggot!"


Angel walked over to me and said, "Well, you were afraid of losing me. I hope I haven't lost you to their black cocks."


I felt completely mortified. Here I was, dressed in drag on a stage at a strip club, cum leaking out of my ass, mouth and cock, my own fiancé, naked, about to be gangbanged by black men. It was too much. I wept tears of humiliation as they prepare for the next stage of the nights entertainment.







I  Learned My Lesson Well, Ch. 04




I couldn't believe what was happening to us. I had watched the woman I love dance naked in a sleazy strip club, publically spanked, force to eat another woman's cunt.


I had been made to suck two cocks and been fucked up the ass and made to cum in my panties. This whole nightmare was being videoed and the main event, my fiancé's gangbang was about to happen.


All these things had occurred because I could not control my own ejaculations. I deserved this. My humiliation and shame where beyond description and it wasn't over.


A large mattress was being brought out onto the stage. A small stool was being set up next to it.


Ron grabbed the microphone and said, "Well the big moment has arrived, the main event of the evening ladies and gentlemen but first I would like Angel's sissy wimp to come over here and;


1. Explain how and why this all came to be;


2. Beg every man in the room to fuck his wife;


3. Offer his mouth to assist them to get hard and penetrate his wife;


4. Guide their cocks into his girl's cunt, ass or mouth:


5. Clean out her pussy and ass and their cocks after each man cums in her;


6. And finally, thank each man for fucking her;


Come on sissy, take the mic." He encouraged me.




Slowly I crossed the stage and took the microphone from her black lover.


I then proceeded to speak to the crowd in a shaky voice, "We are here tonight because I am a wimpy wanker who cannot control his own ejaculations. Instead of making love to my woman, I am too busy beating off to porn on the internet. I am a submissive, sissy who deserves to be humiliated and is only good for sucking pussy, cock or being ass fucked." I continued, "I cannot satisfy my future wife and need all of your help. Please fuck my woman and give her the pleasure she so deserves." I continued, totally humiliated and fighting back the tears, "I will be glad to suck you hard and guide your cock into which ever orifice you prefer. I will readily clean you both after you cum. Please help me."


The audience laughed and applauded.


I looked over at the guy videoing the event and realized I had just been taped, begging a room full of black men to abuse me and my fiancé. I had hit rock bottom.


Angel lay down on the mattress on her back, legs spread wide and said to me, "Thank you sissy. Why don't you come over here and suck my cunt and ass so all these lovely cocks and slip in easier."


I crawled between her legs and began sucking her pussy and ass. Soon I felt myself being pulled away from her and guided to my stool beside the mattress.


I saw a line of men waiting for my mouth and started sucking. After sucking each one to erection and guiding their hard cocks into her pussy, ass or mouth, depending on which one was available, I started doing my clean up duties and then suck the next guy hard. Angel was fucked by over twenty guys in dozens of positions and came so many times it began to seem like one continuous three hour orgasm. I ate so much cum I felt bloated.



After every one was spent I had to go around and thanked each man who participated for fucking my fiancé. I waited patiently as Angel said goodnight to her black master Ron.


It was strange, I had watched her fuck and suck dozens of guys but seeing her and Ron cuddle, kiss and whisper sweet words of love into each other's ears, really was the worst of all. Now I had hit rock bottom. This was an intimacy that should only be mine, but I had blown it. I didn't know what would happen to our relationship now. I knew I could never give her the sexual satisfaction she had received this evening. I didn't know how she felt about me now for allowing this to happen.


I was soaked with cum from head to toe and my maid's costume was torn to shreds. I looked like a complete fool. Angel was covered with cum, her breast were bruised and covered with monkey bites and hickies, her hair was in complete disarray and her makeup smeared all over her face. She gave Ron one final, long, passionate kiss which felt like a knife being pushed into my heart, and walked over to me.


"Ready to go home?" She asked, "Had enough baby?"


I nodded my head as the tears rolled down my cheeks. She took my leach and led me out of the club, still naked, to our car. We didn't speak as I drove home. I was afraid to say anything. Afraid I had destroyed what we had. We both fell into bed, exhausted. We can talk tomorrow.





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