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I woke up today at my usual 5:20am.  I quickly got out of bed and reset the clock for the next morning.  My wife did not give indication of noticing and continued to sleep undisturbed.  It always gives me relief to get past this point in my morning.  I do not like for her sleep to be interrupted.


I made my way into the adjacent bathroom, removed my clothes, and started the shower.  After putting my pajamas away, I quickly went pee and then got into the shower.  I made sure I took care of everything in the shower, (shampoo, body wash, shaving).  I also did my daily maintenance cleaning of my chastity device, working the body wash around the ring.  I find I can keep it pristine clean this way.  So far, so good.  It has been eleven weeks and two days since I last was let out.


After my shower, I dried off, and began the rest of my morning routine.  Teeth, lotion around the chastity device to prevent chaffing, hair gel, putting on under garments.  I then went out and put on the rest of my clothes before leaving my wife to continue to sleep.  As I quietly closed the bedroom door, I sighed with a sense of relief that I did not disturb her once again.  I have gotten pretty good at it by now.


My wife enjoys breakfast to be ready when she comes down in the morning.  I start each day by first empting the dishwasher and then setting the table for that morning’s meal.  My wife has directed me to serve her an organic cereal blend with organic yogurt on the side.  Almond milk for the cereal and room temperature cream for her coffee.  Our two children are served a variety of things.  Today is French toast from the freezer.  After the dishwasher is emptied and the table set, I start in on the meal.  It takes about 15 minutes, followed by getting together my wife’s lunch for her day at work.  She eats organic frozen meals with some snack packs.  She finds it helps to keep her caloric intake down.


When the table is set, I go upstairs and wake the children to get them ready for their school day.  My wife has told me to have them dressed and ready for breakfast when she comes down.  It only takes a few minutes before both are awake and started in on their getting themselves dressed.  I then go back downstairs.


While I am waiting for everyone to come to breakfast, I prepare my wife’s coffee and a cup of tea for myself.  I then begin the day’s calorie journal.  My wife has told me to count all the calories she eats each day and I keep a journal book to do so.  240 for the cereal, 45 for the almond milk, 90 for the yogurt, 80 for the cream in her coffee.  As I finish, my wife arrives with the children in toe.


Everyone comes and sits for the morning meal.  My wife is at the head of the table.  We live in a D/s relationship.  I am the submissive and she is the Dominant.  I feel a pleasure in the situation that is difficult to describe.  The feeling is like an anticipation being met, or what it is like just before an orgasm.  Warm and exciting.  It happens often through my day and normally last about ten to twenty minutes.  Normally, when I am feeling my wife’s power over me.  This can be as simple as me recognizing the disparity in our relationship while I am doing a chore, or as obvious as her telling me to massage her feet.  I find I seek feeling of this pleasure through my day.


As the meal is finished, the children follow their routine of clearing the table and going to brush their teeth.  My wife and I are left to discuss the upcoming day.  Today, my wife tells me she may go out with some of her friends from work, but would decide later.  I never know if she will be home after work, so I had transitioned to preparing things for her dinner that could be stored if she came home late instead.  I had worked her dinner recipe collection over several months and had it to where I could make her things she enjoys, but that need not be eaten right then.


My wife kisses me good bye and takes the youngest child to daycare. I wait around for the older to go to the bus stop.  While I wait, I go up to straighten the bedroom.  I fold my wife’s pajamas, straighten the bed, and check the children’s rooms.  I then return to finish cleaning up from the meal.  As I am wiping down the kitchen counters, our eldest heads off to the bus stop.  I get my briefcase and then head off to work.


I work for a high technology company in an office complex.  The relaxed dress code works well for life in a chastity device.  I wear a CB-6000s and in truth, even if the dress was business formal, it would still be unnoticeable, but in jeans and a dress shirt, it just feels more comfortable for some reason.  No one has ever given any indication of noticing.


About 10:30, my phone rings and it is my wife.  She asks how my day is going and I tell her about the project I am currently working on.  There is a pause in the conversation and I hear a jingle.  She asks me if I know what that is. I do.  She keeps the keys to my CB-6Ks there at her work.  Her office is protected through badge access and security guards.  There is no way for me to get at them there, and she knows it.  She had found a long time ago that I am happier when she taunts me frequently.  I do notice that it causes my submissive pleasure to occur any time she does.  I feel the elation as she says, “And this is the sound of them going back in my drawer.”  I hear a drawer shut on the other side of the line and my wife saying good bye to end the conversation.


My wife has discovered that she enjoys keeping me chaste for long durations.  She also has discovered that I enjoy it too.  She found that when she gives me an opportunity to go down on her, I get off as much as she does.  She kind of turned it into a reward system for me while keeping me chaste.  She will first prompt me when she wants me to start and then direct where she wants me to focus and what techniques to use.  She normally enjoys it to last a long time before going over the edge and slows me down when she gets close.  Later she has me keep going until she shudders in pleasure.  When she does, I too feel a flood of pleasure.  It has developed into a time I always look forward to.


Inside a D/s relationship has been more fulfilling then I had imagined.  We made the transition over four years ago.  At first it took some time to adjust out of our equality dynamic.  Once we both began to enjoy our new roles my pleasure really deepened.  It was about two years ago that I first put on my chastity device.  Initially, it was something I kept on for about three days, but my wife saw that I was comfortable and began to increase the durations.  I am currently kept in about three months each time.  Sometime, though, my wife will surprise me and let me out a little early.  Other times, it takes longer.


Since I orgasm quickly once let out, intercourse has not been something my wife has asked of me.  She enjoys my going down on her through the week.  A few times she has taken it all the way with a guy.  She tells me about it after.  She just likes the different feelings that it brings, but most of the time she tells me she can be satisfied with what I do for her.  I find when she shares with me her times with other guys, it floods me with pleasure.  Knowing how much she gets to enjoy it turns me on something fierce.  I am so happy she feels free to do so and share it with me.


I couldn’t be happier in our relationship as the submissive.  Tonight I am looking forward to feeling some of the pleasure when I start the laundry.  I will first feed the children dinner, bath them, and put them to sleep.  After I start the laundry, I will get something small prepared for my wife, in case she is hungry when she comes home.  Also, while I am waiting for her to come home, as the night draws on, my fantasies will drift to her escalating a sexual encounter and maybe when she gets home, she will have me go down on her before bed and tell me about it.  I do not know what will happen, but I am a submissive husband who is so happy to have a wife who enjoys keeping me chaste and doing as she likes.







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