Cuckold Story




How she has made me her cuckold

by Oak






My fiance and I have been together for 8 years now. A while back (about 3 years ago), she started to drop hints during sex about me being her cuckold fiance / husband. I asked her what she was talking about, what is a cuckold, etc. She told me to do some research and she has a little gift coming in the mail for me. I did a little research and liked what I was learning about this lifestyle. I told her that the whole thought of it really turned me on and I was in. She said are you sure, and I replied yes I am.


 About 3 days or so after our conversation, "my gift" arrived in the mail. I didn't open it because it was addressed to her. When she got home from work, she noted the box with the mail. She opened it up and called me out of the office. She said...your gift arrived and I want you to go shower and come back naked. So I did...when I walked out, she was standing there completely naked, holding my gift, with a smile on her face, she said here's your gift. I said...what is it and she replied it is a chastity cage for your little cock. She said I am going to lock your small penis up in this cage and you will keep it on for as long as I say, day and night, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I will hold the keys and let you out when I want, if I want, no you understand. I said yes.


So before I was to be locked up for what appeared to be an eternity, she told me that we would have intercourse one last time and that would be the last time my little dick would be inside her. Needless to say, I made it last as long as I could, but the thought of this whole cuckold thing had me so turned on, it was over way to soon. She took the cum all over my dick and used it as lube as she slid the ring around my balls and the cage over my little dick, which started to grow again.

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In an order to stop it from growing, she slapped it really hard, then slid the cage over my little cock and locked it up. She then pushed me down on my back, sat on my face and made me clean her pussy of all my and her cum.

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Once I was done, it was time to sit down and right out what she called our new rules for our new lifestyle. After we wrote out all the rules, she simply told me that from now on, she would be having sex with other men, as many and as often as she wants and that from here on out, I would not be allowed to fuck her and not to even ask if I could. As far as our sex life, it would be up to her to determine what and when if any.


So last night we were watching some TV, she came over, stood next to me and undressed herself standing totally naked in front of me. She sat down next to me and started to play with my balls, my penis got rock hard inside the cage, but she would not let it out. Instead she told me that she was going to bring home her fuck buddy from work..Since I have been with a guy before (when I was young) it really turned me on. My response was, ok and she then told me what to expect.

Basically she wants to have her lover from work over, we all have a few drinks to loosen up, then head to the bedroom. She wants me to watch him undress her and her do the same to him, then she wants me to watch her suck on him all the while I am still locked up in the chastity cage. She then wants me to lay on the bed while she straddles me doggie style and have him fuck her from behind while I lick her clit. After he cums inside her she wants to sit on my face and squirt his cum into my mouth to swallow, then she wants me to suck on his cock to clean him up and get any cum that is dripping out.

I asked if she would unlock me so I could fuck her too, she said no, that is not going to will stay locked up and only his big cock will fuck me. I responded ok, sounds sort of hot and agreed, she said good, because you have already experienced part of it...I said what being locked up? She said no, remember the couple of times I came home from work, stripped down and made you eat me out, I said yeah, she said that wasn't my cum oozing out of me. It was then that I realized how she knew he had a big cock, she had already had him deep inside her, fucking her hard and filling her with his cum for me to eat out of her. Not surprising though, I am very small and apparently he is about 8" compared to my 3" hard.


In any event, I was still into the whole thing, I would rather have him fuck her in front of me than behind my back although knowing that was another guys cum I was eating out of her was sort of hot too.


Since she had locked my little cock up in chastity, she likes me to please her orally and with her toys and that is all I am allowed.


Anyway, on Friday it actually happened. I usually get home before she does. It was a nice day out so I made a drink and went out to sit on the deck. I didn't realize it, but 3 drinks later, it was 6:45 and she is usually home an hour or so earlier. I didn't think to much about it, made another drink and went back to the deck.

About 10 minutes later she walked out on the deck, totally naked. She walked over to me, pulled down my shorts to reveal my locked up little penis, then she put her leg up on one of the arms of the chair spreading herself open, there was cum running down her leg, she told me to lick it up and to get my tongue deep inside her as she squirted cum on my face.


She told me Tom was inside making a couple of drinks and that tonight was the night that she was going to use me as a cuckold and yes, it was his cum I was cleaning up out of her and that they had just fucked out in the car. My little penis was hard and straining against the cage, when Tom walked out on the deck. They sat next to each other, both me and my girlfriend naked from the waist down, with her pussy recently cleaned, she started to undress Tom. She took off his pants and then his boxers. I was starring at a rather large cock compared to mine, he was soft and about 4" longer than me and I was hard. She looked at me and said...I am clean, now get down there and clean my cum off his cock. I had quite a buzz going and I was happy to do so.


While I was cleaning him up, he started to grow in my mouth, I looked out the corner of my eye and my girlfriend was playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

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His cock grew another 4" and without actually measuring it, it was definitely about 8", mine hard....3" at best. She then got on her knees and started to suck on his huge cock while I watched. She took it deeper and deeper down her throat.

They then both downed their drinks while I finished cleaning him up. She grabbed Tom's hand and headed towards the door, she looked back at me and said come on. I followed them upstairs, my cock cage bouncing as I walked up the stairs, still hard as a rock.


She told me to lay down on the bed with my head at the end. Smiled at me and said your in for a real show. She straddled my face and told me to lick her clit, her pussy got wetter and wetter. The next thing I see is this huge cock head at the opening of her pussy. He slid himself in half way and she gasped with a little scream. I stopped licking her clit and just stared, watching his huge cock slide into my girlfriends pussy deeper and deeper until he was buried so deep inside her, all I could see were his balls.

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By the looks of it, if he could get them in there, he would have done that too. She started to scream his name and kept saying fuck me deeper, deeper. He would pull out on occasion to reveal her hole, so stretched out, jam his cock in my mouth so I could taste her, then he would pound his huge cock deeper inside her, if that was even possible.


She then did something I never would have expected. She slid his cock out of her pussy and started to rub it on her asshole. She would never let me near her ass, not even with my pinky finger lubed up.

She looked between her legs at me and said, watch him fuck my ass. I couldn't help but look. She slowly pushed back on his huge cock, gasped again when his head popped in and he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her ass. She was screaming in pleasure, her pussy was dripping juices all over my face as his huge cock was taking my girl deeper and deeper in her ass.

He fucked her ass for what seemed to be an eternity. All the while my little cock was hard and straining against its cage with pre-cum running down my balls. He pulled out and wiped his cock off with a wash cloth. He then slammed it back deep into her pussy, pulled out quick and she squirted all over him and my face.


He fucked her harder and harder, stretching her pussy so much I could probably fit my whole fist inside her. She started to scream louder and louder, he was pounding her harder and harder, he started to moan and filled her pussy with cum.

She was so stretched out, that when he pulled out his cum ran out of her like a faucet. She then ground herself on my face and started to squirt his cum into my mouth, while I licked her clean again.

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She then did something I didn't expect, she unlocked my little cock and started to suck on me. She turned herself around and took my cock in her hand and put it inside her. While she rocked back and forth on me, she made me suck on Tom's cock while she watched. She was so stretched out though that I couldn't feel anything, apparently neither could she, since she got off of me and started to jerk me off. I came all over my belly. She licked my cum up and then started to make out with me, giving me my cum to swallow as well.

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She then locked my little penis back up in the chastity cage, we all headed back down stairs where they got dressed, all she would let me put on was my t-shirt so they could see my little penis locked up in its cage. We had a couple more drinks and Tom headed out.


She asked me if I enjoyed it and to be quite honest...I did. She said good, because she is going to bring him home more often, maybe even him and his buddy. My thought was that watching two guys fucking my girlfriend would be even hotter, so I agreed.


Needless to say not only has she brought both guys home and I got to watch them fuck my fiance over and over and fill them with their cum that I would get to clean up, but she has found a couple other men even bigger. I walked in one day and found her sitting on the couch getting throat fucked hard. I could actually see the guys cock in her throat. When she realized I was there, she told me to strip down and sit next to her on the couch and watch her man throat fuck her. Every once in a while, he would stop, straddle my face and try to throat fuck me, however I have a gag reflex whereas my fiance does not. Try and try again, all I did was gag. Finally he went back to her and throat fucked her until he was about to cum, straddle me and shot his huge hot load all over my face and in my mouth. I swallowed his load and then got to watch them fuck.


So this has gone on for over 3 years now. I still love the lifestyle as well as the 5 different lovers she brings home to fuck.


Over the past couple of years I have noticed some slight changes in my body, from body hair or the lack of, my penis and balls have gotten smaller and my boobs have become larger, more defined with larger areolas and my nipples seem to be very sensitive. I have notice small changes over this time and thought it was just me getting older. So I asked my fiance if she noticed any changes and she said yes, you are more feminine. Come to find out for the past 3 years she has been putting estrogen and progesterone in my food to feminize me.


Not that it matters since I am not allowed to fuck her ever again, but I am no longer able to get hard. She still lets me jerk off, I just do it with a very little limp dick. I am still able to cum, but the amount I cum is just a couple of drops.



The 3 year story goes on and on, but you get the jist of how she has made me her cuckold. She has told me that when we get married, I would not be the one fucking her to consummate our marriage, it would be one or two of her lovers and that I would be able to watch. She has also told me that she was going to go off her birth control, but that I would be going on it in an order to keep up with my feminization.


I asked her if she plans on getting pregnant, she said if she does, she does and that we would raise it as our own.




Anyway, that is and apparently will be my lifestyle from here on out.


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