My Sister, My Guide

by Chatbug






Lee was reviewing the third quarter Alcoa financial report. It'd been a busy week with all the volatility in the market. He looked up at the wall across the office to relax his eyes, and noticed the clock. "Shit, and I promised Diane I'd be home early," he muttered to himself. He threw the report in his briefcase, and grabbed his coat as he shut the door. He relaxed a little as he got behind the wheel of his cherry red Mazda Miata. The roar of the engine always lifted his spirits, at least until he got out of the parking garage. With the top down, even the city traffic was somewhat more bearable. He enjoyed the wind blowing though his hair while driving the twenty miles of uncrowded interstate that highlighted the end of his commute.


Diane was vacuuming the living room. Her sister Linda was coming up for a weekend visit. She was bringing her new boyfriend, David. Diane hadn't seen Linda in almost a year, although they talked on the phone at least twice a month. Since Diane's marriage three years ago, she and Linda had only seen each other a few times. Diane thought of all the good times she'd had with her sister. They'd gotten close when she was fifteen, and just started dating. Linda was three years older, and although she hadn't dated much, she helped Diane to remain true to her feelings and make good dating choices. Even after Diane finished high school she and Linda remained close. They both lived at home with their parents until Linda moved a couple of hundred miles away to pursue her acting career. A couple of years later Diane moved out when she married Lee. Lee pulling into the garage startled Diane from her reverie.





David and Linda were traveling up the interstate. He was driving, and she was sitting next to him. She reminded him, "While were visiting, don't call me Mistress in front of Lee. When he's around, you're just my boyfriend."


"Yes Mistress."


Linda smiled. Even after being together a year, it still thrilled her when David called her Mistress. She closed her eyes and remembered how she'd met David. She was acting with a local theater group. One of the actors had brought his friend, David, to help with set construction. David was a pretty good carpenter, and they finished quickly. Linda watched him as he worked, and decided she'd like to know him better. They went out to get some coffee, and walked along the riverfront for a couple of hours, just talking. They went out a few times before she'd invited him up to her apartment. She'd been seeing him for a couple of months when he asked her to tie him up and whip him. She remembered how surprised she felt, but she did it. At first, being dominant was another role to play, but she discovered that she really liked how it felt to have him sexually subservient and serve her.



Linda lit a cigarette and watched the trees pass by. Before she'd met David she'd always tried to quit, but just couldn't. Now, smoking gave her something to do while she was teasing or tormenting him. She wanted to tease him now, but she didn't want to stop anywhere. After she finished the cigarette she reclined the car seat, pulled her skirt up, and put her hand in her panties. She rubbed her clit, slowly at first, then faster and faster until she had an orgasm. Knowing David was glancing at her while he was driving made her grin. She took her hand out and held her fingers in front of his face. He licked the wet fingers until she took her hand away, pulled her skirt down, and raised the seat back up.


"Thank you Mistress." David enjoyed glancing at Linda pleasure herself and was happy to be with a woman that understood how he wanted to be treated. At work and in life everyone else expected him to act like a macho man, when what made him happy was to make a woman feel special. He enjoyed how Linda grinned so much when she teased or tormented him, almost like a child on Christmas morning.


Lee and Diane came out as David pulled up in the driveway. Lee helped with the bags, while Diane and Linda hugged. They went inside and sat down in the living room.


Lee asked, "Would anyone like a drink?"


Linda answered, "Sure, rum and coke."


Diane said, "I'll just have gin and tonic."


Lee mixed the drinks and brought them to the living room. "David, would you like anything?"


David asked, "Do you have a beer?"


Lee smiled and answered, "Budweiser and Heineken. Which would you like?"


"Budweiser, thanks."


Lee got a Budweiser for David and a Heineken for himself. Lee and David sipped on their beers while Diane and Linda caught up on family happenings. Diane noticed the time and said, "I'd better check on dinner."


David asked, "Can I help you?"


Diane answered, "Sure, I could use your help." They got up and went into the kitchen. Lee looked at Linda, and noticed she was grinning. "So, how's the acting going?"


"Great. I'm playing the role of Marjorie in "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife"."


"Super. Tell me all about it."


Linda talked about her role while Lee listened. In the kitchen, Diane turned the chicken in the oven and started making the mashed potatoes and boiling water for the corn. She looked up and asked David, "How do you like being Linda's sex slave?"


David grinned and answered, "I prefer to think of myself as Linda's servant, ma'am."


"Oh please, don't call me ma'am. That makes me feel so old."


"As you wish, Mis, uh, Diane."


"That's better. Do you do anything that Linda tells you to do?"


"Generally, yes."


"Wow. Would you do anything I told you to do?"


"I only obey my Mistress, not all women. But since she's already told me to answer your questions and obey you, then yes Diane, I'd probably do anything you told me to do."


Diane stirred the mashed potatoes. "Unzip your pants and pull out your cock."


David unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was semi-erect, about five inches long and about an inch thick.


Diane smiled and said, "Looks a bit limp. Get it hard for me."


David stroked his cock a few times until it was erect.


"That's much better. You have a nice sized cock."


David's face flushed. "Thank you Diane."


Diane put the corn in the boiling water, then looked at David. "You can put it away now."


David put his cock back in his pants and pulled the zipper up. "Yes Diane."


Diane spooned the mashed potatoes into a serving bowl. "Linda and I have been talking on the phone about your relationship for several months, and it sounds fascinating. I asked you to do the first thing that popped into my head, and was pleased when you obeyed so quickly and easily. That was the first time in a long time a man just did something I told him to do."


David looked at the floor and asked, "Could you show me where you keep things, in case Mistress wants me to get her something?"


Diane showed David where the dishes and silverware were kept. He looked through the pantry while she finished preparing dinner. They served dinner on the dining room table, and Linda and Lee came to sit down. Dinner was quiet. David and Linda helped Diane clean up the dinner dishes. Linda yawned and said, "If you don't mind, we'd like to go to bed. It's been a long day."


Diane said, "Sure. We'll see you in the morning." Linda and David went into the guest bedroom. Diane turned to Lee and asked, "How do you feel?"


Lee answered, "I'm a little tired, too."


Diane snuggled up to him and whispered, "How about we take a shower together, then see what happens."


Lee smiled. "That sounds like a great idea. Let's go."


Diane and Lee took a shower together. They held each other and kissed while the warm water caressed their bodies. After the shower, they cuddled for a while, and then Diane gave Lee a slow sensuous blowjob. Diane fell asleep cuddling with Lee.




The guest bedroom had a private shower. Linda commanded, "I'm going to take a shower while you unpack. Put my robe on the vanity."


"Yes Mistress." Linda went into the bathroom, got undressed, and turned on the shower. David unpacked the suitcases and put everything away, except his slave cuffs. He put the robe on the vanity just as Linda turned off the shower. She waited until she heard him close the bathroom door to step out of the shower and dry off. She put the robe on and went into the bedroom. David was already naked and kneeling on the floor by the bathroom door. "Take a quick shower."


"Yes Mistress." David got up and took a shower while Linda sat down on the bed and checked the slave cuffs. She had bought him a pair of leather wrist restraints and a pair of leather ankle restraints. A chain attached to the wrist restraints could be locked to anything, keeping him any place she wanted. She was about to get up and order him out of the shower when she heard the water stop running. He came back to the bed, and knelt down in front of her. She looked down and asked him, "How many orgasms have I had?"


"Seventeen, Mistress," David answered. He looked down at the floor in front of the bed.


"I'm too tired tonight. Get up."


David stood up, turned around, and put his hands behind his back. Linda buckled the wrist and ankle restraints. He knelt down on a velour blanket by the side of the bed. She ran the chain through the ankle restraints, then locked it to the foot of the bed. She left little of the chain free, so he couldn't straighten his back. She liked to see him kneeling this way because it made his cock look even more exposed.


Linda stood up in front of David, and took off her robe. His cock grew. The only time he saw her naked now was after he was bound. She sat down on the side of the bed, took out a cigarette, and lit it. She took a puff, and glanced over at him. His cock was fully erect. She smiled and smoked the cigarette while he watched. After she finished the cigarette, she turned off the lamp and slipped under the covers. She could hear him moving to lie down. She thought about masturbating, but she decided to go to sleep. Besides, she could have him eat her tomorrow night, when she wasn't as tired. She smiled as she thought about how much he liked to eat her pussy.


David felt a cool breeze on his chest and cock. The short chain forced him to lie on his side with his back bent. His cock was still throbbing, and he knew it would be a while before he could sleep. Mistress was the most beautiful woman in the world, especially when she smoked naked. Her breasts were magnificent. It'd been nine months since he'd last touched them. He thought about how soft they'd felt and how her nipples would harden when he ran his fingers or tongue over them. He thought about how much pleasure he gave Mistress with his tongue. She'd taught him how she liked best to be eaten, and gave him plenty of opportunities to practice. He drifted off to sleep, thinking about Mistress.


Linda got up the next morning and put on her robe. David was awake, looking up at her. She took her time in the bathroom. David's cock was so erect in the morning, and she loved to see that. She unlocked the chain from the bed, and unbuckled the restraints. David went to the bathroom while she got dressed. David got dressed, and they went down to the kitchen to make some breakfast.


Diane and Lee got dressed and came down while Linda and David were eating. After breakfast, they went to the harbor and spent the morning seeing the aquarium. They lunched at Planet Hollywood, and did some shopping in the afternoon. They were tired by the time they got home, but a shower made everyone feel a little better. No one was in the mood for dinner, so they went into the living room wearing their robes. Lee made drinks for Linda and Diane, and got a beer for David and himself. They were sitting around talking when Linda brought up the subject of sex.


"Lee, what's the wildest thing you and Diane have done in bed?"


"Um, I'm not sure Diane wants me to say."


Diane looked at Lee and said, "Go ahead Lee, you can tell her. She's my sister."


Lee took a swig of beer. "Ok then. One night I fucked Diane in the ass."


Linda looked surprised. "Oh my. How did it feel, Diane?"


Diane looked at Lee, then Linda. "It felt really great. Lee took it nice and easy, and when his cock was inside me I felt really full. I came, and it felt totally different than a regular orgasm."


Lee looked at Linda. "And what's the wildest thing you and David have done in bed?"


Linda smiled. "I tied David up and had him eat my pussy until I couldn't stand it any more, before I let him loose. Have you ever let Diane tie you up, Lee?"


"No, I haven't. I haven't tied her up either. I think that's just too kinky for Diane and I."


"Oh, really." Linda looked at Diane. "Would you like to tie Lee up?"


Diane looked at Lee, then back at Linda. "I've thought about it, but I've never had the nerve to ask Lee if he'd let me."


Lee looked at Diane. "I had no idea you'd wanted to do something like that."


Linda grinned at Lee. "How 'bout it Lee. If you let Diane tie you to the rocker you're sitting in, I'll make it worth your while."


Lee looked at Diane. She was grinning. She didn't seem upset with what her sister had just suggested. "Well, it's not my idea of fun, but if Diane wants to tie me up, then sure, she can."


Diane got up and came back with four pieces of rope. She knelt down and tied Lee's ankles to the chair. She stood up and tied his wrists to the armrests. She walked behind the sofa and picked up a ball gag that Linda had put there. Lee let Diane strap the ball gag behind his head. When she finished, she stepped to the front of the chair and pulled his robe open. His cock was semi-erect. She stroked it a few times to make it erect, then sat down on the sofa.


Linda stood up and let her robe fall to the floor. Lee had never seen Linda naked before, and his cock twitched. Linda's breasts were much bigger and rounder than Diane's, and her nipples were more pronounced. Linda's pussy hair was neatly trimmed, and made her pussy look larger and more inviting. Linda knelt down in front of Lee and started licking his cock. She licked it like an ice cream cone for a while before she put her mouth around it and gently sucked.


David turned to Diane and whispered, "What would you like?"


Diane was watching her sister with interest, and didn't understand David. She turned and said "Huh?"


"What would you like me to do for you?"


"Uh, I don't know."


"Would you like me to eat you?"


Diane thought for a moment about cheating on Lee, before she remembered that her sister was giving him a blowjob. She turned to David and whispered, "Yes, I'd like that."


David knelt on the floor in front of Diane. She opened her legs, and he used his hands to open her pussy and move the hair out of the way. He hadn't touched a woman in several months, and her thighs felt soft in his hands. He moved his face to her pussy, and exhaled a couple of times. She twitched as she felt the warm breath on her pussy. He licked around her pussy before focusing on her clit. He took his time and patiently worked his tongue around her pussy and clit.


She relaxed and it wasn't until after the third orgasm that she pushed his head away. David got up and sat on the sofa next to Diane.


Diane looked over at Lee. Linda was sucking and licking his still rigid cock. He could never have waited that long to come, unless he was tied up. Diane watched, fascinated, as Linda teased his cock for another twenty minutes before letting him orgasm.


Lee closed his eyes and slumped in the chair. He'd been squirming around for so long that he was exhausted when he came. Linda stood up, grinned at her sister, put her robe back on, and sat down. Diane got up, took the ball gag off, and untied him. When he recovered some, the first thing he said was, "Wow. That was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had."


Linda grinned and asked, "Did I make it worth your while, Lee?"


Lee grinned and said, "Yes Linda, you did."


Linda turned to Diane and said, "I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some dinner. Let's put something together."


Diane smiled at her sister and said, "Let's call Papa John's."


"I don't know if I can wait that long, but sure, let's order The Works."


Diane got up and ordered two medium pizzas. Lee made another round of drinks and Diane and Linda talked until the pizza arrived. After dinner Lee and Diane went to bed. Diane told Lee, "I'd like to stay up a while and talk to my sister. She's leaving tomorrow."


Lee replied, "Sure. I'm tired anyway, and I just want to go to sleep."


Smiling, Diane went over to Linda's room. David was naked and kneeling on the floor by the side of the bed. Linda was sitting on the bed. Diane whispered, "Am I interrupting something?"


Linda giggled and said, "No, we're waiting for you. Sit over there and watch. Please don't say anything until after we're in the living room."


Diane nodded and sat down. Linda got up and took a quick shower. When she came back, she sat down on the side of the bed and told David, "Take a quick cold shower and come back."


"Yes Mistress." David got up, took a shower, and knelt down before Linda. She looked down and asked him, "How many orgasms have I had?"


"Seventeen, Mistress," David answered. He looked down at the floor.


"Not quite yet. Get up."


David stood up, turned around, and put his hands behind his back. Linda buckled the wrist and ankle restraints. He knelt down in front of her while she lay back on the bed. He licked and sucked until Linda had two orgasms and pushed his head away. He crawled on the velour blanket. She ran the chain through the ankle restraints, then locked it to the foot of the bed. She left more chain free tonight, so he could kneel straight.


Linda stood up and took off her robe. She sat down on the side of the bed, took out a cigarette, and lit it. She took a puff, and glanced over at him. His cock was fully erect. She smiled and glanced over at her sister. Linda smoked the cigarette while he watched. After she finished the cigarette, she stood up, patted him on the head, and said, "I'm going to visit with my sister for a while. Stay kneeling until I get back." She put her robe on, motioned to Diane, and they went into the living room.



As soon as they sat down, Linda turned to Diane and asked, "How did you like my performance?"


"I saw it but I still don't quite believe it. Why does David count your orgasms?"


"We came up with that a while ago. I don't let him masturbate until he's given me at least twenty orgasms. The ones I give myself don't count. Sometimes I make him wait until he's given me twenty-five."


Diane's mouth hung open. "Oh my God. I can't imagine how horny David must be all the time. You are a bitch with a capital B."


"Aren't I?" Linda grinned. "While we're sitting here talking and enjoying ourselves, David's kneeling next to the bed, naked and bound, thinking of nothing but me. Anyway, he seems to like the arrangement, so why should I complain."


"Hmmm, you have a point. Why did you take your robe off after David ate you? Wouldn't you want to get comfortable while he's eating you?"


"I don't like David to see me naked unless he's restrained. When I was sitting naked on the side of the bed smoking, I was teasing him."


"Teasing him? How?"


"I don't know why, but David thinks a naked smoking woman is very erotic. I think he'd orgasm if he saw two naked smoking women at the same time. Would you like to help me find out?"


"Um, you know I quit smoking when I got married."


"So pretend. Will you help me?"


"I'll think about it."




Diane sat silent for awhile. "What's the cruelest thing you've ever done to David?"


"I'm not sure what you'd consider cruel, but once I tied him to the footboard by his cock and had him stand all night while I slept."


"I don't understand. What do you mean, tied by his cock?"


"I had him stand at the foot of the bed. I tied his wrists together behind his back, his ankles together, and his cock and balls to the footboard. He couldn't move, and if he stumbled and fell, he'd have probably ripped his cock off. He had to stand awake at the foot of the bed all night while I slept."


Diane looked shocked. "Why would he let you do that? That sounds like torture."


"For some reason, he let me. I think he was proud that he stood awake all night while I slept, just because I wanted him to. The other cruel thing I did was bringing home an actor friend of David's one night. He'd heard about how I dominated David, and was curious. I tied David up and had him kneel by the sofa and watch while we had drinks and made out. Later, he knelt by the side of the bed and watched us while we fucked. I had David lick the pussy juice off his cock, and eat me to a couple more orgasms while my friend lay beside me and watched."




Diane was almost numb. "Why would you do that to David? Aren't you afraid of hurting his feelings?"


"Because I could. The more I torment David, the more he seems to like it, and me. He adores me and worships me, while I treat him like a dog."


"That reminds me, do you make David sleep on the floor every night?"


"Yes. He is not allowed to sleep in the bed with me."


"Do you feed him in a dog bowl?"


Linda laughed. "I haven't gone that far yet, but now that you mention it, it might be fun for him to eat that way once in a while."


Diane sat thoughtful for a while. She said quietly. "It's almost the opposite with Lee and I. He's never once eaten me, although I give him a blowjob once or twice a week. He's usually considerate, but sometimes I think he takes me for granted."


"Lee has never eaten you?"


"Nope. The last time I was eaten, I was still dating in high school."


"You poor dear. You don't know what you're missing."


"Before today, I didn't. I felt so relaxed when David was eating me while you were teasing Lee. From now on, he's going down on me some of the time."


"That's the spirit. Sis, can I ask you for a big favor?"


"Sure Linda, what?"


"Um, it's been a couple of months since anyone's touched me. Would you mind, um, cuddling with me like we used to?"


"If you let David in bed with you, you wouldn't have this problem." Diane teased.


"Please Diane."


"Maybe I should have you kneel on the floor and beg like a dog. I'll have to think about it."


Linda sat on the floor and put her head in Diane's lap. Diane stoked her hair for a few minutes, and said "Uh, come up here and kiss me." Diane helped Linda up and kissed her. They kissed and cuddled on the sofa for a while.


Diane sat back on the sofa grinning. Linda asked, "What are you thinking?"


Diane replied, "I've got an idea. The cigarette smell on your breath is bothering me a little. I'd like you to brush your teeth. David's still kneeling in your room. We can have sex on the bed while he watches, and afterwards, we can see if two naked smoking women makes him orgasm."


Linda grinned at Diane. "Why Diane, you're becoming quite the bitch yourself. That's a great idea."


They go back to Linda's room. Linda unlocks David's chain and commands, "Stand up by the foot of the bed."


David stands up and Linda goes into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Linda and Diane take off their robes and embrace. They get in bed and fondle and suck on each other's nipples. Linda gets a vibrator from the end table, and they take turns using it on each other. After they're both satiated, Linda rolls over and gets cigarettes and a lighter from the end table. Linda lights a cigarette, then Diane lights one. They sit up in bed and smoke.


David's cock is throbbing, but he doesn't orgasm. He thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Watching his Mistress and her sister pleasure each other was stimulating. The smell of sex filled the room. Two women naked and smoking a cigarette at the same time was one of the more erotic things he'd ever seen. He thought how lucky he was that two women would think enough of him to be that relaxed and intimate right in front of him.


After they finish their cigarettes, Diane kisses Linda goodnight and leaves. Linda gets up, locks David's chain to the foot of the bed, turns off the light, and goes to sleep. David lies down and takes a while before he calms down enough to fall asleep. Diane brushes her teeth, and goes to bed.




Lee gets up Sunday morning and gets ready for his regular golf game. He kisses Diane goodbye. Diane straightens up downstairs until Linda and David get up.


Linda kisses Diane. "Good morning."


"Good morning Linda. Did you sleep well?"


"Like a baby. Six or seven orgasms will do that." They both laugh. Linda turns to David. "Make us some breakfast. We'll be on the sofa, cuddling."


"Yes Mistress." David goes in the kitchen to make some eggs and toast.


Linda and Diane sit on the sofa and kiss until he brings breakfast. David kneels by the sofa while Linda and Diane eat breakfast. After they're finished, Linda commands, "Clean up this mess."


"Yes Mistress." David takes the dirty dishes into the kitchen and cleans up. When he comes back, Linda and Diane are kissing. He waits by the sofa.


Linda stops and says, "Oh, you're back. Diane, is there some housework David can do for you?"


"Sure. David, go clean the guest bathroom and the master bathroom."


"Yes Mistress." David goes upstairs. He imagines his Mistress standing behind him with a whip as he scrubs the toilet and the bathtub in both bathrooms, then mops the floors.


After David goes upstairs Linda turns to Diane and says, "Wow, you're getting to be quite the dominant."


Diane kisses Linda. "I never would have thought of myself as dominant, but it is so much fun to have a man do what you tell him to. I wonder if I can train Lee as well as you've trained David?'


Linda laughed. "You'll only know if you try."


Linda and Diane cuddle until David comes back downstairs. Linda commands, "Go get the trimming kit and a towel from upstairs. I want you to trim Diane's pussy hairs like you trim mine."


"Yes Mistress." David goes upstairs and brings back a towel and the trimming kit.


Diane gets up while David puts the towel on the sofa. She sits down, and opens her robe and legs for him. He trims her pussy hairs until it looks as trim and neat as Linda's. David takes the towel and trimming kit upstairs, and returns.


Linda asks David, "How many orgasms have I had?"


"Nineteen, Mistress."


"I know I usually make you wait until at least twenty, but since we're at my sister's, I'll make an exception so she can watch you masturbate. Kneel and get ready."


David kneels down in front of the sofa with his hands at his sides. Linda stands up, takes off her robe, and sits down. Diane does the same. Linda lights a cigarette, and gives one to Diane. After a couple of puffs, Linda commands, "Start."


David looks up at his Mistresses and strokes his cock. When Linda sees he's getting too hard, she commands. "Stop." Linda finishes her cigarette and lights another before she commands "Start."


Diane watches David as Linda lets him masturbate, then has him stop. David is so excited he can hardly stand it, but he knows he must follow Mistress' commands. Watching two naked women smoke is so arousing. Linda finishes three cigarettes, and Diane two, before Linda lets David orgasm. "Go clean yourself up, and bring your wrist restraints back."


"Yes Mistress."


After David goes upstairs, Diane turns to Linda and says, "You are such a super bitch. Even when he's masturbating, you're teasing him."


"You think that's bitchy. At home, I have him masturbate while kneeling on the dining room tile floor. I make him lick up every drop of come that hits the floor before he cleans up. Of course, while he's licking, more come drips from his hand, so it takes him a while to finish."


Diane looks at Linda. "You are the ultimate bitch. I sit in awe of you."


David comes back with the wrist restraints. Linda buckles the restraints, then commands. "Eat Diane first. After she orgasms, then eat me. Alternate until we've had enough, or until you wear out." Linda laughed. "And don't forget, you owe me one extra orgasm for letting you masturbate today."


David kneels down in front of Diane, and brings her to an orgasm with his tongue. He crawls over to Linda, and brings her to an orgasm. Back and forth he crawls, until after Linda's fifth orgasm, she says, "That's enough. You did a great job. Go pack up our things."


"Yes Mistress."


Linda unbuckled the wrist restraints, and David went upstairs to pack. She kissed Diane and said, "I have to get dressed now. I hope to see you soon."


"I think we'll be down to visit you in a few months. I'm not going to let Lee have his way so much anymore. There's going to be some changes around here."


Linda smiled. "Way to go, girl." Linda went upstairs and got dressed while David loaded the car. Diane gave her a hug as she and David drove off.





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