Cuckold Story




The First Time I Slept Over

by Diapered Cuckold





My Princess has instructed me to write about the first time I was allowed to sleepover at Her and Her boyfriend's house and listen to a Real Man pound Her.


I hope the readers of this can believe its real. It is. Dreams can come true.


I'm in my early 30's and my Princess is in Her mid to late 20's. We are both in shape and lead active, interesting lives.


My Princess is my "just friends" girlfriend (yeah right - She would never ever say that we even dated) of 6 years who has been keeping me controlled, cuckolded, diapered, sissified and in chastity for the last 3.


She is about 5' 5", blonde, great athletic body with round, womanly curves. Her ass is like a upside down lower case "b". Pure perfect round booty. She has bright, wide anime eyes and huge C 36 tits. Basically she is a blonde beach bikini girl type and loves to dress to show it off. When we first met there was a brief drunken make out session (if that) between us, before She realized what a wimp I was. I already knew She was beyond out of my league. What basically happened was I ended up stealing Her panties, got caught, and then She found out out about my 3.5 inch cock and my diaper, cuckold and Femme Domme weaknesses.


I'm just a wimp like the rest of us. Smaller beta male. Sensitive, emotional somewhat artistic. Ripe with fetish weaknesses and sexual inadequacy. How I ever met Her and why I deserved to be so lucky I'm sure I will never know.


Enough background. I was directed not to be painfully detailed in my writing by my Princess. Perhaps more will come later.


My Princess has a boyfriend that She lives with, who is also Her Dominant Bull. From time to time I am invited socially to Princess and Her Bull's house for dinner and drinks or a movie night, a BBQ ect. Sometimes I am invited over just to clean while Princess watches TV while She ignores me.


On the weekends I am required to wait at home in thick diapers, sissified and basically staring at my phone or computer - waiting for Her to call / txt / mssg. So one weekend after spending all Friday night and Saturday day in pampers, waiting for a Princess to ring her bell - my Princess txts me and I get a invitation to come over for dinner and a movie at Her and Her Bull's house, which is on the outside of town.


Of course, I was to be in diapers (under my clothes) as Princess has slowly been breaking in Her Bull about my diapers, and my role in Her life. Amazingly Her Bull has been ok with things so far. This night was another "step" in that direction. In fact this time in addition to having to be diapered - I was *only* allowed to pack my diaper bag as a overnight bag, which is pink and very sissy looking. It was to be fully stocked and I was only allowed to bring the change of "vanilla clothes" I was wearing, and my pink sissy t-shirts and of course, diapers and the associated supplies. Princess told me She would be checking my bag and believe me when Princess says something - She means it. I was packing a overnight bag because we would be doing some drinking and maybe a little 420 - and being that they live in the country it was best if I pack a overnight bag. Princess is so sly like that.


I showered and got properly dressed and packed and headed over. I left my diaper bag out in my car, and my plan was to sneak it in later once the night wore on. Once I got inside and had a drink I became more relaxed as we talked and visited. We joked and watched a few downloaded TV shows and of course all the while I am sitting on one couch in diapers while my Princess and Her Bull sit on the other couch, cuddling and occasionally holding hands.


My Princess was dressed down ( rarely if ever dresses up for when I come over - only dresses for Her Bull and the public - everyone but me! ) but even then She is stunning and painfully beautiful. A tight top and Lulu lemon ass pants, Her cleavage was showing and Her perfect ass was warmly and tightly hugged. She knows exactly what every movement She makes does to me. She smirks as She walks across a room and I squirm in chastity and my pampers.


After another drink or so, my Princess was starting to talk about getting me over for regular cleaning and making openly semi-obvious statements as to my status in Her life. Her Bull, while being open minded, is more vanilla and traditional and my Princess has been easing him into things. He obviously has superiority but my Princess wants me in Her life just as much as Her Bull - and ( not to backtrack ) i was her cuckold and sissy maid before they even started dating so its been a steady ease-him-into -things type situation.


About a hour before I ended up going to bed, me and Princess were outside smoking some 420 and Her Bull was inside doing something. I then asked Her how I was going to bring my diaper bag in. To my panic, She informed me that I wasn't to hide my diaper bag from Her Bull and if he saw it "oh well" is exactly what She said. My Princess also informed me that She had made the spare bed in the spare room especially for me - satin silky sissy sheets, that I ironically paid for before She started sleeping with Her Bull regularly and he didn't like the sheets I think. So, as instructed, I went out to my car and got my big pink diaper bag and walked back in hoping Princess's Bull wasnt standing right in the doorway. Thankfully he wasnt and I put my diaper bag on the floor in the spare room and went back to the living room where Princess and Her Bull were sitting.


Time went by, another drink more convo and laughs. Princess got up a few times and I sat properly and was on my best behavior. Polite and respectful.


Remember what I said about Princess always "meaning it"?


Later on Princess and I went outside to get fresh air and Her Bull was busy doing something inside. Evidently while I was chatting with her Bull on the couch, my Princess was unpacking my entire diaper bag in the spare room, checking the contents and laying everything out on the bed. The bed of course was in plain view from the hallway - and it was the hallway that lead to the master suite, and of course Princess left the door wide open. My heart beat out of my chest.


Then the teasing and taunting began. "Do you think 3 diapers will be enough for you tonight"? She said as she was turning me around by my belt loop and patting my bum, making sure I was following my dress code. Her eyes were sparkling with devilish delight, glowing hot with the torment. Each word that left her soft, glossed lips increased my angst which fueled the flames of her fire. "I laid everything out on your bed sissy - such a organized diaper bag, what a good girl" She said. "I left the door open - I wonder if my Bull will notice your diapers all laid out - oh well". I studdered my way through the conversation while She reminded herself of other times in our past where she had exposed my pushover tendencies and exploited them for Her pleasure. I was told to be in thicker pampers and pink plastic panties that night - and She might be coming in my room to check up on me late at night. I was warned.


So bedtime came. I'm a cheap drunk anyways. I excused myself and went off to the spare room. Sure enough the door was wide open and there was a mini nursery spread out on the bed. I was mortified and wondered if Her Bull had seen everything... but the night was young. I heard them laughing and talking in the living room while I changed into my thicker nighttime diapers and pink plastic sissy panties. I felt like a absolute loser and wimp changing into diapers in my Princess and Her Bulls house - because that's exactly what I was.


I kept the door cracked and shut the light off and sat on the floor at the end of the bed by the door. I was instructed to have a soother in my mouth and that's exactly where it was. I listened to my Princess and Her Bull talk and laugh out in the living room - and then it got quiet, real quiet - I almost wondered if they passed out but then I heard voices again and they were walking down the hallway to the master bedroom - right beside my room. "Foreplay' I thought. Princess (in Her fashion) made a point to be sneaky and say "goodnight spare room" as She was passed by my door It was assumed I was asleep because it had been at least a 1/2 hour since I had retired to "pass out". We both knew I wouldn't be sleeping for awhile.


Now, up until this point I had never heard my Princess make a sexual noise, ever. I certainly never touched Her in a way that would make Her moan. Laugh, yes. Moan, no way. This is the girl I had fallen for years ago. She "just friend-ed" me - and completely cuckolded me before even formally taking me in as Her sissy cuckold. The object of my desire. I love Her...and two minutes after She said goodnight to the spare room I heard Her moan for the first time in my life when Her Bulls cock entered Her - and I have never, ever heard anything like it before.



At first they were just soft, feminine moans. I could hear soft kisses and skin touching skin. After about 5 minutes the soft moans gradually turned into rhythmic panting and louder more aggressive sounding moans complimented with lip biting, restrained pleas. Within 10 minutes I heard my Princess beg for it harder. "Harderrrrr Harderrrrr" She begged as the sounds of skin slapping and moaning mixed. Up until this point my view of my Princess was that of a ultra Dominant Alpha Female. As far as I knew she didn't take shit from anyone - even from Her Bull. She was 100% sexually dominant - or so I thought. Boy was I wrong. That idea went right down the hallway and out the door, just like the spanking sounds that taught me that my Princess was sexually submissive to Dominant Bulls with big, thick cocks. I had to sit there in pampers and *deal* with not only the sounds of Her being fucked by a cock 4.5 inches longer and probably at least twice as thick as mine - but come to terms with Her being spanked and begging for Her Bulls cock. I actually felt sick to my stomach for the first 10 minutes. But i also was completely tweaked and in deep sub space trance by then i was too numbed out to actually "be" sick.


I heard the weight of his cock slap against her a few times. He is just huge. I heard Her biting her bottom lip and "ooohing". I listened as each thrust made my Princess gasp for breath. She knew I was right there. Whether or not She was being extra loud for me or keeping it down because it was my first time - only time will tell. It went on for a hour and every second lasted a lifetime. It gradually got louder and faster and to my utter destruction She moaned out his "name" loudly. That just ruined me. I was so lost in subspace and then to hear my dream-girl and focus of so much sacrifice and devotion moan out another mans name while I sat in diapers dressed like a sissy, well it just sent me over the deep end. I had to chew my fist to prevent myself from screaming out Her name and pleading with them to stop or let me kiss Her feet while Her Bull continued to fuck Her. Of course if had screamed out, I would have got beat up in my pampers, laughed at and probably told to go home by both of them. So there I was. Trapped.


I heard all sorts of different positions being tryed from doggie-style to reverse cowgirl ( Princess's favorite ) and my Princess ended up cumming first - there was a break, a glass of water - and then Her Bull started pounding Her again for a 1/2 hour until he finished off and I heard muffled aggressive dirty talk, fast and frequent pumps and skin slapping until it stopped. Her Bull fucks her without a condom and my Princess regularly points out that since I buy *all* her panties for Her...I am paying for Her Bull to use them as cum sponges. He came in my Princess most certainly, or if not, came all over her perfect ass or huge, perfect tits.

He has complete access to Her entire body. Again, maybe there will be a update or expansion on that in the future. She has yet to tell me exactly what happened that night. I only have the sounds and my imagination to deal with.


All told I listened to my love, deepest crush and best friend get pounded for two and a half hours, while I sat closely by in diapers, locked in chastity at her demands. What actually kicked in a few weeks later was that I had never heard Her ( or anyone for that matter ) sound so sexy and beautiful in my life - but of course the context in which I heard it was completely pathetic and wimpy. The pushover reality of that still stings daily.


The whole night was a calculated and perfectly executed plan to humiliate me, re-enforce my status and my cuckolding - but also to share such a special thing with me. While we are not a traditional cuckold couple, my Princess makes sure that I know She wants me in Her life.


My Princess sounded so devastatingly hot. So sexy. I was lost in subspace and She was my guide. There was so much Femme Domme dialog and playful fetish teasing and innuendo before anyone even went to bed that if I put all the events of the night together it makes it easy to say that the night was the most highly erotic of my life. I said at the start that I hoped people believed me, because when my Princess told me to write about this I joked that it sounds so too good to be true - and that without dated and face pictures nobody will ever believe us. Perhaps one day we may post pictures or expand on our lives but please enjoy this story however you can. It is true, and like I said - my dreams are coming true daily. We both push each other and are constantly discovering things together. I am so lucky to have my Princess. I love her and adore Her. She is the most beautiful and sexist woman alive to me. She owns me, and I'm so lucky and the better for it.



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