Cuckold Story


The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Blue




Picture the scene if you will. It was our wedding anniversary so I'd surprised my gorgeous wife with a weekend away staying in a medieval castle in Scotland. It had been converted into a luxury hotel and spa with just a dozen themed rooms complete with super king sized four poster beds. My teasing spouse had suggested in fun that we book two rooms, one for her and her lover and another for me. She'd been seeing Dave, her current suiter with increasing frequency for the past six months. This was a record for her as she usually became bored with a lover quite quickly. Since we had agreed to try converting our happy vanilla marriage into a cuckolding one some five years ago, many of her chosen lovers failed to reach her high standards and did not make it past the first date.


Dave, however, was different, as she delighted in teasing me. It was a new experience for me to see my stunning little wife give every indication of becoming increasingly infatuated with another man. Seeing her have sex with another man was a total massocistic blast for me with all the jealousy and cuckold angst that went with it. The prospect of her falling in love though, of seeing her 'make love' to another man, that was a whole different ball game and, indeed, to my shame, it was my ultimate goal. That's why I took her at her word and invited Dave to join us so that we could cellebrate two anniversaries, mine and my wife's of twenty years alongside his and my wife's of six months.






My wife and I arrived first and once esconced in our room I surprised her with a bottle of chilled champagne. I poured her a glass and was just about to pour my own when she stopped me.

'You know where you drink from my darling husband,' she grinned as she sat in an armchair and pointed at her feet.

With pleasure I immediately knelt and kissed the tops of her black leather court shoes. 'Please may I drink from your shoe mistress?' I grovelled.

'I'll think about it while you suck my toes slave,' she answered.

I was in heaven as I removed her right shoe and gently began kissing her toes through the dark black reinforced toe section of her silk stockings. My nose filled with the scent of warm leather and expensive perfume as I respectfully took her toes into my devoted mouth, licking and sucking as I did.

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Eventually she dug the four inch heel of her other shoe into my back and drew back her foot freeing it from its leather prison with a wooshing sound that had my already aching cock straining yet harder still at the unyielding metal walls of its prison.

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I had been wearing the Lorie's Tube constantly for two months now. Fixed as it was via a built in locking mechanism that slotted through a piercing in my cock, there was no way for me to remove it short of cutting it off with a metal cutting power saw. No way was that happening! My wife carried the only key with her always, on a gold chain around her gorgeous neck. If anyone asked about it she would always laugh and tell them it was the key to her husband's heart. Not so far from the truth - little did they know!

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Taking my que I switched my attentions to her other dainty smooth little foot and was rewarded for my labour when, eventually, she gave me permission to pour some champagne into one of her shoes.

I was there, on my knees at the feet of my darling wife sipping champagne from her shoe as she sipped hers in the traditional way from a glass, when there was a knock on the door connecting our room with the one next to it.

'Answer the door slave,' ordered my imperious mistress.


I opened the door and Dave smiled as he shook my hand. I felt totally awkward as I always did when there was any interaction between us. It was much easier when he ignored my presence and I was relieved when he spotted my wife, his girlfriend, getting up from her chair behind me. My stomache twisted in jealousy as they embraced and kissed deeply as if they were the couple and I was incidental to either of them. My poor deprived cock insisted on forcing itself futilely against   the unmovable walls of its prison as I watched Dave twist the fingers of one hand into my wife's long dark hair, while his other hand dropped to cup her ass possesivly. He was taller than her at six feet to her five feet two inches so she had to tilt back her head to accept the forceful probing of his tongue. Her own arms were wrapped around his neck as their kissing went on and on.


Finally, my wife, Michelle, slipped one arm from around Dave's neck and I watched spellbound as her dainty fingers carressed the more than impressive bulge in the front of his trousers. Part of me wished I was in his place while another part was glad to be afforded the oportunity to witness my darling wife enjoying such passion from an outsiders perspective. She was so beautiful and passionate when aroused and worthy of the scrutiny only possible from a position outside of the action. At least that was my excuse to myself. In actual fact I was not at all sure I could remember her ever being so obviously in lust with me.


She had been entirely faithful for the first fifteen years of our marriage. Indeed it had taken many hours of gentle persuasion over several months to finally persuade her to have a date with another man. Even then, it took three attempts and a great deal of reassurance from me before she finally felt comfortable enough to have sex with her chosen beau.


Over the past five years, however, her interest and her ability to fulfill my wildest fantasies had grown hugely. At my suggestion we had introduced chastity, orgasm control, ruined orgasms

and so much more until I was now putty in her delicate hands. I loved her more than ever. I was constantly horny for her and desperate to accomodate her every wish. It was five years since we began experimenting with various chastity devices, three years since we settled on the custom made steel tube which was now my constant companion. The tube was removed once a week, under strict supervision, for cleaning. The only other removals being for milking with an Aneros Wand every two weeks and for a special treat which was awarded on the basis of good behaviour about once every four to six weeks. More of that later.

As part of the run up to this weekend cellebration I had been allowed neither milking nor special treat for two months, or nine weeks, so you can imagine my state!


I held my breath as Michelle unzipped Dave's jeans and slid her hand inside. He let out a deep groan as she grasped his manhood and began to lead him toward the bed by it.


'Fuck I've missed you baby!' he laughed.

'But it's only two weeks since you saw me,' replied Michelle.

'Yea two weeks too long. I am gonna fuck you silly!'

'I should hope you are, baby. Oh, just a minute sweetheart.'

Looking round her boyfriend my wife addressed me in the way I hated/loved.

'Slave, get out! Go wait in Dave's room. I'll call you when I want you'.

Shit, I was so hoping they were going to let me watch!

'Yea, run along now slave while I fuck your wife's brains out,' Dave added.


I hated when he talked to me that way. It made me feel so humiliated, so small and pathetic in front of the woman I loved. It was all part of the game though. After all, it was me who had encouraged Michelle to take things further, to move on from one time meetings. At first I had thought that if my wife saw a guy only once it would protect our relationship by removing any possibility of her developing feelings for another man. I'd read it is always a risk and that many women had trouble separating the act of sex from the emotional feelings that went with it.


After a while though, I'd come to realise that being exposed to that risk added enormously to the excitement involved. The frustration, humiliation, every feeling involved was magnified if there were real feelings between the wife and her lover. At first Michelle played on my emotions by seeing some men more than once and pretending to develop feelings for them. It was such excuisite torture for me and I loved her for it. Even though I knew she was acting, she was so good at it, I fell for it every time.


Dave seemed different though. She had been seeing him with increasing frequency for nearly a year now. Also, he was the first of her lovers to take an active interest and even, on occassion, to take part in my teasing and humiliation. The others had pretty much just put up with my presence as a price worth paying to fuck such a gorgeous woman. Dave though, he seemed to relish the way Michelle treated me. In fact, I suspected that he even suggested some things to Michelle.


The other difference was the way my wife 'acted' with him. She'd always been convincing but usually admitted it was an act eventually. Not so with Dave. If she was acting with him she deserved an Oscar! And she had refused to give in and admit it was an act, teasing me mercilessly about his prowess as a lover.


So, like the good cuckolded husband I was, I left and closed the connecting door behind me, accompanied by gales of laughter from my unfaithful spouse as her boyfriend began tearing off her clothes and throwing them across the room. As the door clicked shut behind me I leant against it and thought about how much I'd spent buying those clothes especially for our weekend away together. My eyes closed as my right hand went to the front of my trousers carressing the unyielding steel tube that held my unwanted manhood captive. I'd never needed to cum more in my life!


From what I could hear through the connecting door they wasted no time in getting right down to it. In the past when I'd been my wife's only lover, I'd always spent lots of time wooing her. Kissing her softly, caressing through her clothes, undressing her slowly. Then, once she was naked I'd kiss her all over before going down on her to lap at the velvet folds of her pussy. Usually I'd go on until she came, knowing that it was unlikely she would cum on my cock. She always put on a good show of enjoying having me inside her but somehow I always suspected that she prefered my tongue.


So how was it that with Dave all she wanted was him inside her as quickly as possible. How come she was instantly wet enough to take him in with no foreplay at all. Shit, there she was cumming already after, what, five minutes maybe? Take off the time it must have taken to roll on a rubber, and the facts spoke for themselves. I felt like a failure as a husband. Then I heard the deep animal grunts as he unloaded his undeniably masculine sperm into the tip of the condom which was the only thing that separated this animal from my darling wife. Great! So now I felt like a failure as a man! So why was my cock trying harder than ever to burst out of its prison?


No way could I put up with the pain in my groin and the twist in my guts, but, at the same time, I felt like I was high! I was on another plain, mentally. It was intoxicating! I don't know how else to explain it. I was totally addicted!


I decided to try to watch some tv to get a break from the emotional turmoil but after about an hour I heard my wife calling me. I had high hopes of finally getting some relief after two long months of denial. As I entered the room I could smell sex in the air and my cock gave an involuntary twitch, sensing or at least seeing some hope of freedom. I was relieved to see that Dave wasn't there, unless he was in the bathroom and excited when Michelle told me to fetch my 'torch' from the case. It's actually a Flesh Lite but we call it the torch for obvious reasons.


You remember I mentioned earlier the occassional treats my cruel spouse allows for what she considers good behaviour? Well, until about a year ago, these took the form of teasing handjobs from her, often resulting in a ruined orgasm. It was me who encouraged her always to be more and more unrelenting in her cruelty. It was such a turn on to know that she happily did things for her lovers that she would not do for me. When she announced that I would never be allowed to penetrate her again and that such a priviledge would go to other men of her choosing I could have melted with love for her. Being allowed entrance to her gorgeous mouth was out of the question and so I had to make do with her hand. Eventually even that priviledge became quite rare when she read about milking and had me purchase an Aneros Wand. She began tying me on all fours on the dining room table and using the wand on my prostate. It took only a little practice for her to get it right and her ability to drain my balls improved to the point where it now took only about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of mild pleasure tinged with humiliation became my reward for several weeks of cruel denial.


When Dave came into our lives and my wife decided to 'go steady' her inventiveness grew yet more. She bought me a Flesh Lite for my birthday, informing me that, apart from the chastity tube, this was the only thing that would ever touch my tiny excuse for a cock (her words). There would be no intercourse, no blowjobs, not even a ruined handjob to look forward to. The closest I would have to sex, the closest I could be to my darling wife, would be using a piece of plastic while she watched and laughed.


Even in that, I was restricted. The routine was always the same and this occassion would be no different. At my loving wife's instruction I wedged the Flesh Lite under the matress with the open end facing outwards. At home I did the same but with a couch, my wife sat at one end crossing and uncrossing her incredible nylon covered legs and teasing me by slipping her sexy shoe or slipper on and off, letting it dangle from her toes while I stared at it transfixed.


Michelle had obviously planned this as the hight of the mattress was almost exactly the same as our couch at home - cock hight for me on my knees in other words. First though, as usual, she used handcuffs to secure my hands behind me before allowing me the priveledge of demeaning myself by applying my tongue to the plastic pussy. I worked with gusto, partly to please my wife in the hope that she would take pity on me and partly to make sure the outside and first inch or so inside of the plastic vagina were well lubricated.


At the command I ceased my ministrations and sat back to await further commands. Seating herself on the bed with back propped against some pillows my wife smiled at me.


'Dave has gone for a long swim and a sauna so I thought we might play. That is, if you don't mind sweetheart?'

'Not at all......thank you'. I smiled back nervously.


Why was I nervous? Well, from day one my wife had surprised and pleased me with her cruelty and inventiveness in our little games. I had worked hard to convince her that the more cold hearted and cruel she was toward me the more I enjoyed it. The more nastily and unfairly she treated me, the more I loved her. Not an easy thing to get your head around but she did it in time. Boy did she! So I was kneeling there in desperate anticipation of some blessed sexual relief knowing full well that it could be denied to me if my behaviour did not meet her exacting standards. Or, quite possibly, simply for her ammusement. Yes, it had taken a long time but I really believed we had crossed a bridge. We had gone from her hurting me, physically and mentally, because she knew I wanted it, to her actually enjoying it.


Hence my immence relief when she took the key from around her kneck and unlocked my chastity tube and, with some difficulty, managed to pull it off. My poor deprived cock immediately sprang up ready for action.

'My, my, aren't you eager for your little plastic pussy? You love your little pussy don't you?'

'Yes Mistress'. I replied eagerly. No way was I messing this up.


'Now you'd better run to the bathroom and get a towel, we don't want any mess on the carpet do we?'

Running with your hands cuffed behind you is neither easy nor dignified but I didn't care, especially when I reached the bathroom and heard my cruel mistress shout, 'You'd better hurry up cucky, or I might get bored and decide not to bother'.

Running even faster, I got back and, with difficulty, arranged the towel on the floor in front of the 'torch'.


I was panting and shaking, not from the run but from the excitement of being allowed to finally cum. Two months is a hell of a long time to go with absolutely no relief! Well, to be honest, its too long. After about six weeks I'd had an involuntary wet dream. I guess the system just had to clear out some of that backed up spunk. It didn't help any the way my devious spouse paraded around in front of me in sexy clothes and shoes then left me to go out with Dave. Her return was worse still as she'd make me lick her shoes clean inside and out then suck her knickers and stockings clean in my mouth. Of course then I had to hand wash them properly. Seeing them drying on the radiator drove me bonkers thinking of her lover pulling them down and ravishing her, driving his big hard cock into the depths of the velvet pussy that should be mine and mine alone.

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But, I digress. Back to the Flesh Lite. I knelt there in front of it, the tip of my tumescent organ quivering just millimetres from its entrance, looking up at my wonderful goddess. Her long dark hair shone with vitality. Her expensive makeup was smudged in places from Dave's lovemaking. She was wearing her cute new wire framed specs, probably because she knew how they drove me insane with lust for her. Especially after she 'christened' them by having Dave cum all over them. I was not allowed to watch but she came into the spare bedroom where I was ironing afterwards and I will never forget the sight! She could hardly see for the thick white cum that almost completely covered both tiny lenses. It had run down over her nose and a couple of strands had landed in her hair. The hair she had spent all day at the hairdressers getting just right for the occasion. I remember standing there, iron in hand, dressed, as she insisted for housework, in an undersized sexy maids outfit bought originally for her. I think my chin hit the floor and I'm sure my tongue was hanging out because she laughed nervously at me. She admitted later that she was worried that she'd gone too far. I reassured her that it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen and the only thing that stopped my diving on her and fucking her to death was the even greater desire to subjugate myself to her, kneeling to worship at the feet of this incredible creature. Well, that and the steel chastity tube of course!


'You're all excited about your little plastic pussy aren't you hun,' Michelle teased. 'You're shaking you poor thing. Anyone would think you hardly ever got to cum, oh wait, you don't do you', she laughed.

It may be wierd but I never love her more than when she's teasing me. Except maybe when she's being unfaithful to me. Or when she's beating me. That just completely puts me on another plain of existance, know what I mean?

'Ok, honey, move forward a little, not too much now. You know you only get to put the head of your little pee wee in there. Only real men get to penetrate a pussy deeply, even a fake pussy, right?'

'Yes mistress,' I mumbled pathetically. I was only too aware of this particular rule. Only once had I given in through sheer unbridled frustration. She'd been teasing me for over an hour with little dips into that plastic pussy. It had been four weeks since I'd last had an orgasm, ruined at that. I couldn't help myself! In a moment of complete madness and abandon I'd thrust my aching cock as deeply as I could into the soft yielding cavern of plastic. It was heaven! For the second or so it lasted before my wife knocked me sideways with a viscious slap to the face. My punishment was long and cruel and included four months without being allowed to cum. I'd thought I would actually go mad! Never again!


'Now why don't we start with.......three'.


Apart from only being allowed to slide the head of my penis into the Flesh Lite, there were three other rules. Firstly, for the duration of the excercise my wife always dictated how many times I was allowed to slide in and out before taking a 'rest'. The maximum was ten and the minimum one. Woe betide me if I failed to count properly and took too many. Also, each stroke had to be slow and gentle or, as my wife put it, respectful. Not for wimps like me would it be apropriate to thrust away with abandon!


Secondly, my mistress had the option to stop or pause the game at any time. This might happen at the end of a particular count or right in the middle of it. A pause might be for her to send me running, with erection bobbing, to the kitchen fridge to get her a cold glass of wine, or to leave me sweating and squirming in an agony of frustration whilst she phoned or texted Dave or one of her girlfriends.


The final cruelty was rule three. Even after all the slow torture, the cruel pauses, the infinitely unbearable desperation, even then ...... assuming she deigned to take pity on me and allow me an orgasm..... even then it was ruined. How? Because I was not allowed to cum inside anything! Not even a fake latex pussy.

'Men cum inside things dear and, as we've already established, loveable as you are, you are definitely not a man, are you?'


How she loved to remind me of that, just as it all became too much for me and I broke down and begged my unfaithful wife for permission to cum. Desperate for her to say yes, knowing I could not possibly stop it even if she said no and fearing the reprisals that might follow such a dissaster. Right then she would remind me of my place and with a supreme effort of will, desperate to take any opportunity to prove my love and adoration for her, I would withdraw the tip of my penis from the heavenly embrace of latex. The first two or three shots of spunk would spurt forth to hit the outer lips of my Flesh Lite, accompanied by my heartfelt cries of love and desperation. The rest of my backload of cum would dribble uselessly down my quickly softening cock, mocking my lack of manhood. Then it was back into the tube as quickly as possible, often with the aid of ice to shrink my penis more quickly. Not for my wife's slave the opportunity to cuddle his lover and savour the pleasant aftershocks of a rewarding and fulfilling session of love and lust. No. No kisses, no whispered sweet nothings, no loving carress. Just impatient shouts to 'hurry up and get it put away'. Such was my sex life and I loved it whilst, at the same time, hated it.


It was impossible for me to understand why I relished my wife's treatment. Not surprising that it had taken me many months or even years to convince her that I really wanted.... no.... NEEDED...... her to treat me this way. But credit where it's due, she had risen to the occassion and, more recently, had begun to take the lead, driving me yet deeper than I thought possible into abject devotion of her.


So, taking a deep shuddering breath I began my torture. Three slow, unhurried little dips into paradise. Its amazing how sensitive your cock becomes when its locked away out of reach for most of the time. Starved of stimulation it becomes hyper sensitive so, when some form of stimulation is finally available the sensations are just indescribable!


'Careful stud, you know what happens if I think you're taking advantage of my kindness and going too deep,' my mistress warned.

'Yes maam, you showed me, I won't go too deep I promise'.

'I should hope not. Now, shall we try five? Lets make it five really really slow ones. After each one you can tell me how much you love me, ok? Off you go'.

Like the pathetic wimp she'd made me, I followed her instructions, telling her how beautiful she was, how kind she was to allow me the priveledge of performing for her, how much I worshipped her.


By the fifth one I was almost there. Pretty impressive right? After two long months of hell my reward would be over in a few minutes.

'Oh, you looked like you were going to dribble there honey! Is there something you want to ask your sexy wife?'


Fuck, she looked so cute with her sexy little glasses and her head tilted enquiringly off to one side. She was wearing the soft silk nighty I'd bought her for Christmas, the gun metal grey one with little red roses. Her knees were slightly bent putting her feet right in front of me. I had a real fetish for those perfect tiny little feet, a fact she knew well and never missed an opportunity to use to drive me insane.

Her feet were enclosed in the soft blue and white fluffy cotton socks I'd also bought her. With the little grey teddy bears attached to the tops they were too cute for words.


I found myself trying not to look at them as I begged, 'Please mistress, may I cum for you?'

I looked up at the ceiling trying to think of something other than cumming. I could actually feel the cum bubbling away inside my balls, readying to launch. I was so fucking close! A couple more dips, that's all I needed!

'You make it sound as if it's for my benefit,' she teased. 'I don't care if you get to cum or not. In fact, actually, I think I like it better when you don't. You're more respectful and obedient when I deny you aren't you?'

I couldn't think. I could hardly manage to focus on her words.

'Ok, let's have a break. I think it's time to update my Facebook status. Now where's my phone?'

'Please maam,' I begged, 'Can I please kiss your feet?'

'I'm not sure. What kind of man would sit alone in a hotel bedroom while his wife has passionate sex with another man in the next room, and then beg her for permission to kiss her feet? Well? Answer me slave!'

'I don't know maam, a...a...worthless excuse for one I suppose,' I stammered.

'Good, something we agree on. You may kiss my feet while I'm on my Facebook. Light kisses though, respectful ones and no drooling. I don't want your slimy spit on my new socks, understood? Well get on with it then idiot!'


I was floating in subspace, breathing in her heady scent, feeling the almost impossible softness as my lips respectfully carresses her bed socks. The contrast was just so striking! Those socks were so soft and innocent and yet worn by a woman who could be so cruel and yet so sexy. My head was spinning with it all. So much so that Michelle had to kick me lightly to bring me back to earth and make me realise she was speaking to me.


'Listen when I speak to you slave! Or would you like to go back next door?'

'No maam, sorry,' I sniveled.

'I don't have to do this you know. I can just put your cage back on and leave it on'.

'No please maam, I was just really enjoying being close to you. I'm sorry'.

'Well, I'll let you off this time but don't push your luck. Now, give me three dips.......dipshit, Ha!'

My cock was as hard as ever and, looking down, I could see a long string of precum leaking from the end. The sensation as the super sensitive tip brushed up against the outer lips of the plastic pussy was indescribable! My eyes closed tightly, my head went back and a deep gutteral groan escaped my lips.

'How about a ten, my little cuckold husband? Do you think you could manage a ten for me? No cumming though, not yet'.

I knew then for certain that there was no way I could cope with the sensation of ten dips, it just wasn't possible!


'Please may I cum,' was my pathetic reply.

'I said no didn't I?'

'I'm sorry, maam, I don't think I can hold it much longer. Definitely not for ten'.

'I see, so what would you suggest? Perhaps I should let you cum whenever you want to. Perhaps I should let you be in charge. Maybe we could get rid of your chastity tube and tell Dave to go home. Then I could go back to pretending to get some small measure of enjoyment from my husband's little pencil dick! Then I'd be the one suffering from sexual frustration wouldn't I?!'


Oh shit, now I'd done it!

'I didn't mean that maam, I'm sorry, It's just that you are so beautiful and sexy and your cute little socks are driving me insane...'

'Oh I see, so it's my fault is it?'

'No, not at all, I.....I...'

'Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Go and kneel in the corner. Now!'


I was devastated! I hadn't done anything wrong had I? I knew though, when she looses her temper there is no point trying to argue. To be honest, part of me loved it anyway. I was absolutely gutted I didn't get to cum! It was perfect - the torch, her cute little socks, her treatment of me. It was all perfect. I would have cum so hard! Now it was ruined. She was being so cruel, a complete bitch! I loved it when she mistreated me like that.


'Face the wall idiot! We'll see what Dave thinks about your behaviour when he gets back. I could give him my new paddle to try out couldn't I?'


The paddle was a wooden spanking instrument, like a cricket bat but smaller and lighter with holes drilled through it. We had chosen it together online especially for her to use on me this weekend. I loved going over her knee to be spanked with her slipper or hairbrush like a little boy. The idea of being spanked by another man though! Especially when that other man was my wife's lover. I didn't sign up for this! But what could I do? I didn't want to ruin the weekend for either of us. Plus, maybe if I played along, she might take pity on me and let me cum.


It must have been about fifteen agonising minutes later when I heard Dave slotting his key in the door. My wife had not spoken another word to me and I didn't dare say anything that might cause her temper to flare up again. What I was now dreading most was the embarrassment. My wife's lover was returning to see me kneeling in the corner like a pathetic chastised little boy. Not only that, he had never seen me naked before. I could feel my face going red as my wife jumped into his arms.


'I'm so glad you're back darling,' she told him between kissing sounds. I need your help to put my so called husband in his place'.

'Looks to me like you're doing just fine by yourself,' he observed. I knew they must be looking at me but I didn't dare turn to look back. If there had been a hole in the floor I would gladly have crawled into it.

'Do you mind babe, I'd like you to teach him a lesson?'

'What do you have in mind?'

'Slave get up. Go and stand at the bottom of the bed. Yes, facing the bed', she ordered me.

'I'll get you the leather cuffs from our suitcase darling,' she spoke in a much softer voice to Dave.

'There you go. You can strap his ankles to the bed legs. Spread your legs slave, wider!'


I felt the cuffs being buckled around my ankles and looked down to see my wife and her lover attaching a cuff each to the bed legs. I had to stretch my legs very wide so it was already uncomfortable. I was hoping even harder now to get whatever this was over with as soon as possible.


'There, now his wrists, see these cuffs have chains between them so they should be long enough for us to fasten his wrists to the posts. Great idea to get us a room with a four poster my darling husband,' she smirked cruely.

'There you go, made to measure'.


I was spread out like a starfish and going even redder in the face from the shear indignity of my possition.

'What now?' Dave asked my wife. 'Do you want me to fuck you while he watches?'

'Yes I do darling, very much. But first I need you to teach him to have more respect for your woman. Use this'.

I looked over my shoulder to see my unfaithful spouse handing the new spanking paddle to her lover.

'Wow!' he exclaimed. 'I hope we have understanding neighbours because this is gonna make him squeal!'

'Oh yes, you're right babe, just a minute'.


Seconds later Michelle was stuffing a pair of her dirty knickers into my mouth. This was followed closely by a pair of worn stockings. The taste had me desperate to touch her but I couldn't. The smell of her hair filled my nose making my eyes roll back in their sockets. The next thing I knew, a ball gag was being forced between my teeth, shoving the dirty laundry to the back of my throat.

'Problem solved babe. Now do me a favour and tan his arse for me!'


Even though I was expecting it, the first crack took my breath away! The over the knee spankings I'd had from my wife in the past had in no way prepared me for this. Then Crack, again! I couldn't have got my breath to cry out even if I hadn't been so effectively gagged. All I could think was, 'This is wrong! They don't realise how much this hurts. Even if he didn't care I was sure she would. I just needed to let her know, it was too much!'


Crack, again. My wife was kneeling on the bed in front of me, looking me right in the eye. If my hands were free I could have touched her easily. I tried to signal with my eyes. Crack, on the top of my right thigh that time. Why didn't she understand? Crack, left thigh!


This was crazy! I wrenched at my wrist cuffs. When I finally had the breath, I screamed into my gag. Crack, back to my buttocks. They must be bright red! He had to be able to see surely, he was laying it on too hard. That fucking paddle was lethal. They mustn't have realised, it only needed a minimum amount of force.


'I think you're starting to get through to him darling,' Michelle encouraged her man.

'Shall I stop?' he asked her.

I nodded my head vigorously and squealed into the gag.

'No way, not yet. He needs to learn his place. I'm sick of him disrespecting me,' my faithless wife replied.

Crack, I couldn't believe this! Crack! Fuck this, this fucking really hurts! I was fuming with temper and riving as hard as I could at my bonds.

'See that temper,' Michelle smiled at me, 'That's what we need to get rid of. I'm going to break that temper if we have to keep this up all night. Dave darling, a bit harder I think. Show the wimp who's boss'.


CRACK! Oh fuck, please, come on!



'Hey,' Dave laughed, 'That made him jump!

As I squeezed my eyes shut in pain I felt tears rolling down my face. I didn't want to cry. I didn't want to fucking cry!

The next thing I knew my wonderful wife was holding my face in her hands and talking softly to me.

'Ssshhh, its all right, its over now. You were very naughty weren't you?'

I've no idea why, but I was nodding in agreement.

'Ok, its over now. It was your own fault wasn't it?'

I was nodding faster now as the damn broke and I sobbed.

'Now come on slave, you've been punished. You can stop the tears or I'll have Dave give you something to cry for'.


I tried to stop but she leant forward and kissed my forehead as she might have done to a crying child. That set me off again. I felt such overwhelming love for that woman!

'Come on now enough! Ive got something special to show you now. You won't see properly if you don't stop crying'.

As I got myself under control, Michelle laid back on the bed and crooked her finger at Dave.

'Come here you. My big strong conquering hero. Come and get your reward for putting my wimpy slave in his place'.


It appeared that Dave had none of my shyness as he quickly stripped and joined my darling wife on the bed in front of me. They kissed deeply as their hands explored each other's bodies. I could have died of jealousy as my unfaithful wife of twenty years raised her bottom off the bed to make it easier for her lover to slide down her silk thong. She groaned and held tight to his already rampant cock as he drove his fingers inside her obviously sopping pussy and his tongue into her welcoming mouth.


Without separating their lips my wife managed to, not only retrieve a condom from the bedside drawers, but also to unwrap it and slide it into place on her boyfriend's impressive cock.


My stomach cramped as he lay on top of her and she reached down to guide him inside her. Fresh tears began to pour down my cheeks as I watched totally enthralled by her feet, still in those cute teddy bear socks, as she wrapped her legs around his waist.


As her arms encircled him pulling him in to her loving embrace, I heard her words to him, 'You have no idea how much it turned me on watching you beat him! Fuck me baby! Fuck me like you beat my poor husband! Fuck me!'


My cuckolding was complete.



It sounds pathetic but I was grateful that my wife had not refitted the chastity tube. My cock was straining fit to burst and dribbling pre cum. I even found myself thrusting my hips in time with Daves. Although I was very conscious of the fact that he was thrusting into the tight, warm, wet folds of my wife's pussy whilst I was humping fresh air!


My unfaithful wife had never, as far as I could remember, cum on my cock. That's why I always gave her loads of oral first, to make sure she was satisfied. She'd never complained but I'd always been a little ashamed that I wasn't really satisfying her 'like a man'. You can imagine my sheer embarrassment and humiliation then when, after just a few minutes on the end of her lover's cock, Michelle began to cry out that she was cumming!


Dave proved his mastery of my wife once more as he raised up slightly on his elbows and knees then just froze, remaining perfectly still, forcing his slut to work her hips frantically, gripping for dear life with her arms and legs as she screamed his name.


Only when she'd calmed down did her lover relent, stroking her hair and planting soft gentle kisses all over her face. Michelle was still letting out little shivers as orgasmic aftershocks rippled throough her. Fuck, how I would have loved to be able to do that to her!


Eventually Dave hooked his elbows under his girlfriend's knees, lifting her legs up till her ankles rested on his shoulders. Then the pounding really began! This was pure animal fucking. An alpha male taking what was rightfully his, fucking his bitch, taking the pleasure that was his due.


I was pondering the possibility of his condom giving out under such an onslaught when he suddenly backed off. One hand went to his cock, ripping the condom off and throwing it across the room. Then, with my wife's ankles still over his shoulders, he began masterbating desperately. He must have been right on the brink when he pulled out as, almost immediately, his cock erupted, spewing what looked like pints of thick, ropey spunk all over my unfaithful wife's still pulsating pussy. It seemed like it would never end. I knew he was a heavy cummer from the used condoms Michelle had shown me in the past but this was incedible. As well as the lips of her pussy, it coated her stomache and the underside of both thighs.

Finally, with a couple of shakes the torrent of spunk subsided. My wife smiled at my gobsmacked expression as one of her hands reached down to take over from her lover and milk out the last few drops of his cum. Her other hand carressed his sweating face before sticking up two fingers in my direction.


The final indignity for me was when Dave took one of my wife's dainty ankles from his shoulder and wiped his still impresive but deflated cock clean on her cute little teddy bear sock.


'Clean up time for my husband I think,' smiled my unfaithful wife. I knew exactly what she meant, as we had often discussed the posibility of her giving me that most precious of cuckolding gifts - a cream pie. I had never really taken her teasing seriously as I knew she always used condoms with her lovers. Obviously though, her relationship with Dave had progressed further than she had let on.


At my unfaithful wife's instruction, her lover released my arms from their spreadeagle position only to quickly refix them behind my back. This of course would allow me to bend forward to reach Michelle's soaking wet pussy. To be honest, I wasn't keen. Fantasy is one thing but reality can be so different. Nor was I happy about doing it in front of Dave. His superior smirk as he undid the ball gag didn't help.True to form, however, my darling spouse had no intention of taking no for an answer as she slid down the bed and spread wide her sexy legs.


'Either you get in there and clean me up like a good boy or I'll have Dave take the paddle to your sorry arse again and when he's too tired to go on I'll take over. I promise you sweetheart, you will not be able to sit down for a week! And you can forget any ideas about cumming for a very long time! Now stop wasting my time and get on with it!'


So, what could I do? Bending forward I closed my eyes and stuck out my togue. The smell was strong and the taste of their combined juices almost made me gag. I tried to convince myself I should be grateful for the honour bestowed on me by my sexual goddess of a wife. I'd always tried to convince her to push beyond my comfort zone. Hadn't she always said how difficult that was when I often insisted on trying to 'top from the bottom'? Well, I guess those days were over.


As I began to get used to the taste and relax into my humble role I felt Michelle ruffle my hair and moan. Obsurd as it may seem, I felt a certain amount of pride that I could provide her such enjoyment, if not with my cock, then at least with my tongue. That didn't last long though as she grabbed my ears and began thrusting her unfaithful pussy against my red and sweating face.

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'Come on you fucking looser, suck it, get that tongue in there and clean up your master's mess. Now you know what a real man's spunk tastes like. I bet you don't love it as much as I do!'

Her softly socked heels drummed on my back as she started to cum. 'Oh Dave, look at him, he's licking up your cum darling. My husband is licking up all your........oh, oh, oooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck'!


I had high hopes when my wife eventually got her breath back. Surely I'd earned the chance to cum now? I hated the idea of him watching while my gorgeous mistress used her tiny manicured fingers to coax the spunk I could feel boiling in my poor blue balls into bursting forth as I desperately needed it to. But beggars can't be choosers and right then I'd take it any way I could get it!


Michelle gathered up the underware I'd previously been gagged with, told me to stand up straight, or as straight as I could with my wrists still secured behind me and my ankles tied wide apart to the legs of the bed, then dissappeared into the bathroom, I presumed to wash them and, probably herself. She was smiling at me when she re-emerged so I was sure then, my long awaited orgasm was coming right up. I felt such a longing to melt into her arms as she kissed my cheek.


'Open wide slave,' she smiled before stuffing her now soaking wet knickers and stockings into my mouth. As the ball gag was refastened making it impossible for me to reject her gift I recognised the taste.


'I thought you might be thirsty sweetheart so I peed on them. Would you like to thank me?'

'Mmk oo mmm'. I mumbled pathetically.


As usual my gorgeously cruel wife's abuse had my cock at bursting point. Imagine my shock then when Dave reached round from behind me and stuffed a plastic bag filled with the leftover ice from their champagne bucket against my groin. Michelle burst out laughing as my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Her giggles became contagious as Dave joined in, the two of them fumbling to refit my chastity cage. The only one not laughing was me.


Little did I know, it was worse than I thought. Michelle draped her fluffy dressing gown over my head and used its belt to tighten it around my seating face. It was only then, as her expensive perfume filled my nostrils and clouded my brain, that my fast recovering cock realised the full extent of her cruelty. She had fitted the spiked version!


I'd bought the damn thing myself in a moment of madness. In the beginning it had always been me that drove things forward. I had to work really hard to persuade my beautiful bride to denie me and even harder to persuade her to have sex with another man. Probably the most difficult of all though was persuading her it was ok to hurt me, both mentally and physically. I needed her not only to do it but to enjoy doing it. The spiked cage was an attempt to convince her of my sincerity. We'd only used it once and it was only for about ten minutes because it hurt so much!


Now, without even my knowledge much less my encouragement, she was using it again. How long for, I wondered? Of course, true to form, my cock was betraying me by becoming immediately hard. Not for long though, as the spikes did their job and it deflated, only to expand again just as quickly as the full depth of my predicament sank home. Surely though, knowing how much pain that evil device caused me, Michelle would remove it soon. Yea right! I don't know how long I stood there, moaning my increasing distress into my unfaithful wife's piss soaked panties, but it was a long time! I could hear them moving around, taking a bath together, laughing and talking, opening another bottle of champers. I would jump in surprise as, every now and again I felt the delicate touch of my darling wife's fingers as they grazed my still sore ass or ran teasingly up my thigh. I would just about manage to calm my raging imagination enough to at least take the worst stiffness out of my cock, giving a tiny bit of relief from the piercing pain, when her all too brief touch would stir my organ to new heights of agony. Hearing her laugh at the obvious distress her actions caused me served only to drive me deeper into a longing submission to her, a subspace of erotic worship for the infinitely cruel and gorgeous creature I'd married.


'Darling,' I heard her whisper through her thick fluffy dressing gown which I was struggling to breath through. 'Dave and I have a very special treat for you, an anniversary present from both of us. But you have to promise to be good, can you do that?'


I nodded my head, what else could I do?


'Good boy, now tonight is very special for all of us. Dave, my darling hunk of a lover is sick of using condoms and you know I don't like them either. It would be so good to feel him inside me, skin to skin, like it's supposed to be. He wants that and so do I. You want it too, I know you do. I could tell from the way you licked up all of his lovely cum from my pussy. How would you like to lick it from inside my pussy?'


Shit! The pain really was unbearable now! I cried out in frustration, shaking my smothered head and pulling at my bonds. I think my wife took my actions as a sign that I objected to her plans. In a way I did. But I was also going insane from the shear eroticness of it!


'Now stop that silly!', she scolded me. 'I was going to ask you if you'd like me to take off that nasty cage while you watch, but I can just as easily leave it on. Make no mistake my wimp of a husband, your wife is going bareback with her lover tonight and for every time from now on, whether you like it or not. Get used to it!'


I tried to apologise through my gag, to beg her to take that damn cage off, please! Anything, anything at all if I could just get some relief from those fucking spikes!


'Alright, that's enough. Are you sorry? Really sorry? Do you promise to behave yourself like a good little slave? Ok then, lets get it off, then we take that dressing gown off your head. I want you kneeling at the side of the bed like a good slave should. Then Dave can show you how a real man makes love to a woman. And also, how a woman makes love to her man'.


As my poor cock was finally released the full enormitty of her words hit me. She'd said 'make love' not fucking or sex or anything else, 'making love'. When the dressing gown was unfolded from around my red and sweating face I turned to look her in the eyes. She must have seen my concern and sensed she was breaking my heart.


'Yes dear, I said making love. What Dave and I do now is more than just sex, we make love......because, my silly little sissy slave.......we are in love'.


So there I was, kneeling at the side of the bed watching my wife of twenty years, my soulmate, my best friend, the mother of my children, the school governor, the fine upstanding, educated lady I married, making out with another man! It was my ultimate fantasy for her to fall in love with another man and keep me only as her servant. The idea of her not loving me as her husband, not seeing me as a man was terrifying and exciting beyond words.


She had changed into the beautiful white silk basque I'd bought her for her birthday. This was the first time I'd seen her in it and she was wearing it for another man. As her tiny white stockinged foot slid up and down his muscular leg and her arms wrapped tightly around him I heard her whisper, 'Make love to me darling, I love you'.


I felt like a fool, like a spare part, like I was intruding, being incredibly bad mannered staring at this couple's intimate moments like some sort of pervert. But she was my wife. I should be the one making love to her not him. At the very least, surely I was entitled to be in the room, wasn't I?


A wave of jealousy cramped my stomache as he shifed to allow her to curl her dainty fingers around his engourged cock. Her rings - our rings - an egagement ring, a wedding ring and even an eternity ring, sparkled as they caught the light from the bedside lamp. Those rings signified our love, our commitment to be together forever. I felt like crying as I watched them rubbing up and down on his cock. Our rings, our symbols of love for each other were rubbing against another man's cock. The realisation that the enormity of that fact could never be changed no matter what happened in the future was like a slap in the face. I would never be able to look at those rings again without thinking about his hard cock in her hand.


Despite my pain, or perhaps because of it (who understands how these things work?), my own cock was harder than it had ever been and leaking precum like I was pissing! I didn't know what to do with my hands. The temptation to caress myself was enormous and part of me wished they had left my hands tied. I needed to see this. I had to watch this gorgeous creature in the throes of exstacy, it was the most important thing in my life! The last thing I wanted was to upset her by touching myself. If she threw me out now I just wouldn't be able to deal with it. I wanted her rejection, her scorne, even her indifference. They were to me like food to a starving man! But I had to see this so, with incredible difficulty, I managed not to touch myself.


As he entered her I felt like my heart was breaking and my cock was bursting, such is the dicotamy of the cuckold. They seemed completely enraptured with each other as their lips mashed together, tongues exploring each others teeth. I felt completely ignored until, to my utter surprise and heartfelt joy, my darling spouse took her left hand from her lover's gently thrusting backside and reached out to me.


As I took her beautifully manicured hand in both of mine she paused her snogging to turn towards me.

'How does it feel to see another man making love to your wife?'

'You're not worthy to do it are you?'

'You have no idea how to pleasure a woman with that pathetic thing between your legs, do you?'

'Does that make you feel ashamed, worthless, less than a man? It should because that's exactly how I see you - as less than a man. You're certainly not half the man Dave is are you?'

'No maam,' I mumbled.

'Why don't you tell him, tell Dave he's much more of a man than you, go ahead don't be shy'.

'She's right, Dave, you are more of a man than I am. I know Michelle fancies you more than me, that's obvious'.

'Good boy. Now thank him'.

'I don't understand, maam'.

'Thank Dave for making love to me. Thank him for not using a condom. Beg him to make love to your wife any time he wants to'.

Believe it or not, I did. I felt so pathetic then and I feel even worse thinking about it now. My only excuse is that I was drunk. Drunk on love for my mistress. Drunk of desperation to cum. Drunk on the heady wine of cuckoldry.


When he paused in his lovemaking and turned to look at me, I could have died of shame.


'Don't mention it, it's my pleasure,' he smiled.

'Don't stop baby,' my unfaithful spouse admonished her lover. 'I think I'm gonna.......oh darlingggggggggggg'


Her fingers tightened in mine as her eyes rolled back and she came on her man's cock. I'd like to think that my humiliation played some small part in driving her to the peak of pleasure but I knew from Dave's condescending grin exactly where he thought the credit was due. I clung desperately to her hand as Dave kissed her and returned to his lovemaking. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as Michelle looked over at me once more.


'Don't worry sweetheart, I still love you. You're my husband and I'll always love you. But we can't go back, wecan't ignore what's happened. We have to adapt. You have to adapt. Our relationship can never be the same as it was. You understand that, don't you?'


'Yes maam,'


'You were never a great lover honey, it's not a great loss. You make a much better slave than you did a lover'.




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