Cuckold Story



Jamaican Me Crazy For Black Cock

by Amanda David






Nina and I have been married 15 years. She’s tall, thin and beautiful—36 DD breasts, dark  skin and long thin beautiful legs. After years of her not being so into sex, never initiating and just lying there while I fucked her missionary style, I realized the only way to get a reaction out of her was to go down on her—she was very hesitant in the early years of our marriage—she was self conscious about how she smelled, thought I wanted her to reciprocate (which she’d never do) and that I would expect to have sex with her every time I got her off with my tongue. It took a couple years of convincing that I love eating her pussy in its own right—whether there was sex afterwards or not, whether she gave me a BJ or not and it didn’t matter if she had just come out of the shower or not. I loved the taste, smell and sensation of being between her perfect thighs and knowing that I was pleasing her. I realized how submissive a position this was, but I loved her, was going to stay with her, and I was never going to get her to be more dominant in the bedroom or try new things.


The first few years were toughest—our marriage was perfect, we were the best of friends and agreed on everything except sex—I wanted to try kinky things, she only wanted missionary; I wanted it every night or two—she preferred 1-2x per month; I wanted to tease her with oral pleasure and stopping and going but she just wanted it done—it took a while to settle into a routine somewhere between our polar opposites. We eventually settled way closer to her side—there would never be oral for me but I could go down on her every time we had sex, and sometimes even without sex afterwards, but there was to be no porn, sexy lingerie, toys or crazy positions.


Unfortunately, routine is just what it was—it lost all excitement and once the kids were old enough to be watched by their grandma, we agreed to spend a week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica—not to “save” our marriage—just to keep it from getting too boring and old. We rented a cottage right on the beach and although I wanted to do some fun touring, water sports and shopping, Nina just wanted to relax on the beach, so that’s what we did.


We made a conscious effort to have sex every night—it was nice without the kids or any responsibilities—I went down on Nina every night and after a bit of begging, got her allow me to go down on her in the mornings when we woke up too. Sex was the usual—I’d pump into her for 3-4 minutes without any reaction whatsoever and then around minute 5 or so, she’d start holding me tighter and just as she started bucking back and breathing a bit erratically, I’d cum. I was always happy to go for round 2, but once I came she turned off, as if sex was for me, not for her.


On day 4 of our very relaxing vacation and me pestering Nina to do fun stuff on the island not related to a beach or pool, Nina agreed to spend a day with a guide through the jungle, where we’d approach one of their famous waterfalls from the top and see the bottom drop out from the river. It sounded fun, and definitely not the type of thing we get to do in Manhattan, so we decided to hike in the jungle, with our guide, Sammy, and even if it was a bit exhausting, we still had 2 more days and nights to recuperate and relax.


Sammy picked us up in his car—his fee was $100 for the day but he was so relaxed he said we should pay him at the end of the day. He was a great guide showing us a million things about the jungle, its habitat and funny stories about growing up in Jamaica. I was a little uncomfortable with his constant attention towards Nina, mentioning how beautiful she looked and how incredible her lips were, but he was personable enough and we all enjoyed the day. Sammy was a big, dark black man—6-3 and built which came in handy for cutting through the jungle and helping pull us over debris. We got very excited nearing the falls—we were walking along the bank of the river, enjoying the mist and a bit awestruck by the thunderous roar—we had been to Niagara Falls which was more awesome but you never got so close to the water. Here, you could dip your feet right into the water, just a few feet from the edge.


I lost my footing and tripped on a large rock, falling forward. My angle hurt like a bitch and it started to swell immediately. I sprained my ankle as a kid and remembered what it looked and felt like so I knew I needed to get to a hospital. I reached for my backpack, where Nina and I had our camera, wallets and some meds and noticed it was floating down river-it must have gone flying into the water as I was reeling from my fall, and 2 second later it was 100s of feet below us. This was adding insult to injury—nothing like being injured in a foreign country without passports, ID or money!!!


We sat down on a tree stump and Nina took a look at my ankle—definitely broken or sprained—definitely needed a hospital. Sammy asked about our bag—I told him everything we had was in there, passports, credit cards, cash and our camera. Mr. Personality suddenly turned a bit cold and asked “how will you pay me? Do you have more cash in your cottage?” I was annoyed, but understood and said, we’ll probably need a day or two to straighten out our IDs and money, but we’d pay him in a couple days. Sammy did not like that—he asked if we had a piece of jewelry to pay instead but we were careful not to wear any out of fear they’d be lost or stolen—we left even Nina’s engagement ring and cheap wedding band at home so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything.


Sammy got really pissed off and said gasoline costs a lot of money in Jamaica and the falls are 30 miles away from our cottage and he wasted a whole day with us and a lot of money on gas and he needed to get paid or his family wouldn’t be able to eat. He lived very close to the falls and if he wasn’t getting paid he’d just drive the 2 miles to his home and let us fend for ourselves.  We felt bad and assured him he’d get paid in a couple days but there was nothing we could do and we couldn’t walk 30 miles, especially on a broken ankle. That’s when he smiled and looked at Nina—there’s something of great value you could give me and it won’t cost you anything—naïve Nina asked what was it—we’d do anything to get back.


“Really, anything Ms. Nina?” Sammy asked devilishly.


“Sure—we got into this mess, we’ll do what we can to get you out of it—we don’t want you to have any problems—name your price!” Nina said magnanimously.


“You have lovely lips, Ms. Nina. All day long I wondered what they would feel like on my cock—your husband is a lucky man—David—does she give you a great blow job every night?” Sammy asked.


I answered, “Sammy, this is completely inappropriate and besides, I wouldn’t know the answer to that—Nina doesn’t like to give blow jobs—she says they are beneath her.”


Sammy smiled “I’ve seen this story a thousand times before—snobby white woman doesn’t want to please her husband because he husband’s teeny peeny can’t please her.”


Nina’s face turned red and I screamed—“that’s enough Sammy of this talk—you will get paid, we promise, now just take us back to our place!”


Sammy smiled “Mr. David—it doesn’t sound like you are in a position to give me orders—I WILL get paid—Ms. Nina will put those lips to good use right now or I’m leaving.”


Nina stomped her feet before I could scream at him again “I will NOT!” she yelled.


Sammy laughed and turned to us “have fun hobbling 30 miles to your cottage and hopefully the drug gangs won’t get to you when it turns dark!”


Nina and I looked at each other scared of our predicament. Nina screamed “stop, Sammy!”


Sammy stopped in his tracks.


“Fine, I’ll do it” Nina said very reluctantly and quietly. My stomach was in knots and I was nauseous from the ankle pain but worse was the thought that my gorgeous wife who wouldn’t even blow me was going to blow this total stranger, basically, for $100.


“You don’t sound very happy, Ms. Nina—I want you to beg me to let you suck my cock—I promise you’ll enjoy it!”


“Sammy, please let me suck your cock so that we can get out of this jungle and get David to the hospital!” she begged.


Sammy unzipped his pants and pulled out what looked like one of those long rubber snakes—look at this beautiful big black cock, woman! Beg me like you mean it!”


Nina dropped to her knees and said, “please, Sammy, please let me suck your cock—I’m going to make you so happy—please let me do it!?”


Sammy liked what he heard and he told Nina to open her mouth. Nina did and for the first time in over 15 years, Nina had a cock in her mouth. He kept barking commands at her like more licking, or use your lips bitch, or lick my balls. After a few minutes, Sammy was throbbing and hard—he pushed Nina off his cock to show me his thick 9” tool. It was dark and glistening with my wife’s saliva. Nina took the second of freedom to catch her breath and swallow the saliva that was hanging from her chin.


“Come Nina and David—Nina you will sit in the passenger seat and blow me all the way home. If you stop sucking, I stop driving—David can lie down in the back. I expect you to keep your mouth on my cock and make me really happy that I agreed to give up my $100 payday. You will swallow at the end and thank me for allowing you to do this when you’re done—is this understood Ms. Nina?”


She nodded and we got into the car. Once Sammy put it in drive, Nina leaned over and resumed her cocksucking duties. I was sick to my stomach and she was whimpering. Every time we hit a bump in the road, Sammy’s cock lodged deeper and deeper into her throat until he finally start honking his horn, screaming—she did it—your white bitch took my full cock down my throat-what a slut she is! He continued to abuse her verbally until we recognized the resort area and he stopped the car. Nina continued dutifully to suck and slurp on his huge rod until he moaned loudly and bucked into her face over and over again. Nina continued to suck for another minute or two, Sammy told her to enjoy the taste and swallow, lick her lips and then help me to our bungalow. Before Nina got out of the car, Sammy said to her—“uh, uh, uh—you forget something, Ms. Nina?”


Embarrassed, Nina turned to him and said, Of course—thank you Sammy for letting me suck on your incredible cock—it was an honor for me.” Nina helped me out of the car and helped me to the cottage and put me into bed. Luckily we had some meds in the room so I took some and fell asleep knowing that at that hour and without ID, we wouldn’t get far at the hospital. I fell asleep immediately and we didn’t discuss the issue.




The next morning I awoke to Nina sitting on my face—she had begun to do this the previous 2 years or so and I loved it—my ankle wasn’t hurting too badly and I loved her pussy, so I ate her to a very powerful orgasm. When she calmed down, she cuddled into me and asked “what are we going to do about last night, Dave?”


I responded, “I’m sorry I got hurt and lost our bag and you ended up doing something you hate so much just to get us home safe and sound.”


Nina hit me lightly “don’t be serious Dave—we need to clean up, get you to a hospital and then go to the consulate and work on our papers, call the credit card companies to stop payment and get my mom to send us cash through Western Union or whatever they have down here. And about that other thing, it’s fine—it was really hard getting used to such a big thing in my mouth, but it didn’t hurt and I’m fine now—I just hope you don’t get jealous of Sammy that he gets the royal treatment and you don’t”, she smiled coyly.


“Well I’m never going to force you to do anything you don’t want—you know that baby” I said and kissed her.


“I know sweety, that’s why our marriage is so great—I love you!”


After we cleaned up, we called my mother in law, got some cash pretty quickly and then went to the hospital where the doctor said it was just a sprain and although I should keep weight off my foot it didn’t need a hard cast. He gave me some pain killers and crutches and told me to relax. At the same time, Nina worked on getting our papers and credit cards in order and by later that day, we were almost back to normal. We spent a little time at the pool and then I told Nina I’d go in and take a very long soak in our Jacuzzi. I got into the water, ran the jets and let myself fall asleep to the noise of the water gurgling.


When I woke up 1.5 hrs later, I climbed out of the water very carefully. I couldn’t balance on one foot and tie my towel around my waist, so just dried off and hopped into the bedroom to get dressed. When I opened the door, I was shocked—there was a black man lying on top of my wife in the bed and she was screaming—I did my best to run over there and attack him  but Nina just kicked me one of her flailing feet, right into my face. I hit the floor like a ton of bricks only to hear them giggling—it was Sammy—he was back for another pound of flesh. I managed to pull myself up onto the couch to recuperate and screamed, “Get off my wife—we already paid you, leaves us alone!!!”


They ignored me and Sammy started bucking hard then screamed “I’m cumming” and pounded into Nina several times.  At the same time, Nina was moaning and begging Sammy for more—“I need more, I was close to cumming!”



I screamed “Nina! What’s going on here? Why are you letting this guy fuck you—wasn’t yesterday bad enough?”


Sammy got off of Nina, his cock dripping with their juices—my wife’s normally neat pussy was a total mess with Sammy’s cum oozing out.

Sammy jumped on me and hit me hard in the face—“shut up, you pathetic loser!” He held me down and used Nina’s bra to tie my hands behind my back, then got off me to get the straps from the suitcase to tie my legs together as well. Then he grabbed Nina’s panties, rolled them into a ball, stuck them in my mouth and tied another suitcase strap around my face, gagging me.


I was irate—I was in pain physically and mentally and scared as hell. Was he raping Nina—what did he plan to do with us?


While Sammy finished immobilizing me, Nina begged him “Sammy, please? I was just a few stroked away from having the biggest orgasm of my life, cant we go again?”


“Sorry babe, two times a day, especially after that expert blow job you gave me yesterday is enough for me. If you really need someone with some crazy stamina, I have a friend, Bull, but that’s a whole other level of fucking, white bitch. That saying once you go black you don’t go back is so true, white lady—looks like you are HOOKED on big black cock. I knew you weren’t a prude like the way you made yourself out to be.


As Sammy spoke, he whipped out his phone and called Bull. All he said, was “Bull—I got a white American chick here who needs you now—she knows the deal. OK, see you in 1o minutes. And hung up.


Nina looked like a little puppy dog “Sammy? He’s coming? What’s his deal”?


“Oh, he’s hung like a horse-most white chicks can’t fit him in without splitting but, once he comes over he expects to fuck one way or another, so even if you don’t do it voluntarily, he WILL fuck you, and he never cums in under an hour—he will use you and your pussy like your white loser husband can never do!”


“Ooh, Sammy I think I just came a little just from your words—you sure you don’t want to fuck for 10 minutes until Bull comes? I NEEEED it now, Sammy—please don’t make me suffer like this!”


I couldn’t believe my prissy wife who hated sex was begging this rapist to fuck her again just to bridge the 10 minutes till she was going to get her pussy torn apart by this “bull”.


Sammy started laughing—he pointed at me and said—look at the white dork—his cock is hard—he’s getting turned on seeing his wife raped by two black men—he probably wanted this all along. I bet he’s never seen you this sexually fulfilled. White guys like him just aren’t equipped like us brothers to take care of a woman like you!” oh shit, that’s Bull pulling up now, listen—Bull doesn’t do sloppy seconds, so your pussy has to be cleaned up right away before he comes in!”


Nina moaned “I can’t get up to go clean up—he’ll just have to take me as I am!”


Sammy said “I have an idea—you were saying how David loves eating your pussy, right?” We all realized at the same time what was going to happen—Sammy picked me up off the couch, pushed me onto my back next to Nina on the bed and Nina sat on my face as she does almost every night, but this time, she had another man’s HUGE cum load seeping out of her gaping hole into my mouth. She rubbed herself all over my face and came once very quickly, just as Bull knocked on the door.



Nina was lying in bed, completely naked with her legs spread and her pussy glistening from the fucking Sammy just gave her and the cleanup I was forced to--I couldnt believe the taste and texture of the cum--it went do neasily enough but no matter how much I licked my lips, the taste of it was still there and my breath stunk something awful. I couldnt believe how our lives changed so drastically in 24 hours--my wife went from a conservative, monogomous woman who barely liked sex to a total whore, waiting with her legs spread wid open for a complete stranger to use her body. I was so hurt, my heart in my stomach, my hands shaking in their bonds. I was so incredibly angry at her for doing this to me but at the same time seeing my beautiful wife so increeibly turned on and such a slut was making me VERY horny. I was thinking about what I would do about divorcing her when there was a loud knock on the door.


 "Who is it?" Nina asked, coyly.




 "Come in, Bull, I'm here waiting for you!" Nina said very sexily as she looked me in the eye.


 The door handle turned and a huge, very dark man came in with a huge gri on his face.


 "You're never going to forget today, white bitch! This is the day you really lose your virignity, as he pulled down his pants. He revealed what lookedl ike a joke--it had to be a fake--it was so long and thick it couldnt possibly be a real human's penis. He started stroking it and it started coming to life and stiffen and get incredibly, even bigger!


 Nina's eyes nearly popped out of her head--"oh my gosh, Bull, that thing is WAY too big for me--there' no way I could ever handle it--you wont fit or you'll split me in two!" NIna said horrified but without lifting her gaze from his enlarging boa constrictorof a cock.


 "Bitch, Sammy called me in middle of fucking my wife, so I told him this better be good, and he said you were ready for me." as he got onto the bed and started touching Nina's pussy and her tits. "When Bull gets hard for you, Bull fucks you GOOOOD" and he laughed.


 Nina tried to push him away but his huge hands were way too strong for her.


 "Please stop--this is rape" as Bull lined up infront of my wife's crotch.


 "Bull, you have to stop now--I dont want this anymore. If you dont leave now you'll be in big trouble!"


 Bull just laughed and used his giant meaty paw to push Nina's left thigh down and put the other hand on her throat. Nina was too scared to say anything anymore.


 Something in me snapped and I said, "Please Bull, listen to her--she said no. She changed her mind. In America, once the girl says no, it's over or it's rape and you have a witness! If you dont let go of her right now, we will make sure you are arrested. Let go of her now!"


 He ignored me and pushed his huge cock head ito Nina's hole. her hole was pretty big--all you could see was black surrounded by very red, swollen lips and then his head plugged the hole. Nina screamed "OWWWWWWWW! STOP it--leave me alone!!! I cant take your cock--it's TOOOOO BIG!. Stop it, I mean, it, stop it right now!"


 Bull ignored her pleas too and pushed in deeper.


 "You're killing me--I feel like you're cutting me open! OWWWWWWW, please stop it, please--I'll do anything--we have money at home, we'll pay you just please OWWWW! Please stop! OWWWWWWWW. UHHHH, uh, please STOP. Bull started getting his rhythm. He was actually sawing in a few inches and pulling back, waiting,then ramming home. It was the ramming the clearly hurt, given ina's screams. I joined her in pleading with him to leave her alone.


 Bull started pushing in further. Nina contiued to scream in pain. "Ow, ow, uh, uh, UHHHHHH, Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh god! Holy shit--fuck me, fuck me, fuck  me harder Bull, dont stop! Fuck me deeper, Bull--I need your cock, uh, uh, uh I need more cock, uh, uh, ohhhhhh, please give me mo, mo, moooore, uhhhhhhh." Bull laughed and gave her an enormous hump--"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nina moaned. "I'm cumming, uh, uh, uh, oh my god, I'm cumming, holy shi i i i t! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me, ohhhh weeeeeeeee!"


 Bull ignored what Nina was saying. He was focused on getting his full cock inside my wife and humping her till he was done with her body--he couldnt care les that he gave her her first vaginal orgasm or that she was now enjoying it after screaming bloody murder. He now let go off her neck and was playing with her tits, squeezing them, which she normally LOVES but she was too far gone, enjoying too much pleasure from her parts of her pussy that she never knew existed to notice the pleasure.


 He then moved his hands to the mattress on either side of her boobs and fucked her like a madman. Nina came loudly another 5 or 6 times but he kept fucking. It was literally over an hour and Nina was motionless, just a limp body for Bull'spleasure. Finally, it was obvious that he was trying to hold it back and he started humping more erratically and then "OHHHHHH, OHHHHH, Oh shit, mon--I'm cumming!!!! Ohhh" and he pulled out, looked over at me, with a big smile on his face, shook the remaining cum off his cock and pulled up his pants as he reached for the door.


 Once he left, I started calling "Nina, nina, wake up! Plesae dont be dead", and I started crying. I continued to plead with her to come back, how much I loved her and understood how she needed a real man to satisfy her and I was OK with that if she'd only wake up!


 After a few minutes, NIna started to move. I was so happy, "Nina, Ni--my wonderful bride--wake up--are you OK?"


 Nina propped herself up on her elbows. "What happened?"


 "I dont know, are you OK?" I asked


 "Yeah, that was very sweet what you were saying--I love you too, Dave and I will continue to fuck other men. Tonight was incredible--I didnt know that such icredible feelings were possible--I still feel amazing--so slutty and completely used, my pussy is soaking wet and throbbing but I feel amazing. I'm so happy he didnt take no for an answer or I would have really missed out on the most amazing experience of my life!"


 Nina got off the bed and walked towards me, cum dripping out of her gaping hole, down her legs and on to the floor. She sat on my face and told me to lick her clean. I reluctantly did and she came again on my face. She then got up and untied me. She said," if you promise never to leave me, I'll let you eat my pussy every day for the rest of our lives, dress sexy, act slutty and show you the most incredible sex life anyone can imagine. Do you want that baby?"


 I licked my lips and very nervously nodded, "yes, Nina, I love you and love that you finally are enjoying yourself in bed. I'll do everything to make sure you always have fun! I love you!"


 With that, we fell into bed in eachother's arms and fell asleep entangled. Bull may have been able to give her something no one else could, but I got to spend my life with this incredible, sexy woman, her gorgeous body naked, againsst mine, her soft arms around me and the taste of her pussy in my mouth, as I fell into a blissful sleep.







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