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How To Eat Your Own Cum




I've had the fantasy of eating a creampie or my own cum, but it was the same old story. Once I came I would lose the desire to do it.

Today my wife was out of town, so I went to a video store and bought a couple vids and one of those masturbation sleeves where one end looks like a pussy, and it's incredibly soft. I played with that while watching a movie. I was surprised how good it felt, pretty damn close to a real pussy. I had put it warm to hot water before hand and it felt great. eventually I got off and came big. I put the sleeve on the night stand and put in a different video of lesbians licking each other. AFter 20-30 minutes I got hard again and looked at the pocket pussy. None of the come had leaked out.

As I watched the girls in a 69, I slowly put it to my lips and licked the fake pussy. It did feel a little like a real pussy. I got braver and stuck my tongue in it, and out. After a while I started to tip the sleeve and began licking it furiously. I was listening to the video of the girls going at it and got into it myself. The cum had already thinned out and a little dribbled out. I was tasting my cum, I kept at it and held the sleeve straight up. I then squeezed the length of it and a stream of cum slid into my eager mouth. I got hard as a rock and kept licking and tasting. I waited a while, then swallowed it all.










Try edging. Get yourself just about to the edge of cumming (you know, like, one more stroke and you will blow) then HANDS OFF!! If nothing comes out give it like one more stroke. By practicing this, you should be able to "precum" quite a bit and not have an orgasm, which is what changes your mind about eating it. I have done this so many times, that I can shoot about 3 ropes of cum and not have an orgasm. Then Lick it all off her ass while she watches. Better yet, you stay hard!!

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If you jack into your hand, you have about 3 to 5 seconds to eat it before the desire goes away. Just DO it!

If you cum inside her pussy, just cuddle and talk for about 5 minutes until your desire comes back. Then your wife can spread her legs and guide your head down to her pussy with her hands. Maybe she can encourage you as you lick her!

Another method that I have asked my wife to do someday is to have me lie on my back and tie my hands/feet to the headboard/footboard. Then she fucks me on top until I cum. Lastly, she scoots up to my face and lets my cum ooze out of her and onto my face!




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