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Cum eating is typically used as a form of humiliation play. I can be used as a punishment for unauthorized orgasms, or agreeing to eat his own cum afterwards can be used by the male as "payment" for an authorized orgasm. It can also be a component of cuckolding and female domination, where the cuckold husband is forced to eat his own cum as "training" for future forced homosexuality.





Cuckold Play, movie trailer

cuckold trailer




Bob's Cuckold Marriage

cuckold marriage




His Wife's Lover

wife's lover




Cuckold Wesley's Wife movie

cheating wife




Watching His Wife's Pussy

cuckolded by wife's pussy




Worthless Cuckold Husband, movie

worthless cuckold, the movie




Mouth Fuck Cuckolding

mouth fuck cuckolding




Cuckolded By Nerd, movie trailer

cuckolded by nerd




Cuckold Husband on His Knees

cuckold trailer




Interracial Cuckolding, movie

interracial cuckold movie




Loving Cuckold Husband movie

loving cuckold husband





Lovely Cheating Bride movie trailer

cheating bride





Smell The Strange Cock

cock humiliation





High School Reunion, cuckold movie

cuckold movie - high school reunion





The Power of Cheating Wife

cheating wife





Poor Cuckold Husband, the movie

poor cuckold husband





Movie of cuckold and his Wife

cuckold and wife movie





POV Cuckolds, the movie

cuckold POV movie trailer





Denied Cuckold Husband, the movie

denied cuckold husband, movie trailer





Femdom Martial Atrs, the movie

femdom cuckolding movie





Gracie Glam in Submissive Cuckold movie

submissive cuckold movie





New Cuckold Husband

cuckold movie 45




Horiffied cuckold movie

cuckold movie 44




Movie of cuckold husband offering his wife

cuckold movie trailer 43




Cuckold For Her, movie 42

cuckold for her, movie trailer




Humiliated by Wife, movie 41

humiliated cuckold movie





One Way Trip to Cuckold Marriage, movie 40

cuckold marriage movie





Sissy Husband Movie

sissy husband





Kylee Reese in the Taming of the Cuckold movie

taming the cuckold movie





Judy Marie Cuckolds Her Husband, trailer 37

cuckold husband - humiliation





Cum Eating Cuckold Movie Trailer 36

cum eating trailer





Cuckold Movie Trailer 35

condom cum eating





Horn-dog Wimp Husband, Movie 34

wimp husband




Wife Wants to Fuck Movie, 33

cheating wife movie




Andy San Dimas in Forced BI Cuckold movie 32




Nicole Moore in Cum Eating Cuckolds, movie 31

cum eating cuckold




Ally Ann in Forced BI Cuckolds, 30

forced bi cuckold movie




Forced BI cuckold movie trailer 29

forced bi cuckold movie trailer 29




Interracial cuckold movie 28

cuckolds 28




Interracial cuckolding movie, cum eating cuckold movie 27

interracial cuckold movies, cum eating cuckold movie, cuckold husband movie




Cuckold in Chastity, cuckold movie 26

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Cum eating cuckold movie trailer 25

cuckold movie trailer





Cuckold movies 1

Husband is panty-gagged and forced to watch his wife having sex.


Humiliated cuckold husband movies 2


Cuckold movies 3

Wimp husband is kicked out of bed...


Cuckold strapon movies 4


Feet Job movie trailer 5





Sissy Husband Humiliation movie 6


Cuckold movies 7

More sissy husband humiliation.


Forced Feminization Trailer 8


Cuckold movies 9

Cum eating cuckold trailer - husband is forced to drink cum from wife's mouth. 


Cuckold movies 10

Pleasure for slut wife and creampie for cuckold. Real cum eating.





Cuckold movies 11

Interracial creampies.


Cum Eating Cuckold movies 12


Cuckold movies 13

Helping husband licks cum from wife's fresh fucked pussy.


Cuckold Humiliation movies 14


Slut Wife movies 15




Cuckold movies 16


Cuckold movies 17

Humiliated cuckold movie.


Cuckold movies 18


Slut Wife movies 19


Cuckold movies 20

Cuckold eating creampie movie.





Cuckold movies 21


Cuckold movies 22


Cuckold Movies 23

Jordan Neveah in Cum Eating Cuckolds.



Cum Eating  Cuckolds Gallery


Cuckold Movies 24

Payton Leigh in Cum Eating Cuckolds.  






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