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Cum eating is typically used as a form of humiliation play. I can be used as a punishment for unauthorized orgasms, or agreeing to eat his own cum afterwards can be used by the male as "payment" for an authorized orgasm. It can also be a component of cuckolding and female domination, where the cuckold husband is forced to eat his own cum as "training" for future forced homosexuality.




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Lizz Tayler Makes Husband Eat Another Man's Cum From Her Ass


Serena's Husband Eats a Black Man's Cum From Her Pussy

Melissa Makes Her Husband Lick Another Man's Cum From Her Butt

Lolita Haize Swaps Her Husband Out for a Black Cock







Victoria Gets Fucked in the Ass While Her Cuck Husband Watches movie




Kimberly Ties Up Hubby and Begs the Black Bull for Warm Cum movie

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Adrian's Husband Eats Black Bull's Ass While She's Getting Cock

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Lily's Cuckold Husband Licks Clean Another Man's Cum from Her Pussy Hole

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Cuckold Movie - Eating Black Cum from Ass

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Cuckold Movie - Panty Wearing

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Cuckold Movie - Bound Husband

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Cuckold Movie - Cuckold Husband Cleans Cum

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Cuckold Eating Cum From Pussy Movie

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