An ultimate cuckold husband must submit to any of the wive's comands or desired tasks as well as that of the bull's - without hesitation and with great willingness by the cuckold husband. This shows the total submission and devotion of a cuckold husband.


Also a cuckold husband should be stripped of any masculinity by being shaved totally, kept nails neat, trimmed and a little long


Panties are a must for any ultimate cuckold husband and, of cours,e they are worn 24/7.


Female toiletries such as soaps, lotions, and perfumes are also used 24/7. The cuckold husband has no choice in clothing when going out. Wife and bull will choose cuckold husband's sissy attire: female jeans, tops, shoes, jewlery, and of course a nice hand bag or purse is a must. Don't forget the permenant anklet that he must wear.


Cuckold husband should also be in chastity and controlled by wife.


Release of his orgasm is at wife's discretion and must be earned.


Cuckold husband shall also enjoy sucking cock, and be trained to be more gay then bi or straight.


Toilet duty is also a must as female urine carries female hormones which are an essential nutrient for a cuckold husband.


Finally, cuckold husband must be reminded constantly of his pathetic exsistance in the relationship and society. Humiliation, degradation, sexual denial and disgust must be fired at the cuckold husband to break his spirit and keep him in servitude of his wife and her bulls.




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