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This program is intended to help women regain control in their relationships. It is a guide to illustrate the Methods, Techniques and Tactics that have been proven to help you archive that goal. The step-by-step instruction lessons are explicit, frank and candid. This material is for educational purpose and not intended to be or be thought of as pornographic in any way


After reading over Professor Steel's lesson plans several times I came to the realization that, not only could this work for most women, It WAS going to work for me. After some twenty odd years of marriage my role as wife had evolved into the role of mother. He wasn't my husband any longer he was my little boy. I do the cooking, the washing, the house cleaning, the everything. I even have to pick up after him.


He doesn't even know how to turn on the washing machine. He throws his dirty clothes on the floor and the clean clothes just miraculously reappear in the closet. He expects sex whenever he's in the mood without regard to whether or not I am receptive. I am taken for granted. This did not happen over night.


It happened so slowly that I never noticed. It won't change overnight but it can and it will with just a little planning and determination. I love him dearly and I will continue to. I want to make him a better partner so we can grow old enjoying each other. He just needs a little help getting back on the path


When I first heard about Feminization and Domestic Discipline I thought it involved some perverted homosexual practice or Gay men pretending to be women. Nothing could be further from the truth. This was designed especially for normal heterosexual males to help them better understand and appreciate a loving relationship with a woman


Some of the tactics and techniques may seem a little strange at first but they have been proven over time and there are thousands of women who swear by them. One word of caution must be stated here. You CAN NOT discuss this before hand. Most men will smirk at the notion thinking the goal is to turn real men into sissy boys. They will turn observant and be on the lookout for any sign of change. Yelling and stamping of feet will not instantly turn decades of habits around.


The withholding of sex only punishes yourself. But sex is a very powerful tool. The greatest incentive for a normal male is sexual gratification and this is the one area where women can exercise the greatest control. A 120 Lb woman cannot physically control a 200Lb man. But she can easily control him by using the power of his own pent up sexual energy.


It is to her great advantage that she learns to regulate the level of that energy. Never give a man all the sex he wants. You must make sure that some of this energy is bottled up at all times. Without that you have control over nothing


He must be taught that the best gratification comes from you and the more he pleases and obeys you, the better or more frequent that gratification will be. But it has to be done with subtlety.



One small step at a time so that the male will be totally unaware he is being reprogrammed to behave in the manner that you desire. One small goal after another so that at the end of the journey he will not even realize he has been on a trip.


If you would like him to start doing the laundry you must give him a good reason for him to want to do the laundry. If you want him to do the dishes he has to be conditioned to believe that he is expected to do the dishes. Pleasing and obeying you is something that the male will want to do. He won't give it a second thought.


I set about developing my own course of action starting the day I read "Making Him Obey". I set small goals, not looking for major results overnight. I didn't want him to know I was up to anything. I told myself that even if it didn't work I was going to have fun trying. Oh, But if it did work. That would be wonderful.


I settled on a slow, very subtle and methodical game plan that I estimated would take approximately 90 days to regain some control in our marriage.


The first step was to get Donald used to the idea of wearing a women's garment. Not sexy lingerie but plain mundane things that he would not see as any threat to his manhood. It wasn't that important what the garment was as long as it was recognizable to him as a woman' garment. That way his whole mindset would slowly begin to turn submissive


This would be his first small step.


That evening I prepared a nice dinner as usual, making sure it consisted of all of Donald"s' favorite foods.


During dinner I casually remarked as to how tired I felt this evening and would he mind terribly helping me do the dishes and tidying up a bit. He agreed and after dinner I brought out 2 aprons and helped Donald put on the one slightly frillier.




I made it a point to compliment him on how nice it looked on him. It's very important that you don't suggest in any way that he looks the least bit silly or out of the ordinary. My goal here was to get the apron on him and let his own mind begin to change his thinking. Once attired in a uniform of servitude he took his first tiny step toward submission without even knowing it. But I knew it and gave myself a mental pat on the back.


I began to think what the next garment should be. I had him dry and put away all the dishes and silverware in their proper place so he would know where they went the next time. That night as we lay in bed I stroked his p*nis with my fingertips as I told him how much I appreciated his help in the kitchen. This was the first hint for his brain to register that pleasing me equals pleasure.


I fell asleep that night with a smile on my face thinking... First step for Donald, First goal for me.


It was so easy. I repeated variations of that first lesson several times over the following days occasionally with a reprimand, "Donald, put on your apron". Now none of that is necessary and he just puts his apron on without thinking.


Let me throw in an example of little things that all add up and work together subliminally to help your male become submissive. He does not need a deodorant named "BRUTE". Something more like "Baby Powder Fresh" is a much better idea. An After Shave named "IronMan" has to go.


Replaced it with "Lavender & Spice" or anything not so blatantly "macho". This is one thing that you can do this very day. This can be your very first step and the sooner we get started the better. You do the shopping anyway and just tell him you love the way he smells with it on. See how easy this is going to be.


Males always say they'll never understand Women. Lets keep it that way. Think of this whole project as your own private little 12 Step Program to recover the control in your life.


Next I wanted to introduce Donald to Silk. I wanted him to experience the feel of a woman's Silk garment next to his skin. A garment more feminine than an apron but, in a casual and non-threatening way. My slips and nightgowns would never fit him. So I went to a discount store and bought a nice White Silk nightgown that Donald would have no trouble fitting into.


The following Saturday morning as Donald came out from his shower I asked him if he would do me a favor before he got dressed. I told him I needed to hem up something but it has to be hanging straight so the hem will be level. He said sure and I helped it over his head and guided his arms through the straps. With my hands I ironed out all the wrinkles, top, bottom, front, back and sides, until it was all smoothed out. I also wanted to make sure Donald got a chance to experience the cool feel of Silk all over his body.


I eventually found my sewing box and began to hem up the slip. Wanting to do a professional job I took my time, occasionally smoothing out imaginary wrinkles as they appeared. I said to Donald, "Doesn"t the Silk feel nice next to your skin? See what we women get to ware while you guys are stuck with that old cotton". I wanted Donald to spend as much time as possible getting used to the feel of Silk. All in all he was in it for a little over 30 minutes.


The hem turned out great considering I hadn't done anything like that in years. I chuckled to myself as I imagined a Good Will shopper finding a treasure next week. Well lets see, it's been 10 Days and Donald has had an apron on about 5 times and just spent a 1/2 hour in a Silk slip. He still has no clue as he took another step toward submission.


My confidence is growing. As every little goal is reached the more I'm starting to believe this will work. I can't wait until next Saturday night.


The next step was to get Donald out of those Jockey shorts and into women's panties for the first time. It wasn't to try and make him look foolish; it was just one more little step toward regaining control. This sounds ridiculous but, for some unknown reason woman's panties hold mystical powers over the male. This is probably the most important step in turning any male into a submissive.


Make this your first major goal.


You will be amazed at the change in attitude the first time you get him into panties. White Silk seems to be the best choice.



The most vulnerable area of the male is the p*nis, both from a physical and a psychological standpoint. Who controls that will also have more control over other areas of everyday life. Since childhood males have been fascinated with women's under garments.


Most little boys have put on their older sisters or mothers bras and panties in the secrecy of their bedrooms. Look at the success of stores like Victoria's Secret; it isn't women buying most of it. But on the other hand the male will seldom admit to wearing women's under garments. It is an attack against their manhood, a sign of weakness. Women's under garments have a calming effect on male aggressiveness.


You will notice an almost sheepish demeanor fall over your male the very first time you are successful in getting him into panties. Never humiliate him verbally about the panties.


Subconsciously he will do that to himself and experience a humbling effect whenever he puts them on. This will deflate the male ego enough for you to get in and do a little rearranging. Plus, with the soft, silky feminine undergarment caressing his manhood the testosterone level will drop off significantly. All this makes for a more relaxed atmosphere.


This truly is the Magic Bullet and I urge you to take full advantage of it. If you do nothing else, at the very least, try this and you will be amazed.


I knew if I could do this I would be well on my way to achieving control. After a little thought I conceived the plan. On an evening when we were going out to dinner I made sure that Donald would have no clean under ware after showering. As we were dressing he went to his under ware drawer and discovered there were no clean shorts. I apologized profusely for forgetting to take them out of the washing machine. It would take too long for me to put them in the dryer now.


He had to ware something. I went to my drawer and found a brand new pair of White Silk Panties that I had "mistakenly" bought to large to fit me. I handed them to Donald and said, "Here, put these on, No one will know and were going to be late if you don't hurry up". I will never forget the look on his face as he put on his first pair of panties.


I made it a point to tell him he looked rather nice in them. I went over to him and rubbed the front of his crotch for a second or two, making sure he felt the full effect of the silk. "Doesn"t that silk feel nice". I smiled at myself in the mirror as Donald finished dressing.


One thing to keep in mind when you put this procedure into play. Most males are spontaneous in decision making when faced with an immediate choice, so plan ahead. You want to present him with a problem. He has no clean shorts. Time is important; we"re going to be late if he doesn't hurry up. Then hand him the solution and give him reasons to accept it.


They are clean, they will fit, they serve the same purpose and no one will know. Problem solved through out that evening I asked him several times how his new panties felt. I wanted to be sure he was aware of what he had on. The entire evening he remained rather subdued and not as loud as usual. I couldn't help but think, Panties really do have a magic effect on the male.


When I was sure no one was looking I leaned over and gave him a reassuring caress making sure his manhood felt the full effect of the silky texture. In bed that night I stroked his p*nis through the silk and felt an immediate reaction. The brain is taking notes again and starting to put two and two together. It was then that I got an idea for his sensitivity training in reverse.


I would help him teach himself to equate the feel of silk with sexual gratification. I told him I would like to see him ware them more often. He did admit that they felt much lighter and were very comfortable but that he was not that comfortable with the idea of wearing them on any regular basis.


I said OK, we would compromise. He would ware them to bed and when ever we went out for an evening. He agreed to "Ware them once in awhile". Sirens went off in my head. He had "agreed" to ware the panties. I never thought I'd see the day. I had done it!! A big step for Donald and a big goal for me. And, so far he has no clue.


I knew at that moment that he would be wearing them a lot more often than he ever would have guessed. I vowed, at least for the next couple weeks, each time he wore them to bed I would reward him with some degree of gratification. Not complete gratification. I would limit that so that he never knew exactly when to expect it. And, I would do it only manually through the silk.


There would be no skin-to-skin contact. This would further help his brain to equate the silk panties with pleasure and pleasure with pleasing me. This is getting to be fun. As I lay there in the dark I couldn't help but think, Step Two. That went very well. This is working just like Dr. Steel said it would. I can do it. I can regain control.




There were a few times in the beginning he was reluctant to put them on but a little cajoling or an "Oh, won't you just put them on for me this one time", often did the trick. I soon found that he loved having his p*nis rubbed through the silk. By now the brain has figured out each time it experiences gratification the silk panties are on. Now the brain is helping me to convince him that wearing the panties is good idea.


One more little step.


This was a whole new experience for Donald. I'd take my time teasing him ever so slowly so as not to bring him the gratification to quickly. I learned so much while giving Donald his lessons. For intense, I noticed that his testicles would start to retract upwards just before he reached orgasm. The muscles in his thighs would tense up and he would slowly start to squirm and arch up.


Knowing that I would carefully watch for the first signs and find an excuse to run off to the kitchen to check on something. Giving him time to reflect on just how lucky he is to have a wife who brings him such pleasure. Three or four minutes were usually sufficient to allow Donald to drop back down from his trigger level.


Also, holding him just this side of gratification increases his attention span to the point where you can voice your concerns over issues that matter to you. However, you must let him know that he is not to pleasure himself in your absence. Should you catch him you won't be participating in this routine ever again. You will find that you will accomplish much more during these sessions than you ever will when he has his nose in a newspaper or is watching a ball game.


You will never hear another "Ya, Ya". With a little practice you can prolong the reward as long as you like. This is also a good time stop and remind him of something that he may have forgotten to do and that your displeased. If there were anything that he is starting to slack off on this would be a good time to mention it. All the time the goal is to keep him in the panties as long as possible.


We want him to start to get comfortable with the idea of wearing panties. Be sure to let him know that seeing him in panties excites you. When YOU decide the session should end and IF he has earned the gratification, announce to him that you will now reward him. You want to start to imprint on his mind the connection between his sexual gratification and the need for him to obey you. For the exact same reason you should include sessions where you plan NOT to give complete gratification. Make it a ratio of about 3 without to every 1 with.


This will inspire him to work a little harder in his efforts to both please and obey you. This would be a good time to mention the use of Embarrassment and Humiliation as tools to reinforce his submission. Embarrassment is something that the male does to himself where Humiliation is something you do to make a point or show your displeasure at something he did or did not do. They are both very powerful tools and you should not over use either one of them.


The goal is not to totally destroy the male ego; it is just to reduce it sufficiently to where it doesn't get in the way of domestic tranquility. This next exercise will incorporate a little of each. Plan this out ahead of time. IT MUST BE carried out in the daylight or with the room brightly lit or the impact and purpose of this exercise will be lost.


For maximum impact effects refrain from giving your male complete gratification for several days prior, the longer the better. For this we want as much bottled up sexual energy as possible. With his panties on you have manually brought your male up to the brink of gratification and back down several times. On the final accent you watch for the telltale signs. As he nears release employ both hands, simultaneously stroking and massaging.


You want the ultimate volume release here. DO NOT let him remove the panties. Keep massaging until he has completely finished and you feel him start to subside. You want him to make a mess. You want him to be fully aware that he has just "wet" his panties and "messed" himself. This is the reason for the brightly lit room.


In the "old days" and in the dark he would simply throw the garment on the floor, roll over and leave the "mess" for you to clean up in the morning. Technically, of course he didn't wet, but the outward appearance and sensations of warm, sticky dampness will bring the remembrances of when he did rushing back. It may not show outwardly but a sense of humiliation and embarrassment will come over him for having lost all control of himself as you watched. He wishes you were not here right now and that this scene never happened.


He has just allowed you to manipulate his body into a state where he went totally out of control, helpless and unable to stop himself. At this moment you are in complete control. He has just taken a giant step toward submission. This is a good thing. While he was losing control you were gaining control.


Do not ridicule him at this moment, remain silent. For him the silence will be very loud. Let him bask in his embarrassment for a minute or so. You have just shrunk the macho and attitude level significantly. Now it's up to you to see that it doesn't regrow back up to the previous level.


You have moved up another rung on the ladder. Now that he has had time to reflect, you can consol him. "Oh, Honey, look at the mess YOU made. Don't worry; I'll help YOU clean up. Come on, I'll show YOU how to work the washing machine". Explain to him that silk is a very delicate fabric and must be washed before any stains have a chance to dry or they will be ruined.


He will probably want to do as you say now or do anything to get his mind off of what he just did. If the sheets are soiled he can be shown how to wash them also. He will be very receptive to being instructed at this point. We want him to learn that good things will happen if he obeys.


After you have shown him how to operate the washing machine. Ask him if he would please do a load of wash when he comes home tomorrow "or would Wednesday be better for you?" Lets see now, he's doing the dishes two nights a week and on the weekends. He just learned how to operate the washing machine and he's going to do a load of wash tomorrow, and it's only been three weeks. Oh, Thank You, Magic Panties!


Getting your male into panties is one of the greatest techniques for regaining control in your marriage. It is based on an old English form of Domestic Discipline that has been around for a 100 years known as Petticoat Training and adapted for today"s American male. As a first step it is so simple and subtle that he will never suspect you"re up to anything. Even if he did he's not going to confide in friends that his wife made him ware panties. Humiliation and embarrassment weigh heavy on the ego of the modern male.


I found that Donald became much more docile when he was in panties and seemed to be more receptive to my wishes. I was also amazed at how quickly he resigned himself to wearing them. Today he wears them at all times when at home, when we go out together and anytime he is out alone at a social function where it will act as a deterrent to on urge to stray.


The next step in the Feminization process I decided, would be grooming. We women go through countless procedures just for the sake of making ourselves attractive to men. It's time we had a hand in equalization. Donald had never trimmed his pubic hair. It grew wild with no rhyme or reason. One evening after showering for bed but before putting on his panties


I patted the bed and said, "Donald, come lay down here". I ran my fingers over his chest and down into the unruly mat of pubic hair but being very careful not to touch the p*nis. In anticipation of sexual gratification I could see him begin to become aroused. I moved my fingers back up so that would subside. There is no need to guess at what stage of arousal a male is presently at, it's so obvious if you will just look and watch. I decided to perform a little experiment.


According to Dr. Steel this is when all males are the most controllable, when they anticipate sexual gratification. This is your most powerful tool. Don't withhold it as a punishment. Use it as a reward with varying degrees depending on how well he has obeyed. As Donald's arousal subsided I moved my hand back to the pubic hair and began to untangle the matted mess with my fingers.


Just like clock work up to attention stood his p*nis. Again, I moved away from the area and watched as it slowly became flaccid once again. I repeated this several times without acknowledging the obvious ebb and flow. Finally I believed I had him at a point where he would be most receptive to my suggestions. I calmly said, "Donald, we just have to do something with that pubic hair."


I am going to trim it for you once and for all". I went and got a comb and my cordless shaver and proceeded to give him a rather close cropped pubic trim. He just lay there and never uttered one word of protest. Sensing I now was in total control of how he was to maintain his genital grooming I mentally placed another feather in my cap.


I told him that it looked so much better and I'd be so happy if he would please keep it that way. About a week later, as reinforcement exercise I told Donald that for Valentines' Day I thought it would be nice if his pubic hair was shaved in the shape of a heart. To my armament he asked if he should do it or did I want to. Donald was coming around.


I was so pleased with his progress and with myself that I bought him a pair of crotchless Red panties with little lacy hearts on them for Valentines' Day. Of course this was a joke and we both treated it as such.


That was over 3 years ago and to this day he has been very good at his genital maintenance. This past Valentines' Day he came down to the Breakfast table, opened his robe and proclaimed, "Look, I remembered what day it is". "I even remembered to shave". <![endif]>







The topic of spanking your male brings mixed reactions. The firsts of which are, "He'll never stand for that" and "I could never do that". The answers are, "Yes, he probably will" and "Yes, you probably can". First, let me make clear that this is not done as a harmful or perverted practice.



Just as it is isn't when you spank a child. You are dealing with an immature male and the goal for him is to become a Submissive. You, on the other hand are the Dominate. When you look in the mirror each morning and each evening tell yourself, "I am the Dominate". Keep telling yourself that and you will become it. For the purposes of this program 90% of spanking is physiological.


The Spanking is a distinct and precise physical demonstration of your respective roles. The male as a Submissive is bent over, humbling himself and presenting his bare ass before you, the Dominate. You as the Dominant, administer a physical reminder to demonstrate your superiority over your submissive and to reinforce that relationship.


When you decide to incorporate spanking into your training program vary the elements. Over the knee, down on all fours, holding the seat of a kitchen chair, over the coffee table. Look around the house, the possibilities are endless. But, never the same twice in a row. Keep him guessing so he'll never know what to expect. I've had a number of women tell me that after awhile they discovered the male had overcome his self-consciousness and was how taking pleasure from spanking.


My advice here would be, First don't let on that you are aware that this has now become gratification. You have two options. You can switch from, say bare-ass, over the knee (which seems to be the male's favorite) to restrained over a coffee table, paddle or strap and increase the intensity to a degree where it is no longer pleasurable.


Actually, If you discover your male is now receiving gratification from spanking your in a much stronger position. You now hold the key to yet more source of his pleasure. Who else can he obtain this from? For males who crave spanking it is an extremely strong desire for which there is no substitute.


It is much easier to control the male by rationing out pleasure than by punitive means. Ration out this one very sparingly, no more than once per month, least it lose its effectiveness. For instance, the first Saturday of every month will now be known as Spanking Day. At 9:00AM he is to present himself in the Living Room and assume whatever position you have chosen and await his spanking.


At this time you will review his progress and behavior for the prior month. Also, discuss chores or improvements you'd like to see for the up coming month. Make sure everything is clear and he fully understands what's expected. Now it's up to you as to what type of spanking he will receive. A Sensual, Bare Hand, or Paddle gratification Spanking or A Punitive, Belt, Crop or Strap Spanking. Either way you still have a tool to keep him submissive.




The 1st Spanking:


Spanking is a much less subtle form of control than panty training. Obviously you can't give your male a spanking without him knowing. Never the less spanking is a well-accepted form of control. Most males, whether or not they will admit it, fantasize about being put over a women's knee and spanked bare ass.


This may be a remnant from the days when, in early puberty, his mother pulled down his pants and put him over her knee. As she held his hand behind his back and slapped his bare ass the young male would often get an erection. This made mother angrier, intensifying the spanking that in turn, intensified the erection. You can quiz your male and judge for yourself if he is a candidate for spanking. The next time he disobeys say,


"You"re going to get a good spanking". From his reaction you should be able to determine if this excites him or makes him cower. Now it will be up to you to decide if a spanking will be for punishment or for sexual gratification.


Either way you will have one more option to control him with. If your male has been wearing his panties for a month it's a safe bet that you can give him an initial spanking unannounced and get an honest reaction.


Where as getting your male into panties is probably the one key factor in turning him submissive, which can be done subtlety. The 1st Spanking on the other hand must be done very overtly and with a great deal of assertiveness. A little planning a head of time must be done. You have to present an image that will remain etched in his mind long after the stings from your smacks have faded from his butt.


This will take him back in time to when he was a naughty little boy and needed to be corrected. Not that much has changed. Now he's a big naughty boy and needs to be corrected. You should dress appropriately for the occasion. Ware a dress and High Heels. Remember a spanking is 90% mental.


The 1st Spanking has to be done suddenly and without warning. Plan on what day and at what time to deliver it. Will it be over the knee or over the coffee table? Will it be with bear hand, fly swatter or paddle? I would recommend the fly swatter. If it's going to be on a Sunday make sure you give him great gratification the night before.


After his 1st Spanking he'll be thinking, "Do I complain about this and take a chance on losing that?" He won't complain. Remember, What is the males' greatest driving force? Practice what you"re going to say and go through a dress rehearsal when he's not home. The whole thing will take less than 30 seconds so make it good. When time arrives you want to present yourself in full view, pause and pose for a second or two so that this image will register.


"All right Donald, I've asked you three times to take out the trash. Now bend over the table, Right Now". Give him 3 or 4 Good Smacks. "Now, will you please do as I ask"? There, it's all over in about 20 seconds. You want it to be Unannounced, Unexpected, and Quick, Deliberate, Firm and Over all before he ever has a chance to think about it. Believe me, if you spring it on his out of the blue he'll bend over the table when you tell him to.


When you have accomplished this you have arrived at the doorstep of success. Your not there yet, but your getting close. This is a major milestone. You have just physically and visibly exhibited your assertive dominate position for the first time. The male, on the other hand, has just relinquished control and demonstrated his willingness to obey your commands openly for the first time. This evening when you look in the mirror and say, "I am the Dominant". The image will answer, "Yes. You are"


Now you'll be able to judge by his reaction if spanking is something you want to consider. If he looks a little sheepish or dumbfounded, you have found another tool to be used when needed. They make Spanking Benches, leather wrist and ankle and wrist TO ankle restraints for those who have taken spanking to a much higher level.


That deals more with Bondage and that's not the purpose of this program. But they do sell a nice variety of paddles and swatters if you decide that spanking is something you want or need to pursue. On the Internet you can check out ( and order things discreetly from home.


Now to the women who say "I could never do that". I empathize, as I was one who said the same thing. I wouldn't attempt it in the first week. Getting the panties on him is the most important thing. Wait until he has been in panties on some regular basis for a couple weeks. Read over the section 1st Spanking. This is the true story of my personal experience and I can tell you that I was a little nervous myself. But, you"re the only one who knows you"re nervous.


The male doesn't know you"re unsure. The 1st Spanking takes less than 30 seconds but the effect will last throughout your relationship. I was quiet surprised at how quickly Donald got over the table. Keep in mind most males have either been in the Army, on a sports team or in some other activity where the Sergeant,


Coach or authority figure gives an order and he does it without hesitation. That"s why your dress and presentation are so important in this lesson. Also, your Order must be Loud and Firm..."Get over that table, NOW". If you have him in panties he will do it.


PS: last word I'm spending a little an extra time here on the topic spanking, as this seems to be the one area I get the most questions on. First of all, it is a private personal choice to include it in your own Domestic Discipline program.


However, it is an extremely powerful tool for keeping you in the driver's seat, especially if your male has or develops a fantasy for this form of gratification. Anonymously conducted survey's indicate that an overwhelming 83% of heterosexual males express a high degree of desire, especially when it comes to Over The Knee Spankings. However, that figure drops to 12% when males were asked the same question on a survey where the participants were required to give their names. In other words most males like the idea, they just won't admit it.


But than we all have our own little sexual preferences or practices that we don't talk about in public or reveal to our closets friends for fear of ridicule. In talking with women who have tried this or their own version of the program, all agreed that spanking was the most powerful maintenance and control tool in the reinforcement of Domestic Discipline.







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